A top border state politician just hit Nancy Pelosi hard over the Left’s hypocrisy


Democrats are taking flak from all sides since Trump suggested releasing immigrant detainees in so-called “sanctuary cities.”

Pelosi and her cohorts fumed at the plan Trump floated demonstrating how utterly hypocritical they are.

But Pelosi’s attempt to get back “on message” with her rabid liberal base backfired when she got smacked hard by this top border state politician.

Ever since President Trump floated his plan to release illegal immigrants in sanctuary cities located mainly in Democrat Congressional Districts, Nancy Pelosi and her caucus have been taking fire from every angle.

Even Hollywood Liberals like Cher have pushed back against sanctuary cities in the days since Trump exposed Congressional Democrats for the hypocrites they are.

At first Pelosi and her allies fumed, stomping their feet in protest while trying to paint the President as the bad guy for offering to give them what they’ve been pushing on the rest of the country for so long.

Of course, Pelosi’s been in the Swamp for a long time and it wasn’t long before she was trying to get her troops back on message so Democrats wouldn’t lose their base.

In a recent appearance on CNN, Pelosi attempted to brush over her hypocrisy by saying “these newcomers make America more American.”

But Texas Republican Lieutenant Governor, Dan Patrick wasn’t about to let her get away with talking out of both sides of her mouth.

People in his state live with the crisis day-in and day-out and see what’s really happening.

Patrick went on Laura Ingraham’s Fox News program and let Pelosi have it, saying “it is almost treasonous what she’s doing, selling out this country.”

But he didn’t stop there, alleging that Pelosi’s immigration reform obstructionism makes her basically “a slaveholder” with the plight of young immigrant women.

Newsweek reports:

Speaking with Laura Ingraham on Fox News Wednesday, Dan Patrick responded angrily to the House Speaker’s recent suggestion that “these newcomers make America more American,” and that the president exploited economic concerns among voters to turn them against migrants. “I don’t think that’s where the American people really are,” Pelosi told CNN.

Patrick told Ingraham, “When I hear something like that from soft-spoken Nancy like she seems to care, it is almost treasonous what she’s doing, selling out this country.”

Patrick went on to blame Pelosi and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer for the plight of young migrants who risk their lives trying to make it across the southern border. “I view her as nothing more than a slaveholder because she’s in charge of not helping these people, these poor young girls,” Patrick said of Pelosi.

“These poor young girls, they are trapped in cantinas and bars all over this country. Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer are responsible for this.”

The Left’s “not in my backyard” position that Trump exposed showed how two-faced liberals like Pelosi are.

But then to turn around and immediately speak out of the other side of her mouth in order to hold onto power shows how arrogant and power hungry the Left really is.

And while she’s refusing to fund the border wall and claiming how great illegal immigration is, she’s turning a blind eye to the plight of young girls being trafficked across our southern border.

This is yet another situation that shows the Left’s ignorance when it comes to reality.

What do you think? Are Pelosi and the Democrats hypocrites when in it comes to illegal immigrants and protecting women and children?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments section.


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  3. The Democrats need voters. That is why they do all of the things that they do. They do not care if they destroy America as long as they get votes. Both Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer are old enough to retire but they won’t. They love the power. By the time America is gone forever, they will be almost at deaths bed, so they really don’t care.

  4. The Demoncrats will dump the immigrants in middle class neighborhoods. Nancy Pelosi doesn’t want them in her fancy neighborhood! ELITIST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Sounds like treason, how about it is treason against our country and our elected government in office. These resistors and their anti everything need to be tried, convicted and shot for what they have done to our nation. And the democrats had the nerve to call Trump supporters deplorables.

  6. The ASININE DUO are being allowed, even encouraged to destroy this Country.
    We fought wars to establish and maintain the America we know and love……and these two dimwits are easily doing what our enemies couldn’t?
    There has to be a solution to this and it must be found and utilized promptly.
    We are in trouble, God Help Us….

  7. As Forest Gump said STUPID IS AS STUPID STUPID DOES !!! Totally describes the crooked,lying dem loosing party

  8. Funny, they won’t even go to the Border to see what’s happening!
    I must left Yuma, the next day after Trump spoke on TV..
    Believe it people..it’s happening & they are coming & are not vetted! You better wake up…they do not fit the criteria for Asylum!

  9. The Democrat party is nothing but cheaters and whiners, they should be taking care of our poor here in the U.S. not encouraging poor Latinas to come to the U.S. Defending the border is the most important job of politicians, thank goodness we have President Trump, he is a fighter, just what we need.

  10. I live in Mesa Az. The illegals are having rich libs buy multi bedroom housing so they can move several families into them. My neighborhood
    has changed to the point most older people have moved on,and so have
    many of the other families.

  11. What do you mean, “almost” treasonous? The Left under Pelosi’s leadership is destroying our country just so they can import illegal voters. They know that the immigration laws allow for almost everyone to come into our country through its porous borders and that they will be disseminated throughout our neighborhoods, except for their, of course!) for the true citizens to support and deal with the crimes they commit. If the laws don’t change there will soon be more illegals than citizens and we will be their support system (slaves). Nancy knows this. She should be treated as the traitor she is along with every congress member who fails to address the ridiculous immigration laws on the books right now!

  12. Dear Democrats,
    Instead of just bashing Trump, please come up with some realistic plans to deal with this problem. I know it is a lot to ask but if you put your two brain cells together you might come up with something

  13. I completely agree, and I would love to see the illegal aliens literally deposited at Pelosi’s front door – here we are – take care of us! The Dems are so two faced! And the Muslims should move back to their country of origin since they are attempting to change America to their old home country. We don’t need the likes of them. They can take Pelosi and Her cohorts with them since they think that way of life is better.

  14. The Lt. Governor was speaking the truth. I have seen it over 50yrs. Plus the fact of when 30+ kids on Spring Break back in ’87 were killed by drug lords. So I along with many others have been saying that everyone of them should be sent back and build the wall and protect our borders. Liberals are kids in the sense that they ask for something and then after they get it they say they don’t like what they got. I’m sure that those of us old enough remember doing that to our parents.

  15. The progressive, baby killing Democrats only interest is votes that will come from the illegals in the next election. They care not for the well-being of the illegals nor the American people in general but the crisis being faced by the America people along our southern border. Treason is an apt word to discribe the democratic body in America. Treason is punishable with death, physical as well as spiritual, your choice progressive democrats, to make. We pray for you that you will make the loyal, compassionate & just decision
    Tom in Florida

  16. Since Pelosi & her kind, love abortions, she probably sees new blood for possible abortions. Maybe she wants company (a survived abortion or a failed one.)….
    I wouldn’t doubt she hasn’t had one in her day.

    Now that Sanctuary is changing, she should have about 30 or 40 aliens stay at her place. Maybe more.

  17. As this is Good Friday, it seems to me that it is well to reflect on the events that led up to Christ’s crucifixion. He was set up by the politicians of the day who lied; false witnesses who were paid off and lied; royalty (Herod) who lied. All to protect their various positions and wealth. All for the Sin of Pride.

    Nothing has changed in over 2,000 years.

  18. I agree that the Democrats do not care about their country: United States of America. This was not created overnight. What I see is that the Democrats are looking for another Civil War by catering to those who want the demise of the USA. We have poor American Citizens that we cannot take care of and you want to allow thousands of immigrants who may not have our Values or way of life. NOT EVERYONE IN THE USA IS WEALTHY. My heart goes out to these people, but WHO encouraged them to come here. Just recently a 13 child was hit by an unlicensed illegal immigrant driving a car. HOW IS THIS CHILD REPLACED. in Jersey City, NJ where I was raised, in Lincoln Park where I grew up as a child, a body of a young women was found. The murder was DEPORTED TWICE. WHEN DOES IT ALL STOP?

  19. Pelosi is the biggest hippocrite!! She & Schumer are responsible for not acting to do immigration reform. Don’t have Americans best interest only illegals.

  20. They are destroying this country with their idiotic leftist bs. They should be arrested and tried for TREASON, which is what they are committing with their blocking Trump’s wanting to build a wall. When found guilty of treason, they should be hung by the neck until dead, which is what America does to guilty treasonous slime.

  21. ‘Gene Smith: It isn’t just Pelosi & Schumer, it’s all the Reps that are democratic, they are standing behind
    the two I just mentioned. I think that the way to solve this problem is for every person in the United States
    call their representative & let them know how mad they are at what they are doing! And, that the liberal
    House of Reps. need to take care of the business of their constituents , not lying about Trump, & keeping him from building the necessary “Wall”. Let them know you will be voting Republican come election time, & you will have all your friends, family & neighbors voting against them. Let them know that you are ”fed up w/all the garbage” that they are doing, & not taking care of America’s future, & quit acting like a bunch of babies whining over “I want my rights” which was not why they were elected for!! This is a ‘way of letting
    them know that their constituents are fed up w/them, & hopefully if every one of the democrats in the “House” will get the message! …or not. But we all have to do our part to let our elected officials know that “they aren’t in Washington to do ”what they want to do, but to do the will of those whom elected them!!!

  22. Another choice example of Reagan’s famous remark: “Did you ever notice how all those people for abortion
    have already been born?”

    These elites are eagerly willing to support programs abut which they think they’re immune from the consequences. And, cynically believe they’ll pick up perpetuating votes from. Lt. Governor Patrick is absolutely right, they are, in the long-run, selling out our country.

  23. People used to be put to death for treason but today that is the in thing essential for the democrats it seems like or something very close to it! No one seems to give a rat’s rear about it! That is ashame!

  24. Say Mrs. Pelosi, Maam, you are certainly talking out of more than just all three sides of your mouth, I do believe that area that does NOT let any sunshine in, wants to start making sounds down there also!!!

  25. Republicans better get behind President Trump. He’s the last best hope we have for taking our country back. Pelosi and her comrades are traitors and must be removed from office.

  26. Excellent suggestion Mr. Gilbert, but the only thing those PLCSD Members want to do is try to block everything that The Legally Elected US President Mr. Donald John Trump wants to get done, He Wants To Make America Great Again 2020 Trump Trump Trump 2020 MAGA

  27. Drop 3 bus loads of sick and gang members on Piglosis doorstep and tell them La vieja viva en la casa grande teners mucho amo por hombres desede America Latina con verrigas grande y largo Y quierdas chingada en la culo y sopla todo el noche. Repeat for every democrat

  28. Larry i agree with you. Im sick of all this crap. How come those two act like they are above the law and our President? They only care about illegals not Americans. They won’t let Trump build the wall yet they have walls around their property. The funniest thing is Trump wants to send these detainees to their sanctuary cities and they are against it. Wake up people, listen to what they are saying and doing, its TREASON!!!!! Lets not forget Waters, she is even lunier than the other two(not by much). The more stupid things these Demonrats do the more the people will vote for Trump. IDIOTS!!!!!!!!!!!!

  29. d trump’s idea about shipping immigrants to sanctuary cities is another proof of What A Sick Minded, Insane, Idiotic Walking, Talking Pile Of Crap He is, Always Has Been & Always Will Be!

  30. Well, peter, d trump should KNOW all about Whores considering the Legalized White House WORTHLESS WHORE he’s currently married to

  31. Hey, terry. “ Stupid is as Stupid does”also describes perfectly that Oval Office Brainless Orangutan Ape! mr. White House WORTHLESS WORM Himself!

  32. Like d. trump thinks he’s above the Law as well, constantly misusing & abusing his presidential power, just to suit his Sick Minded Selfishness & Idiotic Insanity. When he keeps acting the way he’s been so far, let’s see how many Americans will vote for him again, only the republican Retards who refuse to see what a piece of TRASH he really is!

  33. After reading Betty’s comments I bet it took her whole family to help her write them, as I’m sure each time she used the bathroom while writing, her I.Q. dropped 5 points. She’s a real thinker that one.

  34. Well, Betty, how about giving some examples of his “sick minded selfishness” his “idiotic insanity” and how he is “constantly misusing & abusing his presidential power”. I don’t want to be left in the dark, hear, nor should any of us not know the truth that you seem to know. Please enlighten us.

  35. Yes, Betty, fill us in. Please give us some examples. What has President Trump done that is so selfish? The only selfish lunacy I have seen has come from democrats. So please give us some actual examples of President Trumps misuse of his powers, his idiotic insanity etc. We’ll be waiting for your answers, but we won’t be holding our breath.

  36. Betty, again, tell us what the potus has done that is so “stupid”. Explain yourself, otherwise YOU are the “brainless orangutan”never Trump idiot! I don’t know what he has done wrong, but he is bad attitude isn’t going to work. So tell us what has he done that is so wrong. As before, we will be waiting for an intelligent answer from you.

  37. I agree, Betty can’t give any reasonable answers, just ignorant hate. Still waiting butty! Say something that is not ignorant, something of substance. As before still waiting.

  38. Betty, you ignorant $lu+. You are full of stupidity. Still waiting for an intelligent argument against Pres. Trump!

  39. If you want to get right down to it, it’s trash like you that are supporting the corrupt and treasonous Democrats! Donald Trump is no Politician and he never claimed to be such. Yes, he’s made mistakes and sometimes makes statements that he shouldn’t, that’s a given. On the other hand, those that voted for him know that he’s doing his best to live up to his promises, despite the horrible attacks from you Democrats. You folks are at the root of all the evil here in the United States and your “judgement day” is right around the corner!

  40. Thank God our wonderful, black Americans, have seen the light, & now see the left for what they are. For years, & years, the left kept God’s beautiful black children, on Plantations, the inner cities, on the edge of poverty. but they could count on thier votes. Now like all of God’s children, we are awake, we see what the left has been doing, everything is in the light, for all to see. We have come together, all of God’s children, , Red, Yellow, Black,& White, we are all precious in his sight. America is our Home, & we are going to take it back! We see you, for what you are, & we are” Praying”that you will be destroyed, by your own evil.

  41. Nancy Pelosi is the poster child for those medieval types who think that women should not be in high positions in politics. Yep, our Nancy the great Catholic is all for abortion. The great Friend of the Migrants is reputed to have two hotels in San Francisco, but you can bet there are no non-paying migrants in them. She’s the shrill, loud-mouthed, lipstick-smeared harridan that will once again hold women back, just as her idol slippery Hillary did– how and why she ever got to her present position says nothing about gender, and everything about the appalling Democratic grab for votes no matter what happens to our country.

  42. They are puny puppets, bought and paid for by the evil ass hole George Soros. Get rid of him and all of his kin first. When you cut off the head the snake dies.

  43. Betty, where are you? we’re still waiting for a halfway intelligent list of things the POTUS has done according to your description.

  44. How much do you get paid for posting TROLL comments. Or are you the reason dummiecraps want gun control

  45. Are Pelosi and the Democrats hypocrites when in it comes to illegal immigrants and protecting women and children? Absolutely! They are also accomplices to human crises — children are being marched hundreds of miles at the expense of their health. Interesting that the Dems want open borders but they do not want the immigrants in their home states — even the ones that claim “sanctuary.” Can’t have it both ways — hopefully, the 2020 election will let them see the light.

  46. You are a sick, sick person. Our First Lady has style, class and beauty. I can’t say that about the previous FL, if that is what you want to call her/him.

  47. Betty is an obvious Liberal democrat that can NOT THINK for herself. She is another brainwashed anti-trump, anti-America, anti-capitalism, anti-constitutional BRAT and a TRAITOR! She obviously wants us to GIVE her everything she wants RIGHT NOW or she will throw a tantrum.

    I am sure that she is mad because she wants her lesbian/transgender/homosexual free love and for the rest of us to pay for her to be cured of all her sexual transmitted diseases. She sounds like almost all of those entertainers in Hollywood and the jerks in the NFL. They take and take and never give anything back except grief to our country.

    These stupid people or should I say collections of bacteria low life scum, have NO respect for our veterans, our national anthem, God, our flag, our traditions, Christmas, honesty, the constitution or other people’s rights.

    I hope that they do start a civil war, I will be right on the front lines defending our constitutional rights, including the 2nd amendment, against these traitors just like I did during the Vietnam war and every war since.

    A Vietnam era veteran

  48. Well, people, there are only TWO things we can do! One is to pray daily, & ask the Lord to help us. The other is for us to rise up, & expel these people from our government. And, that includes the RINOs too. I bet if a million or so people, armed to the teeth, marched on Washington, they’d soon be fleeing to their homes. And, then we lock up the buildings, & only allow those who have been VETTED, & PROVEN to be true Americans back in. We could also get a LOT of the military with us! That’d shut people like Betty up. You can NOT fix stupid! They are trying to destroy our country, & only God Almighty has stopped them. However, with all the wickedness that is now ‘legal’, we may not have Him on our side much longer.

  49. ohhhh, betti; you probably still think that al gore invented the internet? and that billery klinton did not have sex with that woman; poo Lewinsky. a millionaire now you know, even if she didn’t screw the pres in the oval office, it was in the peoples HOUSE!! just think on that a minute. you and i own the white-house, the congress works for the us-a, and what is happening now is not GOVERNANCE!the AMERICAN PEOPLE want Jobs,$$$,home,no more immigration,and an end too this witchunt! this albino ape is still a life time better then the black ape of 10 years past!

  50. Betty what is your problem.
    It is important that to say these terrible things about the president it is message to present specific facts to make your point.
    You sound like an angry disappointed person
    I feel sorry for you.
    Remember, we had an election. Guess it didn’t work out the way you wanted it. What pleasure do you get from demeaning people who disagree with you?

  51. We fought one war already because the Democrat slave owners who were in fact the initiators of the KKK – Pelosi and her partners in crime – Schumer, Schiff, Nadler and many more to include all the RHINOS – We won and we can do it again if need be. The true loser every time the MSM and the FAKE representatives of the people is the American public who end up stuck with the repercussions our FAKE politicians create. Throw them all out and start over with the everyday working person that is forced to live within their means. Politicians simply continue deficit spending not on necessities for the American people but on what pleasures them. So sad. Hang in ther Mr. President the voters of this. Country have had their eyes opened – you have backed up your promises with actions and facts and as each day dawns your opposition becomes more desperate as displayed in their actions. The pen is mightier than the sword and we the American voter will give you the tools you. need to finish what you started. Many Fake politicians will attend church services today only for the purpose of showing off new clothes just like their predicessors did – known as the Pharisees . They will pay the same price we all will on Judgement Day and their BS won’t save them from their just reward.

  52. It doesn’t matter if all the things you say about Trump are true (which they are not), but he’s the one who will be running in opposition to whomever the democrats finally decide on, so it’s vote for him or one of the leftist weasels on the other side. He may be a far from perfect candidate, but it’s what those of us who care about our country and the constitution have, so, yes, we will vote for him again, and, please God, enough people will recognize the hypocrisy and destructiveness on the left that they will overlook his failings and not vote to flush our country down the toilet.

  53. My God you are a total idiot! How about telling us about what abuses he has done, other than of course beating that low life scumbag Hillary, who will hopefully end up in prison.

  54. Larry, I sense your anger and frustration and I’m right there with you. It’s like a cat and mouse game these idiots are playing while the country goes down the toilet. Pelosi and her herd of idiots are so controlled and dominated by their hatred for our President that they’ve lost all sense of reasoning.

  55. Betty
    You have you head so far in the sand of hatred you can’t and won’t even recognize the goidbour President is doing and how he’s trying to save America.

  56. Betty is comical, a true liberal who can’t back up her comments with any facts. I have never met a liberal yet who could make sense, I believe that they must have been born without the common sense gene. Their only defense is to spew their hatred with name calling. Very sad. I pray Mr. Trump will be able to continue doing what is best for this country only without opposition. My hope for the democrats & their hypocrisy is that “what goes around comes around”. Would love to see Obama, Hillary, etc. behind bars for what they have done is truly criminal, eg: Benghazi, Uranium 1, email scandal, Fast & Furious & unfortunately many more.

  57. Pelosi and Chucky just do not care what it is, if Trump wants it, they dont, does not matter who gets hurt, how much it costs the American people. These Dems have shown once and for all what total bigots they are and they need to be removed from office. All this trash about helping the poor illegal immigrates, letting them vote, giving them free everything to help them, but, when Trump said he was going to start dropping these poor immigrates into her sanctuary cities, Pelosi and other liberals threw a fit and stated Trump was only doing this to get back at them, like it was a punishment. So what Dems are saying is we should help all the illegal immigrates, as long as they do not have to do anything to help them, Pure BIGOTS.

  58. Mr. Dan Patrick, Sir, I Agree With You Whole Heartedly, The Left Wingnuts In The US Congress And Their Indoctrinated Blind Followers Are Extremely Ignorant And Intolerant, For To It Truly Means To Be A Legal Citizen And A Legal Immigrant Of The United States Of America!!!

  59. Pelosi is a big piece of poop. During the Obama Presidency in Texas alone illegal aliens committed over 600 thousand felony’s against Americans, now what red blooded American would ever think of voting for likes of Pelosi, Schumer or any other democrat that wants open borders.

  60. My congrats to President Trump got his decision on making the Sanctuary Cities practically in the back yards of all these Demo Hypocritical idiots especially Pelosi. She deserves to have all these illegals surrounding her home since she’s so Pro allowing all these illegals coming into this country.

  61. While all that has been said is way true the one thing being missed is that Dems are being orchestrated from behind the scenes…don’t b confused…it was recently seen when Obama and Hillery both called the poor murdered Sri Lankan’s Easter Worshippers…the chance if that happening accidentally is impossible..they were giving a directive…all this Dems turning on Barr and Mueller and the collusion debacle..lest we not forget that Dems used a lie…hear that A LIE to try a frame a Pres and that blows my mind how can you prosecute someone with a lie…everyone as well should know that Dems waffling back and forth and Fake News stations is as well to cover the scum in The Obama Administration…you can bet Obama knew from lie one what was being done hell, Obama he approved it..Mr Paranoid someones talking about me…Mr Control freak you can bet he not only approved it…he flat set it in motion…all this Kaos the dems are causing is to cover the Obama’s butt…and Holder’s..and Bidens..and Hillary’s…and the Obama FBI…all smoke and mirrors to throw the knowing off the trail of the real crooks..keep yr eye on Biden.. your gonna see people come out the woodwork that ole Uncle Creepy has groped or sexually harrassed…and the big money Uncle Creepy helped his son get out of Big Russian players…and all the Democrats with their we need to get our morality back and our dignity back…this is a narrative as well…to try and cover their butts..while they vote in infanticide…and hault the building the wall so that every day illegals can rape..murder..run over while drunk driving…and stalking Americans to murder…all these things are as well are being missed…plus the fact that we as observers have literally sat and watch our mass media be bought up by snowflake libtards and turned into a propaganda gin mill that even Hitlers Goebbels would be proud…and lastly never ever forget that the divison..the lying …the fake news…the flooding of illegals into this country…the push of murdering full term babies..etc all spins around Obamas Administration way of thinking…all these things were being put into play right up to the day he left office…the spying..Fast and Furious…Benghazi…Uranium One..all these things crossed his desk for approval…ALL the DOJ needs to follow the money trail right to the end…and stick all of them in Gitmo to rot..till they die and need buried.

  62. Of course they are hypocrites. They want to force the invaders on us, while keeping them out of their own neighborhoods. They are the very definition of hypocrites!

  63. The illegal immigrant stance by the democrats is a deliberate ploy to crash the economy since the illegals are a huge drain on our national economy, by flooding the labor market with cheap labor, overloading the welfare system, increasing crime and importing reliably liberal illegal votes.
    They scream about “stolen” elections, but block any attempt to audit voter rolls and institute a national voter identification system.

  64. Fees, regulations, deceiving, job description (if any) jobs going over seas, cities ruined, millionaires on steroids, power hunger, investigation hoax’s, time delay,
    And democrats smile as they destroy.

  65. you speak and you do not know what you sat you just follow and do what some one tells you .makes you a stupid bobble head . learn before you speak dummy .

  66. I’m with you on that with the exception, I feel the previous f/l should be referred to as first IT, as no one is for sure what ‘IT” is!

  67. YOU have got to be kidding. NANCY POLOSER is nothing even close to a god. Maybe in her own mind but we all know IGNORANCE IS BLISS and she is one of the happies clowns out there.

  68. Oh you know dear Betty is a liberal. She has no information, no facts, no nothing. She just recites her hateful retoric and spews her hate. When will they ever learn? Brainwashing only makes them followers of hate and stupidity. Are you happy being a slave to stupidity Betty. What a bunch of losers, with no value, just a common cause of hate and being dumb. Wow, what a wonderfully unhappy life they lead.

  69. I believe she meant to say dog, not god and that is an insult to all the canines of the world because they are all kind and faithful and love filled,, where Pelousy is just the opposite of that. She is nothing near any of those nouns. She is an afterthought –something we think of after we have nothing left to live for and are desperate for some hate. That is what liberats are, desperate and last.

  70. Send them directly to the homes of DNC Politicians! Tell them that Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer want them to come and be guests at their home! Tell them Pelosi is a good catholic and she is part Latino!

  71. Send them to the home of George Soros, he wants them here, and he has plenty of money to help them directly! Don’t forget Alyssa Milano, she loves them and she would be so gracious towards them!

  72. Betty, are you the DDB ( Deaf,Dumb, and Blind ) your Leftest friends have been lying, stealing, cheating to no end and when they get caught it’s Racist, your last left president did more damage to relations in this country then any other President. But you still mock the President who is changing this Country back to being GREAT again and not stepped on like your last president did, so please just move to Nancy Pelosi neighborhood where you probably live behind a wall , forget helping Americans living on the street and help people breaking our laws just to get votes so they can spend Americans money on their expensive trips expensive restaurants. Get a life

  73. Betty,
    Could you please cite one solid example of President Trump misusing or abusing his Presidential power? Could you even cite ONE time in which he behaved selfishly instead of acting the the best interests of the American people? He works 16 hours a day and does not even take a salary. He donates that healthy salary to charities. He doesn’t need this thankless job and could walk away a live happily ever after as a rich, powerful, loving family man. He doesn’t walk away and puts up with the worst BS any President has ever had to endure because he made promises to the American people and unlike all Presidents after Reagan, he has already fulfilled most of them, he would have them all done and tied in a bow if not for the Democrats blocking everything he tries to do. He negotiated the Canada, US, Mexico trade deal many months ago and it has bee sitting in the Democrats black hole where Trump EO’s go. It is obvious you get your talking points from Pelosi and Mental Giants like AOC and CNN’s Stinky Stelter . They say the exact same propaganda that you do. The make huge baseless allegations that have no basis in reality yet never state one single thing he has done. In reality, Trump is the closest thing to a saint that we have in our Government right now. I don’t think there is even one person in the entire US Government, who, after being the target of 7 different investigations, and having his phones tapped and the phones of his family and friends, and all the millions spent on special FBI, CIA, and foreign spies, he still comes out squeaky clean!
    I don’t think you live in the real world, Betty. I hope you take the Red Pill soon and wake up out of the cartoon fairy-tale farce the Democrats and the complicit propaganda arm of the DNC, i.e. CNN, have spun for you. Just follow President Trump through even one of his non-stop days. He accomplishes more in one day, that any House Democrat has done in the 3 years since his inauguration. And, No, Nancy paying for abortions for Nicaraguan women or voting for after birth abortions in the US, and giving trans-M to F men or men who even identify as women, the right to use women’s bathrooms, locker rooms, compete along side biological women in every single women’s sport, destroying the
    the hopes and dreams of the majority of women athletes who have trained all their lives to compete, only to lose to a biological man, (in every way but in their lying narcissistic minds) What kind of man could take pride in winning a competition like that?
    By the way, Betty, you will have to do your own research if you want to find out what Trump has truly accomplished for the American people, because NONE of the mainstream (used to be) news media will ever report on anything he does unless they can put a negative spin on it.
    I pray that one day, common sense will return to the Left. I realize that that won’t happen until long after this particular Criminally Insane Generation is tried for treason in a military tribunal, and either sent away for life or euthanized in the manner of their choosing. That is the real reason for all of this insanity. The Dem’s will continue to lash out and try anything at this point because they know their lives are literally on the line. They have all committed such heinous acts, and it was all caught on camera, blackmail took the place of voting for what was best for the American people.
    I know I have been rambling on in my feverish rant, but I jumped on the needed perfect opportunity that you provided, for one of my therapeutic snarky diatribes, and the relief I derive from releasing it all in one post. For that, I thank you….


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