A surprising new report gave Chick-fil-A the news they’ve been waiting for


Radical Leftists are waging war against Chick-fil-A.

But the rest of America is fighting back.

And a surprising new report gave Chick-fil-A the news they’ve been waiting for.

Chick-fil-A is winning the culture war radical Leftists have been waging against them.

Americans, largely fed up with being told they’re intolerant for wanting to eat a tasty chicken sandwich, are supporting the brand more than ever.

In fact, Goldman Sachs issued a surprising new report that shows Chick-fil-A has the most brand momentum out of any fast-food chains.

But that wasn’t all.

They found the average Chick-fil-A restaurant makes twice as much revenue as a McDonald’s restaurant.

Christian Headlines reports:

The average Chick-fil-A restaurant generates more than double the revenue of the average McDonald’s restaurant, according to a new Goldman Sachs analysis that also predicted Chick-fil-A has an even brighter future.

Chick-fil-A does this despite being closed Sundays.

“Our brand survey shows that Chick-fil-A has had the most brand momentum across [fast-food restaurants] – supporting the most increase in total revenue (in dollar terms) in the US,” the analysis said.

“Steer clear from those in the fray of Chick-fil-A,” it said. “Our 2,000-consumer brand survey suggests they will continue to take share and grow.”

The company’s official corporate purpose is “to glorify God by being a faithful steward of all that is entrusted to us and to have a positive influence on all who come into contact with Chick-fil-A.” It closes its restaurants on Sundays to give employees an opportunity to worship at a church if they choose.

The report is incredible news for the fast-food chicken chain.

And further evidence that the radical Left is failing in their attempts to destroy the restaurant for its CEO’s adhering to Christian values.

Do you enjoy and support Chick-fil-A?

Let us know in the comments below!


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  2. Of course I still and always will support Chick-fil-A ! Just because the Democratic party has thrown out GOD, I never will. Nor will Chick-fil-A, and that’s why they will continue to thrive !!

  3. Thank God for Businesses like Chick-fil-A and In-N-Out Burger that give Glory to God! These Businesses have God’s blessing and as a result are prospering even in the midst of Homosexual and Radical Liberal Left attacks! God’s Word is true as always! “No weapon formed against you shall Prosper ” Isaiah 54:17 .

  4. We love Chick-fil-a and tell people all the time how good the food is and where all a person can find this restaurant::: Go Chick-fil-a We just ate there last night and the peach milk shake was loaded with Real peaches

  5. Chik Fil A offers good tasty food in a clean friendly atmosphere. I will continue to patronize them regardless of the antics of a few that oppose them.

  6. If for no other Reason than the Libs are against it. Go GOD and GO CHICK-FIL-A. and MAGA!!!!

    Also in Biden”s own words. Go Donald Trump for the next 8 years


  7. Our family of 9 children & 26 grandchildren love Chick-Fil-A food & commitment to God & their employees. Keep up your faith filled business model ❤️❤️❤️‼️‼️‼️????????

  8. I support Chik-Fil-A because I believe it is admirable for a fast food to close on Sundays to give their employees the opportunity to go to worship services if they choose. Another main reason is their food is so good and freely cooked.

  9. Today, 8/4/2019, the worst president in American history is
    Half-White Ba-Lack Obama’s 58th birthday.
    Passing the torch of failure to him was the thrill of Jimmy Carter’s life!
    AND thank’s to Obama, Richard Nixon is no longer the most corrupt U.S. president.

  10. While I do not enjoy their food (I do not like the white meat…..too dry) but I TOTALLY respect and appreciate their stand on their beliefs.

  11. I fully support Chick-fil-A in their stance in upholding their Christian values and their restaurant. We love their products! We need more companies with Christian values like chic-fil-a.
    God bless them!

  12. Tomorrow I will find 1 Chick O fillet in my town. Thanks for sharing. Excellent job that we look United. We only win if we are United and with God help we will win again. Sara

  13. What’s amazing is all the clowns running for President are to the left of Obama, and don’t even try to hide it.

  14. Since the libtards try to hurt this excellent business and it’s delicious food, I have personally committed myself to eat there at least once per week. I implore all patriots to also patronize Chick-fil-A regularly. I am not associated with the company or own stock in the company (Might be a good idea considering their skyrocketing success, though!). No employee there has ever asked me about political affiliation, religious affiliation, or sexual orientation, so they are much less discriminatory than the mindless libtards. I grew up with blue laws where most businesses were closed on Sundays and have known Jewish-owned businesses that were closed on Saturdays.
    I always considered it their right and personal choice to set their own hours- just like many restaurants choose to be closed on Mondays. Suck it up, libtard losers. You shall not succeed in besmirching freedom by protest or by illegal/unconstitutional legislation.

  15. I was able to enjoy a Chick Fil A on a recent road trip to TN. The friendly employees, fast service, even when the place was packed, the food came quickly. There were employees working the parking area and hand delivered the food to people that went the drive through route and were waiting for their order. A well ordered machine.
    I wish there was a franchise in the Albany NY area other than at the airport.

  16. Never heard of them until a few years back when they were attacked by the “left” for supporting their Christian beliefs. One opened nearby, and am now a regular customer! Go Chick-Fil-A! And go Donald Trump! Keep making America great again!

  17. wish I had the courage of my convictions like this great company has. very glad to hear they are doing well. I will continue to support them. God bless America.

  18. Not quite, Sam. Clinton, Obama and maybe a few others were and ARE a lot more corrupt and anti-American than President Nixon ever was. The press hated his and destroyed him. The LEFT WING press.

  19. For my first visit to Chick-Fil-A bought a breakfast sausage and eggs burrito to take out and the kind young employee said he would have it cut in half to make it easier for me to handle when I got home, guess noticing that I was a senior; how thoughtful! But it’s possible they ask all of their customers when placing an order! I thought I would heat the burrito when I got home since it may have cooled down a bit. After after a quick stop then headed for home, the burrito did not need to be heated……….it was still hot and believe their wrapping of it was perfect! I won’t ever buy frozen burritos in the supermarket again as I found the ends are too chewy and have to discard them, with very little filling! I was able eat Chick-Fil-A’s which was generously filled up to each end with soft scrambled eggs and sausage; worth the price as I’m sure is ALL of their food!

  20. God is with His people. It does not surprise me at all that Chick-fil-A is thriving in spite of all the hate that dems/atheists have for them. God will always prevail.

  21. Charles, that is where the godless will go by their own choice. We all have the choice to follow Jesus or satan. The dem party has thrown God out so all they have is satan.

  22. I will never support or eat at a Chick-Fil-A restaurant . Their owners have contributed millions of dollars to vile hate groups calling themselves “pro family ” but are actually pro bigotry . These despicable organizations, such as the American Family Association, the Alliance for Freedom and others , are doing everything in their power to deny equal rights to LGBT people in America and ultimately to persecute them .
    They are evangelical Christian fanatics who are determined to force America’s SECULAR government to persecute innocent people who have never harmed anyone merely because they happen to be LGBT , based on their fanatical Christian religious beliefs . This must never be allowed to happen .
    Bigotry against LGBT people is no better than the racism of the KKK or the Anti-Semitism of the Neo-Nazis .
    And I say this as a heterosexual man .
    No one is condemning the owners of Chick-Fil-A merely for being Christians . They are appalled and disgusted by their homophobic bigotry .

  23. I have only had their fried chicken sandwich and it was the best I’ve ever had….very moist. Maybe you should try again.
    Also, love the staff…very helpful.

  24. Robert Berger: Chick-fil-A has never harmed or discriminated against LGBT. It is the LGBT that has discriminated against them! Get your facts straight before you start calling others racists. Just because they are a Christians. You sir seem to be the bigot by calling anyone that follows the bible and GOD fanatics!! And let me point out another little fact for you, the LGBT has so many radicals fanatics forcing their lifestyle on others. Even physically at times. So don’t paint them as these poor abused innocent souls that just want to live their lives in peace and have no rights!!!

  25. Tim; Oh I think so too. He is probably a homosexual and a Democratic. So he has two strikes against him. I will not apology to him or anyone for being a Christian and honoring the bible and GOD…

  26. I’m personally not crazy about Chick-Fil-A food or sandwiches but, I LOVE their reason to exist, I patronize them on occasion and WISH that I LOVED their food! I support them in their goals and wish them ALL THE BEST!!!!!

  27. Not only do I wholeheartedly support Chick-Fil-A’s and what the company stands for, but I honestly believe their products are HEALTHIER and BETTER TASTING than other fast-food chains.

  28. Chick Fila has got to be one of the best restaurants around. And NO LGBTQ individual will prevent me from going there. I EPECIALLY like what they stand for and it humbles me to see the great service I see there . . . truly a place that I admire . . . Team Trump and his allies 2020.

  29. Robert, I hope that at least the load of BS you’ve been fed at least tasted good, because nothing you posted has any basis at all in fact. And, per usual with you atheistic Marxists, all you have succeeded in doing is to make your own bigotry and intolerance apparent.

  30. Got to thank the lefties on that, myself. I had never really noticed Chic-Fil-A until I heard about the boycotts, that spicy chicken sandwich was so good I ordered a few more to go. And I agree with the Cathys, it is obviously the intolerance of the left to the actual diversity of differing ideals and beliefs that is the problem.

  31. Chick-fil-a is doing so well because they put God FIRST in everything they do…how they conduct their business, by closing on Sundays to allow staff to attend church, by giving excellent customer service, and providing delicious food! Their nation-wide success is due to God’s blessing on this company…a company who puts God FIRST! May God continue to bless and prosper this company for their allegiance to the Word of God.

  32. A location recently opened up near me and, even though it’s out of my way, I try to stop there often to eat. I am not a religious person, but I will never stomp on the values of others who do choose to worship. I believe that morality resides within each of us, however the left routinely eschews family values and tries to force it’s godless immorality down out throats on a daily basis. I do not support the same sex lifestyle, however what a person chooses to do in their bedroom is entirely up to them…I just don’t want to hear about it. Oh, and don’t invite me to your same sex marriage either, or I’ll help you redefine the term ‘shotgun wedding’.

  33. It is out of way but I’ll now go out of my way to get there. Food is always good also. Not many businesses care about employees who wish to go to worship the GOD of their choice. The places that are open schedule employees hours that make it hard to get to a place of worship Whatever happened to the old “blue laws” that limited doing business on Sunday. They went away with the Big Box stores that killed all the “mom & pop stores and neighborhoods in all our towns and cities. Did that make our lives any better or help keep our families together

  34. Desert Fox; Did you contact their corp. office? Seeing Chick-fil-A is doing so well, perhaps they would be interested in opening one in your area. Hope they will!

  35. There are a ton of voters who are Christians, just this one incident should send Christians to the Republican party. A vote for a democrat is a vote against God.

  36. ‪Expose, Boycott, Sue, prosecute and bring to justice all these lying deep state treasonous Godless NAZI commie liberal demoncrats and RINOs post-haste,Patriots! Drain the rat infested swamp President Trump!‬!

  37. Stacy c. Thank chick fla for standing up for God and our rights. We learned years ago in school about God and our country was great place to live. Now we are not allowed to talk about God in schools and look what our country has become. Our government has be traded God and look what shape our country is in. Money has desired our government. The bible says every knee shal bow and every toung confess that Jesus Christ is lord. Don’t wait until you leave this world to to confess Christ as your savor it will be to late. I want to thank Donald Trump fore being our President and standing up for God

  38. Of all the asinine and hateful things to do! To deny yourself the taste of chicken well prepared, as well as the professional courtesy and clean ambiance of a Chick-Fil-A establishment is quite stupid!
    Then again, who said “woke” folks are rational?

  39. Communists want to make choices for us ultimately the one they want us to have —none. I am so sick of these leftist who are realty communists. Everything they tell me is the opposite of what is for freedom loving people. Go to Hell leftists were you will end up.

  40. Never heard of them throwing LEOS out of their restaurants. Never heard of In-N-Out doing that either.
    The best Spicy Chix smammich and the best fries…EVER!!

  41. Why vandalize an establishment because it has different values from yours. That’s mean- heartedness, mean-spiritedness and really crazy. Don’t patronize them but do not attack them. That’s the civilize thing to do. I am working into being a vegan, but at this stage I still eat chicken one day a week. I have not eaten in Chick-fill-A, but I think I will look for a store and try them this Sunday. Be not afraid Chick-Fill-A! Stick to your beliefs. It pays to be principled and not get swayed by every wind that blows, be it violent or gentle. I just hope and pray that the other party can be tolerant of other beliefs. What ever happened to “Live and Let Live.”
    Do your thing I do mine.

  42. Milagros you are so right! Progressive liberals are completely against what this Country stands for. They believe no one is entitled to an opinion that differs from theirs.
    Chick-Fil -A has good food, excellent service and I have never heard the company disparage anyone.
    We the people have to stand strong against these so called progressives who are trying to destroy our Country.
    What has happened to California should be a lesson to all. The most amazingly beautiful state with the worst government! People need to think hard before they vote.

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