A student just settled with the University of Cincinnati in this groundbreaking case


Universities are becoming more hostile since the #MeToo movement.

Accusations are being thrown at completely unexpected victims.

But this student just won a precedent setting case against the University of Cincinnati.

A male student at the University of Cincinnati has been awarded $47,152 in addition to an end to his suspension.

The university had originally suspended him for accusations from a fellow classmate alleging he sexually assaulted her after having a Tinder date.

She said she was assaulted by someone of the same name, and so the university declared he must have been responsible.

But John, the male student’s name as it appears in the lawsuit, was exonerated after the lawsuit demonstrated there was no connection between him and the crime.

This is the first time the University of Cincinnati has ever settled with an accuser.

The Daily Wire reports:

The University of Cincinnati (UC) has agreed to pay a student $47,152 in attorneys’ fees and will end his suspension from the university and drop all disciplinary sanctions, according to WCPO Cincinnati. The outcome of the student’s school disciplinary hearing will not appear on his transcript, and the school will remove the “responsible” finding from his record. UC will also make no public statements about the case. The student, in turn, will not contact his female accuser or publicly disclose her identity.

This appears to be the first time UC has ever settled with an accused student.

The case arises from an incident involving John Doe and Jane Roe, as they are referred to in court documents reviewed by The Daily Wire, that occurred on September 6, 2015. The two UC students met on the dating app Tinder and sent messages back-and-forth for a little over two weeks before meeting in person.

A month later, Jane accused John of sexual assault.

She said the encounter occurred on August 30, 2015, that she met John on Tinder, but had agreed to meet him for dinner. She told a UC interviewer that she was going to study after the dinner, but John suggested she do so at his apartment, to which she agreed. She said she studied while sitting on his bed and drinking a glass of wine, which “lowered her inhibitions” about what she and John talked about. She said they flirted.

Jane said the two started kissing and that John “kept progressing” the physical contact, to which she never said “no.” The two engaged in oral sex and digital penetration. She said the two had sexual intercourse and that John tried to engage in anal sex.

The Daily Wire also points out that this is a landmark case because it reached the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals, which set a precedent stating that cross-examination is critical in a he said/she said situation.

This case could very well pave the way for more accusers to reach settlements with their accused.

Its also a breath of fresh air in the #MeToo era we live in where any woman can accuse a man and he is automatically guilty on the basis of the accusation alone.

This madness was demonstrated in the way the Democrats treated Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh during during his hearings before the Senate Judiciary Committee.

They treated him as if he was already guilty, and when he naturally and rightfully got upset at the baseless accusations, they said he didn’t have the “temperament” to serve.

But Americans can see right through the leftists’ games.

Do you think universities should do more to protect young men from baseless accusations?

Let us know what you think in the comments below.


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  2. not every woman tells the whole truth & nothing but the truth same goes for a man! have to have all the facts before all accusations are found to be true or false! people should be careful about who they are dating & what they are doing!

  3. I think women that make false statements about rape or other crimes against women makes hard on the one that really are victims of a crime

  4. Yeah….we’re a nation of laws…sad. Especially for violent, hateful, delusional TDS mobs.
    Much prefer a rope because…well…it swings both ways.

  5. If she didn’t want sex what was she doing sitting on his bed? Too many women do this just to accuse men and get money. The me too generation needs to get some brains and put the blame where it belongs. In this case, she should have never even gone to his apartment let alone gone to his bedroom.

  6. Its time the laws of this counrty are upheld. And by this i mean fairly upheld. Women should be no more believable than men. And Police officers should be no more believable than citizens when it comes down to a he/she said. Situation. Proof is and should be required as by law.

  7. She went to his apartment on their first date. What did she expect! If the truth be known she was after what he was after.

  8. More going on than that glass of wine causing a loss of inhibition. Sounds like things were fine until he resorted to tail gunner mode.

  9. This is the Day After regret & at no time was she forced into anything. I am all for punishing those who use date rape drugs but this is just a case that another want to be adult who thru her own life choices wants the entire world to give her a pass because she is a female who consented to everything, but after a Feminazi told her she was a being used then it become an assault. Ladies if you want to be treated equally start by taking responsibility for you own consensual actions. This Skeeze was never forced into anything I bet she just thought he was a 10 until a friend told her the next day he was a 5 & she needed a fall guy.

  10. My father did not have an education, he worked from the age of 6. However, he had an innate intelligence and self taught himself mechanics, construction and business. He advised me that whom ever you take to bed you should realize that you may have to spend the rest of your life looking at. After 50 years with Ann Robinson, I should have listen much more to his advise. She is 14 years older and had a different agenda. We divorced and the past 6 years have been the best in my life.

    Youth is wasted on the young. Conservative values should be taught and listen to since mistakes of the past without a history shall be repeated.

  11. Truth, the facts and letter of the law prevailed in this case. This should be a lesson to all institutions; investigate, and substantiate all accusations, lest you pay.

  12. I know I’m not going to be popular for saying what I’m about to say…there was a sexual revolution in the 60’s and 70’s where women demanded to be on equal footing sexually with men. Free love—if it feels good do it—there should be no stigma or shame attached to the woman since the men are considered to be “sowing their wild oats”. Why can’t women do the same?!? And attire got skimpier and skimpier until today, some women wear practically nothing anywhere and everywhere they go. Men too. Don’t even get me started on what passes for acting and music videos that my 7 year old granddaughter sees on a daily basis. It’s unavoidable because it’s everywhere. Don’t tell me to just change the channel, because it’s on every channel! That being said, now it seems the tables are turning-prime example-Justice Kavanaugh’s public eviseration over something that supposedly happened over 30 years ago, i.e. during or just after the sexual revolution. So it would appear that when women got what they wanted, it wasn’t really what they wanted. The “old morality” got replaced with nothing so anything goes! But wait-no “I never said yes! I didn’t say no, but I didn’t say yes!” Is it any wonder we all have moral whiplash?!? And btw-I’m a 60 year old woman that graduated high school in the 70’s, so I was there.

  13. just can’t do anything without bringing up TDS; how pathetic. What he did BEFORE he ran for president was his business, not Mueller’s. How much do we have on Clinton’s who have never been brought to justice and never will long as deep state keep protecting them . msm is a joke and totally unaccountable for the garbage they put out based on pure ignorance and hate.

    far as sex crimes; never should happen. keep your pants on ladies and gents and this crap won’t happen. Seems honor has nothing to do with relationships anymore. seems like kids today act like a bunch of dogs in heat; slam, bang, thank you mam!! what a pity for this generation of kids. no trust anywhere.

  14. Yes, they should do a little more for the men. Since when, in this country anyway, does a simple accusation mean a guilty verdict?

    As for Kavanaugh, is there anyone who actually believes that was anything more than a bogus set up? C’mon, there was no 54s4rr, no collaboration, 35 years ago, and she couldn’t remember ANYTHING, other than him? Feinstein at her very worst. The way the Democrats acted over that, shameful. That blond idiot from New York, Hildebrand? I believe it was. Her and the Senator from Hawaii, they were the most outrageous.

    They would do well if they could just remember what country they were in and the Constitution they vowed to uphold.

  15. Jason, we need to arrest and detain those who wilfully violate their oath to the Constitution.
    Its NOT a small, insignificant thing; cannot be ignored.
    Ignored? What happened to Kavanaugh…..

  16. I believe the boy was innocent and the sex was consensual….he should not have settled for attorney fees. He should have counter sued for punitive damages, delays in his education, emotional distress and every other thing his attorney could have come up with. He also should have sued the woman for character assisination, slander, false accusation, etc. He should have NEVER signed a non disclosure. When you sign a non disclosure, you are allowing the bad guy to bury his guilt. The president is right. TRANSPARENCY IS GOOD.

  17. I agree as well. But how? I am afraid the Republican’s are a spineless bunch of woisies. If they didn’t say a word about this last election, they’re not doing a thing, about anything.

    But yes, what happened in that confirmation hearing was CRIMINAL. But if you really want to see criminal, just wait until the Dems take office. Now, that will be unbelievable what they intend to do. Open up investigations with no crime committed. Like Mueller, just keep up the investigation until you find something.

    No one can stand up to one of those microscopic looks into your past. No one.

  18. Jason,
    The laws are already on the books. The Sedition Act of 1915.
    People who assailed or conspired or wilfully committed acts of sedition against the Constitution or the United States served long prison terms.
    Not having read it, it was made law during WW1 to curtail resistance to American involvment in Europe. Seem to remember “time of war?” Could be wrong.
    But this “Believe her!” over due process is off the hook. To let the liberals get away with it is the criminal part. Hillary? Strzok? Rosenstein? The dossier? NOBODY DOING ANYTHING??? We have the government we’re willing to fight for.

  19. #Me Too was started by the insane left. I guess they’ve forgotten our laws. Everybody else needs solid evidence to convict someone. The left is trying to break down our laws so that anybody can be led away to jail/prison on a person’s accusation. That is a very slippery slope indeed. Conservatives need to band together and shore up our laws, including not being allowed to vote the first 5 years after becoming a citizen, and never if you’re not a citizen. Who in their right mind would allow non citizens to vote for president of their own country? Oh yeah, the left.But their “right mind” is not healthy at all.

  20. Here’s the problem, though. You also have incidents where a guy is caught, red handed, raping a woman, and all he gets is a slap on the wrist. Case in point, Brock Turner. He was caught, in the very act, raping an unconscious woman. He was only given a 6 month sentence, that was reduced to 3 months in jail. What’s even worse, the young man’s father implored the judge not to severely punish his son over “20 minutes of action”. This happened back in 2015.
    David Becker got 2 years probation for digitally penetrating 2 women who were asleep.
    Nicholas Fifield forced a mentally handicapped woman to perform oral sex on him. He was not given any jail time.
    John enoch was accused of raping 2 women. Despite eye witness testimony, being picked out of a line up, as well as surveillance video clearly showing him entering the room; he was only given one year’s probation.
    Austin Wilkerson got no jail time despite being found guilty of both sexually assaulting a helpless victim and unlawful sexual contact. Instead he was given probation and 2 years in a prison work release program.

    So please, spray me the defense of Brett Cavanaugh. By his own admission, he loved to drink alcohol a lot. When asked if he ever blacked out from being drunk, he never answered the question. He instead asked if the person asking the question if they had ever blacked out from drinking. It’s a yes or no answer to that question. If you’re not answering it, I’m sure suspicious that you have blacked out from drinking.
    Speaking for myself, in my case I can clearly answer that I’ve never blacked out from drinking alcohol in my almost 60 years on this planet. In fact, the only time I’ve ever had an alcoholic beverage was at an Easter eve communion service. They used wine, instead of grape juice, when we took communion.

  21. Spot on Carol.
    Must start calling, texting, local county clerks to secure voting, identity, right to vote, balloting and counts. Volunteer. Take the day off as an authorized observer. Discuss numbered, registered ballot boxes, issued by the clerk with scratch-off verification numbers for valid receipt upon turn in and witnessed signed off count.
    This should be done at a precinct and county level. Need state and national count monitors too. Must be done clean and right…..or civil war.

  22. One way to keep the FALSE accusations from happening would be to SUSPEND the ACCUSER, too, until the case is finished.

    The ACCUSER HAS to prove the assault REALLY happened!!

    NOT the ACCUSED proving innocence!!

    It is just WAY to easy for a woman to FALSELY accuse a man of rape!!

    ANY false accusation should carry the SAME sentence that a man gets for ACTUALLY COMMITTING RAPE!!

  23. Why was her name not disclosed for the public record so that she doesn’t go about making such accusations again (his name, too). And if I read this correctly he got 47G$ for attorney’s fees but why not MORE $$$ for punitive damages?

  24. Just because he had the same name?!?! Did they not conduct a lineup or at the very least a photo lineup? They would have had to do a lot more than pay off my attorney and let me back in school and erase all information about this incident from my records. They would have to do all that and then at LEAST pay my entire tuition including if I wanted a Doctorate degree or wanted to attend Graduate School. The school got off easy!

  25. Agree, when you go from heavy petting to oral sex to intercourse and then decide no to the suggestion of anal sex and he does not force that issue, it is consensual and drinking wine is no excuse.

  26. I’m confused.
    Passing out drinking is a criminal offense?
    Kavanaugh was denied due process and railroaded on national television by vigilantes hateing Trump. Is THAT ok with you?? Perhaps your focus should be lite-duty judges rather than crusifying the innocent?

  27. MEDIC RN: Let her show her rape kit, police report and ER photos! Proof!

    Those would prove nothing! She already reported they committed almost every consensual sex act, except “the ol’ dirt road”, and when she said stop, he stopped! So where was the assault? It was a non-issue / BS accusation from the start. No crime, no case, period! He never should have been suspended, maligned, or had his character besmirched. Personally, I think he let the school, and especially her, off easy. He should have held out to preserve his right to sue her for false accusation, defamation, with damages, and make her publish a written apology in the school and local papers, describing their encounter, and expressing how sorry she is for having falsely accused the man! THAT … would have been “justice”!


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