A student just settled with the University of Cincinnati in this groundbreaking case


Universities are becoming more hostile since the #MeToo movement.

Accusations are being thrown at completely unexpected victims.

But this student just won a precedent setting case against the University of Cincinnati.

A male student at the University of Cincinnati has been awarded $47,152 in addition to an end to his suspension.

The university had originally suspended him for accusations from a fellow classmate alleging he sexually assaulted her after having a Tinder date.

She said she was assaulted by someone of the same name, and so the university declared he must have been responsible.

But John, the male student’s name as it appears in the lawsuit, was exonerated after the lawsuit demonstrated there was no connection between him and the crime.

This is the first time the University of Cincinnati has ever settled with an accuser.

The Daily Wire reports:

The University of Cincinnati (UC) has agreed to pay a student $47,152 in attorneys’ fees and will end his suspension from the university and drop all disciplinary sanctions, according to WCPO Cincinnati. The outcome of the student’s school disciplinary hearing will not appear on his transcript, and the school will remove the “responsible” finding from his record. UC will also make no public statements about the case. The student, in turn, will not contact his female accuser or publicly disclose her identity.

This appears to be the first time UC has ever settled with an accused student.

The case arises from an incident involving John Doe and Jane Roe, as they are referred to in court documents reviewed by The Daily Wire, that occurred on September 6, 2015. The two UC students met on the dating app Tinder and sent messages back-and-forth for a little over two weeks before meeting in person.

A month later, Jane accused John of sexual assault.

She said the encounter occurred on August 30, 2015, that she met John on Tinder, but had agreed to meet him for dinner. She told a UC interviewer that she was going to study after the dinner, but John suggested she do so at his apartment, to which she agreed. She said she studied while sitting on his bed and drinking a glass of wine, which “lowered her inhibitions” about what she and John talked about. She said they flirted.

Jane said the two started kissing and that John “kept progressing” the physical contact, to which she never said “no.” The two engaged in oral sex and digital penetration. She said the two had sexual intercourse and that John tried to engage in anal sex.

The Daily Wire also points out that this is a landmark case because it reached the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals, which set a precedent stating that cross-examination is critical in a he said/she said situation.

This case could very well pave the way for more accusers to reach settlements with their accused.

Its also a breath of fresh air in the #MeToo era we live in where any woman can accuse a man and he is automatically guilty on the basis of the accusation alone.

This madness was demonstrated in the way the Democrats treated Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh during during his hearings before the Senate Judiciary Committee.

They treated him as if he was already guilty, and when he naturally and rightfully got upset at the baseless accusations, they said he didn’t have the “temperament” to serve.

But Americans can see right through the leftists’ games.

Do you think universities should do more to protect young men from baseless accusations?

Let us know what you think in the comments below.


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