A so-called “theology” professor screams racism and then tells white people their problems are because of this outrageous thing


The irony of many leftists’ statements is beginning to reach levels of epic proportion.

It’s as if they don’t even understand what they’re saying anymore.

And this so-called “theology” professor screams racism and then tells white people their problems are because of this outrageous thing.

Dr. Chanequa Walker-Barnes is a professor of “practical theology” at Mercer University.

In a recent presentation entitled “Pathological Whiteness,” the professor asked, “White people, how does it feel to be a problem?”

That’s a pretty broad question, given that your skin color should never mean you are an inherently bad person or, as Dr. Walker-Barnes states, a problem.

This professor, who believes black people are being attacked because of their skin color, is attacking white people solely based on the color of their skin.

Let that sink in for a moment.

Walker-Barnes accuses white people of seeing themselves as “superior lords of all creation” – this was proven allegedly because Donald Trump was elected.

No one is real clear on what Bible this supposed “theology” professor is reading, but it can’t be the Christian Bible.

Her incredibly divisive narrative and accusation that all white people are the problem are not rooted in Biblical Christianity, yet she claims to know her theology.

“White people don’t like to have their race named out loud. Why is it that I can have a racial identity and white people cannot? That my race is marked, but whiteness is considered normal, neutral?” Walker-Barnes questioned.

Unfortunately, this “professor” is just one of the countless leftists who don’t see the irony in her statements.

It is her that is making a big deal out of her skin color, not some random white person.

She thinks it’s unfair that she is being identified by her skin color – well, it’s unfair to lump all white people together too.

Walker-Barnes is doing precisely what she says white people are doing – calling people names based on skin color.

These types of “speeches” or “lectures” are nothing more than left-wing brainwashing tactics.

The Left wants people to believe that all whites are inherently evil and out to take down anyone who isn’t the same skin color.

The real evil lies in the tactics of leftists using racism as a tool to take control of people’s lives.

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