A shocking new abortion bill is on the table that will make your jaw drop


The Governor of Virginia, Ralph Northam, lit a firestorm when he openly supported infanticide on a radio show.

Pro-abortion radicals have felt emboldened by the fact that he is still in office, so now they’re testing their limits.

And what this Democrat Governor just proposed is putting millions of lives in jeopardy.

Janet Mills, the Democrat Governor of Maine, recently proposed legislation that would allow “physician assistants and nurses” to perform abortions.

Maine Democrats are also saying the bill would multiply the number of abortion clinics in the state sixfold.

Governor Mills also peddles the Abortion Lobby’s propaganda, saying the legislation is to ensure every woman in Maine can “access reproductive health care.”

Christian Headlines writes:

Maine’s Democratic governor, Janet Mills, proposed a bill Thursday that would let physician assistants and nurses perform abortions, saying such a change in law is needed to broaden the access to “reproductive health care.”

The bill, LD 1261, would allow an advanced practice registered nurse or a physician assistant perform abortions. Under current Maine law, only doctors can perform abortions.

The law would increase the number of abortion clinics in the state from three to 18, according to supporters.

“Every woman in Maine should be able to access reproductive health care when and where she needs it, regardless of her zip code,” Gov. Janet Mills said. “Allowing advanced nurse practitioners and physician assistants to perform medication-administered abortions, which are already permitted in other states, will ensure Maine women, especially in rural areas of our state, can access reproductive health care services. It is time to remedy this inequity that negatively impacts too many Maine women.”

The ACLU and Planned Parenthood have pushed for such a change to the law, according to the Bangor Daily News.

This legislation will only increase the number of women who are harmed because of medical practitioners who don’t care about the health of their patients and only care about the quick buck they’ll make off murdering an innocent baby.

In reality, the bill is just an attempt to see the Democrat Party’s platform of abortion-on-demand come to fruition.

In several other states, Democrats are also proposing legislation that would allow “teleabortions” – phoning in doctors to perform an abortion from home.

The Democrats’ old line of “safe, legal, and rare” is a lie.

What they really want is for anyone off the street to be able to commit an abortion.

Because as long as more abortions are committed, the more Planned Parenthood profits.

And that means more campaign contributions flooding in for Democrats.

In fact, according to Planned Parenthood’s 2018 Election Cycle contribution records, they spent a whopping $3 million dollars in support of pro-abortion politicians.

If Janet Mills and her fellow Democrats actually cared about women’s health, they wouldn’t be opening the floodgates for more abortions.

Do you think nurses should be allowed to perform abortions?

Do you think abortions should be banned altogether?

Let us know what you think in the comments below.


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  2. Reproductive health care doe’s mean killing babies. When an expectant mother has been raped or the health of the mother is in danger yes. If late term or the babies are alive when taken they should no be murdered.

  3. All abortions must be banned as it is only murdering innocent lives. The one and only case that should be allowed is if the mother’s life is in physical danger, in other words a life and death situation for the mother. I would support all females who have their monthly periods, whether or not they are sexually active to be on some form of birth control. This would end any problems of them becoming pregnant if they were raped.

  4. One day these abortion murderers will stand in divine judgment! There won’t be any debate! There won’t be any plea bargaining! There will be a “life sentence” which will be eternity in Hell! Their choice must be made here! So sad!

  5. There is birth control available to women if they want to be sexually active. If you don’t want the baby give it up for adoption. Abortion is murder of a human life!!! How can anyone with a conscience murder a baby???

  6. As a man the one thing that has always irritated me is if the man wants to raise the child he has no say so in the matter. However if the woman decides to keep the baby the man is responsible to support the child. Really don’t like the double standard.

  7. “reproductive health care.”?????????????????? What about the unborn and just born ” health care.”

  8. Not only do I not think that nurses should be allowed to perform abortions, I think that abortions should be altogether illegal and anyone performing them should lose their medical or nursing license for life and be imprisoned for murder for life. Plus the person requesting to have an abortion should be sterilized so they can’t have babies at all.

  9. It is against will just as it was written in the Old Testament where gentiles saceificed their children to Molech. God instructed the Israelites not to pray and sacrifice to other gods and not to sacrifice their children to this metal form of and god that was heated up to enormous degrees. The Israelites did not obey God and they suffered the penalty of persecution. And so will those who advocate abortion and more.

  10. Indeed! The Lord woke me this morning at 3:30 a.m., and gave me this prophetic word concerning recent events. In fact He woke me at 12:30, 3:30 and I began to prophecy from my bed. I got up and wrote it down.
    Because they have called evil good, and good they now call evil. Because they refuse to heed My words indeed even the visions and dreams and night terrors, so shall I turn them over to their own lusts and desires. However, I shall close the wombs and dry up the seed of those who refuse to love the sanctity of life. The doctors who heed my voice and refuse to perform these murderous procedures will not stop the killing of innocents whom I knew before the creation of the world, as midwives will take over and further death shall take place due to their own error. Furthermore I the Lord will send confusion in their ranks; indeed they will turn on each other and demonstrate to the world their folly. There is still time to repent and turn from their evil ways by the door is closing rapidly. Thus says the Lord God.

  11. And God said, “Thou shalt not kill.”
    The Lake of Fire will lack no fuel. It will burn for eternity.

  12. Think about this for a moment.

    All these Democrats, Liberals, Leftists, Progressives, are pushing the NWO.
    This involves eliminating the majority of humans on our planet to better control them.
    With a small amount of humanity, there will be one Leader to control Everyone or, they Die.

    Allowing Abortions to the extreme it is now, it’s only the beginning.
    Anyone or anything that’s good, they’ll destroy such as the Conservatives.
    Trying hard to silence them is their goal.

    The future NWO leader is now salivating the control.
    Hopefully I’ll be 10 feet under when this happens.
    I would put up a big fight if I get to see this.
    It’s very frightening but, it has been written.
    It is up to us to fight this Evil battle.

  13. He is NOT a man … he is after birth ! It is those that support abortions that should have been aborted !

  14. These people are pagans. These innocent lives are their sacrifices to their god satan. He rules their hearts and minds. The only power who can change their wicked hearts in the precious blood of Jesus. He alone has the power to save from our sins.

  15. This jerk should be housed in prison for the rest of his miserable life! He is openly advocating murder of children who cannot defend themselves.

  16. Killing our babies because they are inconvenient or unwanted is murder born or still in the womb. To do it for profit is unthinkable to me. Abortion should be illegal. People need to be responsible for their own actions. Self control needs to come back into fashion! If not take birth control pills or a big dose of self respect…

  17. I don’t understand how anyone can look at the face of a baby and heard it in anyway shape or form. A doctor or nurse should not even be called that if they are capable of ending the life of a child. The Democrats like Nancy Pelosi who calls herself a Catholic, should be sent to hell right now! How can she or anyone who calls themselves a Christian take the life of a baby? When I look at the face of my six month old great great grandson and he reaches his little hand up to me I could just cry for every child who is man murdered by these insane people. God has to come back soon and stop all this craziness.

  18. If you want to talk about a double standard, then what about the Dems? They want to protect the children of illegal immigrants, but take the lives of innocent American babies.

  19. I believe that any business that is getting government funding SHOULD NOT BE ABLE TO CONTRIBUTE TO ANY CAMPAIGN WHAT SO EVER. The monies that they contribute is tax payer monies. Abortions is plain and simple, it is murder.

  20. I used to think early term abortions were ok
    when necessary. It is now obvious that I was wrong. You can’t let some people(term used loosely) have that kind of power. They always seem to abuse it. So now i am totally against abortions and the democratic nazi party that sponsors them.

  21. Totally AGAINST this bill!!! The dems/libs are savages plain and simple! I believe what Mr. Collier spoke, as well as most of what others have said here. We must pray diligently and take part in whatever opportunities to speak out against this complete and utter barbarianism!!! In the end God will have the final say (Praise our Lord????????), whether they want to acknowledge Him or not. At some point I agree and beleive they will turn on one another, for they are blind to their own iniquities, power hungry as well as being deceived to believe they have any true power at all, and at this point, unless God is allowed in their hearts, as Proverbs says, a fool will find folly. Make no mistake, God will not be mocked! So please be on your knees with me, before our Holy God, putting and keeping on our spiritual armour (Ephesians 6:10-18), for this is where the battle really is! GO!!!!!!

  22. NO PERSON who believes in or supports abortion thaat kills a baby – born or unborn – is a Catholic.

  23. It’s past time these politicians allowing this to happen face serious political consequences.The so-called defenders of pro life have got to take responsibility of this holcaust happening in The United States has got to end before God Himself ends it.


  25. Murdering an unborn child, and now full term babies in the process of being born, is anathema. Now legal in our country, it is also a step in the direction of killing the elderly and disabled, a growing segment of our society, deemed to be the useless and unwanted; when at the same time tremendous efforts are made to rescue dogs and cats and other animals from abuse, starvation and death! I love animals, but there is something radically wrong with this picture! We protest, and yet nothing is actually being done to stop this insanity, that has become the law and is desensitizing a whole culture to immorality and evil, the destruction of a society from within.

  26. I do not think that Dr. assistants and nurses should be able to abort babies. By the same logic I do not believe in abortion at any time by anyone. The act is murder, plain and simple and should be stopped.

  27. & years of tribulation and then Jesus will return to take his followers with him, and then for those who realize they missed out will experience Hell on earth.

  28. The Democrats are murderers …plain and simple….Killing babies ? What a bunch of “sickos” ….

  29. After these evil procedures go into effect, the next thing will be older people will no longer be productive human beings. So is euthanasia on their agenda until only the young brain washed people are left. God in Heaven look down and condemn these evil people. Wake up America put the Democrats in office and we will have no more liberties or right to life. If they can do it to those helpless babies what do you think is in store for the older generation.

  30. OMG. So now the unskilled are once again being permitted to perform abortions? This is billed as “reproductive health?” It’s anything but. The consequences of abortion are not just physical, but also mental, something the abortion mills never tell the unfortunates who use them.

  31. I date from the 50’s and much enjoyed life thru the 50’s,60’s and 70’s and after that in the name of PROGRESS everything seems to be slowly but surely going to hell. We have persons and groups along with gov support that has decided it is ok to destroy infants who are beautiful GODS CREATION and are totally helpless and we all know that the sick,disabled and seniors will be next on the list .I shed tears most every day about the slaughter of helpless infants and innocents in our nation and the world and i am certain that our world will suffer because of these terrible acts .
    PROGRESS is also making it ok for the Media to destroy an individuals character and life because it MAKES GOOD PRESS whether the accusation or story is true or not.

    PROGRESS is also spouting endless PHOBIC BUZZ WORDs for any persons or groups that do not agree with some of the PROGRESSIVE agenda.

    PROGRESS in the development of weapons of mass destruction that are capable of destroying all of humanity and the planet by just one miscalculation or incident.

    Is it possible that maybe some REGRESS would be a viable option to PROGRESS !

  32. Democrats are totally disgusting.A little innocent baby is born alive after an abortion and they think it is O.K to kill it.I do not see the difference between these people and serial killers.


  34. By now no one should be surprised by the depraved lengths democrats will go to enable their agenda. This is a party that long ago lost its way and has devolved in a reckless immoral mob.

  35. Jeremiah 1:5a — “Before I formed you in the womb, I knew you;
    All these people that are for abortion are nothing but a bunch of murderers.
    Why is it when a person kills a pregnant lady it is called a double homicide, but when a so-called doctor and I use that term loosely, murders a baby it is called abortion? It’s the same dang thing!! These Demonrats need to go to the altar and ask God for forgiveness of their sins!!

  36. I agree with you Justin! Babies are gifts from God and should be allowed to live and to be cherished by a loving mother and father. There are many couples who can’t conceive that would welcome a newborn with love!

  37. The ancient eastern reincarnationist religions Hinduism, Buddhism, and Jainism all predate Christianity, all teach ahimsa, or nonviolence towards humans and animals alike to the point of vegetarianism, all are vegan-friendly, all oppose abortion, and all teach that abortion and war are the karma for killing animals, and that therefore, we cannot end abortion nor have peace on earth until first we abolish the killing of animals.

    Hare Krishna devotees, therefore, cannot cooperate with meat-eating pro-lifers, but only with pro-lifers who have shutting down the slaughterhouses at the top of their agenda. And these wouldn’t really be pro-lifers… just animal activists who happen to be against abortion, too.

    Democrats for Life of America, 10521 Judicial Drive, #200, Fairfax, VA 22030, (703) 424-6663

  38. Facetiously speaking – too bad that law wasn’t in place when some of our current Democratic congresswomen and men and those who are proposing this lunacy were born

  39. Ralph Northam has no morals. His own mother should’ve aborted him at birth. He’s trying to buy votes from his state by supporting PPH. He no doubt gets millions of dollars kick back from appropriated to PPH. He’s no better than the Clintons.

  40. for Katie Todora: We’ve already had the killing of the disabled via abortion. In two words….Sherri Finkbine. It has been proven more than once that, even though a doctor tells a woman that her child will be deformed, and she should consider abortion, she could produce a healthy baby. Some women are true mothers and honor God by not killing their babies…., and the babies are born 100% in good health. We also know now that children who survived birth as thalidomide babies have gone throughout the world telling whoever will listen that they do not feel cheated because their legs or arms are short. They did not consider themselves disabled, and they were living life with what they had.

  41. Treason is a badge of honor for the Godless NAZI Commie liberal Racist Demoncrat Party and RINOs! The party of hate, hypocrisy, lies, deception, Fake News (Russian Collusion and Jussie M hoax) the list is endless! And the clueless minions that follow them!

  42. Cowards God says if anyone harms a child? It’s better they should hang a cinderblock around their necks Matthew 18:4 and be thrown into the deep blue ocean.

  43. All the doctors that comment murder [abortion] should be shot as they leave the horror house!!!! They are all heading to the lake of fire. Yashua said it would be better for them to have a mill stone around their neck and thrown into the sea!!!! Wow maybe they will be torn apart like they they have those little babies, over & over & over & over again for eternity Yeah!!!!

  44. Yes I agree abortion is nothing more than Murder of the most innocent among us. I believe that since the Democrats are so hell-bent on pushing such an abomination on America that the Democratic Party is now the modern equivalent of the old German Nazis Party of WW2 times. Remember how the Nazis’s slaughter so many people which included Babies, both preborn and after birth.

  45. Why should a baby conceived as a result of rape be killed? Are they not as much a Human Being as any other conceived baby? Abortion is not reproductive health care, it is still nothing less than Murder of the Innocents. The “health of the mother” is a “Red Herring”. Rarely is the true health of the mother such that it is necessary to kill her baby.

  46. I am a nurse and I would never ever perform an abortion or assist in an abortion. This is Murder and taking a life is against God’s law. Only He has the right to take a life. I think anyone who does this should go to jail for murder, or they will meet their Maker one day and pay for the lives they take.

  47. I am pro-life, abortion is murder. These murderers that keep trying to make it easier and more accessible are reverting back to the back alley abortionists. Their argument has always been that if abortion is legal they can make sure that women don’t die in unsafe procedures. When they start allowing more and more people to legally perform abortions, how is that making it safer? What’s next, drive through abortions? This is evil and disgusting! They discourage having children and encourage birth control by abortion, at any stage in the pregnancy and birth. Eventually as the older population ages and dies, there will no one to replace them. It appears that their real goal is the extinction of the human race. Other countries are already seeing this imbalance in their population. It makes you wonder if they are even human, to turn on their own kind?!

  48. Hmmm….maybe he should’ve considered that sex before marriage doesn’t give him any rights except to mop up the damage he’s done. When he indulged, he irresponsibly took that chance. Think like a man, act like a man, BE a man.


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