A rock legend ignited the cancel mob’s fury and now they’re out for blood


Entertainment celebrities are known for being largely left-wing.

But some are speaking out because the Left got so radical.

Now the cancel mob is out for this rock legend’s blood for one infuriating reason.

The COVID regime is doing everything it can to stamp out dissent.

Multiple celebrities who question or outright defy the edicts from politicians and public health experts are being excoriated in the press.

The latest example is rock legend Eric Clapton.

Once a darling of the establishment, Clapton has now become a villain because he’s pushed back against the COVID regime’s crackdowns.

The leftists at Rolling Stone Magazine just published a lengthy hit piece on Clapton under the title and subheading:

“Eric Clapton Isn’t Just Spouting Vaccine Nonsense—He’s Bankrolling It: Eric Clapton went from setting the standard for rock guitar to making ‘full-tilt’ racist rants to becoming an outspoken vaccine skeptic. Did he change? Or was he always like this?”

In the piece, Rolling Stone dredged up a racially insensitive comment Clapton made over 40 years ago for which he has apologized many times.

Since then, Clapton has graced the cover of Rolling Stone roughly ten times.

But suddenly Clapton is “problematic.”

His great crime was speaking out about his adverse reaction to the vaccine and pushing back against the COVID madness.

Clapton wrote a song and made a video calling out the COVID regime, and it has over 2.3 million views.

Clapton’s song puts it bluntly: This has gotta stop!

And he isn’t alone in that belief.

Fellow rock legend Van Morrison has also been vocal in his disgust for the lockdowns and vaccine mandates.

He and Clapton have collaborated on projects to raise money for artists dispossessed by the COVID lockdowns.

Others are joining the fight too.

Last month, Nicki Minaj got red-pilled on the vaccine mandates after she drew the cancel mobs ire for simply asking questions.

More recently, Michael Graves who came to fame as singer for legendary punk band the Misfits, canceled a show in L.A. because of the city’s COVID apartheid.

Graves said in a statement:

“I have made the decision to NOT perform on OCT 13th in Los Angeles, CA at The Whiskey A Go-Go due to the Cities [sic] vaccine mandate that is being enforced as of OCT 7th…I will not perform to a segregated audience. I will not participate in any effort to pressure anyone into undergoing an experimental medical procedure to enter and dwell in a building as a prerequisite to see me perform…If I can’t play for all of you I won’t play at all.”

Graves closed his statement with the Thomas Jefferson quote: “I prefer dangerous freedom over peaceful slavery.”

Graves’ stand comes on the heels of Pete Parada, the drummer for the Offspring, revealing he has been forced to depart the group after refusing to take the vaccine.

The COVID regime won’t stop until more people reject the draconian measures.

Stars like Clapton and others pushing back could give more Americans the courage to resist.