A recent study shows a drop in the adolescent suicide rate after this policy was put in place


A nearly 60 percent jump in suicides by young Americans since 2007 has many experts alarmed.

One problem is that the government-mandated COVID-19 shutdowns have created a category of unlikely victims of collateral damage in teenagers.

However, a recent study shows that the suicide rate began to drop after these laws were adopted.

A study published in the Journal of School Effectiveness and School Improvement has found significant declines in adolescent suicide rates in the wake of the enactment of laws that allow school choice.

The Cato Institute’s Corey DeAngelis and economist Angela Dills say their work is the first to link school choice to mental health outcomes.

In the study, they analyzed the effects of the enactment of state voucher and charter school laws on adolescent suicide rates and examined the effects of private schooling on later reported adult mental health issues.

The researchers stated, “Across all specifications, the estimated effect of a charter school law is robust: States adopting charter schools witnessed declines in adolescent suicide rates. The estimated effect of a charter school law translates to about a 10% decrease in the suicide rate among 15- to 19-year-olds.”

The study also showed that individuals who enrolled in private schools were far less likely to suffer from mental health disorders as adults.

In the study, the researchers concluded the results support “a causal link between school choice programs, particularly charter schools, and improved mental health.”

Is it any surprise that the suicide rate among adolescents has risen in a time where children are being told it’s okay to “pick your gender?”

They’re being taught math where there is no wrong answer and teachers are rewriting history to fit what they believe is culturally acceptable.

In the last nine months, most children have had little to no interaction with their peers because of the ongoing COVID-19 hysteria.

Government schools teach kids about transgender studies and how to be more “woke,” not about the things that will help them develop into functioning adults that can thrive in the world.

It’s no wonder that those children who are able to attend a private school or whose parents are courageous enough to take on homeschooling are far better equipped for life outside the proverbial classroom.

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