A radical Feminist professor gave a jaw-dropping assignment to her class


It’s no secret America’s colleges and universities have morphed into leftist echo chambers and indoctrination camps.

But one professor just crossed the line.

And your jaw will hit the floor when you see what she forced her students to do.

At Towson University, professor Lillian Carter is an outspoken feminist who teaches “Sexuality in Diverse Societies.”

According to several students, Carter has told her students to tell her “what turns them on” as an “entrance ticket” to the class.

She has also asked them to draw themselves naked as an assignment in class.

As if that wasn’t enough, Carter also shoves pro-abortion propaganda down her students’ throats by making pro-abortion answers the answers on tests.

In other words, if you hold pro-life views as a student, you will fail.

In one instance, she gave the class an assignment to “pick their own” class paper topic.

But when a few students asked to write a paper on a pro-life topic, she refused.

Students for Life of America reports:

A pro-abortion feminist professor at Towson University has a unique way to make students in her class feel uncomfortable; she asks them to tell her what turns them on (and off) and then asks them to draw themselves naked. According to several students at Towson University, Professor Lillian Carter does this in her “Sexuality in Diverse Societies” classes. In fact, within the first few weeks, the students were required during one of the classes to present a list of what turns them on and off this as their ‘entrance ticket’ to her class.

Additionally, Carter prevented a pro-life student from writing about her pro-life beliefs, though students are encouraged to write about why Planned Parenthood should not be defunded. Two syllabi for the class even say, “You may make your own topic” with the professor’s approval. And that’s exactly what two students did. According to one student who spoke to Students for Life of America, they were told that as long as no one else had chosen their same topic, they could write about it. So, the student and her class partner asked to write about “pro-life positives” but were denied without reasoning and told to write about their second option, which was “Obsessive love is dangerous.”

There’s no doubt that any students who disagree with her leftist propaganda are doomed to flunk her course.

Lillian Carter is a prime example of how leftist professors often have unchecked free rein in their classes.

What Carter is subjecting to her students is sickening.

But even though Towson is a public university, the school administration won’t do anything about it, especially if Carter is a tenured professor.

Dr. Jordan Peterson, the professor of Psychology at the University of Toronto, has warned about this dangerous indoctrination.

Appearing on Fox News, Peterson noted that liberal colleges are political activist grounds, not educational institutions.

He also said that students are “being taught by ideologues, not by educators.”

Do you think America’s colleges are too far left?

Let us know what you think in the comments below.


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  2. Why is “Sexuality in Diverse Societies” even a course? Unless you’re going to be a psychologist, will it help you get a job?

  3. Frigging b**ch should be fired immediately and then arrested for verbal sexual assault. People send their kids to higher education to be educated and instead receive pig sh*t from a pig.

  4. Just more progressive liberal lunacy and the very sad thing is that its probably going to get a lot worse before it gets better!!

  5. Stupid question in the article. YES, they’re too far left. YES, they’re nothing but indoctrination camps. I’ll be taking a home course in fashion design, both the business and design elements in my own home from an online course. No “degree,” but I’m sure I’ll have all the skills I need minus the indoctrination attempts (I’m 61 and way too old to bow to these idiots).

  6. Even if you’re going to be one, it won’t help you. That is, unless you plan to practice Martian, Venutian, or Lunar psychology.

  7. I cannot understand how college administrators and politicians, no matter their political party can allow this blatant stupidity to continue. It is really insane. What an be in the mind of people who allow this but pure instanity

  8. If I was paying for my child to attend this college, I would be raising about a hundred dollars wort of h–l. Never would I allow a teacher influence my child on sexuality or abortion. That is part of the problem with young people today. Teachers are trying to influence with their own views instead using the textbook method.

  9. This is a site that putatively bumps up against the constraints of political correctness, while nonetheless abiding by them. Is the Prof a hetero? Not likely. Is the Prof a secular Ashkenazi —— whoa whoa whoa there, you are about to use the J’ word. That is forbidden in polite society. Tail between my legs ——

  10. I t is terrible very shameful , that person should not be call professor, an she should not have a job

  11. Almost to a person, Feminist are Lesbians and most do not respect men at all, let alone our children. That stupid dumb “B”tch should be fired and that GD course discontinued, because it is perverse and confusing. Sexuality should be explored on a personal level and not something that is blurted out in front of a class.

    It is none of her business what turns students on. Most don’t have a clue how to articulate that aspect of their sex lives, if they even have one. At their age just the touch of a girl’s hand on a boy’s shoulder can turn him on, but will he recognize that it is the touch, not just the closeness of the girl that got his motor running.

  12. Parents and students alike must do their homework when considering which schools to send their kids to.
    That includes from kindergarten on up. Catholic universities are usually much better at not indoctrinating students. Hillsdale is known for being an excellent choice and I think you can do your classwork on line, at least to some degree.

    Meantime, since all/mostly all colleges and universities are indoctrination centers – no financial aide should be given to any school where only leftist ideology is taught. It’s really that simple. Do this and you’ll see these so called higher education institutions will mend their ways real fast.

  13. Sad that we have to put up with this. My answer to these pro abortion people is roo bad their mother didn’t have an abortion instead of them. Better yet in the 8th month.

  14. fire her. If she has tenure fire her anyway. She is not a teacher she is a brain washer. People who pay the school tuition for classes sus as this have no integrity. George

  15. every thing our children are taught in our colleges goes against every thing that has made this country

    great if it is not stopped we are doomed the liberals will turn us into THIRD WORLD COUNTRY. ?????

  16. There is no doubt on my mind that our educators are trained brain washers. I believe our society and country are being undermined by those people. I can see some of the radicalism more and more when I see activivist young students confront students of different thinking are constantly harassed. A good case in point is that Chelsea Clinton was blamed by the activists for the massacre in New Zealand, telling her it was because of people like her. I blame this on the Hippie Generation of teachers who indoctrinate young people to their way of thinking.

  17. This horse manure is straight out of Karl Marx. Namely, the plank that calls to glorify sensuality. This coupled with the planks to destroy all religions and repudiate marriage is straight out of Marx’s Communist Manifesto. Our taxes are supporting these cesspool dippings?

  18. No learning institution, teacher, professor or anyone else should try to inject their version of politics on any one! You cannot get enough information to draw a solid idea of what you are facing. This “professor” should be taught what a democracy is. Instead, this so called university needs to take action against this so called “professor” who is acting as tyrant to her students. Not every student wants to be a “sheeple” or have to share this “professor’s own ideas”. How can these students learn through a one sided, my way or you fail instructor? Answer: They cannot learn because her mentoring is indoctrination of her views only. I want my children to go to college, a place of higher education, not an indoctrination camp! When any form of one sided teaching or propagandizing or any other alien dogmas, there should be an inquiry as to what is being taught. If the professor or teacher is found guilty of this act, He/she should be disciplined the first time and fired the second time. These kids or their parents paid for a well rounded education. Not this one sided BS!

  19. For sure she should be fired immediately. BUT, there is another way to beat her at her own game. It is the way I instructed my son when the educational system was trying to shove the theory of evolution down the kids’ throats as absolute fact. I told him to learn the answers that the teacher wanted but knowing all the while that is NOT what we believe. It worked. He got straight A’s, but is a fine, upstanding Christian man. Those students should draw someone else’s profile (that of the teacher, preferably) and name absolutely insane things as to ‘what turns them on’…..such as : ‘milking cows turns me on’, or ‘seeing the opposite sex stand on his/her head’…. or watching a football (soccer/basketball/swimming) game turns me on…. playing a game of golf… you get the idea. Then, sue the college for hiring such a misfit. —

  20. I have the same question. It is what I call a “watching Paint Dry” class. The students will not learn anything that will help them to make enough to live decently. The parents of these kids must have lots of money to spend on wasting time.

  21. These Modern Secular Progressive Humanist Professors and Teacher’s don’t teach needed skills the don’t do Common sense, or Critical Thinking excersizes because if they did most if not all the Secular Progressive Humanist Professor’s and Teachers would be out of a job and the Secular Progressive Humanist Religion would be extinct within two generation because if you can apply the skills for Critical Thinking, and Common Sense then you can not control what they think and do. It has been the goal of Progressives to control like Adolph Hitler, Joseph Stalin, and Moa tse Dung, all used the niativity of the youth and their lack of experience to further their evil agenda’s!!!

  22. I have to comment on this, the answer to her question would be ‘her class assignment’ and the drawing would be a stick man.

  23. Easy answer. It is all about making money, not about educating young people and counseling them about taking classes that will help them to earn a living.

  24. My guess is that she is a lesbian fishing for people with a like mind that she might develope a “relationship” with. This would explain the themes, “What turns you on.”

    If this is or isn’t the case might be ascertained by polling those that have taken her classes. Students that want to take this class in the future should be interviewed and enlightened about what specifically goes on in the class.

    It might be well if this is classified as an Adult Education Course and not be eligible in developing a grade point average in any degree program!

  25. You are absolutely correct Ken. I have been yelling this to the top of my lungs for over 25 years. If you recieved a degree within the last few years, I’m sorry, you have NOT been educated, you have been endoctrinating, and if you have a juicy student loan hanging over your head, you have also been had; you paid for something worse than nothing. Think about that.

  26. Eliminate these fake professors and their disturbing actions ,eliminate tenure as it gives them away to preach their hatred in schools of higher learning without repercussions.

  27. are these mandatory classes or optional? Can students avoid such classes if they pursue their degrees online?

  28. Nothing “Draw Dropping” here. This crap is front and center in 98% of college and university curriculum across America. There are just a few colleges which teach courses that actually give real life lessons for students to use in life. Unless a student intends to go into the legal field (too many already), medicine, engineering and such, trade school is the way to go. And while we are at it, remove all public funding from all colleges and universities. I’m sick and tired of paying for all these ‘snowflakes’ to get indoctrinated and not educated.

  29. Or underwater basket weaving 101! I would be in the Chancellor’s office filing a formal complaint against the witch teaching that stupid class. Time to take back our educational system!

  30. Is it any wonder why after 4 years of college getting a worthless degree that college graduates can only get jobs flipping hamburgers and sacking groceries and still have a massive student loan that will take decades to pay off. No wonder they want free college. Who the hell in their right mind would pay to be educated in this major trash? The college should refund the student loan money back to the government where it came from in the first place, even if it means the worthless teachers have to take a 75% pay cut for the college to pay back the money to the government.

  31. This is totally outrageous and that professor should be reprimanded immediately. That is not something that should be required of these students.. she is a sick twisted person who has no business teaching.. The university needs to address this.

  32. You took the words right out of my mouth or her exploitation of youth will result in a published research document she will reap royalties from for the rest of her deviant years.

  33. How and under what standards did this woman get tenure? She and her kind are a horrendous black mark against this school. Administrators need to take stock, because the school doors could close forever due to perfidy such as hoisting “teachers” of this low quality onto unsuspecting students and their trusting parents. The school’s reputation will suffer tremendously, and enrollment will drop. Unfortunately, it is likely that Towson probably has other teachers of such dubious quality.
    … Above all else, it is true education, not indoctrination, that all parents want for their children. How long do schools think that they can get away with accepting tuition monies for providing anything other than an actual education?

  34. Alfie, it has been going on for decades. Nothing will change until the parents make it change. I don’t have high hopes.

  35. What I can’t understand is, the professor’s meet with the Dean and discuss the syllabus for the ensuing term. Wouldn’t the Dean have the option to say “clean up what you will be teaching, or I will not approve your work for this semester”, or maybe it’s all progressive with the Dean enticing the professor to carry on with the leftist agenda.

  36. I haven’t heard about under water basket weaving since high school. You didn’t go to school in Fla. by any chance

  37. Colleges and universities today are a racket. Any profession requires a degree; most teaching and administrative jobs also require one. Colleges take a student’s money, often loan money, and have no vested interest in how (or if) the student pays back the money. However it works out, the colleges keep the money – even if the degree is completely worthless. Most of the time a degree in something like Gender Studies is worthless. Colleges should be forced to guarantee at least part of student loans, maybe half the loan if not paid back after 10 years. This would assure that colleges take admissions and course value seriously.

  38. 1. Is this an elective class?
    2. Is it required for a specific degree, e.g., psychology, or “women’s studies”? (side bar: what the hell productive work that is legal in most states does ‘womens’ studies’ prepare one to do? I SAID ‘LEGAL.’ Don’t get low minded.)
    3. What is the cost per semester hour?
    4. Is it known to be a GPA average easy ‘A’?

  39. College is a waste of time. Students learn nothing about this country or what our CONSTITUTION is about. They need to study American HISTORY maybe from 1960 before it became SOCIAL STUDIES. They come out stupid and in debt. Save your money learn a skill.

  40. I am a little confused. This is a college class, where the students are not forced to attend this class and over 18 years old. The name of the class should explain things and if you feel uncomfortable with sex, then don’t attend this class. Now I can understand if a religious person had a problem with in general with this class due to their beliefs, but to say that you shouldn’t talk about sex, more specific talk about what turns you on or off, drawing your self naked is just silly.

    The subject of pro-life or pro-choice shouldn’t be discussed in this specific class since it isn’t a political course. I can see the teacher not wanted to turn the class into a political debate.

  41. This wasn’t about whether the professor believed in abortion or not. This wasn’t a political class. Neither pro-choice or pro-life should be heavily discussed in this type of class. I can assume that the professor didn’t want to divert from course. It is possible that the school, itself, looks frownly on such political topics as well.

  42. This is a college course, with adults (not children). When did talking about sex be such a taboo subject with the right? Why is it such a taboo subject?

    What you should be asking is if this class is requirement or an elective.

  43. First, the article never said that it was a requirement. Second, it is a college, not a high school. These are adults. Third, the name of the class says it all. If talking about sex offends you, then don’t attend. This class isn’t hurting anyone. It isn’t forced on the students. And some of us want expand our minds and learn about different things.

  44. Politics wasn’t the issue with this particular teacher. It was her poor choice of questions, such as “What turns you on?” …. Medical students, who have sex education classes for entirely different reasons, aren’t asked such personal questions. This instructor’s personal question would be more appropriate for her husband or lover, not for a class of students. In this instance, she lacked discernment.

  45. The name of the classroom should be a clue to the frigid. Sex isn’t a bad word and talking about it is healthy.

  46. You are aware that she asked the class to WRITE down the answers. She wasn’t calling anyone out. And please tell me how that is a personal question? Why are you afraid of sex?

  47. ” And while we are at it, remove all public funding from all colleges and universities. I’m sick and tired of paying for all these ‘snowflakes’ to get indoctrinated and not educated.”

    Keep ’em stupid so that they can turn into deplorables who vote for Donnis Longtie.

  48. You already determined it was an elective course in a previous reply. Basically the students pay for the class and can pass ONLY if they agree with the professors right to murder a child.

    You are desperate to spew your idiotic rhetoric. Why are the left so insistent on shoving alternate sexuality preferences down the throats of those of us who understand that the alternate lifestyle and abortion on demand is a totally gross and asinine way to live. Why do you force your taboos on others constantly and insistently? GTFOHWYBS SK.

  49. Millie…When I took ancient history in high school the teacher taught evolution as absolute fact. The tests were all essay. I also got straight As in his class. I wrote down the answers he wanted and prefaced the ones that I did not agree with “some people believe…”.

  50. old dog…You are the stupid one if you believe that uneducated people vote for Pres. Trump. I know hundreds of Trump supporters and all are much more intelligent than you. And that is EXACTLY what colleges and universities are doing…indoctrinating students into liberalism. But that is just fine with you, since you hate anyone who does not agree with you.

  51. I think you need to read the article again. Nowhere does it state that a student must agree with pro-choice to pass the class.

    Please explain to me how a class where a student can choose to attend or not, is shoving anything down your throats. If I attend a church and I rant about the things that are being said in that church, who is at fault?
    The church for shoving its ideas down my throat or mine for attending something that I already knew what it was going to be about? Same principles. No one is forcing students to attend these classes and the name of the class is a HUGE giveaway on what they will be talking about. Use some common sense.

  52. Fox sold out to Disney . Now we will get road runner and mickey mouse news .Better not rely on micky mouse actually being true news .

  53. The results are in, only 36% of the people who voted for Trump were college graduates. Non-college people who voted for Trump is 50%. White college people, 38%. Non-college white people, 64%.

    College graduates who voted for Hillary, 57%. Non-college people, 43%. White college people, 55%. And non-college white people, 28%.


    So you are wrong in the educational part. Do you know who voted for Trump? Old white men. That is where he got the most votes. That is just sad.

  54. I agree with Kaci. Any student who is not comfortable being in this class needs to take a different course. If enough students decline this course, she will loose her job. Common sense, if you find yourself on the wrong road you change direction. This is what needs to happen.

    College classes should not be political arenas.

  55. Well, I don’t wish bad things to happen to anyone, but I agree with Gus for the most part. If you are uncomfortable with the class, don’t take it. And college classes should not be political arenas except with political classes where it is kind of a requirement to talk about politics then.

  56. Kaci…Yet the teacher is shoving pro-choice down the students’ throats. Pro-life students will flunk if they don’t give pro-choice answers

  57. Kaci – one has nothing to do with the other. And the name of the class DOES NOT give away that they will be forced to accept abortion.

  58. Where was that written in the article that pro-life students will flunk? I read the article twice now and all I saw was the professor declined their request to write a paper on pro-life. That isn’t failing a student. I personally think that a classroom isn’t a place to talk about politics unless it is a political classroom. And where was the professor shoving pro-choice ideas down their throats? Where was pro-choice even mentioned in the article? You are assuming things that are not in evidence.

  59. You better read it again. You missed this part….
    As if that wasn’t enough, Carter also shoves pro-abortion propaganda down her students’ throats by making pro-abortion answers the answers on tests.
    In other words, if you hold pro-life views as a student, you will fail.

  60. There is no proof of that at all. The person who wrote this article gave no proof of the professor forcing students to accept abortions. One must never assume things.

  61. But where did the author get that information? It wasn’t mentioned at all in the report where this story was written from. So does the author have proof of this or was the author just writing that for shock value?

  62. Kaci….Your ignorance is profound. I personally know HUNDREDS of women and young people who voted for Pres. Trump. Guess they were not polled. And college graduates voting for Hillary proves the brainwashing they got. Hillary is extremely corrupt and vile but that is fine with libs as they have no morals.

  63. And the sad thing is there are a lot more just like her. satan is gaining ever more ground. Revelation says that satan will rule and it is falling into place.

  64. Colleges and universities are mostly very anti-American now, even the ones that started out being Christian. They do not teach our history, they make up their own. So there are totally brainwashed young people who have no concept at all of who our founding fathers were, why they came here, and what they left us. It’s very sad.

  65. I am a woman and I am a college graduate and I voted for Pres. Trump. There is NO WAY that Hillary should ever be our president. She is vile and has been very corrupt for many years. Obama’s goal was to bring down this country and Hillary would have continued his agenda.

  66. How many people voted in our last presidential election? 138 million Americans. Divide that by the number of people you know who voted for Trump. Let’s say you know 500 people who voted for Trump and who are college graduates. 500 / 138,000,000 = 0.00036231884057971015. So you knowing 500 college graduates who voted for Trump and only 36% of college graduates can both be true.

  67. Obviously, the word I was trying to type was “frowned”.

    If that is my only mistake of the day, then I am having a great day.

  68. Not really. There isn’t any proof that the professor is teaching pro-choice in her classroom. I have been doing some research on professor Lillian Carter and her class “Sexuality in Diverse Societies” She has a Ph.D. and is an expert on human sexuality, environmental issues, mental health issues and effective education. Her class description covers the multifaceted components of human sexuality, including historical influences, religious influences, moral development and values, sexual practices and alternate behaviors, health behaviors, and sex-related diseases. I have found out that it is a third-year honor course and when I went to http://www.ratemyprofessors.com/ShowRatings.jsp?tid=33849, I could not find one student that said anything remotely close to what these two students are saying. Professor Carter is very strict when it comes to attendance. She doesn’t excuse you being late or absent in her class (good for her) and she gives hard tests. At the beginning of the class, she goes into detail about what she will be teaching. I could not find any other person who accuses the professor of these things. So I am just having my doubts about this story.

  69. I will not get into a presidential debate on which president is better. No matter what I show you, you will not believe it, so I will not even try. We will just agree to disagree on this subject.

  70. Actually, I had my name legally changed to Kaci Stahl. It isn’t my given name, first or last. So your point was?

  71. Read my follow up comment. It will explain it to you. If you are still having trouble understanding it I will break it down more for you.

  72. Ernst, excellent ideas. This would be a faster way to get the colleges back on tract than parents not paying to get their kids indoctrinated. I love it.

  73. They ARE WAY TOO FAR LEFT! They believe their poison and want to force everyone to believe that claptrap too.

  74. NOTICE: To All SANE ADULTS … There is a antagonist named Kaci Stahl. The woman has no life and no friends. She only gets on here to get under people’s skin. And she does a fine job of it! LOL Your best bet with this gal? Ignore anything she posts. I am sure she is typing on a computer in her padded cell somewhere with her feet! LOL (The Colleges are very liberal. You will fail if you do not write papers that go along with their liberal views. I am a white woman. College Grad. and a Trump Voter. Unfortunately I did go along with their agenda because I needed my degree. But, our young Adults do not know any better. I was an older non-traditional student.) By the way College turned out to be a total waste of my hard earned money.

  75. My six kids will not go to college. Its overpriced and overrated not to mention crooked as hell. Kids are not safe there anymore.

  76. If it wasn’t for the parents of that “professor” being pro-life, that professor wouldn’t be teaching now.

  77. We have 4 sons that all graduated from liberal colleges. We took a bit of a different view. We made darned sure our sons were well indoctrinated in the Conservative lifestyle and they had concrete morals and values! We had long talks about the professors they would be exposed to and how to handle it! I told them not to be intimidated but in order to pass through these liberal corridors give their professors what they wanted. But never loose your morals and values to anyone. I also told them their father and I would be willing to take any college and or professor to court if they were forced to do something they felt was morally wrong! Long story short.They made it through their college days and are still good Conservatives! This is only one way of getting through. Believe me we did a lot of praying and put our sons in God’s hands. Little note: I have a son that is way to much like me. After he got his degree he went back to have words with a female professor who gave him a hard time and lit her up! I said: “Oh dear, I hope you never need a letter from her! LOL Yep, he just had to take after me. ????

  78. Do not speak evil against one another, brothers. The one who speaks against a brother or judges his brother, speaks evil against the law and judges the law. But if you judge the law, you are not a doer of the law but a judge. (4:11)

  79. This is a silly comment to make. Pro-choice women give birth to children too. My mother was pro-choice and had 4 children. I am pro-choice and had 3 children. My daughter is pro-choice and she has 2 children. This is just in my family alone.

  80. When you take her class you should know what you are getting: something well worth the $50K per year tuition.

  81. Fox did NOT sell out to Disney. Fox spun off Fox News & a few other shows on the network & became a new entity, FoxCorp. The rest of Twenty First Century Fox was sold to Disney.

  82. Do you call everyone that you disagree with a troll? Being a troll would mean that I never agree with anything, which isn’t the case. Look at my comments at the article about the teacher who made her student wash off the Ash Wednesday cross. I was totally against the teacher. I was appalled at her actions, like everyone else. Is that the actions of a troll?

  83. You confuse pro-choice with pro-abortion. Not one pro-choice person is for abortions, not one. We are for the right of a woman to decide what to do with her own body. We don’t walk in other people’s shoes and we don’t make decisions for other people. Liberals are pro-choice, never pro-abortion.

  84. Please tell me where name calling others is a part of a Christian’s life.

    Putting someone down with name calling reveals your own low self-esteem.
    -Stephen Richards

  85. Who am I hostile towards? I support people’s decision to be Christians or Muslims or Buddhists or Atheists or any other religion/non-religion. I do not judge other peoples decision because it isn’t me who has to walk in their shoes. Debating an issue is not being hostile. I have not called one person a name. I have not told one person to die. I have not wished one person pain in their death. So how do you justify calling me a troll?

  86. Because that’s what you are, you are a antagonist you disagree with everyone that doesn’t agree with you.
    You do nothing but stir the pot and act like a know it all

  87. So how was I “stirring the pot” when I agreed with all the others about the teacher who forced her student to wash the ash from his forehead? How am I “stirring the pot” when I support other people’s religious paths? How am I “stirring the pot” when correct someone about my knowledge of the Bible/Christians?

  88. You seem to be taking my comments personally. I have agreed to disagree about a number of things.

  89. Well I disagree with your comments for the simple fact that your a liberal atheist, of which you have proclaimed, it’s to bad that you have no soul ,very unfortunate.

  90. Here is another of my comments that contradict your thoughts of me.

    Kaci Stahl March 11, 2019 at 6:13 pm
    As an Atheist, I find what the teacher did beyond terrible. No one has the right to tell another person who or how to believe. How dare she do that to another human being. I am so disgusted over this and I hope that she is fired and never be allowed near children again. I read this first on a left-wing platform and not one person on the left thought what she did was correct. They were all upset as well. This isn’t a left or right thing, not an Atheist or Christian thing, this is a human being thing. No one has the right to humiliate another person like that. My heart goes out to the child and I hope that he knows that almost all non-believers are not like that. But there are bad apples in everything, sorry to say.

  91. I had a rather long comment for you but it was block ,nothing hateful or derogatory, funny how that works

  92. Do you think that it is a sign from god for you to not be so quick to judge other people?

    Just asking.

  93. My grandson graduated from a pretty conservative University, but it still went on there. You were flat out told, that if you did not agree with them, you would fail. What has happened to our schools? For one thing, the Professor in this article, should be sued and fired!! She has no place in our schools.

  94. I would have submitted a picture of a naked 85 year old woman with the face/head of this professor on it. Then my paper would have been a paper on abortion, (Why it would have been better for this Professor if her parents had aborted HER BIRTH. ) And then I would have filed a multi-million dollar lawsuit against her and the University of Maryland system, (which has become very far left), and transferred to another college, expecting a judgment to cover many times over any educational loans I might have ended up with after I finished my Phd, Lawschool, or Med School education……….then I would have arranged to have this “woman” harrassed to the point of insanity, whereas she would never begin to understand who it was………….WHO DID IT……
    There are many ways to skin a cat, folks…………………………….

  95. You want to learn American history and what our country’s Constitution says and means. Go on the internet and look for Hillsdale College. They have a FREE online course on the Constitution and I think a free American History course. They will also send you your own personal copy of the Constitution to keep and possibly teach your children and grandchildren. God bless Hillsdale College!!!

  96. Kaci and Virginia: Your answers are typical of persons who are secretly repressed but like to put sex on your sleeves, I bet there are many men who would want you to be tested before they hopped into the sack with either on of you “liberated women”

  97. LOL I am a happily married woman for over 20 years. In the 20 plus years I have been married, I have only had sex with one man, my husband. I admit I do love sex and we express our love at least once a day, still. But never assume things.

  98. Kaci, Can you break it down some more for me, cuz I only finished law school and support Trump. I strongly supported Obama in his bid to remain President but if he were now to run for volunteer dog catcher I would not support him. Unlike you, I did not support him because he was/is? black but because I thought he would take this country forward. HE DID NOT, but he did corrupt the FBI, the Department of Justice, the CIA, and turned out to be just another Chicago Thug. HILLARY? I did not oppose the election of your heroine because she was/is? a woman but because I KNEW she was a mobbed up corrupt murderer…….Many folks on this site have nailed it,…..but you are not one of them. You are sophomoric in you statements. The classiest women I have ever met in this life turned out to be the ones who were not repressed sexually, but they did not have to TALK about sex and did not have to experiment with everyone to find out what it was all about…………………

  99. We all enjoyed listening to you talk about your vagina and your last week-end escapades, fun, fun, but the dog ate OUR HOMEWORK, AND SINCE you took up the entire hour, thank you.

  100. I am a lawyer and a student of the Bible, (and other written masterpieces) and I have to laugh at the shallowness of your thoughts…………………………

  101. When did I talk about my vagina? When did I talk about my weekend fun? (PS: not just on the weekend) Homework? Didn’t realize I was dealing with school kids.

  102. I have a bachelor’s degree in Ministry and was a Sunday school teacher for over 20 years. What you think of me, makes no difference to me.

  103. I’m a retired teacher, but I agree that tenure should be eliminated. Too many teachers are in classrooms making $$$ without ever going back to take classes.
    Courses like the one this teacher is teaching should not be part of curriculum.

  104. if you have to pay thousands of dollars to be able to talk about sex you obviously have a ‘problem’…
    these people are such a waste of time and money…
    i will definitely be talking to my great grandchildren saying the same thing i said to the grand children and children..
    marry your best friend that you can say anything to, and that wants your happiness more than their own..
    Proverbs 31:12… Do each other good and not evil all the days of your lives…
    read Song of Solomon to learn how to make sweet talk..


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