A public library crossed the line by inviting this adult performer to a children’s event


It’s no secret that LGBT activists are looking to propagandize young children for their sick political gain.

But their latest move goes way beyond just politics.

And when you see what this adult performer is doing with kids in Pennsylvania, you’ll be red in the face.

In Lansdale, Pennsylvania, a public library put on “Drag Queen Story Fun Time” for kids.

The “story time” was hosted by Eric Torres, a man who goes by the name of “Annie Christ” – a play-on-words to make his name sound like Anti-Christ.

Torres read a book to kids in his drag attire about “bullying, diversity, and discrimination,” obviously to brainwash the kids into agreeing with the LGBT agenda.

CNS News reports:

A story time event at a Lansdale, Pa., library that was organized by drag queens was the target of protests on Saturday. Counter-protesters also turned out in support of the story hour.
The event, called “Drag Queen Story Fun Time with Annie,” featured a drag queen named Annie Christ – which can be interpreted to mean the anti-Christ, a local Fox affiliate reported.

The Pennsylvania Pastors Network protested the event, saying Annie Christ is “clearly attacking Christianity by wearing satanic symbols. They pointed out the drag queen also performs lewd sexually charged nightclub shows and shouldn’t have been allowed to present a story time for children,” CBN News reported.

“The LGBTQ agenda demands dominance and wants to silence those who would dare speak out on cultural issues. The public library is not a place for activism, and a children’s story hour certainly isn’t the place to push a confusing message delivered by a confused individual,” Pastor Gary Dull of Faith Baptist Church of Altoona was quoted as saying.

The Lansdale Public Library’s director, Tom Meyer, refused to cancel the event, citing the library’s “Bill of Rights,” which says if a meeting room is available to the public, it is available to everyone, Fox 29 reported.

Eric Torres has also been known for mocking Christians for their faith, including wearing an upside cross on his forehead.

Torres clearly isn’t the most mentally stable person. And yet, he is being invited to share “story time” with dozens of kids on a regular basis at the library.

The reality is, little kids shouldn’t be exposed to this hyper-sexualized adult performer all in the name of “diversity.”

They don’t even understand what gender is, much less what it means to think you are a gender that you are not.

The LGBT activists’ double standard is on full display here.

All across the country Christians are being forced out of the public space, being told that their “faith” doesn’t belong anywhere except their churches.

God is even being banned from public schools.

But when someone from the LGBT “community” comes along to impose their demented worldview, they are praised as “brave” and “courageous.”

In fact, the liberal media even fawned over an 11-year-old boy, Desmond Napoles, for being paraded around on stage at a gay bar where gay men threw dollar bills at him.

The Left said that the “acceptance” of gay marriage and gay relationships was about “just letting people do what they want.”

However, like with anything else, it was a slippery slope that quickly turned into using helpless children to push their sick agenda.

Would you take your child to a story time hosted by a drag queen called “Annie Christ?”

Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.


  1. This is so wrong. This pervert and freak should be barred from ever having contact from any child. He should be charged with one count of Felony Child Abuse and Felony Child Endangerment for each child that he had contact with. The parents and the library officials should also be charged.
    . . . . I am a retired Auto Technician that is living on Social Security Disability. I also served in the AF but my disability is not service connected. I am trying to raise the money for me to be able to move back to Texas. I was born there. I am concerned that I may not be able to survive another Wisconsin winter. Here is the link to my GoFundMe page. Please help me out.
    America: Love it or Leave it!
    GOD Bless and GOD Help us,

    • This is so disgusting! How dare they. Had everyone lost their mind? Why can’t they just let children be children before they are introduced to every pervert out there. Parents allowing this kind of indoctrination should have their children removed from their care. God must be crying.

    • They have been so pampered and pacified by those who have now been awakened by their
      PREEMINENT PERVERSIONS. Blame the cowardly Christians for playing nice with these perverts
      for so long.

    • MAGA MAGA…. did the Dry cleaners call to tell you that they have misplaced your Giant Vagina costume and all those cutesy little pink pu$$y hats ?? TRUMP 2020 ..

    • Eric, you are WRONG! Obama, Hillary, the Democrats and Soros are the true Anti Christs. They are the ones eliminating religious freedoms, turning people against each other and attacking institutions they don’t believe in using ANTIFA and BLACK LIVES MATTER. All for the creation of a “Global New World Order”.

    • Sorry but you are so wrong. If you are a Christian you would know that the Antichrist is from the Revived Roman Empire which is Europe. Suggest if you are NOT a Christian that you read the last book in the Bible which is called Revelations!!!It speaks the truth !!

    • Eric…Your ignorance is profound. It is very obvious that you know nothing at all about the anti-Christ, which cannot possibly be Pres. Trump.

      • bj,
        . . . . It might be the Pope of Rome. We know that the Pope is a communist.
        America: Love it or Leave it!
        GOD Bless and GOD Help us,

    • Eric– your a fagot homo. Move out of the country , since you don’t like it. Trump and the Republican agenda are number 1. Build that wall.

    • Hopefully Trump realizes that you can’t truly MAGA until you make America MORALLY GOOD again.
      Which means addressing the child-destroying “LGBT” agenda.

  2. They should put God back in school not lgbt agenda kids don’t know What is about. They should not be exposed to this freaky behavior. The lgbt community uses kids for perverts. So they can try to rape them. There wondering why there getting beat up

  3. Frankly, this is inappropriate for children. Pushing an agenda, whether worthy or not, with children is totally out of place. Let’s realize that there are limits that should always be ibserved.

    By the same token, anyone can request anything: the determination of the librarian to allow this is at fault. This person is the one who should targeted; his decision. And, what do the parents of these children say?

  4. What I would like to know is what parent would let their kids in the same room with this freak? Or did they not know who was hosting this so called “story time”?

  5. I don’t care what your Sexual Preference is, but don’t shove it at innocent children. People have no Morals anymore. It’s like Sodom & Gomorrah. They have no respect for themselves or others.
    The Librarian, Teachers, & Parents should all be held accountable for what they put these children through.
    Drag Queens & Homosexuals do not belong in a classroom telling stories. & What stories did they tell??? Pediphiles/pedifiles (spelled either way) & Perverts are in jail for the same thing trying to get into a child’s brain & convince them that what they do is okay.
    America is going just a bit to far. Remember what God did to Sodom & Gomorrah???

  6. Every parent that had a child at this sick meeting should get together and protest the event and make sure that if there are any more similar events at this library that there be someone at the door checking the age of those attending.
    Now, I don’t condone the program at all. It is sick, perverted, and absolutely out of place in a Public Library. I’m wondering if the Board or head of this particular library might be a closet gay person either on the Board or staff.
    Bottom line, human beings have free choice according to the Bible. BUT, no one has the right to impose their beliefs, good, bad or otherwise on anyone else.

  7. Drag Queens…if you want to be a female cut it off, or do you not have the balls. Oh yeah, you tuck them to hide them. You probably go have a colonoscopy everyday. Don’t impose your sick lifestyle on us.
    Me and the better half can take care of you.
    Chief Kickabitch leader of the Slap-a-hoe tribe and Princess Kickadick

  8. My son took my grandson out of public schools and is home schooling him.
    This is a prime example of why he did so. He made the right decision!!!
    Parents have lost their minds to allow their children to be indoctrinated by freaks.
    I wonder how many young children will be sexually abused by these pervs?
    I wonder what goes on after the “lessons” are over, and children are not picked
    up in a timely manner? It’s a pedophile’s dream come true. WAKE UP, PEOPLE!!!

  9. In 1963 Demon Rats STARTED removing GOD from the USA!!! In 1973 they started SACRIFICING babies to their god of SELF or perhaps SATAN, you would have to ask them to be sure, NOW they want to MURDER children that are OUTSIDE the mother’s womb!! The PERVERTS have ALWAYS been Demon Rats!! Now they are more open about THEIR CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY and GOD!! Notice this SICK MAN’S name?? Annie Christ??!!?? HE is exactly right HE IS part of the ANTI- CHRIST SPIRIT!!! I know MOST DEMON RATS only give LIP service to Christian religion BUT you have to be BLIND NOT TO SEE this is exactly the way GOD JESUS CHRIST said it would be before HE returns!!! Now you can ALL ROLL YOUR EYES but I know time is getting SHORTER AND SHORTER!!! Marathatha!!

  10. The lgbt and other citizens in our country better join together. The Demorats are bringing illegals and criminals across our border and our President is fighting to keep us safe. If the liberals has it their way the Muslims will take over this country and they will kill all lgbt and peoples who don’t worship their god. Build that Wall! Vote to get those demorats! All you Trump haters, either do your homework or leave our country!!

  11. I can’t believe this happened in Lansdale- possibly Philadelphia, but this little town, never! Methinks the library director needs to go. And parents took their kids to see this freak? So now this stuff has moved out of the seamy part of town into mainstream America? This is appalling and totally unacceptable!

  12. LGBTQ and this modern PC culture is the work of Satan.

    Until America accepts that satan is alive and doing all he can to smear Christianity this will unfortunately continue.

    Jesus is about to take the stage and NOBODY see’s it coming accept for those who believe…Pray for the fools who will overcome by their own devices.

    GOD Bless America!!!

    • Don,
      . . . . It is called Felony Child Abuse and Felony Child Endangerment.
      America: Love it or Leave it!
      GOD Bless and GOD Help us,

  13. I’m so glad I didn’t have kids. One, I’m not married and two, it’s a freaking minefield out there. So many things to watch out for. Pedophilia, this moral degradation of society. I would homeschool if I did have kids. These people are SICK and would NEVER get their claws in MY kids.

  14. Now we have to even worry about these Libraries that are now trying to corrupt our children? What in the name of God is going on in The United States of America? What has happened to all of the good people and the good Parents? How can a parent let their children go to a place that is pushing Homosexuality on their own children? Wake up all of you parents in America. Don’t let this happen to your children.

    • It’s another form of belonging and too many adults seem desperate to belong, to the point they are willing to sacrifice their own children. I saw on the news here when they had one of these in a Houston library. The parents there were so proud of themselves because they were being open-minded. They bought into everything thing the evil Left is selling with no thought whatsoever of what might lie down the road.

  15. In a society that has allowed a judge to PROHIBIT the display of the ten commandments from PUBLIC view out of FEAR that “Children might be inclined to obey them” it is unacceptable to then allow SATANIC, anti christian and other IDEOLOGICAL beliefs to not only be displayed but pushed as the only acceptable way to act upon children who have not even learned what the words being used mean.

    If that 11 year old boy had been a girl and the parents had them dance at a bar that was not specifically designated a gay bar and men through dollars etc. at the UNDERAGE child then child protective services would have taken the child from them and began an investigation into possible abuse charges against the parents. But because he was a male dressed as a girl dancing at a GAY BAR no such occurrence as if the LAWS are somehow different or no longer apply just because the actions promoted the LGBTQ agenda or ideology.

    Remember it is a matter of record that they have TAKEN children away from parents for nothing more than NOT promoting the PC agenda of public schools when home schooling their children even though they did better at actual tests for useful knowledge like reading, writing, math, and science.

  16. No I would not take a child to this horrific diversity/perversity farce. All I can think of when I see this happening is Rome under Caligula. Every great society failed when it no longer embraced positive values and social mores. When society adopts an “anything” goes philosophy, that usually means anything worthwhile goes out the window in favor of anything that in no way benefits the average citizen or society as a whole. But what’s the bigger problem here is the parents-grandparents, etc., who feel they are showing they are caring and accepting by being willing to sacrifice their children and grandchildren for their own feelings of worthiness. Their virtue signaling could well wreak havoc on generations of children. In short, the adults have sold their souls to the devil and are too stupid to know it. I feel great empathy for the children of today. They are being used and abused in the name of supposed social justice.


  18. If I had a kid then I guess I won’t take him to the library since I won’t want to expose him or her to since wickness in the public arena. Same goes for schooling. Put them in Christian school or have them homeschooled instead of public schools especially if they promote an agenda that isn’t healthy for kids. U know if a pastor shared his beliefs to a bunch of kids in school the government would reach & crush him or her.


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