A professor was threatened with rape after she opposed this transgender bill


Radical leftists will threaten anyone who dares disagree with them.

They will even threaten their own leftist friends who aren’t “progressive” enough.

And this professor was threatened with rape after she opposed this transgender bill.

At Reading University in the U.K., professor Rosa Freedman opposed a transgender reform act that would allow people to change their legal gender at a whim.

And as a result, Freedman says her door was covered in urine and was told she “should be raped.”

Christian Headlines writes:

A United Kingdom professor says her office door was “covered in urine” after she criticized a proposal that would make it easier for people to change their gender.

Rosa Freedman, a professor of law at Reading University, said she received threats and verbal abuse on social media and over the phone.

The government is considering changes to the Gender Recognition Act that would allow people to change their legal gender by mere self-identification. The current law allows a person to change his/her gender, although it’s more cumbersome.

Freedman opposes the changes and says they would harm women’s rights.

“I am deeply concerned by how the conflation of sex and gender is leading to subjugation of women and is undermining the specific protections guaranteed to women under international and national human rights law,” she has said.

She was called a “Nazi” and told she “should be raped,” the BBC reported.

“I’m pretty public and open about the fact that I’m Jewish,” Freedman said. “I’m pretty public and open about the fact I’ve survived sexual violence – I have been throughout these debates.

The professor is by no means a conservative. She even claims to be pro-LGBT.

There is no appeasing the Social Justice Warriors.

If you express anything other than 100% compliance with their radical agenda, you will be publicly shamed.

Sadly, this is nothing new on college campuses.

As we reported, a teacher in Virginia was fired for “misgendering” a so-called “transgender” student during class.

The SJWs want to completely eradicate anyone who opposes their radical agenda from education so they can brainwash the upcoming generations for decades to come.

And this is exactly why the defense of free speech is crucial.

Do you think Social Justice Warriors are getting out of hand? Let us know what you think in the comments below.


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  2. These so called SJW’s are a real threat to civilization. They are mentally deranged and are brain-washing our children in all the schools in the country. It’s time we re-opened mental institutions, as there is a real need for all these radicals in our society.

  3. Maybe she will wake up to the fact this is about control and the destruction of the family and personal responsibility. Gender, or sex, is something a person is born with. And the people promoting this garbage are promoting mental illnesses and working to undermine children’s mental health.

  4. Rosa Freedman, who claims to be pro-LGBT. is getting EXACTLY WHAT SHE DESERVES…
    YOU lay down with scum, YOU GET SCUM…

  5. HOW NICE! The LOGIC of the loving inclusive DEMON RATS never ceases to amaze me! Soon the will EAT THEIR OWN and the rest of us can go on with our NORMAL LIVES!!!

  6. This shows Britian needs a more liberal gun ownership program. . . instead of a manhunt for a rapist they could have a funeral for a dead attempted rapist

  7. Come back at these idiots and identify them soley as being ‘Queer” or ‘Normal’ that huld cover the plentitude of odd sexual abnormal preferences.

  8. This is what I call liberal progressive derangement syndrome! The sad thing is, I’m not sure there a cure for it!!

  9. If I was unlucky enough to have to live in Englandistan, you can bet the farm that I would be carrying at all times. Better jailed than raped or dead any day.

  10. In God we trust. I’m quite sure that God will eventually straighten this LGBTQ NONSENSE out. Hopefully, God will continue to bless this country.

  11. They are playing (although they will insist they are serious), and they want the whole world to play along. But, they are playing a very dangerous game, and one that won’t be totally reversed.

  12. You can’t change your gender! Your gender is determined by your DNA. You can change your appearance and ask to be called what you want. But we have free speech in America!!! So don’t get angry when they call you something you don’t want to be called, they have the right and they are not the crazy one who thinks gender is only a word and can change on a whim!!!

  13. Is it my imagination that all the ‘transgenders’ are males claiming to be female? All the rapes or attempted rapes have been by males claiming to be “transgender”. I do not recall any instances of females(Lesbians) claiming to be transgender; I do not recall any females attempting rape. I have known several homosexuals ,both male and female who stay within their sex and I know of none who have been rapists.

  14. We are not taking about this nation in this particular instance this is an incident in the United Kingdom, you know the more I read posts to articles posted to CULTUREWATCH the more I believe that maybe this is a Jehova Witness blog, they are big into all that god will provide nonsense as well.

  15. One day these SJW will receive our justice as they are going way too far in their attacks! They are extremely dangerous and someone will eventually deal with them.

  16. Another perverted group attempting to destroy America from within, the perverted morons should be imprisoned for crimes against humanity!

  17. Time for people to stop sucking up to the non-people. These wierdos in UK need to be flushed out and put in nut wards until they agree what sex they are and stop preying on innocent peope there!

  18. I am curious to know how .2 of the population has sucessfully coerced 99.8 of the population to kowtow to their personal choice ideas…regardless of NO science to back their position. XX or XY and the remote .2 XXY or whatever they imagine. where are the pediatricians speaking out…where are pediatricans protecting their youth by NOT performig non-mecially necessary operation, or handing out hormones like candy? Where are the psychologists and psychiatrists to speak out? They have allbeen silenced by tyranny!! WE, who believe in XX and XY – are basically silent………..except on these type of spaces…………We preach to the choir….they shout to the lawmakers………….and lawmakers want VOTES…anf pacify the loudest and numerous..

  19. This is a perfect example of the inmates running the asylum.. less than 5% of the population who have sexual mental issues wants the rest of the population to fall inline behind them. I am all for it if we are allowed to have nets to entangle them and lead them away.

  20. It is not just the Jehovah Church, I would say also the Catholic and the Baptist churches that are silent to the Satan promoted LGBQT sinful behavior. The churches don’t want to offend the few sinners that interfere with the rights of the majority. The Christian youngsters should make it known that they do not like the facts that even one sinful person can impede on their rights. I do not accept the BS fact that we should include sinful person regardless of their Satan behavior. They should Stay In the Closet.

  21. Which is why people need to use the proper terms – sodomy, sodomize, and sodomite – when discussing these deviant behaviors. And the Roman Catholic Church Priest have been caught engaging in sodomy and other deviant behaviors. And a number of the mainline Protestant Churches have been promoting sodomy as well.

  22. Where is this information that a number of mainline Protestant Churches promote sodomy? Is this a fact? Or, something you just heard from someone else? Please enlighten me.

  23. Look at what has been going on some of the protestant church organizations where “homosexual” are in leadership positions and in same-sex sexual relationships. That is sodomy. One of the big one in the Washington DC areas has a female sodomite in leadership as a pastor. It has actually been promoted in some places by the “Progressive” media.

  24. yes those gay blades pi$$ing on doors and threatening rape are deplorable scum scuking pig aholes..a large basket of deplorable scum… the university should find them and discharge them from the campus and blacklist the ahole clowns so they can never attend a university again…

  25. I doubt she has anything to worry about . . . .the people making the threats probably dont know what their gender is on a given day anyway !

  26. Go to your libraries every time there is a lgbt story hour and demonstrate and push back violently on these monsters.


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