You won’t believe how this pro-Sharia Congresswoman attacked Mike Pence’s faith


U.S House Representative-elect Ilhan Omar is going to assume her reins in January.

And she is going to do so with more than her fair share of controversy from her radical Islamic views.

But she’s asking for trouble with her latest attack on Vice President Mike Pence’s Christian faith.

U.S. House Representative-elect Omar has been facing heat for controversial comments on Israel, Christianity, and American society at large.

But recently she took to Twitter to make fun of Vice President Pence and his Christian faith.

You can see her tweet below:

Not a peep came out of the leftist media calling out her cruel “joke.”

Now people are asking if she’s only able to get away with this because she is a Muslim.

This is the problem with the radical Left.

They think they have every right to mock others for their faith and political beliefs, but as soon as someone merely questions radical Islam, they cry racism.

But Americans are skeptical of Ilhan Omar’s intentions in the House of Representatives because her beliefs seem to be in direct conflict with America’s founding principles.

As we reported, she is already working to impose Sharia law on Congress so she can wear her hijab, even though it’s against Congressional rules.

Do you think Ilhan Omar wants to impose Sharia Law on America? Let us know what you think in the comments below.


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  2. Just a hint of what’s happening now in this Country.
    The ‘Quiet Jihad’ is underway and if we don’t wake
    up and vote these anti-American-values people out
    of office, we will end up like much of Europe. A mess!
    They are using our own “Freedom of religion” against
    us and many of our so-called ‘leaders’ are falling
    for it.

  3. The people who voted for her are in for a rude awakening! There is no God but Jehovah, and Jesus is either a truthteller or a liar. Ego ami HA hodas, HA alethea, kai HA dzoa = I am THE way, THE truth and THE Life was what He said. THE Way not a way, and NOBODY comes to God except through HIM.

    I grew up near an Amish community where shunning was punishment and a constructive notice that being not spoken to-helped with any farm chores, harvests, barn razing or raising, or anything else unless they came back into step with the rest of their community. The communities of most of us just let others do whatever they want as long as they are not personally bothered. How tragic!

  4. . . . . It is against Federal Law to be a muslim in this country. It is also against Federal Law to allow muslims to enter the country and to help a muslim to enter a country. If you convert to islam you are required to denounce your citizenship and leave the country.
    . . . . islam is not a religion, It is a plan to conquer the world and a system of government. Being opposed to muslims and islam is not racist. islam is a culture made up of the three different races. There is no such thing as a moderate or radical muslim. Either you are and you follow the koran and sharia law to the letter or you are an infidel.
    America: Love it or Leave it!
    GOD Bless and GOD Please Help us,

  5. How can this witless sharia lover even attempt to discredit Vice-President Pense ? She is such
    a lowlife. Anyone who will back the mutilation of little girls, the marrying of little girls off to old men,
    the refusal to educate women, forcing women to walk behind a man, the wearing of head to foot covering
    ( which I guess is because the men are totally insecure.) There is nothing about Sharia that is a part
    of our country and heritage. If you want Sharia then we don’t want you. It is a evil, sadistic and inhuman practice. If you support it then you should leave this country and go where you can abuse women but not here.

  6. This radical young woman’s views had to have been known before she was elected. MN elected her….are they proud of her slurs? Who are her voters? She should be counselled by members in Congress in her Party to put a lid on it. We shouldn’t have to hear subversive rhetoric, and I doubt that it’s allowed legally. AND, where are Republicans in Congress who should be responding to this?

  7. She needs to have her citizenship revoked and be sent on a slow boat to GITMO for the rest of her miserable life. She is an enemy combatant. She will not obey nor uphold the Constitution. islam and our Constitution are in conflict with each other. This is why it is against Federal Law for muslims to be here, to come here, to be brought here.
    America: Love it or Leave it!
    GOD Bless and GOD Please Help us,


  9. Not only is she getting away this because, she’s a Muslim but because, she’s a Muslim woman. To bad she’s not a ‘black’ ‘Muslim’ ‘woman’, that would be the “Trifecta” on the do and say what you want about anyone or thing ticket…

  10. Did she not married her brother so he can get a green card that is fraud and calls for a hearing and deportation the justice department needs to get involved and in force the law mr nice guy is dead as john Wayne used to say Uncle Sam says let’s go get them

  11. What about all the molestation’s that went on for years, and years in the Catholic religion? Catholic churches are closing around the world. Wake up people. There is not one religion better than the other. Religion is a way for people to live in harmony. With all the wars around the world, you can see religion works! Religion would work, if it wasn’t for all the greedy, self indulgent, poorly educated, moronic hypocrites. They are everywhere, they are destroying our planet for the almighty dollar, and power.

  12. You get what you vote far, she is not American and never will be, She is a Muslim, who wants America freedom, but she could not do this over in her country. The females have no say over there. May GOD Bless America

  13. Is she going to take the oath of office to uphold the constitution or lie and take the oath because that is what Sharia says to do?

  14. Where did you get the idea this woman is pro Sharia law? Certainly nothing I have ever heard, which makes me think you are simply making it up. Islam is no more Radical Islam than Christianity is Radical Christianity.

    As far as Pence goes, falling asleep at a meeting with your boss and arguably 2 other of the most important people in the World begs for a Twitter lambasting. Plus, isn’t Jesus supposed to have the wheel?

    Just sayin’

  15. Gail Katz She was elected by the tens of thousands of Muslims who live in the twin cities area. That’s how. She needs to be put down by the members of Congress. Let’s pray that the Muslims do not take over the twin cities in Minnesota like they have in Dearborn, Michigan. Driving through Dearborn today is like driving through a middle eastern country, not a state in the US.

  16. She should be deported, not elected to government. She lied to be allowed in this country. She was elected because the Muslims have established a huge population in her area. I wonder how honest their elections are and how many non citizen invaders voted in the election?! ICE needs to go through the states that have these invaders and start deporting them. Our founding fathers are rolling in their graves! My father was a decorated WWII veteran, I am glad he didn’t have to see this when he was alive. The people that want to roll out the welcome mat to these people need to realize one thing, it’s not THEIR country to give away! These people don’t want to acclimate and become American they want to invade and destroy. Racism comes in all colors, religions and cultures. We don’t need another racist in Congress.

  17. We allow these radical people to run for office, and ignorant people think it’s OK to vote them into office, so we reap cultures, religions, and violence from these people. Why? Are we afraid they’ll think us racist? Probably, but if we want to keep our traditional American values and principles we better vote into office people that have these values themselves and will protect them for us. The goal to the Muslims is to take over every country and declare their sharia law, their religion, and their culture. Americans better get ready to dig in and do what they can to keep our values, our law, and our culture! Know what you believe then vote for those principles. Start now! These people have many children and will take over in time if we let them.

  18. Eric,
    . . . . You are so ignorant. islam is not a religion. It is a system or government and a plan to conquer the world. This woman will lie when she takes the oath to uphold and protect the Constitution. It is also against Federal Law for her to be here. As per that law her citizenship needs to be stripped and she needs to go to GITMO for the rest of miserable life. Go back to school and learn what you are talking about before you go and open your mouth.
    America: Love it or Leave it!
    GOD Bless and GOD Please Help us,

  19. You are very wrong it takes a brave, strong, and courageous person to service Jesus…..When all is said and done, Jesus is and will be the winner through eternity

  20. By your own words, “religion is a way for people to live in harmony” must then
    exclude Islam as a religion that meets your terms, since Islam will not tolerate
    ANY OTHER religion and will only seek to tear apart any religion that disagrees
    with theirs. Not to mention any country that doesn’t bow to Islam.
    Religion will NOT work as long as Islam is allowed to infiltrate and destroy –
    which, BTW, is their stated goal.
    The quote, “…greedy, self indulgent, etc., etc….” have very little to do with
    religion ‘working’. It works pretty well now – even with the baddies. But it
    will never work alongside Islam.

  21. This FREAK needs to be PRESSURED to RESIGN and deported to some
    Island in the Persian Gulf with no way to get off !! We The People don’t
    need another LOWLIFE CREEP in CONGRESS ! To HELL with Sharia Law..

  22. Our younger generation needs to read up on Islam because they are being brain washed in these liberal college’s you have Muslims teaching a lot of classes and they are not teaching American history as they should!!!

  23. this muslim radical has NO intention of supporting our constitution and will
    lie if sworn in. she favors sharia law
    and was elected by muslims in the
    twin cities. Detroit has fallen, twin cities next. wake up MN.

  24. CANADA …. AMERICA’S NORTHERN BOARDED HAS BEEN WILDLY OVER-POPULATED 1.) MICHIGAN … THE CAPITAL OF ISLAM. 2.) MINNESOTA – ENOUGH MUSLIM’S TO VOTE IN A MUSLIM CONGRESSWOMAN. 3.) MASS. -ENOUGH MUSLIMS TO VOTE IN A CONGRESSWOMAN……ATTENTION: CANADA has been over-populated with Muslim’s and they are scarred to death of them. NOW, they are pouring over our NORTHERN BOARDER. We are in the mist of a WORLD TAKE-OVER and AMERICA is a target. That is why you need to perk-up and be on full defense mode every time an attack is made against CHRISTIANITY. “NEWS FLASH” CHRISTIANITY is the Muslim’s KRYPTONITE! This woman needs to be watched intently for any sign of treasonous activity. Watched for any reason to justify removal and impeachment. DO NOT BLINK.

  25. She wasn’t elected. It is against Federal Law for her to be in the country. Her citizenship is invalid. She needs to be deported to GITMO for the rest of her miserable life as an enemy combatant. Where is the FBI. All muslims are in this country illegally.
    America: Love it or Leave it!
    GOD Bless and GOD Please Help us,

  26. his woman is about to find out that we have had enough, the liberal dem bloodsuckers have been doing this crap for 50 years No more, civil war is inevitable, when it isover ther will be no liberals and no Muslims

  27. Americans with common sense and education will throw this uncivilized woman out. She doesn’t count at all in this land!

  28. They are sheep that let the wolves in. Nothing to worry about. Hah. There is plenty to worry about. I would not believe them for one second. They need to denounce Satan, I mean Allah!!! And Mohammed, the Pedophile, needs to go too. They need to worship Jesus, the Son of God. Then I will trust them, and only then.

  29. It sounds like we need a wall on our northern border too. I can’t understand why any woman would want to be a part of anything that treats them like chattel. My biggest fear is that they will turn the clock back on all of the freedoms that women have fought hard to attain. Maybe they have been so conditioned to behave this way, they can’t see a way out. It would seem once they got a taste of our freedom, they would run like a caged animal. The Muslim “faith” is like the ultimate cult. Last Halloween a group of Muslim women came trick or treating at our mall with costumes over their traditional clothes. Yeah, it was laughable, but their behavior wasn’t. They pushed their way in front of children to get as much candy as they could. The stores ran out of candy, so children didn’t get any, while they walked around with bags loaded. So they appear to be opportunists that will get anything they can for free, by whatever means. Is Halloween even allowed to be celebrated in their “faith”? If it is, I hope they start giving out pork products as treats.

  30. Right Mr. Pope!
    Eric and his lack of any important facts and observations
    (and probably any reading), is the reason this Muslim can,
    at least so far, get away with her garbage. Eric is apparently
    ignorant of what the Muslims have done to Europe. (As well
    as ignorant of they have said – officially- about tearing down

  31. Yep, we are in a belief invasion both from without and within our country which will lead us to the 2nd civil war in the USA. From this point on the only sensable thing to do is prepare yourself for whats to come. And it is not very pretty!

  32. Robert,
    . . . I meet so many ignorant people who have their heads stuck in the sand. The thing is is that you may not she the bomb coming that will fry your butt. Thanks for the support. Now if I could just get the support that I need to move back out West. Will you take a look at my GoFundMe page?
    America: Love it or Leave it!
    GOD Bless and GOD Please Help us,

  33. Nope. Halloween is not allowed. No Christmas or any other holidays. No music except for their screeching to their false god allah. No dancing. No science. No freedom of speech or religion. Women and children have fewer rights than the dogs.
    America: Love it or Leave it!
    GOD Bless and GOD Please Help us,

  34. She is there to attempt to impose Muslim law on us. If she swears to uphold the Constitution she will be lying.
    Note: the swore her in on the Koran not the Bible. This rag head needs to be removed from Congress immediately. What idiot allowed her to run in the first place? Is she a U S citizen?

  35. You are correct. She is in the country illegally. muslims aren’t allowed to live in the country. It is against Federal Law and it needs to enforced. Where is the FBI?? If a US Citizen converts to islam they are required to denounce their Citizenship and leave the country. She needs to go to GITMO along with all of the other muslims in this country for there rest of their miserable lives. They are enemy combatants and a Clear and Present Danger to all of us.
    America: Love it or Leave it!
    GOD Bless and GOD Please Help us,

  36. This twit has no right to be here given the laws she has broken. Getting married to her brother? That one takes the prize. In order to get him a green card? That one is jailable. She has no intention of upholding our constitution.
    And Congress, this one’s for you: You should not, and cannot agree for her to wear her whatever on her head. It is against the law and we, as a country, (and I mean you, because it’s nobody I know would go for this crap), can’t keep going on, spreading your cheeks, lubing up, and take whatever piece of trash these Invaders keep throwing at us. Take a stand you spineless creeps, (congress), and start upholding our Constitution like you swore to when you accepted that great honor of being a representative. To represent the thoughts of your constituents, not Nancy Pelosi. You clowns are floating on awfully thin ice.

  37. My question is who in the hell voted for that worthless big mouth piece of garbage UNAMERICAN *itch that has no business AT ALL as a congresswoman, or anywhere in our government. She is the frigging enemy for God’s sake! The stupid pea brained fools who elected her are either-
    1. Our enemies
    2. Brainless
    3. Illegal aliens
    Or 4.- all the above- demo piece of crap anti American fools whose soul goal is destroying our country.

  38. Yes because all she is going to be is an incessant pain in the azz. Never will she look for ways to help or better our country, only to ruin it. Again, my God what stupid scumbags it took for her to be elected. American pride is something we are blessed with- they don’t have the faintest idea what it is, all they want is to destroy what all our magnificent soldiers fought for and died defending and I thank every single one of them and any who are on here- thank you and God bless you and God bless America!

  39. Jesus said, “Let he among you who is without sin cast the first stone…” Conservatives demonize Islam as cruel and barbaric, forgetting Christianity’s own record of barbarism, whereas liberals merely see Islam as six hundred years behind the secular West.

    Think back to what Christianity was like six hundred years ago: the Crusades, the Inquisition, burning witches at the stake, etc. If Christians today are tolerant and civilized, it’s due to the past five hundred years of SECULAR social progress nearly all of which were resisted by previous generations of Christians:

    …democracy and representative government in place of monarchy and belief in the divine right of kings; the separation of church and state; the abolition of human slavery; the emancipation of women; birth control; the sexual revolution; LGBT rights…

    That’s the reason liberals are reluctant to cast a stone at Islam.

    Barack Obama said as a liberal Christian:

    “And lest we get on our high horse and think this is unique to some other place, remember that during the Crusades and the Inquisition, people committed terrible deeds in the name of Christ. In our home country, slavery and Jim Crow all too often was justified in the name of Christ.”

    My friend Chris similarly asked, “Which was worse: Hitler’s genocide of the Jews or our genocide of the Native Americans?” No one would mistake Chris’ words for “pro-Nazi” sentiments. Why then do conservatives presume anyone giving the benefit of the doubt to Islam must be a Muslim?

    A hundred years ago, for example, ALL Christian churches opposed birth control. Sexual morality for Christians is detailed in I Corinthians 7. If today’s Christians actually followed the biblical commands against fornication and sexual immorality in general (Romans 1:24-27; I Corinthians 5:1,9-12, 6:9-10,15,18; I Thessalonians 4:3-5; ); as well as the commands that women cover their heads while worshiping (I Corinthians 11:5-14); Christian women are to dress modestly and prudently, and are not to be adorned with braided hair, gold or pearls or expensive clothes (I Timothy 2:9); Christian women are to keep silent in the churches and Christian women are not allowed to teach nor hold authority over men (I Corinthians 14:34-35; I Timothy 2:11-15)… Christianity would resemble Islam!

    Genesis 38:24. Tamar’s pregnancy was discovered three months after conception. This was proof that she was sexually active. Because she was a widow, without a husband, she was assumed to be a prostitute. Her father-in-law, Judah, ordered that she be burned alive for her crime. The “Sharia,” or Islamic Law has been condemned in the West as cruel and barbaric. The penalty for habitual thievery may be loss of a hand. The penalty for premarital sex may be a hundred lashes in public. The Islamic codes of justice, however, are similar to the civil and criminal laws found in Exodus 21-23.

    The Puritans of Massachusetts enacted America’s first law against gambling in 1638. In 1682, the Quakers in Pennsylvania passed their own law against gambling and “such like enticing, vain, and evil sports and games.” During the period from 1830 to 1860, lotteries were banned across America. By 1908, nearly every state in the nation had banned horse racing. Muslims were a virtually nonexistent minority in Protestant-dominated America when these laws when into effect. Nor did the Muslims coin the term “sin city” to refer to Las Vegas.

    The Muslims didn’t coin the term “demon rum” to refer to alcohol, nor were the Muslims responsible for the Prohibition of alcohol in the United States, as they were virtually a nonexistent minority a nearly a hundred years ago, when the Prohibition of alcohol went into effect. Conservative Christians also take a dim view of alcohol.

    Before casting the first stone at Islam, Christians would be wise to take a closer look at their own tradition. Many Muslims, too, are alarmed at the resurgence of Islamic fundamentalism sweeping the Middle East. In an interview before his assassination, Anwar Sadat, President of Egypt, pointed out that the brutality of the Khomeini regime in Iran could not be called true “Islam” any more than the Crusades or the Inquisition could be called genuine “Christianity.” The taking of hostages—especially diplomatic ones—is clearly forbidden in Islamic tradition. “I do not break treaties, nor do I make prisoners of envoys,” Mohammed insisted. Many Muslims saw the taking of American hostages by Iran in 1979 as an embarrassment to Islam.

    The article says: “This is the problem with the radical Left. They think they have every right to mock others for their faith and political beliefs, but as soon as someone merely questions radical Islam, they cry racism.”

    That’s not true. Liberals refer derisively to the Christian right in this country as “the American Taliban,” indicating they detest the Islamic Taliban. Conversely, Indian Christian conservative Dinesh D’Souza says conservative Muslims don’t hate Christians, he says they hate the secular West, which is ironic, as secularism means religious neutrality and acceptance of people of other faiths as well as those of no faith.

    Conservative Christians, on the other hand, are always putting down other religions, rather than appreciate the similarities as well as the differences among all the world’s great religions.

    Years ago, on the Huffington Post, when a Muslim writer claimed to have an agape moment in a Hindu temple, someone commented in response about Hinduism and Islam: you could not have picked two more dissimilar religions! Hindus and Muslims have traditionally been at odds with each other: Jews and Muslims don’t worship images. Jews and Muslims don’t believe in the incarnations of God. Jews and Muslims don’t worship a plural Godhead, like that of Trinitarian Christianity. Jews and Muslims don’t worship other human beings (saints and spiritual masters in disciples succession).

    Hindu philosophy and metaphysics can be found in Hesiod, Pythagoras, Empodocles, Hippocrates and the Hippocratic Oath, Socrates, Plato, Ovid, Apollonius of Tiana, Plotinus, Porphyry, Emerson, Thoreau, and Schopenhauer, but conservative Christians have felt more at ease with Islam than with Hinduism, which they have often regarded as an earlier animistic, idolatrous, pagan, polytheistic religion of multi-armed gods and goddesses, sacred cows, sacred rivers, sacred mountains, and sacred plants, etc., predating Christianity.

    Islam, on the other hand, stands alongside Judaism and Christianity as an Abrahamic faith, and to an outsider like myself, these religions appear to be very similar with a belief in Adam and Eve, Noah, Abraham, Moses, John the Baptist, Jesus, Satan, Judgment Day, etc…

    …whereas the ancient eastern reincarnationist religions (Hinduism, Buddhism, and Jainism) which predate Christianity embrace a belief in karma and reincarnation, ahimsa or nonviolence towards humans and animals alike to the point of vegetarianism, a pantheon of demigods (as well as a Supreme Being, in the case of Hinduism), chakras, kundalini, yoga, meditation, etc.

  40. If congress bends to her silly request she will continue to push the button. Any more request like this one should get her expelled from the house. She either respects our culture or she leaves the country. It’s plain and simple!!!!

  41. None of your scholarly discussion, while mostly true, means a damn thing in
    today’s world.
    Christians of all sects no longer do those ugly deeds you outline any more –
    Muslims still do.
    And, you can’t deny, ALL Muslims are commanded to follow the Quran or
    they will be committing blasphemy and face death or severe punishment.
    Tell me what other religion demands that. The fact that some Muslims deny
    they are the ‘radicals’ and are “moderate” means little. Another thing you
    can’t deny is that Muslims are virtually ordered! to lie to us infidels when
    it may advance the cause – the cause being subjugation of all “unbelievers”.
    Don’t give us rationalizations about Islam – it is a danger to all freedoms
    and to all our most valued beliefs. Not just Americans, but every non-Muslim
    in the world. Your history lesson is only academic – with no relevance to today’s world.

  42. Very, very true. A muslim who converts to a religion and leaves the cult is automatically condemned to death. There is no appeal nor recourse. They will hunt you down and kill you.
    America: Love it or Leave it!
    GOD Bless and GOD Please Help us,

  43. Once a rattle snake….always a rattle snake. Cannot put lipstick on a rattle snake and make it any different or more cuddly. It was a mistake to allow this kind into a Christian nation, and is furthermore a big mistake to allow them to hold any office in this country.

  44. ROFLMAO…trying to defend a savage cult such as Islam that loves to throw gays off rooftops, stone women to death because she was raped by another muslim thug or to defend “honor” killings of family members or throwing acid on them and bashing Christianity are just a few of the many sordid policies of the savages. The ignorance is comedic.

  45. Scary and dangerous. These people are a Clear and Present Danger to all of us. Wake up America before it is too late. Europe has already been conquered along with much of the Middle East and Africa.
    America: Love it or Leave it!
    GOD Bless and GOD Please Help us,

  46. I Can not see a positive thing she will or could do for OUR Country. Electing her to any government office is a major mistake witch we Will all learn I believe She will ask for the Koran instead of the Bible to be sworn in to office. I sadly feel our Congress will comply.

  47. Now or we will help you outMy family and million others who gave their sons and daughter to protect our freedom will never allow what is happening to our Culture, Constitution, religion, education and English language ✝️✡️????????☘️☘️

  48. Interesting that not only she and others continue to show their fear of Christians and Jews who believe in one God, the only true God. What are they so afraid and why are they in constant attack mode against those that believe in Jesus Christ the one true God. Part of our Constitution guarantees us freedom of religion and the way in which we choose to practice their faith. As a congresswoman she swore an oath of office to uphold the Constitution and the laws of this land. She has clearly broken that oath of office and should therefore be removed from office immediately. The American taxpayers, many of whom are Christians and Jewish people, pay her salary along with the exorbitant expense account that she enjoys. Why should we do that when she’s in constant hatemongering attack mode against us and our freedoms and rights, guaranteed under the constitution, of what we choose to believe and how we practice our faith.

  49. This makes The USA angry and Hitler, Tojo found out when they did!!! The???????? hit the fan✝️✡️????????????☘️☘️☘️

  50. Where is the FBI? That rotten corrupt org that conspired with Clinton, Comey, McCabe, Page, Strzok the DNC, CIA to spy on Trump during the campaign, pay for the FAKE Russian dossier to get a fraudulent FISA warrant, to conduct an attack on Flynn , an American decorated patriot, to falsely accuse him of working with Russia, to unseat a duly elected president, to attack Dr. Corsi who has had his lawsuit against the traitor Mueller upheld by the courts…you mean that FBI??? Gotta clean that swamp out before justice will ever be carried out again.

  51. Sadly, it isn’t always voter fraud. These jihadi savages often have at least 4 wives, numerous jihadi brats, and their voter base grows exponentially because of it. They out breed every society they INVADE..just look at Europe…becoming yet another moslem infested and destroyed shthole region, where rape is rampant, violence, destruction. They push their slave women into every conceivable political position (idiots on the left have more empathy for a women who they deem an oppressed minority) while the men continue to breed, train their sons and sometimes daughters, to slit throats of kafir/kufar/filthy infidels, and brainwash them with the SLAUGHTER taught by their pedo prophet in their disgusting books. And as their lying bi*th women spew their venom of hate and intolerance, the LefTards, who are just as hateful, violent, and intolerant, side with the savages to destroy those who will not “submit” (that’s the TRUE meaning of the word Islam) to the death cult of islam.

    That’s why these savage jihadis align themselves with the ignorant LefTards, because the LefTards DON’T and WON’T educate themselves, just TRY to inform one of them. They resort to screaming, profanity, name calling and running away, or violent physical attacks…they are as barbaric and evil as moslems…they are mindless, programmed worker drones for the NWO, deep state, satanic illuminati. And it’s why they ALL attack Christians and Jews.

    Satan, the enemy, is like a roaring lion seeking someone to devour…that is who moslems and the LEFTARDS are following, and their behavior is the giveaway.

  52. Isn’t there some one that has the courage to stand up to her. I don;t understand how she got elected in the first place unless there are so many muslims in her area. I think that is happening in our country and if something isn’t done to stop them from coming we will lose America as we know it. The German leader put bus loads of the immigrants out of Germany because they were causing some much crime etc why can’t we??

  53. Robert is right. I worked most every Muslim country over 35 years. I went many times to Muslim services and it was rare that an English speaking Muslim would not come and sit with me and translate. Ilhan Omar should be removed from congress.

  54. The reason they are falling for it is because they have been purchased and paid for. Either for money or votes. This includes many of our own Republican Senators and Congressmen. These Godless people will be dealt with soon by the head judge; Almighty God. And, I don’t think its going to be that much longer.

  55. Since the Muslim faith (Islam) is contrary to Christian life, I believe Muslims should denounce their faith or be deported. Their quran says they are to turn infidels into Muslims, make them pay a hefty “tax” or kill them. How does that fit into our society? She will make laws that help Muslims and hurt everyone else. You can see now that they are very dangerous. You wouldn’t let a poisonous snake into your house. So why let a Muslim into our home, the US? My problem is with the belief system, not the people.

  56. I agree 100% ! Islam is a cult masquerading as a religion . Sadly its followers are to weak minded to see it for what it is . And this woman feels it is OK to mock Christians & Jews yet like the rest of her ilk screams loud when you speak the slightest ill of her precious prophet . There is no way this woman should be allowed in congress under any circumstance . The refusal to adapt to the very rules and tradition of our Congress shows this and then to insult the faith of the Vice President (which also happens to be the faith of the majority of Americans) is an insult to ALL Americans . I suspect it will be a matter of time before one or both of these newly elected women will be slapped down by Congress for their actions against America . Then they will try to hide behind their Muslim beliefs . Sorry Islam and democracy do not mix and can not co-exist in our Constitutional Republic . This is America , Our country . You chose to come here we did not invite you . Adapt to American ways or go back to where ever the he’ll you came from . Try running for office there .

  57. Exactly. The alternatives when dealing with muslims are to be the exterminator or the exterminated. Each must choose so: Read their book;Study their history; and CHOOSE WISELY!!

  58. What she is really doing is making Americans hate even the good Muslims that came here to live as real Americans. If they start trying to change our laws, send them back.

  59. I totally agree with you. Conservatives need to step up, get out and vote or this is what is going to keep on happening. If you look at the history of the muslims it’s not what we want in leadership positions in this country. Vote…..

  60. If we don’t wake up, they are going to take this country over. We have constantly gone against the Christian principles that our country was founded on to satisfy their demands. Not another country on earth would change anything for us. Wake up America before it is too late!

  61. First of all, we have to realize that Islam is a cult, nor a religion and have it banned in our country, along with anyone who is one.
    Next,Trump has to make the ruling – US BENEFITS TO US CITIZENS – PERIOD!

  62. The Muslims are planing to take over our country and people here are toooo stupod to see it. they will take over one seat at a time until they have the most seats,and then make their own ruls,to hell with us and everybody that distrust them..

  63. Why in the world would anyone vote into office any islamic person? They do not embrace our country’s values,especially our Christian heritage.

  64. They obviously don’t get it that the Senate, House of Representatives and the other political office doesn’t mean that you have a bully platform to attack anyone that you choose to attack. I believe it’s the Logan act which prevent they obviously don’t get it that the Senate, House of Representatives and any other political office doesn’t mean that you have a bully platform to attack anyone that you choose to attack. The Logan Act prevents anyone from using their political office as a weapon against Americans. The very fact that they continue to violate that act, along with the fact that they have violated their oath of office, constitutes them from being removed from office immediately. We, the taxpayers, pay their salaries and the exorbitant expense accounts that they enjoy. They have their hands in her pockets and gladly take her money and then go into attack mode against us and all of our freedoms, believ we, the taxpayers, pay their salaries and the exorbitant expense accounts that they enjoy. They have their hands in our pockets and gladly take our money and then go into attack mode against us and all of our freedoms, beliefs and rights. They need to be removed from office immediately

  65. Ilhan Omar is a Muslim and is VERY anti-American way of life and is trying to get her native countries constitution (Sharia) law into our government so she can go even further and make it a National law that will drive every American to follow that Sharia laws she got inro our law system and that makes sense to her because she live under those laws for years, but MOST Americans will most likely just rebell and get the Sharia laws repealed and our government and our public laws reinstalled. like it was before Ilhan Omar got her sticky fingers into our law system and tried to change things to make America into a muslim country like it was back where she came from.
    DO NOT LET HER CHANGE AMERICA INTO A MUSLIM COUNTRY filled with Sharia laws that make females wear hijabs all the time and a lot of other Sharia laws to MAKE us into Muslims and to destroy all Christian religion actions around America, even though our country was founded by Christians and ourn LAWS ar based on the Christian faith.

  66. Amen to that, I agree with you completely. I WILL be leaving for Church, and my Bible Study class in about an hour. Stay strong sister, the devil works overtime when he knows something is getting ready to happen. So stay true to Our Lord as He, and only He is the way, the answer the victory will be ours through Him!

  67. You go Dianne,

    I have two sons who given there entire lives to this country, they both went into the
    U. S. A. F. right out of high school, my oldest retired 4 yrs ago with his 20 yrs in, my youngest has 22 yrs in and is still active duty.

    So as the saying put up or shut up!

    Your either a part of this country, love her, respect her, will defend her in what ever way necessary, or you aren’t, if you aren’t then just the ____! or join the rest of us who do, either way. . . .


    God Bless America!

  68. I am not hiding behind my initials. Are you going to chase this person down. Or me. We do not need muslems getting a strong hold in our government. Look at England .all the mayors England has .there is no help for them .america please wake up .

  69. The Koran also says kill the indenfel once they get stronger they will make you pray to there god 5 times a day or else they will kill you .also gays and Lessie’s are as good as dead

  70. Deport her for defrauding the US by marrying her brother in order to get him into the US. She also used campaign funds to pay for her “divorce”. Send her back to Somalia along with the rest of her family who covered up this gross travesty! At the least, she should be booted out of Congress for her deviousness and anti-Semitic and Un-American statements and sentiments.

  71. BETTER YET? Do your American Duty … And Either Run For Office and take her SEAT? … Or get in there and VOTE HER OUT! … 2020 Straight Republican Ticket … BEWARE: Minus the Rhino’s!

  72. America’s waking up quickly. Just saw a Fox news advertising for Netflix which means Netflix ratings are going down because obamas have their fingers in it. America’s are not spending money on things that don’t align with their religion or with their American values


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