A parent was kicked out of a High School Sex Ed class for this one crazy reason


The radical leftists are using Sex Ed courses to institutionalize our children.

Their goal is to teach promiscuous behavior, and so-called “progressive” trends so that they can change society.

But this parent was just kicked out of a Sex Ed course for this one crazy reason.

Planned Parenthood is finding its way into high schools and middle schools all across the nation.

At Ferndale High School in Washington State, Whatcom Teen Council, a representative of Planned Parenthood, is in charge of teaching Sex Ed courses.

Parent Jill Sawicki was concerned about the course so she asked the teacher if she could sit in, and the teacher agreed.

But after Sawicki took issue with a few of the teachings – including pushing infinite genders and teaching the students that natural family planning is ineffective – she was barred from sitting in again.

The Daily Caller reports:

A teacher at Ferndale High School in Washington State sent a letter home to all the parents in November, informing them that his health class would be beginning sex ed class and that several of the lessons would be taught by Whatcom Teen Council members. The letter did not note, however, that Whatcom Teen Council is an arm of Planned Parenthood.

After receiving the letter, parent Jill Sawicki sought to look into what the council would actually be teaching, and asked the teacher if she could sit in one of the sexual education classes. The teacher agreed.

While the student council covered topics like birth control, sexual orientation, and gender identity, Sawicki said they knew almost nothing about the subjects. Sawicki recounted that the students simply read off script cards, and when members of the class asked them questions, they could not answer competently.

The Whatcom council members also provided faulty information, including listing Natural Family Planning as having a low effectiveness rate, failing to classify which types of contraception protects against STDs and not explaining the risks of using hormonal contraception, according to Sawicki.

After her experience, Sawicki met with a Planned Parenthood representative to discuss the course. After disagreeing about statistics and teaching methods, the representative successfully lobbied the teacher to get Sawicki kicked out of the classroom. Sawicki was barred from sitting in on subsequent sex education classes, according to Planned Parenthood employee Jill Sprouse.

The parent was kicked out of the classroom simply because she objected to propaganda being pushed by Planned Parenthood.

Government schools want to hire Planned Parenthood “counselors” to teach children about everything from STDs to anal sex.

And they want to shut out concerned parents from the classroom.

The grip that Planned Parenthood has on schools is sickening already, and it continues to grow.

More school districts across the country are implementing Planned Parenthood’s “Sex Ed” curriculum.

Their goal is to ensure they always have a pipeline of new customers to keep their abortion business raking in the dough.

Do you think Planned Parenthood should be kicked out of the classroom? Let us know in the comments below.


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  2. Planned Parenthood has no business being involved with our children’s education. They should be barred from teaching any classes at all in our public schools. The taxpayers pay for the education systems in their districts and taxpayer dollars should not be spent on these radical groups corrupting the lives of our innocent children. Parents should unite and get these groups out of our schools.

  3. Mrs. Voss had better get involved in these classes. NOW. Parents, know what your child is being taught in schools today, it is your responsibility to know and object if it is not the norm, REally, these people are just so damn nuts and our kids are being brainwashed. This kind of thing can lead to suicide and mental health issues long way down the road!!!!

  4. Planned Parenthood had NO business in any school, EVER!! Parents need to stand up and fight back and each and every one of the administrations of these schools allowing this should be investigated for receiving bribes.

  5. I agree with all the comments noted. It’s insane to allow the Planned Parenthood to teach anything in our public schools. Get the Federal government out of our schools . Let the local county handle it.

  6. Why the schools are completely liberal minded. With all the nonsense you read about what’s going on in the schools these days nothing surprises me.

  7. Planned parenthood has no business any where except in hell. If you want your children to go to hell along with you then let planned parenthood and democrates continue to teach your children. Planned parenthood is streight from hell.

  8. Good for you, Eric. I think the issue was disruption, and the article even says that the parent was allowed to visit ONE class. When I taught college, I let students express their views, but when they continued to disrupt the class by constantly interrupting and trying to take the class over, I put a stop to it. Religious students can be very rude to both faculty and other students. One can disagree without being disagreeable.

  9. Would you like your daughter to be taught about Anal sex and that is is normal to take it in the rear.
    Totally disgusting, filth.
    Get them out of the classroom.

  10. Our government should stop funding this corrupt organization that encourages abortion and our public schools have no right to have anyone who is supported by Planned Parenthood to be teaching a sex education class to public school students. Also since it is we the tax payers who pay for our schools and teachers they have no right to ban us from observing what these people and our teachers are teaching our kids. These are our kids not their’s and we have the right to know what is going on in the classroom. When my kids were in school I had more than one run in with these teacher’s. They like to gang up on you and insinuate that you don’t know what you are talking about and how dare you question them.

  11. Sex education is important, but not by planned parenthood. Responsibility needs to be taught. A baby is a baby at conception and is a life not to be aborted because you wanted to have some fun. AIDS and HIV is rampant, free love is not free, it has consequences.

  12. Sex education is important, but not by planned parenthood. Responsibility needs to be taught. A baby is a baby at conception and is a life not to be aborted because you wanted to have some fun. AIDS and HIV is rampant, free love is not free, it has consequences.

  13. To the “Progressives” people, and especially children, are the property of the State and the State in the end decided what is good and bad. And people need to learn what Planned Parenthood was created for – getting rid of those “Progressives” consider undesirable.

  14. “After her experience, Sawicki met with a Planned Parenthood representative to discuss the course. After disagreeing about statistics and teaching methods, the representative successfully lobbied the teacher to get Sawicki kicked out of the classroom. Sawicki was barred from sitting in on subsequent sex education classes,”. She brought up her concerns AFTER the class, not during the class.
    I take issue with PP being allowed to indoctrinate children at any age about promiscuity and aborting a CHILD is an acceptable method of birth control. When are they going to teach that aborting a child is murder?

  15. Birth control and sex education is the responsibility of the parent, not planned parenthood nor the educational institution. Those educational institutions should stick with teaching academics and leave education in other aspects of the childs life up to the parents.

  16. How dare you speak the truth Linda! Liberals prefer to see and hear only what they want to hear or make up. Truth is not important.

  17. Like a true liberal you only use part of the original quote that suits your purpose since the entire quote would not.

  18. Parents, when are we going to stand up for our rights and the rights of our children. It’s time to put a stop to this progressive evil agenda. And the current pope? Pleeeze. Why would anyone listen to him?

  19. The liberals want total control of what our children learn about morality and will allow no disagreement with the liberal agenda that personal responsibility should not be expected or demanded. No actions should be judged and no one should be held accountable for his actions. What could go wrong with that?

  20. When a teacher doesn’t want any disagreement with what he wants to teach, any disagreement is a disruption.

  21. I think most of you progressive jacj—es are a —-up people and I tell you this if my great grand kids has this kind of garbage tossed at them in grade school. God help the teacher and the dumb person who gave permission to have it taught in the first place.

  22. Sex education should be the job of the parents. No one should be indoctrinating our children. Parents, it’s time to rebel, pull your children out of the public schools, home school. Don’t let your children be taught by these idiots.

  23. The political and unethical Planned Parenthood should NOT be in our kid’s classroom under ANY name!!

  24. What the hell ever happened to Parent Teacher associations, the PARENTS must demand the right to know and disagree with any teachings!

  25. I don’t understand WHY I have to pay school taxes I should be exempted never used the US school system ,don’t have any kids so WHY am I paying for this crap

  26. Always, remember Planned Parenthood wants girls to get pregnant so they can get the girls to have abortions in order to make money. So anytime a person is going to challenge their money making operation they are going to fight them. Then add in “Progressives” want to twist morals, promote deviant behaviors, and perceptions they are going to try fight anyone who challenges them. And remember, why Planned Parenthood and other abortion operations were created – to get rid of those who “Progressives” consider undesirables. Learn the real history.

  27. Planned parenthood should NOT be allowed to teach about sex because all they want to do is to push their own agenda-get pregnant, don’t worry and get an abortion….abortion can lead to breast cancer, as the milk starts to formulate, abortion interrupts and milk cells degenerate and turn into pre cancer cell .Also , when an egg in deposited into the uterus, fluid forms and drops out of the vagina and ( if intercourse takes place) a baby may be conceived, if no intercourse, no baby is conceived…hence birth control.. A planned parenthood teacher has only one agenda: more business for planned parenthood./ planned non-parenthood…..

  28. It is nothing more that population control, and liberal globalist. If we will get together we can put this garbage out of our schools.

  29. Planned Parenthood is also known as “Murder Incorporated”! PP has done everything it could do to tear down any moral restraints and wants to inculcate young minds to become amoral “robots”!

  30. Planned parenthood has no business in the class room teaching our children.This is the parents job to decide what and when to tell their children about sex. They should be banned from all classrooms.

  31. PP should be banned from every school, high and middle, in this nation.. They should be relegated to the murder of babies, period…

  32. And out taxpayer dollars are paying for this perverted crap! Maybe the teachers have been infected with Syphilis!

  33. If my kids were in this class they would be pulled out. And did you know who all gives money to planned parenthood.You best be looking into it because one is the Cancer Association, Girl Scouts, United Way and a few others. I won’t give to any of them.

  34. It all started back in the 60s with the dirtbag protesters, so-called hippie movement(which was just another name for cowards) in most of our colleges. Now some of those dirtbags are in these colleges and schools or they have handed their BS down to their kids. The parents and all concerned Americans need to get control of these schools because it is obvious our government is not going to. If I was that parent — the kid would have gone out the door with me – never to return to that school. The schools are doing nothing but brainwashing our young which is what the libtard leftist sh**birds want to see happen. If these schools have no students then they have no reason to be open. It is going to be a battle but it has to be fought or we have lost this country for generatgions to come.

  35. …neither The School, nor Planned Non-Parenthood have the right to bar her, for simply disagreeing with the content or teaching method. That is the purpose of having the right to begin with…to observe, judge, comprehend and issue opinions on that subject matter and lesson plans.
    RJ O’Guillory

  36. Truth —- if you taught like the present day schools are teaching you were part of the problem. Your “good for you eric” — tells me a lot about what you must have been like as a teacher. I’m sure my kids would not have ever been in your class.

  37. Expressing ones opinion is acceptable disrupting and trying to dominate the class is not, he was right to stop that child. A good teacher won’t let a student take control of the classroom!

  38. “Their goal is to teach promiscuous behavior, and so-called “progressive” trends so that they can change society.”

    Right out of the COMMUNIST MANIFESTO, read it, it’s online.

  39. Read the article – the question about the class were done outside of class. The people promoting the class did not like the fact a parent objected to their promotion of deviant and questionable behaviors.

  40. Institutionalized stupidity. Our ‘educational’ system primed to totally screw up the children sent to them for ‘education’ (?)

  41. Planned Parenthood should’ve never been admitted onto that campus, nor any other learning institution’s campus, in the first place. As such, they definitely need to be kicked off of that school campus.

  42. #1, Planned Parenthood has absolutely NO BUSINESS in our educational settings/Schools! That being said, when I was in high school, Health was taught by nurses or specially trained teachers- Are Schools too cheap to provide education they’re being PAID to deliver?
    #2, As a retired RN, who lived through the height of the sexual revolution and the development of Birth control methods that were MORE than condoms & abstinence, “natural family planning” in MY experience is an OXYMORON! IF those methods were so effective, WHY was the plant called “rape seed” virtually wiped out in the Mediterranean area, d/t it’s use to induce abortions? IF those methods were so effective, WHY was abandoning unwanted babies in the countryside so widely used, to get rid of unwanted babies/children?
    I remember when the Catholic Church was pushing the “rhythm method” of birth control, back in the 1960’s- What was found was that IF YOU used the method “religiously”, within 2 years, YOU would be Pregnant.
    #3, Sounds like BOTH these parties have an “Agenda”, & I don’t agree with either one.
    #4, DON’T want to get pregnant &/or contract sexually transmitted diseases???? Abstain or USE CONDOMS. Do NOT Use Petroleum Jelly with condoms- It can eat thru the “rubber”. NO Other Birth Control methods protect against STD’S.

  43. Wish more parents would step up and demand to see & hear what is being taught in their children’s classes. Also, parents should have input into what curriculum is being accepted in the new books that are being agreed upon to teach their kids. Too many people make decisions that almost totally leave out the parents concerns or approval. Why aren’t there more protests at the principal’s office or administrator’s or the school board. They decide on their own and those decisions aren’t always right for kids.

  44. Planned parenthood has no place in schools.Parents have every right to dispute what trash their children are being forced to learn.

  45. The article was mostly far right camel crap.
    The writer should be kicked out of the community for publishing such lies.

  46. No, Planned Parent Hood should fully funded as any other medical provider. They provide much needed services.
    Larry, you need a good brain washing. Yours is full of garbage.

  47. Fkbama the pisslamic pervert started this. Since he liked to have sex with rich white men in college he wants to spread his disease to everyone else, especially our kids. We need to fight this with everything we have to save our children. Pp would love it if our young girls got pregnant so they can kill their babies. That is their whole plan.

  48. Why are we wasting time and money in school on anything regarding sex either way? There is plenty of internet descriptions, videos, pictures, and what ever else that will satisfy even the most or least curious out there. Children mature at different rates, parents should be in charge of sex education, not some organization that is for sure.

  49. It’s more than just Obamarx. Leftists have been at this for decades. Research Gramscian Communism, for starters.

  50. Eleanor Dombroski a good comment also they need to be charged just like any other pervert for their sex trash

  51. Our schools and Planned parenthood have no business teaching the children anything that the parents object to!

  52. Planned Parenthood should be barred from entering schools with their propaganda classes teaching their twisted views of sexual expression and how to best deal with the consequences. Taxpayers pay for their children’s education and should have a say in how this particular subject is presented, the material that will be taught, who will be presenting it. Planned Parenthood is promoting every sexual aspect that it can get away with including teaching elementary school children ALL about sex whether they are are inclined or not interested at that age . It is a way to get young children exposed and stimulated to being acceptable to the suggested activities that Pedophiles present to them that makes it so wrong. The world is headed in the wrong direction with children being the prime targets of sexual abuse, abduction for that purpose, and as victims being sold to Pedophiles by people running Human Trafficking operations.
    Planned Parenthood is the provocateur of all things immoral.

  53. And Planned Parenthood should NEVER be getting any money from the Federal Government. They do not supply goods or services to the Federal Government and the specific Welfare is not a Federal Government function. The 1936 Agricultural Adjustment Act Supreme Court ruling that pointed out that the law in question was specific Welfare applies to Planned Parenthood as well.

  54. People, please keep involved in your children, grandchildren & all America’s children education! know what’s being taught to America’s children! some of it’s horrible, terrifying & very un-American! Forgive us Lord JESUS! we’ve let America’s children down by letting left take over educating America’s children. We have to take back our children’s education now, today!

  55. And practice “children are seen and heard”. Listen to the children since they will tell people what they are being told. So when they are being taught deviant and abnormal behavior is okay correct them in a clear and understandable way what is right and what is wrong. It is like when a child is taught to not touch a stove. You pop their hand when they touch the stove as a child after they have been told not to touch the stove. Then when they touch the stove when it is hot they learn WHY they were told to not touch the stove. They learn and understand that they can get hurt touching the stove. Parents, and others, make sure your “yes”es are yes, your “no”s are no, and if not sure say “maybe”. Children learn initially by example, make sure your examples are positive and consistent.

  56. Anything and everything taught in schools SHOULD be open to parents so that they can see and judge for themselves what they wish their children to be lectured on. It seems that schools today want to hide what they are indoctrinated into our children.

  57. Planned Parenthood should not be anywhere near schools (kindergarten through college)! Students are confused enough without teachers adding to the confusion.

  58. Infinite genders??? WHAT? There are TWO, and they are defined by the genes, not by personal choice. This is a simple, biological, FACT, and is NOT subject to judicial, decision, or legislature vote. Ignoring delusions about gender identity will serve no one’s best interests.
    The definition of this kind of delusion is ‘mental illness’.

  59. The liberal view of sex is VERY immoral and downright sick. They wand people to be worse than dogs and chimpanzees.

  60. Ron, technically there are three genders. There is male, female, and asexual. Not counting bacterial life forms, animal and plant life has two genders – male and female. The “Left” likes to distort things so it important in many cases to be extremely precise.

  61. Kick all the Freaks out of our Schools the Parents Pay the Salaries for Teachers to teach there Children Morals on Normal life Values not Lies on How non Morality is Normal and they Know they are Lies From Hell.

  62. I’m an actual student who goes to the school, and I definitely agree with Eric, this is just some kind of right-wing bull “news” website

  63. To “Truth Is Important” : The words you have selected for your “name” carry a connotation far better than the content of what you have said, in this series/thread !!! The Planned Murder-To-Prevent Parenthood organization has backed evil ideas being taught in our school systems, such as were divulged in the subject article. Immoral practices in sexuality have brought about the great majority of unwanted pregnancies, not to mention the plethora of sexually transmitted diseases and utter ruin of people’s lives through marital breakups for unfaithfulness, or the extermination of individual’s opportunities to be educated adequately for earning a substantive living. MULTITUDES of other consequences have been suffered by people too numerous for us to count !!!


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