A new wide-release movie is coming out that could be the end of Planned Parenthood


Planned Parenthood is still reeling from a series of videos showing their executives joking about selling aborted baby body parts.

They’ve done everything they can to discredit the videos showing their own employees in their own words.

And now a wide-release film is coming out that is Planned Parenthood’s worst nightmare.

“Unplanned” tells the story of Abby Johnson, a former Planned Parenthood clinic director who is now pro-life.

Johnson was recently a featured speaker at the 2019 March for Life.

The movie, set for release on March 29, tells the remarkable story of a Planned Parenthood insider who became a pro-life activist.

Her years of involvement in aborting preborn babies finally caught up with Johnson, and after witnessing an abortion on ultrasound in 2009 she quit and became a pro-life activist.

Actress Ashley Bratcher, who portrays Johnson in the biopic, considered herself somewhat pro-life before taking the role.

But when she told her mother about landing the role, she discovered that she had not only lost an older sister to abortion but that she herself nearly suffered the same fate.

Fox News Insider has the story:

Ashley Bratcher said she considered herself pro-life with “shades of grey” and did not know Johnson’s story before auditioning for the starring role.

“When I started learning the details she shared of working at Planned Parenthood, it really opened my eyes to the reality of what abortion really is,” she said.

Bratcher explained that the directors followed a non-traditional casting process to avoid the actors being subjected to outside influences from Hollywood.

“I knew from the very beginning, they warned me, they said, ‘You’re probably gonna get blacklisted. This could end your career.’ I said, ‘I don’t care, it’s worth it,'” she explained, adding she quickly flew to Oklahoma to begin filming.

She then shared an emotional story about the moment she told her mother about the role. Bratcher said she knew that her mother had an abortion at age 16, but her mother also revealed that she almost had an abortion at 19 when she was pregnant with Bratcher.

“This movie is not about judgment and condemnation, it’s about mercy and forgiveness,” she said.

Bratcher said her mom was at the abortion clinic in the examination room, but changed her mind when a pregnant nurse entered the room.

“I got up and I walked out and I chose you,” Bratcher recalled her mom saying, “And I never knew that. It blows my mind.”

The last thing in the world that Planned Parenthood wants is for Americans to see the real effects of abortion on the big screen.

And with the Abortion Lobby’s deep entanglement with Hollywood, you can be sure Planned Parenthood will do all it can to make sure actress Ashley Bratcher – and anyone who works on this movie – is blacklisted for the rest of their lives.

You can watch an interview with Bratcher and see clips from the film in the video below.

Since leaving the abortion industry, Johnson has become a sought-after pro-life speaker and started a ministry, And Then Their Were None, helping workers get out of the abortion industry.

Will Hollywood kowtow to Planned Parenthood and blacklist this pro-life movie star?

Let us know in the comments section below.


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  2. I love it from a 70 yr old man. I never understood the logic behind abortions, especially long term. If pregnancy was unplanned then why not do it as early as possible. With today’s technology pregnancy shouldn’t happen unless you want it to

  3. PLANNED PARENTHOOD THUGS need to be put in PRISON !! They KILL MILLIONS OF BABIES every YEAR.. They also Sale the body parts of
    ABORTED BABIES.. I Don’t care what they say because they are a bunch of
    HABITUAL LIAR’S.. And you can bank on that..

  4. Determination, wisdom and courage–kudos to you Ashley! Take a blessed, rewarding path to share your views and speak truth to evil. Your timing is exquisite. With so many people seeking to adopt babies, the abortion mills should shut down and let the love find these amazing babies.

  5. You go Ashley.The more light is shed on this the faster that Moms and babies will be saved from these butchers.

  6. If I were her I wouldn’t even concern myself with possibly being blacklisted. God wouldn’t let that happen. Abortion is evil and murdering full term babies is an abomination to God. I feel anyone who is trying to expose planned parenthood for the evil clinic they are will be blessed.

  7. I have no problem with a women getting a abortion for a unplanned pregnancy in the first few months. but after that it’s a murder!!!
    A murder for the purpose of the white genocide planned parent hood is running against the white race!!!!
    if a black or brown woman goes to planned parent hood, she’s immediately put on welfare!!!
    if a white woman goes to planned parent hood for help with a pregnancy wanted or unwanted. she’s immediately told she needs a abortion!!! then pushed into it, by what ever means!!! WHITE GENOCIDE !!!!
    MUST BE STOPPED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Not only that, but there are a few directors producing wholesome movies that frame the issues from a Christian perspective. Might see her again after this appearance.

  9. I have never been a fan of abortions, there are so many couples out there that for one reason or another can’t have children of their own and are willing to adopt a child and give it a good home. Some couples have even adopted twins because they did not want to brake them apart.




  11. Stand your logic that you see nothing wrong with an “early” abortion, but, regardless of the age of development, abortion still stops a life!!!
    You are either Pro-Life or you are not. If you make exceptions, you are supporting abortions.
    It is far easier, today, to avoid creating a baby than to kill it!!!! Each person must exhibit responsibility for his/her actions. If a people engage in sexual activity and a baby is created, they must accept the responsibility of giving that child LIFE!!!!!

  12. When ‘Gosnell’ was shown in Rochester, NY it was here for a very short time at one theater …not publicized….hope it will be different with this movie. If more people went to see Gosnell, I would think there would be less clamor as it showed the glamor of a real abortion!!!!
    All these states jumping on the band wagon to get these rediculous abortion laws passed make me sick…what is wrong with democrats, are they losing their minds?????????

  13. The problem is many years ago when I had an abortion I was a mother of two boys. I was ridiculed and shamed for living on welfare and having two kids already and what a disgrace to keep getting pregnant just to not have to work. The truth of the matter was I was married and husband left and claimed our child was not his. I can make excuses all day for my choice how ever I will say that planned parent hood does not counsel you on anything nor do they tell you that you will have guilt and emotional problems. They don’t tell you that the proseedure can cause a prolapsed uterus or hemorrhaging I found out because my uterus prolapsed and I had to have a partial hysterectomy no more children ever again. Since then anytime I have come across any pregnant woman/girl I have counseled them letting them know what happens and the guilt.

  14. Genuine patriotic actors like Bruce Willis, Tom Selleck, James Woods, Chris Pratt and any and all actors that recognize those who practice a combination Communism and islamic/sharia ideology need to start their own entertainment industry because most entertainers are completely unethical and as evil as anyone could possibly be.

  15. Pardonne moi I omitted the part about those depraved members of prior mentioned ideology being seen for that that.

  16. Dr. Ben Carson (Presidential Candidate) was asked … “What defines Life”? He answered … “it has something to do with a ‘Heart Beat’”

  17. Morgan was blacklisted as a young actor. Boy, look at his now!!!
    Hang in there Ashley. So happy to see this coming out.

  18. When life begins becomes irrelevant, ending a life has no meaning either. Democrats back in the 1930’s admired Adolph Hitler, (Time Magazine’s Man of the Year),
    and Hitler thought America’s Democrats had some good ideas with population control.

  19. I want to know in this is the same movie with Dean Cain and Kevin Sorbo about Gossnell?? If not this is the second one I have heard about! I was pro ABORTION in my youth (and I am a LONG time CHRISTIAN) but as I grew in FAITH and KNOWLEDGE I changed and begged forgiveness!! I hope it is just the beginning!! And these people are HEROES!!!! They can start making movies with DONATIONS!! I will do my tiny part to help!!

  20. The most feared possible change to the PP program is a requirement for abortion candidates to be required to watch a ultrasound movie of the abortion…. well do they know 95%+ of all abortion candidates would bow out….…… this paradigm of allowing people to ignorantly slaughter beings, Human Beings I call them, is essential to the masses participating in Abortion… utterly essential.
    The left wishes this control which quite essentially allows immoral actions as people never see the process, and never have to deal with moral content of their impending action.
    And then to keep a consumer base growing in America, the left wishes to import a population as the left promotes killing the natural growth of population inside America.
    people often say, we need immigrants, totally ignoring we kill 200% of our own soon to be new people, as we import from other countries, new people.. utterly insane for a intelligent species of creatures as we are on this planet.
    Were that we could, I expect if we understood ‘Whale talk’ we would find the reason Whales beach themselves is due to leftist politics among Whales………………..


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