A new report just uncovered Soros’ new pro-abortion scheme that will make you sick


George Soros is celebrating Joe Biden’s inauguration. 

But he is also scheming on how he can use Biden to enact his radical leftist agenda.

And a new report just uncovered his new pro-abortion scheme that will make you sick. 

For four years, former President Donald Trump did everything he could to support life in the womb. 

Pro-life organizations lauded his actions, which caused a lot of harm to the abortion industry. 

In 2017, Trump launched a former investigation into Planned Parenthood for their practice of profiting off of aborted babies by selling their body parts.

That investigation allowed Trump to reverse the previous Obama-era Affordable Care Act, which required states to fund abortions, even if it does against an employer’s faith, along with paving the way to enforcing the Mexico City Policy barring overseas abortion funding. 

Trump also enacted a rule that banned Title X funding going toward medical clinics that refer patients to abortion mills, which shuttered huge amounts of funding for Planned Parenthood and other abortion providers. 

So naturally, one of the Left’s biggest goals going forward is to reverse these pro-life moves. 

And George Soros has proven he is taking a leading role in that fight.

New reports show that Soros’ super PAC, Democracy PAC, gave at least $2,545,454.55 to Planned Parenthood’s political arm, Planned Parenthood Votes. 

In the entirety of 2020, Planned Parenthood Votes spent just under $11 million, meaning that Soros’ funding accounts for 23 percent of their electoral cycle spending. 

Clearly, Soros sees abortion as a major fight that will be undertaken in the coming years, especially with Joe Biden in the White House. 

And with Democrats controlling the White House, the House, and the Senate, they will be likely to make major plays.

Already, Biden has signaled he will reverse the Trump-era rule blocking Title X funding to abortion referring clinics, along with the Mexico City Policy on foreign abortion funding.

Planned Parenthood celebrated the news in a statement. 

“We have a ton of work to do to undo the harm over the last four years, but knowing we have champions there who understand what needs to happen in the first 100 days is tremendously exciting,” said Alexis McGill Johnson, President and CEO of Planned Parenthood.