A new poll just dropped that has millions of Christians rejoicing


2019 has been a good year for American Christians, following the passage of a number of pro-life bills across the country.

But the year is far from over.

And now a new poll just dropped that has millions of Christians rejoicing.

For decades, the pro-life issue has been fluctuating when it comes to approval polls.

In recent years, for the most part, polling has shown that most Americans support abortion, or at least the “right” to have one.

But a brand new Gallup poll shows that is turning around.

The poll shows that 49% of Americans consider themselves pro-life to only 46% who consider themselves pro-choice.

Along with this, the polling shows the percentage of people who believe abortion should be illegal in either all circumstances, or in most cases, has risen from 53% last year to 60%.

LifeSiteNews reports:

Last week, Gallup released its annual public-opinion poll on abortion policy, and its results contain some good news for abortion opponents. According to the survey, a plurality of Americans now identify as pro-life, with 49 percent of respondents calling themselves “pro-life,” and 46 percent calling themselves “pro-choice.” This is the first Gallup poll since 2013 in which a higher percentage of respondents identified as “pro-life” rather than “pro-choice.”

The new survey also found that the percentage of Americans who think abortion should either be “illegal in all circumstances” or “legal in only a few circumstances” increased from 53 to 60 percent between 2018 and 2019. A Gallup poll conducted in May, meanwhile, found that the percentage of Americans who consider abortion immoral reached 50 percent for the first time since 2012.

While there is no definitive way to know the exact cause of this rapid increase in pro-life support, it can likely be attributed to the Democrats’ extremism.

Over the past year, they have ramped up their pro-abortion rhetoric to the point that they are actively supporting infanticide.

This is causing reasonable people to question the entire issue more intently.

Do you consider yourself pro-life?

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