A Mom is demanding answers about school curriculum and you won’t believe what’s happening to her


Government schools continue to push a radical left-wing curriculum on students of all ages.

As this problem continues, more parents are starting to ask questions and speak out against the topics schools are attempting to indoctrinate their children with behind their backs.

And now a Mom is demanding answers about school curriculum, and you won’t believe what’s happening to her.

In an interview with Fox News, Rhode Island Mom, Nicole Solas, said she could be facing a possible lawsuit for seeking information about critical race theory material taught to her daughter.

“I think it’s really important for parents to start asking more questions, because the more parents that ask more questions, the harder it will be for schools to retaliate against a lot of parents,” Solas stated.

Solas is a stay-at-home Mom, which she believes gives her a “special position” because she doesn’t “have a job to lose” in the event that she is attacked for questioning the CRT curriculum.

When Solas enrolled her daughter in school, she asked about what they were teaching regarding gender theory or anti-racism.

According to Solas, she was told by the school principal that they don’t refer to “kids as boys and girls.”

Solas also said she was informed that kindergarteners are asked as part of their Thanksgiving lesson “what could have been done differently.”

After getting the runaround and not getting the answers she wanted, Solas set out on a mission to get a hold of a copy of the curriculum, which was no easy task.

The school district told Solas she had to submit a public record request through the Access to Public Records Act (APRA).

A parent is being told that she must request the information through a government system to see and review what her child is being taught. It’s glaringly evident that this school district does not want parents to know what they’re teaching.

Solas said she eventually received what she requested, but it showed no evidence of gender theory or anti-racism, yet she knew it was being taught to the students.

The concerned Mother continued requesting more information through the request system.

As Solas told Fox News, “They’re teaching something that they’re trying to hide from you. […] They’re being opaque about it.”

Now the school system has decided they need to take legal action.

A meeting is set to discuss a possible lawsuit against Solas to challenge her requests.

When parents are no longer allowed to know what their children are being taught in school, the battle is almost totally lost.

Far too many people believe that these schools are looking out for the best interest of their child and that bad things don’t happen in school.

This couldn’t be further from the truth.

Government schools, and now even many private schools, are nothing more than Liberal institutions being used to indoctrinate the next generation with communist ideals.

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