A massive social media company is in hot water for pushing pedophilia


With gay pride month in full swing, businesses are looking to cash in on the new trend.

Some are going above and beyond in pushing the gay agenda to avoid scorn from the Left.

And one massive social media company just took things a step further and found themselves in hot water for pushing pedophilia.

Pedophiles have for decades worked to gain acceptance in the ever-expanding LGBT umbrella.

Groups like the North American Man Boy Love Association (NAMBLA) have even been seen at left-wing events promoting their disgusting agenda.

And major corporations are beginning to take notice, with the social media company Snapchat giving a nod to pedophiles with their latest move.

Snapchat is an app largely used by teenagers to exchange photos on a timer that supposedly disappear once being seen once.

And on those photos, they have the ability add filters, which include text and pictures that appear above the photo.

For Pride month, they added a “Love Has No Labels” filter, which includes the option to include “Love Has No Age.”

Newsbusters reports:

A tech company has made a disturbing statement during the left-centric “Pride Month.”

For Snapchat, the LGBTQ might also include pedophiles. In the campaign for “Love Has No Labels” held by Snapchat, one of the options wasa “Love Has No Age” filter. While this filter appears to be defunct as of June 3, conservatives on Twitter pointed out the option over the weekend of June 1-2. Twitter user Ashley St. Clair posted a video of herself with the “Love has No Age” filter.

The filter had the options to say that love had no gender, race, or religion, as part of the mass-marketed Pride Month that infiltrates businesses and social media in June. But age did not seem to fit in the list, unless it was meant to justify pedophilia.

This appears to be a clear nod to pedophiles, many of which are known to use the application.

Snapchat has long been on the radar of law enforcement and watchdog groups, following adult pedophiles using it to contact young children to solicit sexual photos and groom them to form sexual relationships.

So considering their reputation as being a space for pedophiles to find children, their filter clearly is a disgusting choice.

Do you think young children should be able to use applications like Snapchat?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.


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  2. Alabama has the right idea , chemical castration and a parole violation if they miss the treatments that they will have to pay for .

  3. Gay Pride Month? What are gays proud of?

    The only thing worse than a “pedophile” is a Democrat Politician!

    Liberalism is a Cancer that must be CUT out of our Society!

    God Bless America and God Damn our Enemies Within and Without!

  4. Told you foolish Americans you must Unite to stop this perversion of the 60’s civil rights movement , the so -called abnormal gay rights crap, it will lead to worse and worse of cans of worms! Thank to the liberalism of political [in] correctness of the lowering of standards to pacify all that hurts all and those do Nothing about it but complain!

  5. Also thank the anti-American rhinos , especially the anti-American democrats and their tool for that agendas the bought out biased medias propaganda LIES!

  6. The only thing worse than a “pedophile” is a Democrat Politician! Checking the recent New Posts …Reality Check Quite a few are Pedophiles!

  7. Pedophilia….So we currently have a Mayor running for President who suffers from “Gender Dysphoria” that’s stated on a National TV Interview that he believes “Bee Stte All Ity” is OK.

  8. 25 years ago the gays just wanted to be left alone, now they won’t leave ANYONE alone, and no perversion is out of bounds. Sad..

  9. We as Americans have the choice as to whether or not we will continue to wallow in the sewage of gay rights or return to normal and start pushing back and speaking freely (while we can) regarding the perversion of homosexuality. If we choose to allow the left to continue to force us to accept this abnormal behavior, it will only get worse. All one has to do is see where we are now in comparison to where we started.

  10. Ever since the Gays were allowed to marry, all hell broke loose.

    I don’t care who you choose to lay with.
    Just STOP shoving your lifestyle down our throats.

    Gay Pride?
    Celebrating that you either like Muff Diving or the Hershey Highway road, is none of our business.
    That should be kept behind closed doors.

  11. Most gays are not activists and don’t have a social agenda per se
    I find the fringe activists repugnant
    Many gays know first hand what it was like to be molested as. Youngster

    There are few crimes more costly than molesting a youngster
    I oppose chemical castration because that is not Solution
    Compensatory fines probably won’t work because of a lack of funds

    Ivhess that leaves life in jail without parole or execution

  12. Pride is nothing to be proud of…Pray that President Trump will refuse to sign the dangerous “Equality Act”. It would surely mean the end of Christian Liberty.

  13. chemical castration for all sex offenders and gays of both sexes and all illegal aliens and muslims that should slow down a lot of problems

  14. This country is sinking so low, so fast, that pedophilia will be considered absolutely “normal” in less than 10 years-my guess.

  15. ‪Expose, Boycott, Sue, prosecute and bring to justice all these deep state treasonous NAZI commie liberal Muslim pedophilia demoncrats and RINOs post-haste,Patriots! Drain the rat infested swamp President Trump!‬

  16. The question was, should children be allowed to use the application snapchat. My Vote is absolutely not and parents better be opening the eyes in the back of their head when this becomes the norm because this seem to be the way it is going. Congress should be fired because they have not guts to say no this is wrong, wrong, wrong. I sure wouldn’t want to be raising any kid today.

  17. Hillary is one of the biggest ‘lover’ of this practice and has been for MANY years ….it’s fairly common knowledge that she favored a little blond 7 yr old girl for months………………..and made visits to the famous ‘pedophile ‘ island owned by her husbands ‘close’ friend ……..they are so EVIL…..

  18. Never had to worry about that with my two girls. They had flip phones to contact me or their mother and they only used the computer in front of me or their mother to do their homework.

  19. If we don’t correct this abomination, we will deserve what God hands out as punishment. Part of His punishment might be that we must live with this nastiness until He comes. God help us!

  20. Why do we have to parade for our sexuality? To prove what. I am an older lady 76 and never bothered me on who slept with who behind their own doors or what their lives were. I never liked to hear anyone talk about their sex lives at work. Keep this private. So now though it is you have to believe this is all okay now. No I do not. I do not believe in the type of religious marriage that heterosexuals have. Did not need this could have been laws made to protect all that was needed legally no had to be the marriage license. Why for thousands of years it was okay and now we have to just accept all no matter that many do not believe in this. Even more a parade and next to show children sexually on a site for Pedophiles OH NO! This is too much. I was a nurse and never met anyone who was not believing in what they were born a man or a woman. So now why has this come about? Guys become girls but are in their sports not fair per how their bodies function. So this is not going to be working out as some are trying to push the whole concept. Live you life quietly and let the rest do the same.

  21. This country is becoming a SEWER for Morality with the efforts of radical gays and radical left wing MORONS.With out a doubt all of this IMMORAL BS CANCER will eventually destroy the integrity of this nation and its people and THAT IS SUCH A TRAGEDY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. And both need psychiatic treatment. Pushing their sickness on vunerable young people is dispicable and should be treated by therapy and if that does not work by other, stronger means—-applies to both pedophila and democraps.

  23. I do not agree with that statement. Gays in many cases have families and are traditionally married. Its the others that have aversions that make them have urges that are ruining others that do not have these same aversions or wants. Pushing agendas on others that do not have your agenda or wants is what is wrong with the LGBT community. If you are gay or lesbian and you don’t try to influence those who are not, do not “flaunt” these traits, etc, then I have no problem with you. Those that have perverted tastes, steal children, or are rapists, those are the ones who are “users and the sickos” that need to be given care or prosecuted for their indescretions. The fact that you feel is it OK to put all these people in the same category is not fair or right. It is the same as calling everyone that is a Conservative a Racist—a few probably are but most are not.



  26. Pride is the number 1 thing that takes salvation off the table according to the Bible…Go figure that pride in perversion puts all on a broad path to Hell and gnashing of teeth that we believers ALL SEE COMING in the twinkling of an eye!
    Don’t hate them Wrath belongs to God alone.

    California native


  28. Leviticus 20.13. God: If a man also lie with mankind, as he lieth with a woman, both of them have committed an abomination: they shall surely be put to death; their blood shall be upon them.

  29. Why in the world would anyone waste money on chemical castration? They can castrate pedophiles and sexual predators cheaply and for the Left, humanely the same way they castrate bulls. I simple rubber band will cut off the circulation until the inmate’s “spheres” darken and fall off. This is done every day on ranches across America and is very cost effective.

  30. It says that they should be stoned. With the new laws in Calif. Oregon, colo., regarding Hemp-, I guess we didn’t understand the “stoned” part.

  31. Then why don’t they put an end to the trash that is causing a whole country to feel hate for what they are projecting? We don’t want it morning, noon, and night. And years ago they lived their way and we lived our way. Now it’s their way and it’s unglued. Just look at pictures from the LA gay pride parade. Disgusting, yet they were pisted on my reading material. Time for the gay community to rein in their own or suffer the consequences if their actions. We are sick of having to see it everywhere we look. I can’t push my Christianity in every tv ad or every movie or musical show or whatever. Clean up your acts.

  32. Forgive us JESUS for letting devil take over America slowly but surely! Christians we’ve got to take back our country & keep our country safe for our children & grandchildren! who a person decides to have sex with is their choice. They will stand before Almighty God on Judgment Day as we all will do! we have to protect America’s children! Please pay attention to what your children are watching & reading & who they’re connected with on internet!

  33. It’s not liberalism. True liberals defend free speech and gun rights. These people need to be called out for who they are. The same labels they lay in cinservatives. The proof is that they are the communist party of America. Trump needs to label them for who they are and what they represent throughout the campaign. He needs to keep pounding them. All of them are a stain on this Republic. Party of racism, mysogeny, anti Jews, infanticide, pedifilia, drug lords and open borders, sanctuary cities, illegal rights over citizen rights, homelessness, economic destruction and complete lawlessness. Keep labeling them for what they are. Full blown communists. Any dems who associate with them and vote for them should be labeled the same.

  34. Typical leftists. Reduce masculinity to sissy hood. Any decent woman wants a man not a girly man. There ideas are destroying America. Social justice and identity politics are the scourge of the republic. Gender identity and complete ignorance of science when it comes to human life is appalling. Infanticide is nothing better than Hitlers extermination of millions , Stalins forced starvation of millions . Margaret Sanger is idolized for forming planned parenthood . A eugenics movement to eliminate the black race. What are the blacks thinking about???? Why are we the taxpayers of whom a majority shun abortion , are paying for it. Sodom and Gammorah is happening again right before our eyes and we are becoming if not already a secular , globalist society. One built on zero morals and disdain for God. Hail to man! Hell with God. He’s watching and final judgement is on its way. It’s a fact. We not know when but it’s coming.

  35. I’m so sorry, I don’t want to sound like a defeatist, but, it far too late, there’s no going back now, there’s no repentting and lying in sackcloth and ashes to ask GOD for fogiveness, it’s too late, you know too late, like when Thelma and Louise finally go OVER the edge, that’s “too late” and we have sat on our peverbial christian ass’s and drank our buds and clicked the TV remote and said our the government will deal with it, ins’t that there job, Anita Bryant tried to get people in an uproar back int he 60’s and she launched a wonderful campaign on our moral slack in this nation and you know what, they condemned her for it others have tried as well, I wont bore you with the names and dates but its in the records , you look it up , I’m just telling you at this particular juncture, not a frekin chance in hell will you ever, and I mean “EVER” get even remotely back to a semblance of some moral high ground, the high ground is lost, and remember what good old Ben Franklin stated many years ago, “FREEDOM ONCE LOST CAN NEVER BE REGAINED!” so when you stand tall before the man, just remember your accountable for your sins only, let them stand up and try to tell the man that they feel hes being unfair and they demand their rights. Yeah , good luck with that.

  36. I agree with u 100%! It’s disgusting, immoral, unnatural, perverse, shocking and maddening!

  37. Very very shorttly the “Progressive Activist Decadent People’s Democratic Communist
    LGBT Party” of Nancy Pelosi, Bernie Sanders and Ocasio-Cortez will mandate a physical compulsory participation in Sodomitic and other physical depravities as a mandatory proceedure for all Junior High Schoolers upon reaching physical puberty – as a pre-conditiom for graduation to a higher level of Education & Mental/Physical indoctrination which will be essential for a future career in their New People’s Congress of the United Sodomites of America..

  38. During the 1900’s the Europeans began emulating and copying the U.S. of A.,
    as America was seen to be worth following. Alas they are now advocating and copying America’s depravities as encourged by the American so called “Democratic Party” of Pelosi et al. Perhaps a new “Spanish Inqusition” could be called for to cauterize this manifestion of depravity ?

  39. There is an old expression that has the strength of a commandment:-
    – “Pride cometh before a fall.”
    That time will come.

  40. I have never used Snapchat and wasn’t aware of this. Law enforcement needs to close this place down. This is not where kids should be hanging out. We seem to b moving closer to the dark side every day.

  41. Twice I tried to post a comment and twice Culture Watch censored me. They must be bowing down to the god of deny people’s freedom of speech.

  42. Concerned American, the Mayor u speak off was promoted buy Obama& George Soros they had Susan Rice,
    Donate 7 million to his First Day’s coming out Campaign. We all know she would never donate, that kind off money to White man. She is Black Lives Matter person, u know Fry them like bacon.COPs,


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