A loony college professor attacked NFL Star Tom Brady for this insane reason


Leftism is running amok on college campuses.

College professors hail Colin Kaepernick as a cultural hero for disrespecting the National Anthem.

They’re so blinded by hatred, one college professor even said this one insane thing was the reason behind Tom Brady’s popularity.

Of all the cultural battles conservatives face, the most pressing one is occurring on college campuses.

While the rest of America celebrated the collapse of the Soviet Union three decades ago, radical college professors doubled down in their efforts.

Only in college can terrible ideas fester without any real-world consequences.

Which is how the country ends up with professors who believe New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady is only popular because of white supremacy.

That’s what one professor at the University of Rhode Island claimed recently.

Campus Reform reports:

Campus Reform’s Cabot Phillips weighed in on the Rhode Island college professor who said that NFL quarterback Tom Brady’s popularity is because of white supremacy, calling it the “inevitable result when you reduce people to their race [and] to their gender.”

Phillips joined Fox Business Network’s Stuart Varney on Friday to discuss URI English professor Kyle Kusz writing that Brady’s stardom stems from the “latest wave of white rage and white supremacy,” which he says came as a result of a “disturbing racial reaction among white conservatives in response to the idea that a black man would be [president].”

This is ludicrous on so many levels, but this is what passes for scholarship in universities today.

First, Brady has been popular since the 2001 season when he improbably led the Patriots to their first Super Bowl win in franchise history as a second-year player and first-time starter.

In fact, Brady won three Super Bowls before Barack Obama even ran for Senate.

In his 19-year career, Brady has played in nine Super Bowls and won six.

To suggest his popularity is linked to white supremacy is just asinine.

This far-Left professor is simply going after Brady because he’s friendly with Donald Trump and once had a MAGA hat in his locker.

If these terrible leftist ideas aren’t combatted in college, they will spread everywhere because the students that are being indoctrinated go on to teach in higher education and K-12 schools, work in media and entertainment, practice law, go into government, and even install themselves into corporate America.

We’re seeing the effects of this disease spreading.

Do you think radical activist professors are one of the biggest problems in the country?

Let us know in the comment section.


  1. And now you know why Bernie and fellow comrades want FREE college for all the kids.
    The progressives will do the teaching (indoctrination), and the taxpayers will foot the bill.
    It’s perfect!

      • Every one is sick and tired of Brady and the Patriots, why watch the super bowl when you already know who is going to win? Enough of the Patriots already!!!

        • Brady is the perfect example of talent and success that came from hard work combined on a team where the coach leaves no stone unturned to form the best combination for a successful TEAM. Over and over again.
          Sit back and enjoy!

  2. Let me get this straight. A Rhode Island college professor is blasting Tom Bradys success as an NFL quarterback on racism? Football being dominated by black athletes? Is he serious? Sounds to me like this college professor is a racist. The sad part is that in today’s work force you can’t even get a job digging a ditch without going to college. So everybody is forced to attend classes that include the insane rantings of nut jobs such as these. Sad! Vote America, vote Trump/Pence in 2020. Don’t let these nut jobs take control again!

    • It’s known as reverse racism!! Let a black person accuse a white person of something ignoble and the media goes bananas attacking the white person. Then the truth surfaces, thanks to the media still in existence that discovers the REAL truth, and the racism suddenly disappears because it’s not PC to talk about black racism.

      • Cynthia, there is no such thing as reverse racism, it’s just plain old racism and it’s now tolerated in the USA, Dems use White Supremacy to make people think they are for everyone else… they themselves are white and trying to show hate for themselves. Messed up bunch off assclowns!!

    • Buddy, I agree with you. The Public education system is VERY liberal. It amazes me how these dumb ass white liberals thinks that all white people are the problem. Tom Brady is not the problem, the real problem is this professor and others like him.

    • Buddy, I agree with most of what you had to say, however, the part about needing a degree to dig ditches is a bit much. As one of those miscreants who doesn’t have a degree, I rose to a middle management level in a Fortune 500 corporation and had to deal with more intellectual and functional illiterates, who had those initials behind their names, than I care to think about. You see I had one thing these college graduates didn’t have and never were able to fully appreciate, namely, real world experience. It’s one thing to learn from a book or parrot something a professor said as an inalienable truth and actually experiencing something first hand and actually learning.
      Today, I am comfortable in my retirement. Looking back, I wouldn’t change a thing. Praise the Lord. Good luck to you as well.

  3. Without a doubt these left wing radical so called professors that these colleges hire to brainwash preach hate & disrespect America is a very serious problem in our country and it needs great exposure especially to uninformed people who are thinking about sending their kids to these colleges.

  4. It is not clear what to do with the fact that the educational institutions of our country are not engaged in teaching children the sciences: mathematics, physics, chemistry, literature, etc. and they are engaged in the corruption of our youth, spreading hatred of America, as traitors Colin Kapernik do, as this crazy college professor. Why do they spoil the brain of our children, inventing idiotic tales about some kind of “white superiority”? Who comes up with this and why? There is no racism, and it cannot be. And the popularity of NFL star Tom Brady lies in his talent, and not in the superiority of white, black or red. Hands off our children,YOU – dirty propagandists! “Let the children study normally, leave them alone!

  5. You can clearly see now with the 2020 elections coming up , that EVERY radical, insane Leftists professors are pushing their demented parties’ agendas on the college students., in every state! Teaching them hate and promoting racism, in one form or another. No one is safe from their lies . They will dishonor anyone and everyone and feel no shame about their actions. Our great country will be gone soon if they gain control in 2020. So much damage has already been done.
    There was a quote on the Barbie doll story that goes like this: Dictator Vladimir Lenin once remarked, ” give me just ONE generation of youth, and I’ll transform the world”. Need I say more???

    • The sad part is even if we do win this race, which I expect we will, eventually there will not be enough conservative people left to win an election. The end of America is coming unless conservatives step up and end both legal and illegal immigration. We can not afford even legal immigration because most of them will be minorities that will also vote left because they want the freebies.

      It is not wrong to be white and it is not wrong to want to protect our culture. There is a difference between enjoying your culture and racism. If you truly see western civilization as pure racism, then do not come here. Funny they fight to get into this country when it is so racist isn’t it? It’s all a lie and in fact, it is minority supremacy that is the problem. They want it all and they want white people destroyed.

      • jim: You speak the truth. Every time I see a poll that says, should illegal aliens get free Medicare or be able to vote, I want to scream! Why should you and I have to pay for their healthcare and etc. when they haven’t contributed one red cent towards it!! And voting? I thought that was a privilege for legal US citizens.
        Of course the Demon party wants all these illegals to vote. It’s called stacking the deck for them. I can not believe how truly blind the Democratic followers are. There are some that are still accusing Trump of inhuman treatment of these illegals at these holding camps. Accusing Trump of putting children into cages. No he is not! Obama did that and no one said a word!!
        Yes jim, the white race will be gone soon and those of us that remain will become slaves to the minorities…..

    • All education is good for now, is a tool for the left indoctrinating the young minds of America , Hitler knew this. And just like Germany, America will crumble to its knees when it’s all said and done.

  6. How about, “He is popular because he is a WINNER!” I am no NE Patriots fan, far from it! But GOOD LORD… there is NO ARGUMENT that Tom Brady is the GOAT (greatest of all time) when it comes to QB in the NFL… The guy is a winner, no “white supremacy” with him, just a LOT of hard work! The man put in the work to be the best! He wasn’t drafted until the 6th round!!! Christ!!!

    There were MANY others who were handed things that squandered them, look to Jamarcus Russell for a prime example who was drafted #1 overall and pissed away the opportunity because he simply did not want to put in the work to be great, yet had ALL the physical skills to be great!

    This College “Professor” is out of his mind! The money these NFL, NBA and MLB stars make is insane, but TB is making less than nearly all of them! His average salary is below that of most all other Starting QB’s In the NFL! Yet, he is the most successful in regard to wins, especially where it counts, the Super Bowl! He has more than ANY QB in NFL history!

    This “Professor” needs to look at the FACTS rather than his manifesto! What an IDIOT!!

    • It’s not about foot ball or Tom Brady. It’s about hate and propaganda from the left about any decent heroic white conservative person.

  7. The problem with college professors began when their mentors passed the baton..The only thing
    current professors today know is what their mentor told them..They do not know ENGLISH, HISTORY, GEOGRAPHY MATH. Their inability to find a job is the only reason they are teaching!!!!!

  8. These professors are sowing the seeds of their own demise.

    As political “correctness” supplants actual achievement in schools and party line supplants critical thinking, businesses will discover that schools are not really preparing young people for the workforce. The value of the degree will plummet and firms will find other ways of evaluating talent and getting good hires.

    Already many firms are starting to rely more on testing and experience than they have in the past. I see it as a trend.

  9. We the People who pay enormous amounts of taxes to every level of our education system are risking losing America. Public education has become a prison for our children and grandchildren. They are held captive to an every increasing influx of left wing lunatics that indoctrinate and refuse to educate. Unless something is done to stop these lefties we’re done as a democratic republic.

  10. We don’t need teachers are professors that has this kind of attitude . You were hired to teach students a certain subject and no Politics!! You People that has so much hate in you heart. There’s a special place in Hell!!!

  11. People wonder why home schooling has become so popular. I dare say this is why. Brain washing starts long before the college level and our children are being exposed to radical ideas long before they reach college age. This has happened for generations in other countries. Look where that has led them. Promises of free everything sounds good to people who have been exposed to that philosophy which actually leads to free nothing and poverty. By the time this is realized it’s too late. People need to wake up. Stop the indoctrination of our youth and future leaders.

    • Eric: Oh please Eric. Will you stay off this Conservative site. No one is interested in your infantile. cheap shots at President Trump. YOU say crazy things ALL the time. Grow up and wise up!!!
      On second thought. Keep posting. Because you are a PERFECT example of what kind of mentality follows your party. The really sad part is, there are more just like you….

  12. It must take years to become that Ignorant to make a statement like that . This Scumbag has no common sense and if brains were dynamite he wouldn’t have enough to blow his nose. He’s a perfect example of the dumbing down of america along with that douchbag AOC.

  13. Unfortunately, colleges are not pillars of learning any more. They are now dumps of indoctorination.
    How in the hell can someone be so stupid and be in charge of young adults????
    Tom Brady {who I personally care for} is a pillar in the NFL.. He is admired and adored throughout the country for his abilities, not his politics or white or other colors of peoples skin. If he were, he wouldn’t lead the
    multi cultured players with him. Nor would those players hold him in such high regard.
    Tell that fool to pack up and leave, or I would be happy to pack his bags and ship him to Iran or some other place in the world where he might be welcomed with his stupid spoutings.

  14. jumpinjjack……….your message from above is just right on and as I see it……. we are headed towards not only the downfall of the NFL and now here we go as TO WHO PAYS…. WE DO NOT THEM AS THEY JUST DO NOTHING………WHERE ARE WE going forward ……..were is the so called big boy FOR THE (SHIDT)…just do your job………..and go away……………it is not only about football anymore and same and then some TO COME………..

  15. I take exception to the professors comment about the “disturbing racial reaction among white conservatives in response to the idea that a black man would be [president].” We were not at all disturbed that a black man would be president. What we were disturbed about was that a man that hated this country as much as he did and tried to take it down at every turn could be elected simply because he was black. Any white person with his ideas would have been run out of town. Over 95% of black people voted for him which skewed the rest of the demographics’ votes which were split closely down the middle. It’s a prime example of black racism and it was disgusting that they would want him in office. Colin Powell would have been a much better reasoned choice. Almost any other American would have been a much better choice.

    • Barbara: Obama did not TRY to take our country down. He did! This Muslim traitor manipulated our government to lay the groundwork for the NWO agenda and got away with it. Now President Trump is taking the blame for the Democrats evilness. Even before Trump was elected, the Demon party was causing chaos for Trump to fail. Now, it’s one witch hunt after another against Trump and any other Republican that stands in their way! They will not rest until they destroy EVERYTHING our great country stands for!
      I remember the tactics Obama’s campaign used to get him elected. They would call my young adult children and use terms like” Vote for Obama. Don’t you want to go down in history knowing YOUR generation was progressive enough to want a black man to be our president?”. These are the kind of words they used. So, because I raised my children not judge people by the religion or skin color, they felt they were doing the right thing. And let’s face it Barbara, everyone was so afraid to speak against Obama BECAUSE of the color of his skin, he was indestructible! Why do you think “the squad” gets away with their treasonous actions? The first words out of their mouths is, if you call them out because of their actions, you are being a bigot. Look at Omar being sworn in with her hand on the Koran. Never has anyone taking office using anything else but the bible. But she did.
      Colin Powell would have been a better choice. But truthfully, they knew he wouldn’t stand by and be manipulated. Just pray it’s not too late for us and our country…..

  16. The fact remains that all of these childish, America hating liberal professors always have the right to leave any time. They’re not as important to the country as they might think but do you see any doing so? They’re just whiny children who’s parents failed them. Adults leave and don’t return to places they hate……children whine.

  17. “Of all the cultural battles conservatives face, the most pressing one is occurring on college campuses… Only in college can terrible ideas fester without any real-world consequences. If these terrible leftist ideas aren’t combatted in college, they will spread everywhere because the students that are being indoctrinated go on to teach in higher education and K-12 schools, work in media and entertainment, practice law, go into government, and even install themselves into corporate America. We’re seeing the effects of this disease spreading. Do you think radical activist professors are one of the biggest problems in the country?”

    Not at all! Liberals now argue that college should be tuition-free, as a college education is as necessary in today’s economy as a high school diploma was sixty years ago. And many college students are now faced with student loan debt they will never be able to repay.

    Pro-choicers argue that pro-lifers are typically less educated and less intelligent than pro-choicers, and feminist women usually have higher IQs and more education than non-feminist women. And Serrin Foster, Executive Director of Feminists For Life, points out that the majority of women are pro-life when finishing high school, but become pro-choice after finishing college…

    …and they’re trying to address this issue by targeting college women, who are at greater risk for having abortions…

    …as well as the perceived pro-choice bias in academia.

    If pro-lifers really want to end abortion, it’s going to have to be bipartisan. Pro-lifers are going to have to reach across the aisle and convince Democrats, feminists, liberals, etc. to distinguish abortion from arguably victimless crimes like marijuana, to see the killing of the unborn on par with domestic violence and hate crimes against LGBTs, and make the case that it’s possible to protect prenatal life (zygotes and embryos) without taking to draconian measures involving violating a new mother’s privacy and civil liberties in this regard.


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