A jaw-dropping video of Seattle’s Space Needle could have everything to do with one new crime-boosting policy


The Pacific Northwest is far from the utopia leftists like Bill Gates want everyone to believe.

It’s gotten so bad, the mass exodus is unbelievable.

And a jaw-dropping video of Seattle’s Space Needle could have everything to do with one new crime-boosting policy.

Logic on the Left has long been to put low-life criminals first and America’s hard working families last.

Nowhere is that more evident than in Seattle where Democrat politicians even surrendered whole city blocks to Antifa and BLM thugs to declare an “CHAZ” autonomous zone not long ago.

Now crime-ridden Seattle might be so bad the city’s most famous icon, the Space Needle, up and fled with the New Year.

Of course that didn’t really happen but if there’s one thing that could make a massive steel structure rocket away like that it’s a proposed policy from the lunatics in the state government.

Washington State Democrats have introduced a bill that would dramatically reduce the punishment and sentencing for those who commit drive-by shootings.

House Bill 1692 would eliminate the possibility of a first degree murder charge for a drive-by killing, which carries a life sentence.

In addition the bill does away with minimum sentencing and would allow judges to “take the particular circumstances surrounding the person’s age and all other pertinent factors into consideration when determining an appropriate sentence.”

The representative putting forward the bill, Tarra Simmons, was confronted about the bill and responded to the news by saying, “it’s clear that [this aggravated classification] was targeted at gangs that were predominantly young and Black.”

She went on to claim that first degree murder for drive-by murders is a sign of “systemic racism.”

Even with the Left’s every attempt to legalize criminal activity in the name of inclusion, this move to let drive-by-shooters off the hook because of racism hits a new low.

Unless its a white guy with an AR-15 committing murder, the Left would rather see criminals run free on the street rather than to prosecute them for their crimes.

It’s no coincidence that the Left cheered on the Black Lives Matter riots back in 2021.

In fact, these riots were their proudest political moment in decades.

And they want open borders because a nation without borders is a nation without laws.

A nation without laws is a nation where the criminals and good citizens are one in the same.

So that’s why no one should be in shock at the Left’s latest move to legalize crime.

This madness will continue as long as you allow it too.

What do you think?