A Hollywood leftist just made the most despicable claim about unborn babies


The radical left acts like they are on the side of “science” with their views on abortion.

But they refuse to come to grips with science that proves unborn babies are human with their own unique DNA.

And what this Hollywood leftist just called unborn babies will make you sick to your stomach.

Recently, “The Daily Show” creator Lizz Winstead took to Twitter to blast her opinion on abortion.

Winstead sounded off her opinion regarding a Supreme Court case involving abortion an the “personhood” of unborn babies.

She compared abortions to miscarriages and proclaimed unborn babies are nothing more than “medical waste.”

The Daily Wire writes:

In the next few weeks, the Supreme Court will be considering whether or not it will hear a case on whether states could legislate that aborted fetuses be given proper burials as human beings based on the “dignity of personhood.” Fearing that this could seriously harm the benchmark Roe v. Wade case, Lizz Winstead tweeted some of the vilest hatred she has ever expressed in support of abortion.

“Today SCOTUS decides whether it will hear an Indiana case requiring mandatory cremation/ burial for abortions AND miscarriages based on ‘dignity of personhood.’ If they take it, & decide medical waste is a person, ROE IS DEAD. PLEASE PAY ATTENTION,” she tweeted.

Winstead later shared a video from her group Lady Parts Justice League in which pro-lifers are attacked as “real bats**t” extremists.

Winstead’s antics come on the heels of her announcing a “pro-abortion comedy tour” where she tells women that abortions can be “fun.”

She and leftists like her are sorely mistaken.

The “progressive” Left claims to have a monopoly on all things science.

They’ve even held so-called “pro-science” protests nationwide.

But they refuse to acknowledge the science of abortion because it contradicts their political agenda.

Winstead’s opinions aren’t on the political fringe of the modern left, either.

In fact, the Democratic Party platform supports abortion for any reason up until the moment of birth.

They just mouth the same ridiculous propaganda that unborn babies are nothing more than a “clump of cells” or a bunch of “fetal tissue.”

What is egregious about that position is how unscientific and poorly thought out it is.

The reality is that adults could be described as a “clump of cells” as well, but that description doesn’t make anyone any less human.

The Abortion Lobby doesn’t have science on their side.

But sadly that doesn’t stop them from mouthing the same faux-science propaganda their abortion mills running on all cylinders.


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