A Hollywood actor just announced an armed uprising against the police that could get bloody


The Left is known for being hypocrites.

Hollywood elites are the most extreme example of this.

And one Hollywood actor just announced an armed uprising against the police that could get bloody.

While Hollywood elites oppose regular people having the right to defend themselves, they would never give up their own protection they gain from armed guards.

Hollywood actor Tom Arnold took this even further in an unhinged exchange on Twitter.

It all began with a post about police protecting the White House from rioters, which somebody else wrote:

“Completely unmarked officers in riot gear holding protesters blocks away from the White House. No badges. No insignias. No name tags. Nothing. Refused to tell us who they’re with.”

Arnold responded to the Tweet by first laughably claiming he supports the Second Amendment, before claiming that he and other “white liberal men” should take up arms against the police in this situation.

“2nd Amendment is for everyone including black men with long guns but it’s fucking time for us white liberal men to stand up for our brothers & sisters,” tweeted Arnold. “Borrow our dad’s hunting rifles & go nose to nose with Trump’s gang of misfit tools.”

“Let’s do it [Rob Reiner],” added Arnold, who tagged fellow actor Rob Reiner’s Twitter account at the end of his comments.

This isn’t the first time the actor has called for violence, last year he fantasized about killing President Trump, stating he was “looking forward to the day I’m standing over him wearing my bullet belt & safari khakis, my cartoon sized Daniel Boone buck knife in one hand his teeny tiny tail in the other.”

Arnold has also focused his hatred on Trump’s young son, Barron.

In a Tweet about protests, he suggested organizing protests at his son’s school, stating that, “Next is protesting Barron’s private school.”

And that is far from the most disgusting thing Hollywood has said about Barron Trump.

In a now-deleted Tweet that came before Arnold’s about Trump, Hollywood actor Peter Fonda called on removing Barron Trump from his family, and putting him in a cage with pedophiles.

Arnold is completely unhinged, and a danger to society as his Tweets prove.

But because he is a Hollywood elite, he can get away with these extreme statements.

Do you think Secret Service should arrest Tom Arnold?

Share your thoughts with Culture Watch News in the comments below.


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  2. Trying to overthrow the US Constitution or assassinate our President should be punished with a good recyclable noose. Peaceful protests are fine. Rioting can be stopped with a bullhorn announcing to the rioters they will either cease or need an undertaker.

  3. Something needs to be clarified by either law enforcement or DOJ for these show biz show offs marinating in their own grandiose BS.

  4. The biggest tragedy above all the embezzlement is that they would also say “Aw man you just have no sense of humor. All being facetious and said in jest.” Until they’re caught “red-handed”.

  5. Agree action by the government is needed when Hollywood idiots make this type of comments.

    As far as Arnold is concerned, the ex of Roseanne Barr, is a nobody buffoon who is neither funny nor a good actor and would have never gone anywhere if it weren’t for his ex.

  6. This guy’s the worst. Will somebody just shoot “him” and put us all out of our misery. Tired of his BS!! As if anyone listens too him. Failed actor, failed human being.

  7. Tom Arnold & Rob Reiner & the liberal rats talk big! They have to borrow daddy’s hunting guns, having no idea how to load, aim or pull a trigger! Probably shoot them selves – not a bad outcome. Tom Arnold is a NOBODY. We wouldn’t even know him had it not been for Roseann’s bad choice of husbands. Reiner, he is riding on daddy’s name, still acting like a meathead!

  8. If this was against Obama who did nothing for this country all hell would break loose. All these actors like Tom Arnold, Kathy Griffith, Madonna and all the others that made threats should be paid a visit by the Secret Service. It’s time to crack down on these idiot actors they should be arrested just like a rioter. Time for justice against them.

  9. Free Cherokee, White, German, Irish, Swedish decent. If my President Trump needs me to guard the White
    house, I’ll be there.

  10. They still haven’t thrown a net over this nitwit’s head yet? He’s been shooting off his big mouth for the last 4 years. Threatening Trump, and running his mouth continuously. The guy’s obviously sick and should be placed on a farm raising chocolate chip cookies until he recovers from whatever is ailing him.

  11. Tom doesn’t actually need private security because he is a nobody and, fortunately, nobody will listen to him. But, he is an evil nobody.

  12. Arnold has never been anything but a big mouth.embarrasses everyone around him.ends up standing alone..this is just an outcry for attension..Rosanne couldn’t even put up with his mouth..

  13. One of the biggest problems with the Hollywood Liberals is that they take themselves seriously and they think the rest of us do too. Their job is pretending to be what they most certainly are not. They’re just actors living in a World of delusion and make believe and not very much separates them from being overpaid prostitutes.

  14. Secret Service should not arrest Tom Arnold. Instead they should see to it that he receives treatment for his insanity before he hurts himself.

  15. Meatheads all, Still Dead from the neck up. Protest are ok till they cross the line. Threats against the President of the United States of America (no matter the party affiliation) should not be tolerated and should be investigated and charges brought to deal with the perpetrators.

  16. Arnold is like all the rest of the hollywierd left, a brainless bigmouthed nobody who should be arrested for threatening the president then hanged for treason. Isn’t it the very hateful left that said a president’s family is off limits to criticism?

  17. Tom arnold is a typical moran. He lets his voice talk out of his ass where his brains are.

  18. I find liberals to be disgusting war mongers for the most part and Hollywood for some unrealistic reason feels superior to the average person. However Arnold you come on with your daddy’s gun and go nose to nose with us Trump misfits. We don’t need to borrow daddy’s gun we have our own and we know how to use them

    You are a disgusting human being and lower than a snake to make comments about the Presidents son or any child for that matter in your perverted ideas of what you suggest doing to Barron. Keep your hate aimed at adults your same size If you want a fight And don’t be surprised if it is your butt that’s handed to you.

  19. do you actually think these two liberal leftist pussies would even know how to hold a gun? referring to the meathead and Tom”Benedict” Arnold

  20. I find liberals to be disgusting war mongers for the most part and Hollywood for some unrealistic reason feels superior to the average person. However Arnold you come on with your daddy’s gun and go nose to nose with us Trump misfits. We don’t need to borrow daddy’s gun we have our own and we know how to use them

    You are a disgusting human being and lower than a snake to make comments about the Presidents son or any child for that matter in your perverted ideas of what you suggest doing to Barron. Keep your hate aimed at adults your same size If you want a fight And don’t be surprised if it is your butt that’s handed to you.

    My comment is being refused to print saying this is a duplicate which is impossible as this is the first time I have ever responded.

  21. Just imagine what would happen if info was leaked about how racist these elitists actually are & about all the rape, sexual explotation & pedifelia that goes on amongst them…gosh if their addresses were released with that information there is the potential for violence & bad things could happen…then again they do have armed guards unlike us common folk. They love to virtue signal while bailing out criminal looters that burn down our businesses, homes & neighborhoods.

  22. Tom Arnold and Rob Riner both should be brought up on charges by the secret services for threatened the president and his family . Some of the things they have said have been to far they are enciting harm against president and family. They are to scared to say something like that about obama and family they know they dem party would put contract out for them

  23. OMG, TA should be locked up trying to insight a riot. WHAT A HYPOCRITICAL MORON. THESE FREAKS NEED TO WATCH WHO THEY THREATEN!

  24. Why haven’t any of these out casts been arrested. The law applies to everyone equally. IF THE SYSTEM IS GOING TO PLAY FAVORITES THEN SO AM I. IF I’M CALLED FOR JURY DUTY, IT WILL BE MY DECISION NOT ANY LAW.

  25. Hollywood wait till your rioting and looting mobs hit your neighbor hoods! Than I want to hear what comes out of that filthy trap you call a mouth A_ _H_ _ES!

  26. Big mouth liberals striving to insure more lawlessness. Hell hath no fury than what you will meet in the country side where men and women know how to hit a target at several hundred yards.

  27. I absolutely think Tom Arnold needs to be taken to a psychiatric hospital and left there for the rest of his life. I can no longer tolerate his pure evil hate. He dissed Daniel Boone. one of the founders of many trails to many states and discovered the Cumberlan (sp) Gap. I am a direct ancestor of Daniel Boone and take great offence to Tom Arnold for this.I am going to call the police department in Hollywood to have him arrested.

  28. Tom Arnold is a fool as is anyone that would cast a vote for anything scraped from the bottom of the DNC candidate barrel. I an not DNC nor am I GOP, what I am is an independent leaning toward the Tea Party philosophy. I am also extremely embarrassed for the rest of the world to see how filthy our SWAMP has become. When the Republican Ultra Right, the Democratic Extreme Left, the RINO Imposters, and their support communities spend billions on elections but have no time to attend to the issues that We The People ask them to do, it is no wonder that we seek Term Limits and jail time for DOJ,FBI, and EX Potus criminals posing as leadership. Remember fellow patriots, they work for us and if they will not adhere to their Oath of Office then we shall remove them from our sacred halls of justice and assist D Trump in draining the swamp.
    MAGA jswstx

  29. Please put a lot of security on Barron, Melonia, and the President. (All the president’s family) Crazies like Arnold, Reiner and many more are the ones that give silent crazies ideas. Shut them up! Put them in jail. Now…

  30. Tom Arnold is just like the Islamics, it’s alright for others to die, I’m going to stay home where it’s safe.

  31. Tom oh Tom…There lies the rub…Since being a lying liberal piece of donkey dung and pathetically pandering to your other farm animals go ahead and get your fathers hunting rifles. You seem to forget that Trumps misfits,me included, own several weapons and know how to use them. While your security protected libitards are afraid of these firearms we are not. You definitely have a hard on against Trump due to your constant drug use and fantasies I would love for you to show up to my Clayton North Carolina home with a weapon. Hugs would not be in order…..

  32. Tom Arnold? No wonder Rosanne dumped him. If people are going to start listening to guys like him, we’re in big trouble.

  33. Hey cowpie, bring it on. We white conservatives have 300 million guns and you pathetic lipshytz can’t even decide which bathroom to use.

  34. Threatening the President. Put the dimwit in jail. His next role will be “Arnold doing time for threatening the President and his family.” And take his scabby Rob Reiner friend with him. They can be jail mates together.

  35. Slut Mommy tried it different one night and a big POS popped out the next morning. She named it Arnold.

  36. Yes they should arrest Arnold and Peter Fonda they are both stupid morons and are a danger to the public. Neither one of them are bad, they just smell that way. Neither one of them should be aloud to live and also Hanoi Jane.

    If Arnold wants to take up arms and fight, I will oblige him.

  37. Tom Arnold is a sh.t of brains coward that would Lee down is own legs before he would face off a cop even with a gun. GO F**K YOURSELF. You netwit.

  38. I think that any person , and I mean ANY PERSON threatening the president or his family show be given the same treatment as any regular person in America. The Hollyweirds have been getting by with anything and this is not fair to regular people in America. Why are there two sets of rules to the same crime just because one side has money and fame? This has to stop and people like Tom Arnold,Rob Reiner and Kathy Griffin need to be taken into custody by the secret service and dealth with accordingly. Threading a president is certainty treason. Here are the facts:Whoever, owing allegiance to the United States, levies war against them or adheres to their enemies, giving them aid and comfort within the United States or elsewhere, is guilty of treason and shall suffer death, or shall be imprisoned not less than five years and fined under this title but not less than $10,000; and …

    18 U.S. Code § 2381 – Treason | U.S. Code | US Law | LII …

  39. Rosanne divorced him, his brain is burned out from too many drugs, and you listen to his BS as reason . God help you, the world is coming to an end.

    Meeting Arnold several years ago proved my observation of him.

  40. Am I missing something here? Advocating violence now meets twitter standards. Maybe they just forgot to fact-check the tweet…..

  41. Tom Arnold Should Indeed Be Arrested For Making Death Threats Against President Trump, Shouldn’t Be A Problem Because He Is A Celebrity As He Should Be Held To The Same Laws As Anybody Else. A Threat Is A Threat No Matter Who It Comes From. Tom Arnold Can’t Be To Smart Just Look At Who He Settled With.

  42. The bunch of them should’ve been put in jail along time ago. Isn’t it treasonous to say those things against a sitting President? I can assure you if someone would have said anything even a bit like that under the Obama Administration would have been put in prison and tortured! People were afraid to open there mouths around him. He was a spooky, eye gazing kind of guy, but worse now. I get a little sickies whenever he comes on the screen or on Facebook. Now there’s a scary guy. Yeppers, arrest them, however it might be a bit late. Now we have breakout pimples if we say anything. More riots, you know, BLMs might hear about it. TRUMP 2020 for me!


  44. I am definitely not a Trump fan but I don’t think anyone should write something like this. It is just inciting violence and that isn’t the answer to the problems today. When you resort to remarks or actions such as mentioned here then it makes you just as bad as the person who you are rebelling against. We are supposed to be a civilized society. We don’t try to start wars with anyone.

  45. Tom Arnold, Arnold Swarzenegger, Rob Reiner, Robert DeNiro, all believe they are somebody that the camera makes them in to.
    Donald Trump is somebody that he made himself into, is a genuine patriot, and sincerely cares about the history and future of the USA.
    If I want a medical opinion I go to the doctor. If I want a legal opinion I go to a lawyer. If I want political advice I dont go to those Bozos!

  46. someone from law enforcement needs to call mister Arnold and talk to him about trying to insight a riot or harm to others!

  47. That civil war people have been talking about…well its just about here and its going to be bad, very bad and the country will become a 3rd world country with the Dems in control….

  48. This worthless being would never get up in the morning, put on a uniform and report to work not knowing if today he would not be going home. He would not place his life in danger to protect the lives of others. He would not endure the name calling, the crap thrown at him, and the disrespect shown the officers who do so daily. He lives in a gated community with security as do the liberal trash voted into office who march with these terrorist. The police officers families never know if their loved one will be coming home or they will be morning their loss. The officers do not have security protecting them but they are our security guards. They are abused, cursed, spit on, have crap thrown at them and killed. Yes there are a few bad ones but for every bad one there are dozens of good ones. So for this useless peace of dog crap to call for violence against police just shows how under paid police are. Sadly if Tom A. calls 911 the police will respond because it is their job. Personally I think every politician and every Hollywood waste of space should not have security guards, live in gated communities and face the same BS our police officers face each and every day for the same pay check. Until they do I suggest they SHUT UP AND SIT DOWN because they are LESS THAN NOTHING.

  49. What I would like to see is Rob Reiner and Tom Arnold in the front ranks leading their army in an assault on the police and State and/or National Guard. The two so called actors are not trained for combat, where as the State and National Guard are. There would not be any contest there. But, most likely Tom and Rob would be very far from the front lines. Most likely they would be miles in the rear where they would be very safe. Sort of like Al Sharpton.

  50. Our dearly beloved President Abraham Lincoln was murdered by an actor. To not follow up on maniacal characters like Tom Arnold is beyond the pale of stupidity. He bears serious watching as does Rob Reiner. Those of us who love and respect the President deserve better. When he’s threatened in this manner, so are we. These outbursts leave me trembling with rage and also terror at what an horror it would be for all of us should someone succeed in these wild tantrums. I don’t deserve to be threatened this way….losing sleep at night over the possible loss of our hero.
    Secret Service needs to act on these aggressions and prosecute such nasty terrorists. We, the American people made our choice and we should be spared this level of anxiety. We ought to be allowed to rest in confidence after our Chosen One has taken office. None of these Hollywood hooligans deserves to be an American.

  51. Did Tom Arnold or Meathead ever serve in the United States military or do they just take for granted the rights others served for to trash this Nation? I don’t think either one of them knows which end of the weapon bullets come out of, USA LOVE IT OR LEAVE IT

  52. Wow will someone please please send the FBI to these peoples homes that threaten not only our President but also his family, please. I want to make a citizens arrest. Hollywood does a lot of talking crap yet backs thugs, illegals, democrats, Obama, Clinton, Gates, Soros and China before Americans. We the people see and hear all and I do mean all. You have now been disrespectful to our President, his family, law officials, we the people and you expect us to give you are money from now on? We are very different in the fact that You open mouth and insert foot. We on the other hand are quite and just get things done or taken care of. We are doers not barkers. We know more about our 2nd Amendment Rights then you will ever know. Keeping loved ones close is a rule of ours also knowing our enemies is important. You can run but you can’t hide. You better pay your security staff a lot more money for watching over you. Remember you are the ones that said it is going to get bloody, not us. 👁 Should have stuck with your profession only. Hate has no place in America.

  53. First of all, I take exception to the headline of this article, it should not state “Hollywood actor Tom Arnold” it should be “Hollywood Has Been Tom Arnold” Second and more importantly, this guy is nothing more than a totally Irrelevant turd, searching in vain for Relevancy. It is very easy for these Hollywood turds to run their mouths and make their threats on social media but I have not seen any of them willing to get their hands dirty. They sit in there Gated Communities protected by their Armed Guards and make threats. None of them have the guts to come out from behind their Body Guards.
    Come to my neighborhood Mr. Arnold and show me your gun. Point it in my direction and you will be dead before you hit the ground.

  54. Sounds like threatening the presidents son should land your ass in jail. You can’t get the president so your going after his son. Somebody needs to put Hollywood in check nobody cares about what they think.

  55. If TA was a policeman (never happen), he would loose his job and go to jail. What happened to Justice FOR ALL.

  56. I suggest that little tommy and the other has beens in hollywood should either put up or shut up! They’re pushing violence towards the lawful authorities and specific persons yet they show no inclination whatsoever in actually doing it themselves! Fine leadership,guys,great role models!! You’ve forgotten the first rule in Leadership 101 which is,”Never ask anyone to do anything you wouldn’t do yourselves!” So anytime you or perhaps the Meathead would care to come see me,a 63 year old,dyed in the wool American,and practice what you preach,I will be more than happy to educate the both of you in a few things.

  57. I wonder if the House UnAmerican Activities committee should be resumed.
    Where’s Senator Joe McCarthy when ya need him most?

  58. Who??Tom Arnold??? Oh yea, he’s that no good piece of garbage that was married to Roseanne. Can’t remember if he won any awards for any movie he was in. I’m sure not, he was never funny, or a good actor. Prob why you don’t see him in anything. As far as him attacking a teenager…really??? That just shows how big of a pathetic loser he is, same goes for Peter Fonda.

  59. Michael-Tommy and Robbie are only actors-so everything in their lives is fake. They can’t tell reality from the roles they play. They can change their life with the change of the script.

  60. If that isn’t a threat to people and especially the President I don’t know what one is. Let me say something like that at an airport and see what happens to me. Yes, I think he should be picked up by the Secret Service and interrogated. Hopefully it will scare him and make him rethink his violent monologue.

  61. Since WHEN is Tom Arnold considered ELITE???? He is a washed up has been. He got his fame marrying Roseanne Barr. He started out as a nobody and behaves as a boorish clod to keep his name front and center.

  62. Tom, you and your Hollywood buds have no idea what those words mean to people who respect their 2nd Amendment Rights. We respect the law. You all just think you are above the law. Without the law I don’t think that you all would ever leave your gated homes. I am a 60 year old woman and I guarantee I don’t miss when I aim. You wouldn’t want to piss people off like me if there is now law. You will be first to get rid of those device details because most of them are with the law. Then sit back and open your mouths to us and you will see blood. Don’t mess with us.

  63. I like the lady who quoted the law. These misfits don’t even realize it is the Flag and what it stands for that allows them to perpetrate all their BS. Besides this moron isn’t even a real actor and if I was married to that witch Barr all my friends would have disowned me.

  64. Whoever, owing allegiance to the United States, levies war against them or adheres to their enemies, giving them aid and comfort within the United States or elsewhere, is guilty of treason and shall suffer death, or shall be imprisoned not less than five years and fined under this title but not less than $10,000; and …

  65. How disturbing to read about Tom Arnold saying things about Pres Trump that are so hatful, not to mention what he said about his son Baron, If Tom Arnold doesn’t like the president, he can always go to another country ,its not like we will miss Arnold that much. I wont even watch reruns of Roseann now that I know how hateful he is, not to mention he wasn’t a great actor to begin with. TRUMP 2020

  66. White liberal men are, by definition, America’s biggest pussies. I’m not worried. But America’s REAL men…we’re not going anywhere. WE’RE the guys who were at Lexington and Concord and Bunker Hill…in fact, we’d all be a lot better off if we were on the streets right now, instead of our beleaguered police force. If Trump wanted volunteers to go in and retake Seattle, we’d get it done in an afternoon. (I’m STILL not sure what we’re waiting for…Seattle is officially U.S. territory, right?)

  67. Gregory-Seattle is? Let them at this point cook their own goose-or Rat-when they’re out of food. The infighting for power has already begun.

  68. Sounds like more sedition & treason from these complicit criminals of the left , I say throw them ALL OUT of the U.S. , confiscate their assets they have gotten off of us Americans , to be used on U.S. infrastructure – something of use instead of being part of the worthless , anti-America libtards .

  69. Poor tommie. apparently Roseanne sat on his face too long when they were a couple and deprived the few brain cells he had from O2. He is just another H-wood empty vessel whose life is devoid of meaning. Pathetic. He perfectly represents why so many H-wood celebs resort to drugs. He and his ilk would do the country a favor if they OD’d.

  70. He and the left forget one major part of that equation, the American patriots. If we come. Off the bench it will be a lot more then you can handle. Oh and you clowns will not be exempt from the wrath.

  71. Arnold has no clue what the 2d amendment means. An it does not mean what the demonstrators are doing.

  72. The folks who run the academy awards may be working on a new Oscars – “the best threat against the president” and “the years’ most vile comments”. Meaningless Tom could sweep.

    Different comment – If anyone so much as poked Arnold, or any of the others, with our little pinkie, you can be certain we would be arrested (or shot by their security). Yet these bozos get away with all the garbage they spout.

  73. Tom Arnold and people who make threats like him should be held accountable for words and actions. They should be reported to authorities or FBI. ( if you find trustworthy ones) Tom, Kathy Griffen and others, who have made verbal threats should be fined or jailed. They are a risk and incite violence.

  74. I have noticed that actors sometimes say something totally outrageous just to get Hollywood’s attention. It usually happens when they desperately need an acting gig because they are no longer relevant. Their star has faded. Usually it is political B.S.

  75. Threatening a child is pretty serious business. Secret Service should visit him and set him straight. All of this is happening because Hillary Clinton lost the election. If she had won we would be in the New World Order by now.

  76. The entertainment people like Tom Arnold, kathy Griffin,Rob Reiner, Cher, etc should face some kind of action for the statements they have made against the President. They are morally corrupt. And though we are a free speech nation they have all gone to far. Baron Trump is an innocent kid and wat was said about him is a disgrace and the fact that he gets away with it is beyond pathetic

  77. Peter Fonda you sir are worse than your pathetic sister for your remark about Baron Trump. I have absolutely no respect for you or Hanoi Jane. Your father must be turning over his grave to think he sired the two of you. Just because in America you can say what you want doesn’t mean you should. To say what you said about Baron is the cruelest thing I have ever heard. You are one sick SOB

  78. Tom Arnold and Rob Reiner both need to send the rest of their lives in prison. They are both has-beens looking for attention. At their ages they will both be answering to our creator for any bloodshed they are part of or instigate. They both need to be prosecuted for insighting treason and murder.

  79. Laughing out loud at Arnold as if this blow hard had the guts to throw an empty alum can let alone go against police. He and “meathead” Reiner like to talk big but you couldn’t get either of them close to where they might get a bruise from an old lady.

  80. Dear mr. Arnold. Have you lost your mind? Never mind, you never had one. I also believe in the 2nd amendment and would be glad to stand behind the police, and support them. There have been some mistakes on both sides, these past few weeks. Mental ones, like a man gets shot by police, and the powers to be burn down Wendy’s. Wendy’s didn’t make the mistake, the police did. Why is it that the protesters can’t spell ALL? It’s not BLACK LIVES MATTER, IT”S ALL LIVES MATTER!! Get it right people and let’s get together again.

  81. Tom Arnold considers himself an actor. His “craft” is playing make believe on a movie
    screen. However, this episode reminds me of the lynch mob scenes in the 50 and 60’s
    westerns. You know?!? One loud mouth drunk egging everybody else on to hang
    somebody without a trial. Up front and screaming until the erstwhile sheriff or
    marshal pulls back both hammers on a double barrel shotgun and points it at HIS
    gut. That is exactly what these “actors” are doing!! They are trying to get the other
    brain-dead citizens to do what they don’t have the guts or where-with-all to do. They
    stay behind their walls and security details and watch. Second idea, it wouldn’t
    surprise me a bit if Baron Trump could whip Tom Arnold’s ass today. BUT he is still
    the son of a politician. It is a shame that he would have to have Secret Service
    protection, but this highlights the necessity. SICK!!!

  82. Sharon: Kind of interesting that these people never seem to have considered exactly what they would do AFTER claiming a few blocks of territory. I’m sure you’re right….they’ll implode of their own accord. But I cannot help but think that we need to impose order right now. We can easily do this, but I think it’ll mean killing people. I have no problem with that…but the longer this goes on, the more we’ll have to kill, and the greater potential loss for our law enforcement when they go in. All of this should have been shut down weeks ago. Just like the immigration problem…we have the means to solve the problem, but have often seemed to lack the collective will. When I saw that caravan approaching America, and many of our fellow citizens STILL voted Democrat…From that moment, I’ve harbored serious doubts about our future. The ‘will of the people’ means nothing when so many of our people are such weaklings and idiots.

  83. I think the only reason that this D. A. Says stupid stuff like this is to get our attention. He is probably laughing his ass off seeing all of the responses to his stupidity.

  84. Poor dumb Tom, he used to be a HOLLYWOOD actor, and now he is just another has-been actor who is a dumpster diver looking for recognition.

  85. I don’t think all these idiots realize how close they are to waking up a very bad ass group of people and what the consequences of doing that will be, a very short race war. Those people can shoot and I’ll bet itching for a fight after being taunted as bible banging knuckle dragging morons for so long.

  86. Why does this site have Tom Arnold, the definition of a washed-up nobody, polluting the internet?

  87. I remember Fonda’s comments some time back about Barron Trump, and isn’t it odd that the Pedophiles are being exposed as we see these things coming out? Any human being , male or female that would suggest a child be released or put in a confinement with pedophiles is not only deranged,evil, and a destitute, but it also says that may be that person is actually one himself/ or herself?? Think about it!! To even think such a thing,tells you where their minds are and maybe they are wishing for such an action on the innocent?? As far as Tom Arnold, he is a sick one also. To be exact, I would consider both these men ( Fonda may secretly want to be a girl, is this like sister,like brother? OBVIOUSLY Henry Fonda was missed somewhere when these two were being brought up!! )DEPRAVED!

  88. If Tom Arnold gets his way in Hollywood to defund ALL police, He will be the next target for the Marxist terrorists to assassinate. Tom Arnold is getting what he asked for – his death by the ANTIFA and Only Black Lives Matter terrorists.

  89. Arnold has never been funny and is a washed up comedian. That said, it is long overdue for him to be locked up in a nuthouse along with Reiner, Deniro, Whoopi and dozens of other anti American celebrities. Paying the bail for Antifa thugs is aiding and abetting terrorists and they should be hauled away. What about compensation for all the businesses that have been ruined and lives lost due to these losers?

  90. Lou-funny in your comment on the burning down of Wendy’s that Wendys didn’t make the mistake-the police did. Who else made a mistake that started the whole mess? That would be the man who drank too much. Let’s review his mistakes:
    1. Drank too much alcohol
    2. Got behind the wheel and drove
    3. Drove to Wendy’s and passes out in drive-thru-car running
    4. Instead of peacefully going with police during the arrest procedure-he decides to fight the police officer
    5. He steals the police officer’s taser
    6. He aims the taser and fires it
    7. He now has the taser and takes off running with the taser-considered a weapon
    Reallly who made the mistakes here? And my question to you-should he have been allowed to run off & keep the taser? You know for the next mistake he decided to make and use then.

  91. Gregory-I agree -Seattle is -well- always has been for the longest time-nonsensical. However I do think the people have to see what this nonsense in actuality is and it’s consequences. The States have rights and so does the Federal Government. At this point I wonder what the State of Washington voters who voted for the Governor who has done nothing, the mayor of Seattle -who has done nothing are thinking-to back this takeover or not. I do think Trump will step in but Seattle and Washington and the rest of the United States citizens need to see what this movement is ALL about and how it can affect YOUR PERSONAL PROPERTY RIGHTS AND YOUR SAFETY RIGHTS. Americans will have to make a choice and that choice will come in November. Not only for Presidential but in local community elections.

  92. I would try to blow Tom Arnold’s balls off but when Robert DiNiro pulled Tom’s pants down to pack fudge, I saw he had no balls. Just like most Hollywood males.

  93. I am sure this bigmouth…and the Hollywood losers like him will be right out in the thick of it all when it occurs…or possibly hiding under their beds in gated communities. What a bunch of phonies.

  94. Sharon: I certainly pray you’re right about the choice the people will make in the fall. The conduct of the liberals has grown increasingly inexcusable(both the elected officials as well as the animals in the streets). There was a time not too long ago when their behavior would have doomed them to coast-to-coast defeat. Today? I don’t pretend to know. Like I said, the caravan didn’t do the trick…I just don’t know how decent people can vote Democrat at this point, and yet some continue to do so. But as I said, I hope you’re right, and the people teach them a lesson.

  95. Fonda is just fantasizing about kids hoping they come to his place first. After all he is a proven pedophile.

  96. it would seem that failure of the secret service to arrest this clown would be dereliction of duty (?). Free speech is out the window when you make threats against the President! if it’s not completely within the secret service guidelines to do so, just lock Tommy up for being a full blown idiot!

  97. The black mob was In his neighborhood.wait till they see his big fat axx .he be crying ,call 911 Where is the police..that will shut his instigating big mouth up far good.

  98. The fact that he is inciting violence and nothing is being done bothers me. If I were to tweet such comments, my account would censored, tweet removed.

  99. The majority of Hollywood elites are unfortunately like Arnold and Nancy Pelosi. Black Lies Matter went into Hollywood the other day and several were arrested….imagine that. If BLM showed up in one of our neighbor hood’s they could rape your sister, burn a church, attack a 90 year old grandmother with no recourse. Before very much longer, I believe the violence they bring to our communities will start to be met with reciprocating violence that they will not be able to handle. I will be glad when good law abiding citizens , especially veterans with combat experience start showing up wherever they go!!!! When any group not just BLM shows up to administer terror upon our communities it comes back at them 10 fold, it would be so cool to see these thugs and scum bags show up to their vehicles to leave the mahem they created to find their cars, trucks and SUV;s on fire!!! Also any lawabiding protestor who once the mayhem and violence begins, if they stay for the violence, they are no longer a peaceful protester but also a domestic terrorist. should make them

  100. Obama, Biden, Clapper, Brennen, Clinton, Rice, Strock, Paige, etc. and their supporters, Peloai, Nasler, Schaffer’s, et al should all be tried for treason and hanged. Aronold, Reiner and other crazies should be forced to dig the graves before they are tried fo treason.

  101. Who cares what Tom Arnold has to say, the only reason he has any voice at all is because he was briefly married to Roseanne Barr, he’s an idiot !!!

  102. I’d like to see Tom and Rob armed, leading a bunch against the police. Once the click of the safeties was heard, Tom and Rob would be running over their group like runaway semis’

  103. What happened to “nobody is above the law”? Where is the Secret Service in the protection of the a president? If it was the last and worst Illegal president that this country se people would have been in jail for a long time. Let’s clean up our country and get rid of these worthless nobodies that have nothing better to do than to show how stupid they really are. You truly can’t fix stupid.

  104. Stop posting about these cowards & you won’t see their names. All they want is attention. 99.9% of comments about these A-HOLES are negative & they don’t care, just as long as you respond!!!

  105. Tom Arnold is a joke. Roseanne and her kids made the show! Tom Arnold as a man is like a deadbeat dad!
    He should be visited by Secret Service who should search him and every property he owns for anything that could be used for violence against the President now! This is how those who threaten the President should be treated. We all have cleansers, paint, etc in our homes that could be construed as dangerous materials and since Tom Arnold has threatened the President, he should have to answer for having them. As for guns, if he has any, HE SHOULD GO DOWN AND BE DRAGGED OUT IN HANDCUFFS FOR SEEKING TO ASSASSINATE THE PRESIDENT OF THE USA! Super summer, rightists!


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