A Hollywood actor got the boom lowered on him by this GOP Congresswoman


Trump-despising Hollywood’s annual self-congratulation and political grandstanding season kicked off last week at the Golden Globe Awards.

Predictably, the Hollywood liberals all laughed and applauded raucously at Christian Bale’s acceptance speech.

But the actor best known for getting overshadowed by the deceased Heath Ledger in the Dark Knight film got swatted hard by a former second daughter after this shocking claim he made on stage.

Accepting a best actor award, for portraying former Vice President Dick Cheney, the “Vice” star bluntly stated his feelings about former Vice President.

Bale claimed he drew inspiration for his role in the film from Satan.

But Bale drew a sharp response from Congresswoman Liz Cheney for his characterization of her father.

The former Vice President’s daughter unearthed news of Bale’s arrest for assaulting his mother and sister, tweeting “Satan probably inspired him to do this, too,”

The Daily Beast reports:

“Liz Cheney did not take kindly to the words Christian Bale used to describe her father during his Best Actor acceptance speech for playing Dick Cheney in Vice at the Golden Globe Awards Sunday night.

In addition to calling the former vice president a “charisma-free asshole,” Bale also thanked “Satan” for providing the inspiration to channel Cheney in director Adam McKay’s divisive biopic.

Interestingly, while Ms. Cheney stuck up for her dad, there hasn’t been much said about the other politician — Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell — who Bale seemingly dubbed a “charisma-free” orifice as well.

Do you think Bale’s comments were spot on?

Let us know what you think in the comments.


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  2. I find Christian Bale a very vile and loathsome individual after his unjust and despicable comments about Cheney and McConnell. He leads me to think the same of him as he so viciously declared of Cheney and McConnell.
    Hell will freeze over before I support ANY of his movies.

  3. What an inane question..do we think Bale is spot on? He is on a land slide to hell. Where, he will be alone, no one to speak to, every vile thing or pain playing continually around him, and burning from head to toe. Remember, eternity is not under time constraints. If he believes n the defeated Satan than he knows there is a hell. Wouldn’t wish this on anyone…..but it is his freewill choice to go there.

  4. Hollywood Stars??!! I called them by the rightful name PRETENDERS !!! And I don’t consider that career an intelligent one!!!

  5. There is another Liberal Scumbag’s moives I will never watch again. Along with George Gooney, J. Depp, Jim Carzy Carrey and Others.

  6. You are so right!

    I haven’t been to a movie for ages now because they all seem to be vile, hateful-lots of cursing, disrespectful–etc

  7. Most people know most of the Hollywood liberals know NOTHING about real life. They should stick to play acting?? and keep their mouth shut when they are not getting paid to spew false lines.

  8. Why does any one care what Hollyweird has to say. Fluck bale, rosie, especially fluck Alec Baldwin. No talent and his looks are gone too. Fluck anyone against our President Trump.

  9. Bale is a sad sack of squat if he is turning to Satan!Every time one of these hollyworthless a-holes opens their mouth it could really cost them at the box office!!There is hardly anything coming out of Hollywood worth watching!!! Hollywood has become part of the swamp that needs to be drained!!

  10. Bakes loathsome and disgusting comments about Cheney & McConnell gave the world a clear picture of what he believes in and whi. Clearly from his comments Satan is one of his heroes. That’s his prerogative but when you dance with the devil you reap what you sow. Just as clearly Bale committed career suicide even if he thought he was being glib. I for one want support any of his movies.

  11. You are right on…except he won’t be alone, many of his Hollywood friends will be right there with him. If you chose to follow Satan you will reap eternal death in hell. Try Jesus instead….he gives you a new heart and a mindset of good versus the evil Satan is giving you.

  12. I stopped watching all the Trump hating Hollywood creeps movies in 2010. I refuse to give them a dime of my money. I buy the old time America loving actor’s classic movies and love them!

  13. What a sick thing to say, even if you don’t like someone. I use to like him, but he’s lost my support I hope all his movies are a big ASS flop, just like alot of these so called Hollywood stars. I wish they would keep their mouths shut. I will pray for him but I don’t think he cares or even deserve it.

  14. I stopped going to the movies a long time ago. Most of the movies today have lousy actors and no storyline. The movies coming out of Hollywood today are pure smut with slutty females. Since you have no talent take your clothes off maybe no one will notice mentality. Hollywood gets none of my money. I stopped watching all the awards shows a long time ago too. For the most part Hollywood has been blessed with no talent as__oles.

  15. Most of the Hollywood elites have no clue what the real world is about, that’s why they can’t live in it or deal with it. It’s also why so many take drugs. if they aren’t in the lime light being told how great they are they fall apart.

  16. All movies with these phony people in them I pass on. I’m basically down to reading, research and watching documentaries. Hell is never full but Jesus can save them still. I’m sure that annoys them but it’s true.

  17. Sadly, this so poorly named Satanic will reap his just reward in due time. I am getting really tired of these foreign transplants taking advantage of gifted citizenship and then feeling free to dump on any and everything their twisted ethics allow. I will describe him in the vernacular he chose for others but I will leave out the adjectives, he is simply an A-hole that needs to STFU! I will never watch him practice his (Satan) craft ever again!

  18. No-Talent- Bale is the epitome of someone referred to in the ever-true old saying–“Fool’s names like fools faces, always seen in public places.”

  19. And they all get paid to be immoral on the silver screen. As Christians we should leave them to their own devices. But it seems were just as hooked as the non-Christian to viewing immorality. Why is that?


  21. I find that Bale is probably a God hater as well as a devil worshiper. You see when you reject God you are worshiping satan. Even if you do not know that you are, someday when he meets his maker, as everyone will, he will finally see the light and be ashamed, but it will be forever too late. Same for all the degenerate liberals.

  22. Do not support Hollywood and these people will dry up and blow away. They are only supported by other peoples money. Stop going to movies that support liberals, read a book or find a movie that supports your views. Do not support any Demoncrat or liberal. Live your life free of these people. I do not support any Demoncrat or liberal cause. Stop the money/support and you will help to stop them. The war for this country is raging and we must be wiser than our enemies. Stay involved and active. Vote and support conservative candidates. You are not alone. There are millions of us.

  23. Class will always show, as will lack of. Not only has this ignorant immoral just advertised this to the world, but to Satan himself. He is in for a rude awakening one of these days. I’d rather take the high road myself. Even though it’s hard to pray for idiots, that’s exactly what we should be doing.

  24. Funny how Bale can criticize OUR former VP while ignoring the REAL Satan worshippers taking control of HIS home country. How long until the Muslims kick the Royal Family to the curb, Christian?

  25. I’m amazed at what a ‘small’ person he is. Evidently his doesn’t want or need my support for his films. I’m granting his wish, I’ll never pay to see him again.

  26. Actually, Bale’s correct. Once you know & understand who the elites are who’re running our & every other country on the planet, you understand he was telling the truth. You see, you have to know these people’s assoc-
    iations, bloodlines & agenda. You also have to know the associations & agenda of whom Bale spoke. It takes a bit of time & research to find it, but it CAN be found.They’re now doing a lot of things in the light of day what they formerly did only in secret. Why? Why do escapees try to throw the dogs off their scent? To get away (with something), throw the dogs off their scent so they won’t be found out. Same thing here. They’re doing & saying just enough to make it look like they’re joking, they’re counting on we the people to laugh & say, ‘Oh good grief, that’s NOT real! I’m not that stupid!’ OR people’ll say they’re nuts, they’ve gone over the deep edge. The elites’re counting on it, because it works. People’ve been falling for it for years. You have to know from whom they get their information, who they’re talking to & with whom they’re in league. It’s quite an eye opener…..

  27. A Hollywood actor got the boom lowered on him by this GOP Congresswoman? Christian Bale drew a sharp response from Congresswoman Liz Cheney for his characterization of her father. Another reason Republican women should champion separation of church and state!

    “Let the women keep silent in the churches, for they are not allowed to speak. Instead, they must, as the Law says, be in subordination. If they wish to learn something, let them inquire of their own husbands at home; for it is improper for a woman to speak in church… let a woman learn quietly with complete submission.

    “I do not allow a woman to teach, neither to domineer over a man; instead she is to keep still. For Adam was first formed, then Eve. And Adam was not deceived, but the woman, since she was deceived, experienced the transgression. She will, however, be kept safe through the child-bearing, if with self-control she continues in faith and love and consecration.”

    –I Corinthians 14:34-35; I Timothy 2:11-15

  28. he needs to live in Iran and make films don’t let him back in to the USA not even to be buried here

  29. Inform Christian Bale that American citizens really don’t give a crap about what American performers say about America and her politicians – we certainly don’t give a crap about what foreign performers have to say at all – on any subject. Bale was in the U.S. to accept an award for acting – acting the part of real human being. Perhaps Christian will use his award to bludgeon his mother and sister.


  31. All libtards can do is lie twist truth deceive and blame. Anything to pervert the truth and justice and try and make themselves appear righteous and the
    truly righteous appear bad. They use anything they can as a smokescreen but the truth always comes out in the wash!

  32. Apparently you know nothing at all about what the Bible teaches. You just conveniently pick verses that seem to fit what you want. And there is no such thing as separation of church and state. Our founding fathers were Christians and the only thing that is forbidden is a national religion, which they fled from.

  33. Why is it that you don’t say that Liz Cheny “needs jesus”?? After all she is gay – a lesbian in fact. This was brought out when Dick Cheny was in office. Oh, you all have forgotten, or simply want that fact kept quiet. That’s how all you Repubs care about.

  34. Eleanor – I question your use of the word “despots” here. I think despots are evil rulers. doesn’t seem to fit your commentary.

  35. Love Alec Baldwin – he does a great Trump impression on SNL. So so funny. You all should just watch him once – you would die laughing!!

  36. I find most of these Hollywood elitist snobs vile and hateful people. I watch very few movies and liberal TV. Their ideas are on the precipice of Marxism.

  37. You’ve got that right. And there is tRumpy , right in the thick of it. He says and does whatever he pleases – just to throw us off the scent of what is really going on in the White House and his entire administration. He lies and backtracks on anything he says. “Oh, that’s not what I meant.” He couldn’t speak the truth even if he tried. But it will all come out eventually – and he will be found out for who he really is. He loves other dictators and wants to emulate them. He wants to be in office forever and run this country into the ground!!

  38. As for Bale, “Bale is a “charisma-free” orifice as well.” Who assaults their mother and sister??!! Just like Hollywood to wrap their arms around one who assaults his mother and sister. He probably just found someone he could take in a fight! What a POS!

  39. There’s an old saying, “ it takes one to know one” , and so I guess it’s no longer a mystery what sort of a person Mr. Bale truly is. How pathetic to spew forth such evil and I thought he was one of the good guys in Hollywood.
    Only thing these people understand is their attachment to fame and money; so I will not be going to any more of his movies. No matter what you think of our former Vice President, try to be human for a few seconds and show some charity and mercy, two concepts that are no where to be found in these ungrateful elites!
    Do I feel sorry for all those self righteous idiots that we support at the box office? Yes, I do because when they’re not on screen they have no idea what it truly means to be human.
    All the rest of you people out there … it’s time for the silent majority to start putting these people in their place. Just stop supporting their films.

  40. BJ – wrong again!! Founding fathers were DEISTS, not christians. You need to do a little more studying!!

  41. trumpy has never done a good thing in his miserable life. He is driving this country into the ground. And I suppose among his good things are his 2 divorces. I am amazed at all you good christian folks who don’t seem to mind someone who dumps women as fast as tRumpy does. You seem to overlook his other faults – like not paying contractors for work done. Just stiff them!! And defrauding those people who signed up for tRump University and then taking their money and leaving them holding the bag. Gotta love all those lawsuits tRumpy has involved himself in. What a great president – NOT!!!

  42. Wonderful commentary from the supporter of a group that cares only about absolute power and how to pad their bank accounts on the backs of working people.

  43. You should follow your own advice. Better yet, try to come up with your own opinions and stop with the old dem talking points.

  44. If the media would stop writing about these people, they would shut up and go away. As it is these media whores looking for attention would disappear if they couldn’t get their names in the headlines.

  45. I cannot remember when the last time I watched a movie in the theater. I do want to see “Mary Poppins Returns” though. I am in my 80s and the book “Mary Poppins” and then the movie were among my favorites when I was young. Disney has lost most of the magic it had in 1939 , the days of Walt and movies like “Cinderella” and “Snow White”. I am sorry that the children nowadays do not get to share that magic.

  46. Nancy Alexander, as a leftist, you do not believe in God nor in Jesus, so you have no room to talk.

  47. You are partially right Nancy, but not completely. True enough some of the founding fathers were deists, but not all. And funny enough, even the deists relied heavily on the teachings of the bible for guidance in formulating our government. And while I do not know if president Trump is a Christian (that is between him and God), I do know that there were many instances in the bible, and I believe here in the USA where God used unbelievers to bring His plans to fruition. This one thing I know beyond the shadow of a doubt, anyone who believes that abortion is ok will one day stand before the Creator of the universe and try to explain why they thought it was ok to murder helpless innocents.. um ummm umm,would not want to be there. You all have a blessed day.

  48. Vasu Murti, you are dangerous. You take part of the bible and twist it till it fits your need. There were some very strong women in the bible. God never said anything negative about them. In fact, it was just the opposite. Yes, in the church assembly, women are to remain silent. That is true. But women taught men. We are not less than a man.
    Pete, the history books have been rewritten for the last 50 to 60 years, or so. The founding fathers were very religious. Read their writings in the Constitution, and in other papers. I don’t see any deists there. They believed that God had a hand in everything that was good, in His creation, and what was happening then and in the future.

  49. Bale had better start bailing out his boat because Cheney just blasted holes in it. Good going Liz Cheney. He deserved to get the rug pulled out from under him. He’s a has-been anyway. Who listens to him anymore? Not I.

  50. philip–i cannot even understand how or why you would even consider viewing that movie. i have not been to a liberal movie or watched a biased liberal tv show in years. i refuse to support these slimeball know it all over paid idiots. hitting them where it hurts is the first line of defense. if they advertise a product and they are liberats, i let these sponsors know that i will nit buy their products because of their liberal politcal vews. hit them the same way they are hitting the conservatives with the media biases. all my friends and i do the same, it is worth the effort! pass this on!

  51. I am merely wanting your comments on a gay Republican woman – that’s all. So how do you reconcile being gay and running for and actually being elected? Most of all of you had a real hissy fit over the bisexual woman Kristen Sinema who is a Democrat. But how silent are you all when it comes to a republican woman being gay and serving in public office???

  52. Sorry – you are wrong again – abortion is a necessary medical procedure and will never be abolished. If legal abortions were outlawed, women would still get abortions – only now in “back alleys”. I don’t know how you can justify that!! You say women should keep their legs closed – I say men should keep their pants zipped. It seems that women get all the blame when it is the men who are just as responsible. I wish that men could get pregnant – then we would see a whole different ball game!! All these old white men sitting in congress making laws that in no way affect them.

  53. Nancy…You know NOTHING at all about our founding fathers. That is very obvious. YES, MOST of them were CHRISTIANS. You need to read REAL history, not the lib propaganda taught in public schools.

  54. Ok, I’ve been reading about Deists. It seem that they believe god created the universe and then retreated from it, no longer feeling any need to further intervene. They believed that god had no need for any further miracles, and did not send messengers to earth for any reason. They also believed that god did not need any praise so eschewed religious services. Also they did not believe that prayer was necessary as god did not any longer interact with man. Famous founding fathers who were deists are Ben Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, James Madison. So how do you like that? Seems that deists did not use any christian beliefs in writing the constitution.

  55. Problem with Aleck (as in smart) he is such a pretender and complete and utter ass. Remember this is the guy who left his 13 yo daughter a voicemail calling her a despicable little pig. I maybe wrong about her age, but it was somewhere near 13, but why would you say that to your child?

  56. Nope – I don’t remember it, but if it is just a rumor, then I know you would want to repeat it. That’s the kind of fellow you are. And maybe it was just a family joke after all. Could be!!

  57. Liberalism and PC are a mental disorder and Pelosi,Behar,Hillary, Carrey, Waters, Shepard, the lemon, Ocasio are just some of the poster girls in the godless deranged NAZI Commie Demoncrat party!!! Here is just another Liberal LGBT useful idiot on display!


  59. Nancy,
    I’ve been watching/reading your responses to others comments and came to the conclusion you are one angry, disillusioned woman.
    Think you need to medical help. Do the world a favor and get it.

  60. I have been following all the commentary on this site, and mostly want to upset your smug looks and hypocrisy over so many issues. Most everyone on here just blathers on and on, repeating the same old stereotypical answers and slapping everyone on the back, seemingly all agreeing to the same stuff. What is the matter with you people? Does no one have an original thought? Why even bother to comment when you all think the same stuff? You are all cut from the same cloth and not an original thinker in the bunch. You all seem to have the same mental health issues you accuse me of!!

  61. That’s funny! Perhaps that is the problem with our country today, nobody listens to what the other side has to say. Further, I think we really are all on the same “side”, as we are all Americans.
    What has happened to open discourse of ideas and opinions?? Everyone is ready to denigrate the others opinions just because we can in this era of blistering someone on the internet because we know we will never see them, so we can be as rude and despicable as we want to be with no repercussions, other than another lengthy post telling the other person what a useless piece of humanity they are?
    We are going down a deep pit that I personally don’t think we can recover from.

  62. I appreciate you reply and your thoughtful commentary. And you are probably right about many things.

  63. It was no joke (his nasty call to his daughter) He was full of vitriol, and no 12 year old should have to suffer that sort of abuse. I had a dad who did stuff like that and even though I’m in my 60s, it sometimes has an effect. I haven’t watched SNL in 20 years. The modern day definition of humor is NOT funny. It’s all trashing someone and I don’t find that funny. Maybe I’m just too old to find stuff like that funny. As for Alec Baldwin, he has been so downright hateful to his wives, his kids & complete strangers I have trouble even seeing him on TV. He doesn’t appear to be a very nice man. Kinda like DeNiro. I just don’t watch movies or much TV today. I DO love my DVD player and my DVDs though!!

  64. Nancy, this thread is about a spoiled brat actor. You obviously don’t really care about what POTUS has done as president – you’d rather look at everything else. He HAS done a lot for the country but this isn’t the place to go over it. Those of us that voted for him knew we weren’t getting a perfect person. In my case, I voted against the hag Hillary because I know too much about her. I’m happily content with my vote. BUT that’s all I’ll say, because your nastiness is not really apropos and off topic. Oh, by the way, we “good Christian folk” learned something while reading our bibles – Romans 5 – judge not, lest ye be likewise judged. You might want to read it, sometime. Just a suggestion. If you choose to unleash more vitriol, I probably won’t read it. I’ve read enough. You really have some hate issues.

  65. i would hope that even jesus would smack him in his face for being so repugnant–then send him way south to sweat in hell for eternity

  66. Not me, thank you. Haven’t watched a movie in years. I admit to being captivated (still) by Harmon on NCIS & Selleck on Blue Bloods. I watch all 3 NCIS shows – and Blue Bloods. That’s about it. Guilty pleasures all.

  67. So you were there, Kathryn and heard him speak?? And this “child” has now been represented as being 12, 13 and then 14 years old. Just how old is/was she?? Interesting how everyone commenting here knows all about Baldwin’s conversation. Must have been a crowded room!!

  68. Nancy,
    Thought we resolved this already or maybe you forgot to take your meds today.
    I posted the link to the voicemail Mr. Alecasswipe left for his 12 (twelve) year old daughter. It was a very well publicized ordeal (even on CNN, MNBC st al) at the time. NO one on here is making it up, IT IS FACTUAL. Take your meds, if not I’m sure they can work you in at the nearest mental facility, but friggin drop it.

  69. Well, NO more Christian Bale movies for me. HOPE He & rest of Nut Jobs in Hollyweird enjoy their rapidly shrinking “base”, and learn some Economy Measures to “survive”.

  70. It’s always a good time and the right time to bring up your president, tRumpy!! I don’t care if you do or don’t read any of my comments. Other folks on here seem to bring up comments on whomever they please, yet you would single me out for wanting to remind you about tRumpy!! How fair is that? If you don’t like what I write, then just ignore me!!

  71. That is a terrible thing to say – that jesus would smack anyone in the face!! But that is what I would expect from all you repub trumpites. Either jesus is real to you folks and is kind and loving. or he isn’t and you can impute to him some of YOUR OWN real feelings, (which I think is the case after all.)

  72. Nancy- take your meds and get off your high horse. Nobody cares to hear your continual whining and self exposures of your own stupidity. You against the world!!!

  73. Take your own meds, Will, and leave mine alone. I’ll bet mine are better than yours anyway. You probably just need stronger ones a to control your abusive outbursts!!

  74. Hey Nanc,
    Maybe your meds are better than mine, but am only taking heart meds, not HEAD meds andyou out go see your head doctor because yours are not strong enough, obviously.
    Again, you exhibit all the signs of a hateful, detached and arrogant know-it-all democrat.


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