A High School teacher was handed a pink slip for this outrageous reason


Leftists have an iron grip on Academia.

They are trying to eradicate anyone who holds Christian or conservative beliefs.

And now a High School teacher was handed the pink slip for this outrageous reason.

A French teacher at West Point High School in Virginia was unanimously fired by the school board for misgendering a so-called “transgender” student during class.

He said in an interview with NBC affiliate WWBT that he would not violate his “good conscience and faith” by calling the student a gender that does not correspond with their biological sex.

The school board didn’t like this.

The Daily Caller reports:

Vlaming has referred to the student as a female, according to the Times-Dispatch.

Misgendering refers to using biological pronouns for a transgender person as opposed to pronouns that accord with their new gender identity. Deadnaming refers to using the “dead name,” the name they used before transitioning, to describe or address a transgender person.

Vlaming’s avoidance of pronoun use made the transgender student feel singled out, according to the report.

“That discrimination then leads to creating a hostile learning environment. And the student had expressed that. The parent had expressed that,” West Point schools Superintendent Laura Abel said, the newspaper reported. “They felt disrespected.”

Following a complaint about Vlaming’s behavior, school administrators claimed that Vlaming had transgressed school harassment and nondiscrimination policies. “Mr. Vlaming was recommended for termination due to his insubordination and repeated refusal to comply with directives made to him by multiple WPPS administrators,” Abel said in a statement.

This high school teacher was fired for standing up for the biological truth established by our Creator.

The “repeated refusal to comply” was simply the act of refusing to bend to the will of a single transgender student and ignore the rules of biology.

Meanwhile, just down the road in Gloucester, Virginia, a federal judge is forcing Gloucester County Schools to allow transgender students use the bathroom of whatever gender they feel.

Even though, as we previously reported, a so-called “transgender” male sexually assaulted a classmate in the female bathroom.

Do you think as professor should be fired for refusing to misgender a student? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.


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  2. What the heck is going on in our educational systems? This so called political correctness has totally destroyed any common sense that people once had. The teacher should not have been fired. He was only standing up for what is right. There are only 2 genders, male and female and these so called transgenders need serious mental health counseling.

  3. The insanity that is prevalent in too much of our country needs to be stopped in what ever way will do the trick. Whether it be by law or peer pressure. The few are given all the perks to rule over the many. And most of the many still have common sense where as the PC crowd don’t know the meaning of the word.

  4. Fire the whole school system. I’m often asked what going on in America. My reply is the devil is trying his best to kill still and destroy, Gods creation. I’m feed up with these liberals.

  5. These examples show why we need to support charter schools everywhere both public and private along with private schools and home schooling. We need to support Hillsdale College and its Barney Charter School Initiative. The anti Western Civilization of the Leftist ideology has virtually destroyed public schools.

  6. Trans gender BS.
    If they want to,”Talk the talk, Let them walk the walk.”
    I’m sure the sight of the knife would dissuade most of them .

  7. The teacher wasn’t misgendering, he was simply calling the student as he or she was born as and known as until this point. Sue the principal, school board, superintendent etc, etc, etc…

  8. Just because someone wants to identify as someone does not make it true or real – Truth is Reality – Reality is Truth – if you want to live in a fantasy world – that is your choice, but, you still have to deal with the real world as it is – forcing others to accept your fantasy is sick and perverted – no one should ever have to lose their livelihood or pay a price because of your fantasy.

  9. If the teacher would lodge about twenty million dollars law suit against the School board for violating his constitutional rights they might change their agenda.

  10. OUR kids can’t compete in the world because of this nonsense. Japan bans all of this they concentrate on Civic,Math, Science, History. Skills that are education. Our system is more interested in our kids sexuality than educating them for the REAL world. The parents allow this child abuse. Shame on THEM they should fire the school board instead.

  11. I donate to Hillsdale College and College of the Ozarks. BOTH concentrate on real education and personal responsibility as well as a LOVE of our country.They take zero government funding.

  12. We do not have a queer problem.
    We do not have a bent gender problem.
    We do have a liberal dem bloodsucker problem. Resolve the liberal problem we have no problem with queers and bent genders.
    The school people will do this as long as they get away with it, talking with liberals does not solve the problem, Civil war is inevitable why are we waiting?

  13. Charter and private is not the answer, Satan can also invade those school also. American religious church leaders need to oppose these sinful and ignorant laws by Satan led school leaders. Note is seems that males are mostly demanding to be treated as a females. There are ONLY Two sexes, Male and Female. God did not make any other sex. Again religious Church leaders need to speak up and against the homosexuals agenda.

  14. The School system is totally wrong. A person have their right to their religious belief from their raising. God decides what gender we are, that should be final, and if any one wants to change, they should have to live by the majority rule. God Bless America.

  15. I agree with all the comments. Desires of the few cannot be allowed to adversely affect the majority. The majority should rule. When I was a child, we didn’t have any of these isolated problems. Each gender used the applicable bathroom. If a child was different, he/she had to deal with it by being different at home. Why should the majority suffer for the few??????

  16. Don’t you think the teacher is having there free speech taken away by the employer , They want you to live in there fantasy life to feel special. Real life is to hard. I hope this teacher takes this school board to court.

  17. Reply with comments if you so desire.

    In the 1980’s the Grace Commission studied the entire public school system looking for ways to make it more effective and efficient and get better results than was achieved at the time.

    Among wasted moneys, duplication of agencies, etc, they found this little Jewel.

    60% OF THE PUBLIC SCHOOL TEACHERS came from the BOTTOM 40% of their high school graduating classes.

    To put that into understandable language (for the teachers)

    At any given time in school, 60% YOUR CHILDREN are being taught by people that averaged between D- and F+ in high school.

    They are easily indoctrinated in ‘teechurz kolage’ to be dumber than when they began screwl.

    FORCED to JOIN A UNION, and TRAINED to be a USELESS DRONE, they stand in front of a class with 80% of the children with HIGHER IQs and ‘teach’?

    The more intelligent students get bored quickly, upset the ‘teechur’ who declares the child “disruptive’ to the class, send the child to the principal that calls the doctor that specializes in declaring SMART CHILDREN to have ‘attention deficit disorder and DRUGS THE CHILD DOWN TO “DUMBER THAN THE TEACHER”


    POORLY EDUCATED People are ever so much easier to lead by the nose and easily TRAINED TO DO WHAT THEY ARE TOLD by ‘authorities’…


    get rid OF THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT intrusion INTO local schools.

    get rid of all ‘TEACHERS UNIONS’.


    And set “EXPECTED PERFORMANCE STANDARDS” for the faculty and staff.

    FAILURE to meet standards gets an escort to the door.

    And POORLY PARENTED children are sent home to mommy and daddy to be PARENTS FIRST!!!


    One room schools…
    Americans that were educated in one room school houses did the best in OUR history.
    Today, in towns, cities and suburbs, the system needs very little alteration for todays population and culture.
    A modest house with kitchen, 2 bathrooms and a large living room will suffice.
    One teacher with an assistant, preferable parents that volunteer teaching
    the older children, with older children teaching the younger ones how to
    read and write and arithmetic.

    The act of one generation teaching another generation builds a tremendous tie between the participants.
    Teachers would have the ability and authority to mete out corporal punishment,
    ‘parents’ who have a problem with that can always send their children to government schools.

    Older children, high school age, will have another school nearby for the upper levels for all nearby schools that they will attend 2 or 3 days per week. again, one
    room, one teacher and one volunteer assistant.

    Historically, Americas children that attended this type of school knew more about
    cognitive thinking that any college professors of todays universities.

    Parents would be more than welcome to stop by and observe or help out with
    educating their own, and others children to ensure they actually LEARN the real history of America, ALL of the Founding documents, the Federalist Papers, etc.

    I feel certain that curriculum and subject matter could be obtained from
    Hillsdale College and others at minimal cost for digital copies.
    Think about it, study it, pass it around and see if it is doable in your neighborhood.
    It removes the union influences, the heavy hand of an oppressive government.
    This would build cohesion between the different age groups and solidify the communities they way they were 100 years ago.

    Tommy, 18, teaches Suzy, 6, her alphabet and beginning reading and writing. Tommy graduates and gets married.
    8 years later, Suzy, now 14, teaches Tommys son, the alphabet, or
    arithmetic, spelling, etc until she graduates. The cycle continues…

    “bullying” is stopped in its infancy.

    “Grade” schools divide and separate children into a system that is unrelated to
    the health and welfare of the community as a whole and the community
    loses the cohesion necessary to stand together whenever danger or need arises.

    With Parent volunteers on hand every day, the teachers can be judged and evaluated and if a teacher is found to be lacking in strong moral, ethical and Honest character traits, it will be a simple process to remove that teacher and replace with a more acceptable person.

    Without the massive ‘institutions’ where children are mere numbers instead of Young People the quality would increase and the drop out rate would plummet along with the expenses.

  18. And sue them AS INDIVIDUALS NOT as government employees.

    Any and ALL legal expenses, including Court Award and Punitive Damages COME DIRECTLY FOR THE PERSONAL WEALTH, and the UNION RETIREMENT PLANS!

    That way the TAXPAYERS are NOT ON THE HOOK for the POOR PERFORMANCE and ILLEGAL BEHAVIORS of persons that WE, THE PEOPLE did not hire!

  19. The answer: SCHOOL CHOICE. No one should be forced to go to or support schools that do not support individual values. Not everyone agrees with transgenderism. Therefore everyone should not be forced to accept it. If families can take their children to any school they want and take the tax dollars with them, all of this nonsense will stop.

  20. Very interesting, “Crusty Old Geezer”! This method should be implemented, but who is willing to start? I am wondering how these people got on the school board to begin with. We’re they well known to the voters? Did they change their minds after elected? Certainly, there should have been a biography about them written in the local papers. This should have included their plans for the school.

  21. Sooner or later, We the Sane People of these United States are going to say, ENOUGH IS ENOUGH, and tell these PC pricks that they are a bunch of ignorant IDIOTS that do not deserve to hold a place among the human populace! But, we just sit back and welcome these IDIOT LBGTQ morons into our government, both local and federal, and let them dictate the direction our children’s minds will take! They should have stayed in the closet and enjoyed the anonymity afforded by the darkness, instead of making OUR lives and our children’s lives, a living hell! TIME TO MAKE IT STOP! A man is a man, and a woman is a woman, this is cut and dried! If they see it another way, they need to seek help!!

  22. No matter what a school board says the person is what they are.Abram Lincoln asked his generals how many legs does a mule have .They said four.he then said what if I called the tail a leg what would you say.
    ,they could not answer him because they didn’t want to tell him he was wrong.he then said it doesn’t matter what I say it still only has four legs. So, no matter what the student wants to call himself he or she is what they were born to be .With all the problems facing our schools why bother with this nonsense?

  23. At the start of the school semester, inform all students that they will be called by their last names, without honorifics in order to avoid upsetting their inflated egos. That should avoid the BS circumstances that this teacher had to endure.

  24. Censors, a worthless bunch of sissy democratic supported idiots that couldn’t ever earn a living doing something right and honest.

  25. These kids are targeted by the LGBT community as new feeding grounds for their perverted culture. If you were born a male and want to be female, then you still go to the men’s room until you get wacked off. If you are a female and want to be a male, you go the ladies room until you get an attachment put in place surgically and you lose your boobs. Simple solution. Until then keep it simple.

  26. Its no wonder that we have so many screwed up kids today. They can’t tell black from white, male from female, female form male, Religion from Atheist, left from right, Front form back, up or down, right from wrong. Just exactly what are they learning in school these days?

  27. By the way, the details of your research are fascinating and amusing because I have long believed that most teachers were not the the brightest bulbs on the tree especially after they allowed them.to be represented by Union attorneys, I know of a guy who when we last met was teaching for some college but was not officially employed, he had just received his PhD, of course I told him he was crazy if he thought I was going to address him as Dr., he thanked me for keeping him humble, well any way when Scott Walker passed bills effectively greatly weakening the Teachers Union even my acquaintance said it is good in that it will weed out the deadbeat teachers no more of this tenure nonsense for Primary and Secondary school teachers, fail to perform and you are out the door.

  28. I was always taught calling someone just by their surname is rude, why not 1st names?

    Mister, miss, missus, etc. are titles and not honorifics.

  29. Chuck, anyone involved in this that allowed it to happen should be sued and replaced. Not necessarily in that order…

  30. Psychotropic drugs just make it worse. Check out how many mass shooters were on them. Remove psychiatry from our schools and justice system and you’ll see sanity start to return.

  31. Sam, make that suit in the billions or trillions and maybe or just maybe they might think about the situation.

  32. Nunyer, he may be prince but, he’s not the not to wear the crown. I’m pretty sure there has to be some Dimocrat ahead of him???


  34. Raymond, I said it earlier. He should sue the principal, board, superintendent etc, etc, etc. I’m not sure they will change but, stranger things have happened…

  35. That is very commendable. Only a few colleges never take a penny of government funding and you are right, Hillsdale is one of them. It never has taken any government funding from what I understand. If all of us who supported the strict construction of the written text of the Constitution would send small donations to Hillsdale, that would help spread the charter school initiative.

    Private charter schools, of course, are to be preferred but even public charter schools with local control are far more likely to support the American Founders and the exceptionalism of the American Republic in spite of our imperfections. If balance and perspective are used, what America did and has done has never been done before on the scale that America has done it.

    Progressive leftism is determined to destroy the American foundation as exemplified by our founding document the Declaration. I really commend you for making donations to Hillsdale. I feel so bad for that high school teacher who has lost his job over this gender issue.

  36. Didn’t the teacher simply avoid using gender pronouns and this offended the boy who insisted he is a girl and wanted to be referred to as she and her, etc. Maybe I misunderstood the article. The Transgender advocates demand that everyone conform to their tyrannical Procrustean Bed strait jacket. There is no liberty under Identity Politics.

  37. Tragically you really cannot learn history in the current public schools. I would guess that history is the most mutilated subject matter course in the public schools today. I would shudder to think to what the average public school student is exposed in his or her history classes.

    Those of you who are commending home schooling are recognizing the depths of the problem. The whole concept of school choice might just be the most important issue for the future of America. No one should be compelled to pay taxes to support the public schools.

    I never thought I would actually advocate abolishing all public schools but I am rapidly reaching that point since there is no flexibility with the Leftist ideologues who do indeed have an iron grip on public schools. No schools should be publicly funded. Let every point of view fund its own schools or its own concept of education. On my own Wish List for President Trump is abolishing the Department of Education.

  38. I do not think this leftist assault on Western Civilization would stop if we implemented a true policy of school choice which I heartily support as well but it would give the current generations a chance to lead their children in the way they should go. I agree completely that no one should be required to support public schools.

    The era in which public schools reflected the local community with a broad based agreement focused on moral boundaries is long gone. It has reached a kind of fever pitched existentialist struggle over values that have no basis for any kind of working compromise.

    There are public schools today that are prohibiting the colors red and green because they are Christmas colors. Who ever dreamed such hysterical lengths would be taken in schools that are funded by We the People in a constitutional republic?

  39. I think this school needs to grow a set of balls and the school administration needs to check the rules and the law so this crap does not happen again. I know if I had children I sure would not be sending them to that stupid school, the school should be ashamed of them self for letting this happen the school and these parents are wrong.

  40. We all know that there is a war on against Christianity and all of you out there better look out because not all Christians will turn the other cheek and will fight for our Religion and our rights to worship it. So just keep it up and you all will see. In the name of God, we will defend our religious rights.

  41. Jerry, you said “sooner or later” and I believe it is way past time for SANE Americans to stand firm on what the bible teaches (one man and one woman).
    I also believe this whole thing began many years ago when Madam Madiline Ohare (sp) made the move to remove prayer from schools and we said, ok. Since that time, incremental moves have been made adding to the idea and we said, ok, instead of rearing up and declaring war on all anti-God moves. Wake up America and see what is really happening.

  42. Agree all these perverted freaks need removed from schools all schools including colleges they are ran with our Money we need to Demand true teachers that teach what they need to survive out in the real world not the queer and perverted these crazies have to be dealt with hard if necessary

  43. We live in a fallen Universe. Mutations occur and over time entropy increases. That does not detract from the fact that we live in a heterosexual world regardless of human defiance and recalcitrance

  44. Has anyone noticed that the flag the teachers union displays is very similar to the fag the communist party displayed in the 50s

  45. Ernst, you have the right idea but, your scope is a little small. I say sue the principal, school board, superintendent then the county and the state even. After all it is a public state run school right???

  46. It is Ridiculous that Decent People Are Expected (and now being Required) to Accept All of the Wrong / Odd-Ball Terms and Thinking that are being thrust upon Society under the “Politically Correct” segment of Society !!!!
    Doesn’t “Gay” sound so much more pleasant than the Real Condition of being a “Degenerate, Abnormal, Abominable, Detestable. Despicable Misfit” ????
    A little redundant ?!?!? Let Us not Use the Term “Queer” any longer. That surely offends those who Suffer from the Deranged thinking that they possess.


  48. I worked for a school one time and you can not just fire the board and believe me ours needed to be. To many friends regardless of any qualifications.

  49. Snooky, If that were the case I would agree, but sadly there are many schools doing the same, and it will only get worse if we all don’t step it up and vote these liberal degenerates out of office!! They are a disease to our once great nation!!

  50. I was wondering that myself. I taught overseas for the Department of Defense schools so my experience is not stateside but I thought school boards are elected. The only way to “fire” them is at the ballot box.

  51. I can beat that story- here in Port St Stupid (Lucie) Florida, we fired a teacher for having the audacity to give students ZEROS for turning in NO homework at all. The School Board believes that scores of ZERO damage the little imbeciles self confidence, so they have decreed that 50% is the minimum score that may be awarded. Good luck with that- let’s see these little ZEROs try to collect 50% of a paycheck without showing up!

  52. Allie, that’s insane and how did the parents allow this to happen or were they behind it? Believe me, that wouldn’t surprise me at all…

  53. So basically the teacher CORRECTLY used the English language that defines gender based on ones BIOLOGICAL gender instead of the DELUSION an individual has about what their biological gender is and they illegally fired the teacher for proper use of the language based on IRREFUTABLE BIOLOGICAL FACTS about the individual because it is PC to LIE in support of that delusion than to correctly use the language based on its actual definitions.

    Yet these same people want to label people who refuse to buy into their FAITH BASED belief in the missing link as proof God does not exist on the grounds they feel it is DELUSIONAL hold a belief that is irrefutably proven false.

    Sorry to have to state the obvious but their is no PROOF God does not exist just THEORIES about evolution based on the FAITH there is some proof out there they have yet to find. There is however irrefutable proof about ones biological gender and by their own definition of delusional holding a belief contrary to the biological fact of what they are is a delusion.

    It is no different than the ones they DEMONIZED and DISCRIMINATED against for having the same type of delusion when it comes to RACE. In fact there is currently a lawsuit over the AGE issue where one FEELS their age is way younger than they actually physically are if we apply the same FLAWED logic used to excuse the GENDER DELUSION we must then accept the AGE, RACE, or even SPECIES delusions some have.

    In fact in some nations they are arguing about DISFIGURING those with delusions about missing limbs that are not missing as a treatment for their DELUSION of it being missing. They are using the same arguments used to permit the irreversible GENDER REASSIGNMENT surgery. a surgery some are wanting to impose on CHILDREN not even old enough to understand what it is because someone conned or confused them into saying they were the other gender. Something that statistics say most will GROW OUT OF by adulthood.

  54. America needs to ban all sexuality from the school system and concentrate on subject matter. Some of these kids are graduating from American schools that can’t even read at 8th grade level. Today’s American school system sucks…. nothing like when I went to school in the 50-s and 60’s. Schools need to get back to the BASICS.

  55. If my memory serves me according to the US Constitution, the fourth amendment, Education is a State issue and not Federal.

  56. If the school board had a policy on transgender students, and this teacher violated it, the teacher got what was deserved.
    The constant attack of peoples sexuality is a religious “boogie man”. It does not belong in the schools. Let the kids live their life, and teach.
    If you are religiously perverted to the point that you cannot, then get out o teaching.

  57. first, you cannot prove a negative ( their is no PROOF God does not exist).
    It is not the job of who ever says god does not exist to prove it. It cannot be done.
    It is the job of who ever says that god does exist to prove it.
    So far, I have not seen any proof that god does exist.

  58. this was done through the back door saying that he was insubordinate. They set him up with rules that they had set up about the transgender. I’m sure the parents were behind it also. parents grandparents need to get behind this kind of thing and get it changed. Right has become wrong and wrong has become right. This is ridiculous God helps.

  59. this teacher needs to file charges and then sue the student and ITS family . The teacher was using the THINGSbirth name which is the legal name until IT can turn 21 and legally change ITS name. Nature create a female not a male. Let IT be ware of Mother Nature and all its functions

  60. I agree, tax payers should not be the ones to pay. School board should be fired and people with common sense replace them.

  61. No human rule/law/surgeries can change someone’s biological sex, period. Please stop all these nonsense. Enough already!!!

  62. I agree with a great deal of what HISTORY TEACHER has expressed in his comments.
    Public education is not for everyone. I could see it more for the students with disabilities and for truly impoverished welfare recipients (legal US citizens).
    A great amount of money ???? is spent on new team uniforms year after year. Sometimes sports in the public school system is held in greater esteem than academics. I agree that it has its place and can build character. Often it keeps kids in school. I would like to see more children homeschooled and a revival of private education schools. When parents pay… children learn !

  63. David, COMMUNISM is a good start but, we need to add friggin’ pansy ass political correctness to that. People need to grow the “F” up and realize that not everything someone says is an attack on them…

  64. You are right since not a single word about schools and education is written in the 1787 Constitution. There is no stipulated power granted to the federal government so the 10th Amendment applies which is so often ignored where it reserves every thing not granted to the federal government to the states and to the people, this is, to the localities and counties and towns.

    For years the public schools were locally controlled but when the state financed them with state taxes, then the state got more involved with local schools. That is how the federal government got its own massive foot in the state’s door because the federal congress began to provide tax money to the states to fund public schools. Once the money came from the federal government to the states, naturally came all the federal rules and regulations for using that money and pretty quickly the federal government was knee deep in local school affairs.

    No federal money should ever be granted to the states for anything that the 1787 Constitution does not stipulate is a federal power granted to it explicitly. There is NO basis for a federal Department of Education. There is NO basis at all for using federal tax money for public education.

    No consistent conservative can ever support the existence of a federal Department of Education. It is hard to give up on the public schools but I see no way to save them from the coercive Leftists who support every challenge to natural rights upheld by our founding document in the Declaration of Independence. The Left recognizes only Identity Politics and any assumed Identity that defies natural rights is declared a minority that must be given civil rights protection which robs everyone else of freedom of expression and freedom of thought and freedom of speech.
    If our liberties mean anything to us at all, we have to get out of the public schools.

  65. It’s awful that this teacher got fired for doing the right thing. I don’t understand why people get punished for doing the right thing. Mixed-up world. Certainly not the world God created. Man keeps trying to change what God has created, but God will have the last word in the end. ????????

  66. Shameful … and sad. There is one male and one female … you may have inclinations, but, you don’t act on them. You learn what is important to learning … not demanding gender transition-ism.

  67. Yes, you are right.There is nothing that we can do that is not vulnerable to attacks and to attempts to undermine it but church leaders are vulnerable too and some of them succumb to the attacks from the main media that tend to repeat Leftist ideology. We still must put up a resistance and private charter schools have so far stood firm against outside interference.

    The public charter schools are doing well also since they are controlled by the parents locally. Even home schoolers come under vicious attack as well as private secular schools and private religious schools.

    However, we should not become too discouraged since for most of us we have a Point of Reference outside of ourselves sufficient for the long run. It is important for the future generations that we make every effort to build these forts of defense that allow us to teach our own children and the children of those who share the values of the Declaration of Independence.

  68. So TRUE! The entire schVlamingool bunch of school mis-administrators need to be fired right after they reinstate Mr. Vlaming as their French teacher. He should also be paid several hundred thousand dollars from the school and school board for the embarassment he has suffered.

  69. This sounds like the whole school board should be fired! They should never be allowed to have an association with school children again. They are SICK!

  70. True enough in regard to what Judy recently commented but we need to appreciate at the same time that the perfect world created at the beginning changed when sin entered the world and with sin, death followed. We live in a fallen world under judgment. The Body of Christ has been given the task of being salt and light in civil society bringing the influence of Christianity as far and as wide as possible with a Point of Reference which is objectively independent of all human imaginings. That changes everything when that ultimate Point of Reference is recognized.

  71. The government stuck its fingers in education claiming that it was UNFAIR that students whose parents could pay more for their child’s education got a better education.

    From this they gained control of the funding to make sure the children had an “equal education” this eventually became total control of what is taught by threat of funding cuts ensuring that even the brightest students were kept down to the intellectual level of the least capable student so the least capable students would not “feel bad” they are unable to do as good as the most capable students.

    Using claims of how it would somehow HARM those who could not learn certain things to allow those that could learn them to be taught.

    For example the language is now exclusively taught using a system that was originally designed for use by those incapable of the normal way of learning their ABC’s.

    There are students from this recent “education” that can not even read technically manuals much less understand the instructions because they never learned to sound out much less put together words using the INDIVIDUAL letters of the English alphabet.

    In fact many schools have nothing but indoctrination into PC beliefs in place of actual education. For example the one sued for teaching the “Islamic religion” instead of history in their history classes. They claimed it was about diversity yet it was the only religion/political ideology being taught in the class.

    One school actually got so bad they had two separate sets of books for the students. One they used in class not to be taken home and One they could take home that was SAFE for parents to see.

  72. IT is though specifically it is a combination of school boards caving to financial threats from politicians combined with trying to follow the indoctrination they went through acting as if being PC is more important than actual education or even an accurate education in the history of this nation. (Those who forget history are doomed to repeat it)

    The first thing they did to history was reduce the number of founders they teach about to the a few that are atheists or whose writings can be twisted to make them appear that way that were among the 250+ who founded this nation.

    Education in America has done nothing but go downhill from there.

    Many who received an actual education would probably be surprised by how many students from MODERN education do not even know the US constitution was about RESTRICTING the powers of government and protecting the rights of the people especially as they continue to argue for abolishing those rights and expanding the powers of government out of FEAR and the false belief/promise the government will protect and take care of them if we only give up our rights especially the ones like freedom of religion, freedom of speech, and to protect ourselves from a tyrannical take over of this nation by ANY government (the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed).

  73. The school board should be sued for no less than $100 Tillion each member as well as for all court costs and Legal fees. That way no one would want to represent them. The Judgeshod first be removed from the bench, disbarred,banned from any and all aspects of law for life, if the judge has children they should be taken from the judge for life and the judge should be barred from having any and all things to do with children for life. Lastly the judge should be raped and then asked do you want others to go through this??

  74. We need to take CONTROL. Schools need to put GOD and give out Bibles Again. We can teach creation and evolution the Rel truth of evolution which breaks down everywhere. We need to teach truth in history. We need to actually educate our children and not leave it up to a few. To believe that there is not GOD is a religion, and that is what’s wrong with the system

  75. More out of control PC bullsh*t. Time to take our schools and churches back. ‘We the people’ make up the educational and religious institutions, not minimalist groups who push their agendas down our taxpaying throats.


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