A fourth-grade teacher did this outrageous thing to students who weren’t “masking-up properly”


The mask vs. non-mask debate has become one of the most divisive issues the U.S. has seen in decades.

The issue of masks has caused school board meetings to shut down and fistfights to break out.

And now it’s being reported that a fourth-grade teacher did this outrageous thing to students who weren’t “masking-up properly.”

Parents across the country are furious over the mask mandates many school districts have put in place.

The fact that there is no data to back up the Left’s claims that masks prevent the transmission of COVID – in fact, most of the data shows quite the opposite – has parents asking why their child is being subjected to those wretched masks.

Now it’s being reported that some teachers are taking drastic measures to ensure their students are wearing masks.

The mother of a fourth-grader in Las Vegas, Nevada, is irate and looking for answers after a substitute teacher reportedly taped a mask to her son’s face when he mistakenly took it off during class.

The mother has filed a police report and is calling for the teacher’s resignation.

“I was furious, furious. I was scared for my son on what kind of long-term effect it is going to have on him socially, the fact that the entire class was laughing,” the mother said.

The mother, who requested to remain anonymous, says that her 9-year-old son’s failure to wear the mask correctly was an honest mistake.

“He went to get a sip of water, forgot to put the mask on,” the mother told KVVU-TV.

According to the mother, instead of reminding the boy to put his mask back on or even just sending him to the principal’s office for not following the rules, the teacher drug him to the front of the class and applied tape to the mask, and stuck it to her son’s face.

Allegedly the teacher even applied a second layer of tape from the boy’s nose to his forehead.

The boy was then sent to the office to pick up homework with the tape still on his face, which is when an alarmed administrator noticed the boy’s face.

The school’s principal then paid a visit to the classroom to investigate the situation.

When the principal arrived, she reportedly discovered another student with tape on their face as well.

The mother said that her son told her the face mask taping has been happening since the beginning of the school year and that at least five other students have experienced it.

The school district released a statement letting parents know the employee is being dealt with “through the proper channels.”

This type of behavior is unacceptable and, quite frankly, borders on abuse.

Whatever the “proper channels” that the district is working through are, they need to include the termination of this employee.

Once again, the Left proves that these edicts are not about anyone’s safety – they’re about control.

This time it involves children and has gone too far.

Parents should be outraged that such a thing would happen at the hands of a so-called teacher.

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