A feminist mob just declared war on bathrooms for this jaw-dropping reason


Modern day feminists have moved beyond simply wanting women’s “equality.”

Nowadays, they are little more than a strictly anti-men movement.

And a feminist mob just declared war on bathrooms for this jaw-dropping reason.

There seems to be nothing feminists won’t blame men for.

And as it turns out, long lines to the women’s bathroom is their fault as well.

A feminist complained to the official Twitter account for Switzerland’s Zurich Airport about the lines to the women’s bathroom being longer than the ones leading to the men’s bathroom.

In response, the airport simply directed the women to the many bathrooms within the airport, only seeming to anger the original poster.

So eventually, the airport gave up on her, telling her that how long it takes women to go to the bathroom isn’t their concern.

This response resulted in an army of angry feminists attacking the airport on Twitter for daring to give men and women’s bathrooms the same amount of space, instead of giving women more.

Pluralist reports:

The official Twitter account for Switzerland’s Zurich Airport replied Friday morning to a woman complaining about lengthy wait times at women’s restrooms by suggesting she take her grievances up with Mother Nature.

A Twitter user going by the name Laura Roldan posted two photographs showing long lines at the bathrooms in the terminal. When, she asked in an accompanying caption, was “the airport going to solve the problem with the ladies toilets?”

Zurich suggested Roldan try one of the “many toilets all over the gate.” When Roldan continued to press her case, the airport delivered a more blunt response:

Unfortunately, we can’t influence how long it takes a woman to go to the toilet. Certainly the architects who built the airport didn’t do this on purpose and included enough space for the women.

There seems to be no problem that feminists have they won’t blame on men.

If this woman has to wait in line for the bathroom, she seems to think it is unacceptable that the men don’t have to at that moment.

But this is modern day feminism.

With women already having equal rights, they need to search for anything and everything to complain about in order to retain their “victim” status.

Do you think modern feminism has gone too far?

Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.


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  2. There aren’t any bathrooms in hell, so men and women will be equal. The whole thing is just ridiculous.

  3. The problem with women equality is women only seem to complain, when it is something that will works out for them, which is not equality at all. Women need to either put up or shut up, which is the first choice. How often has men had to hear they are the weaker sex when it is something they don’t want to be a part of. So what is their plan to solve the problem?

  4. there’s always gonna be something for a “feminist” to have a problem with! I’ve never really paid any attention about lines in public restrooms cause I’ve never been in a “men” restroom & I have no intention of going to any in the future.

  5. We stand shoulder to shoulder an piss women don’t thus it’s faster unzip shake it zip up move on. Next they’ll blame GOD

  6. As a woman, I can understand the frustration that there often is more of a problem with women getting in and out of the bathroom quicker than men. However, I don’t blame men for that. I think that places need to take into consideration that women might need more stalls then men because we don’t use urinals. I’m also not opposed to having some unisex/handicapped bathrooms where anyone can go. I have actually gone into a men’s room before if the line is too long for the ladies room. Sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do.

  7. Women go to restrooms to brush their hair, check their makeup, a lot of talking and using the restroom. Men go in do their thing then leave.

  8. They are hilarious and don’t speak for us. They have gone way past what is equal rights. They all hate men so much that they really believe that anything goes..Lol. Trying to destroy what they don’t like..

  9. Women definitely need more stalls because we have a greater need for privacy, we can’t use anything like a urinal and we have monthly issues. I would not “blame” men for this. It is just a fact. Go to any public area and you will always find longer lines for women. Architect’s fault, Builder’s fault, owner’s fault, whoever’s fault it is, just fix it in future builds.
    To me, it just seems silly to have men’s rooms and women’s rooms. They just need a line up of individual rooms for anyone. One line, male and female. Total privacy for all.
    NO – I AM NOT A FEMINIST, I am a mom!

  10. the comment making the most sense is the one from Ginger above. Maybe more stalls in womens bathrooms would help this problem

  11. How ridiculous can you get? The facts of life are women need more time to avail themselves of the facilities!

  12. The truth is that when there’s an event going on, more women will need to use the restroom than men. The places holding these events just need more restrooms for women. This happens all of the time. I guess our bladders have been stretched from having babies. Just put in more stalls, please. Not a feminist – just practical.


  14. my state passed a “potty parity” bill which allows for more stalls in a woman’s bathroom AND the hook on the back of the door to be mid-way so no one can reach over and steal purses; etc…..so much logic there!! women also have more bathroom issues than men – think about it!! geez……..

  15. It should have been common sense, back when the first bathrooms were designed, that women would need more room than men. And it still should be common sense. So are we FINALLY getting around to addressing the issue?

  16. This twisted version of “feminism” is not the real thing. It’s supposed to be about how women have empowered themselves over time and now have “everything” they want. This insanity is not feminism at all, just moronic victimhood.

  17. You are so right. I am definitely not a feminist but I have witnessed many times especially in theaters that the line for the ladies room is always at leas twice as long as the line for the men’s room. I have even had a man offer the use of the men’s room saying “there’s nobody in there”. I think the problem could be corrected by having two rooms for the ladies for each room for the men.

  18. Just use the low line men’s bathroom!
    Who da hell gives a care who goes where now, just don’t dump it in the public’s face.

  19. The real problem is: Women take more time in the bathroom. Why not put up a sign “Five minute limit.”

  20. Good Idea to put rain gutters around the walls and let them ‘stick a hose it’ and pee in the trough.

  21. WOW! The Swiss have gonads!! Here in the eternally put upon, offended and outraged America, the airport stooges would already be ripping off the “MEN” signs and replacing them with “FEMINISTAS” SIGNS.

  22. So it appears that just gossiping isn’t enough. Not all women are this way but over time I see the fracture between men and women gets bigger each day and is very close to becoming a crevasse which few will be able to meet.

  23. If women were allowed to use men’s toilet stalls, the feminist would explode, if the toilet seat were left up. If I can lower it, they can absolutely raise it. works both ways.

  24. I’m definitely not a feminist, but come on. It’s a fact that women go to the bathroom way more than men, at least double if not more. Yet in a lot of cases, whoever designs restrooms in public places hasn’t figured that out. Not only do we go more, but often after having kids and aging it’s harder to control your bladder. I think the Swiss were rather dismissive about the whole thing. US airports have done a good job, at least the ones that I fly from-to of increasing not only the size, but the number of restrooms.

  25. Our world is out of control! People making frivolous demands and having unrealistic expectations. This isn’t a perfect world so nothing is ever going to be perfect including the wait time at the ladies room. Get a grip people. I’m sure there will probably be waiting lines in Hell also because that is where you will end up with your unchristian thought process and values.

  26. U mean 2 say that the restrooms in Zurich r not unisex. Walgreens/Target many businesses allow LGBTQ use of restrooms. I thought Europeans were supposed 2 b so sophisticated.

  27. Ridiculously too far! Feminism used to be a GOOD thing — not any more. Can hardly stand to see and hear some of the stuff that’s going on. :>(

  28. If you have to go that bad, identify as a trans-man and use the men’s room. One might want to point out though, that men pee standing up and do so in an open space without privacy. If feminists want the same amount of toilets, perhaps they should to the same.

  29. In this case gender neutral restrooms, which I do not support, would be the answer to this dilemma. Women could then also use the men’s bathroom, they have only to declare themselves as a male and walk in.

  30. I agree. being a man and at one time a husband. The time I spent waiting for my ex. was as frustrating for me as well as the women waiting.

  31. This female She would really have a fit, there are just two Latrines, one on the first floor and one on the second floor. All women are on the second floor, and all men are on the first floor. What fun, now if your lucky enough to be in one of the newer barracks that is even more fun, you might get a room with a shared bathroom in between rooms, one toilet, one sink, and one shower regardless if your on the all male floor, or the all female floor. What fun when you have two people in each room, so you have four people sharing one toilet, one sink, and one shower.
    Feminist throw a fit over that and see just how far it get you, like in front of the Company Commander for a judication of Company Punishment loss of you privileges to go off base, or even exit the company area, extra duty 2 hours every night and maybe a reduction in rank.

  32. Feminist need to get over themselves and do some charity work to make a real difference in someone’s life and stop making both men and other not so radical women miserable.

  33. Years ago I had a membership at a very nice health club (owned by pro sports athletes) with racquetball, weights, cardio, etc. When it became time to re-paint and re-wallpaper the club, the locker rooms presented a problem. Once the remodeling company (men) doing the work had finished the men’s locker room, the club management had the men and women switch locker rooms. You’d think the women would have been happy with the freshly painted and wall papered men’s locker room, but they were not. “Gang showers!…where are the private dressing/changing rooms!…urinals!….only 3 toilets!….men are disgusting pigs!”. These were some of the sentiments heard as women stopped coming to the club until the work was done. Meanwhile, the guys were enjoying the luxurious women’s locker room. Never in my life had I seen such nice facilities, nor have I seen them since. Do you see the problem? Men treat women as if they are special (which they are), hence the luxurious women’s locker room. But that treatment is seldom appreciated. So spoiled, many (not all) complain and complain!

  34. A lot of women are taking the side of men for mens rights. They gave up on that messed up greedy hateful feminism stuff.

  35. A lot of women are taking the side of men for men’s rights.

    As an honest MRA I just want to say:GTFO of our movement. We don’t want you. Outside the bedroom we will never want you.

    They gave up on that messed up greedy hateful feminism stuff.

    Yeah,right. If you are going to post something like this make sure a veteran MRA with 25+ years experience doesn’t read it or you’re in for a rude awakening. Guess what? You’re in for a rude awakening. Not buying it.

  36. So this is where all the cacausian retards congregated to after the trumpsingles website got outed as a scam.

    Nice to see the CrotchPatrol is still as stupid as ever.

    Stay retarded Skeeters and please multiply, my kids will need the comedic relief your inbred spawn is so apt to provide.

  37. You go Granny, I agree, I’ll even laugh at the sexist jokes. To be honest I hate public bathrooms. You have to back in and teeter over the toilet to get the doors shut and opened.

  38. Disney-Pixar’s Cars II even pointed out that the line to the female vehicle facilities was longer than the males. Soon they’re going to gripe at Pixar for thinking it’s funny!

  39. These “feminist” women have a major problem. They need to suck it up! Funny story happened of what happened to me: I’ve only been in the men’s bathroom one time and it was by accident. I had to use the bathroom real bad one time from my fluid pill kicking in and rushed into the Walmart bathroom. I was wondering at first why the women’s bathroom had urinals in it and then I realized that I had went into the men’s bathroom by accident. Thank goodness no men came in as I was going out! LOL That would have been embarrassing for me big time. I was already embarrassed enough because my husband was laughing at me and I was laughing at myself over this. LOL

  40. The reason that women’s bathrooms are overcrowded is that it takes two women to go piss. I’ve often wondered why this is but every time we go out with another couple and one of the women goes she always ask the other to join her. If anyone can answer this for me please do so

  41. Now I have two observations: Look at the bathroom sign in the picture. It shows a black man and a white woman. Isn’t that very racist, you liberals? It completely speaks to your objectives, to DIVIDE this nation for political gain. You have done this so long that it probably cannot be reversed.
    Secondly, what woman wants to walk by 15 men standing at urinals with their anatomy hanging out, just for the privilege of saying she can. I had four daughters, and I can assure you they want nothing to do with a men’s room. Men do not always raise the toilet seat, they don’t always lower the toilet seat, and any intelligent woman would not wish to expose themselves to such germ warfare. But hey ladies if you like all of that just knock yourself out. They cry, vry, cry, because you feel that you are not given due respect. LADIES, you diminish your own standards. You should be cared for and not subjected to substandard conditions.

  42. What like making sure your make-up and hair is okay before you leave? Shoot just go into the stall and do your business, come out wash your hands and leave. That’s all that needs to be done. Hair and make-up should be done at home before you leave. See, I’m a woman and this is how I feel. Keep the line movin!!

  43. I think it’s because they are scared to go by themselves. LOL Shoot! When I have to go, I just get up and go! I’m a big girl I don’t need anyone to go with me! LOL

  44. I totally agree that feminists always have to have something to complain about. It really is sort of funny considering that as much as they scream about being the same as men, they simply don’t have that one piece of anatomy that helps to make it quicker and easier to go to the bathroom. What I don’t get is I thought that it was sexist or something like that to have Men and Women’s separate facilities so just go to the men’s room. I thought getting unisex bathrooms was one of your great achievements.

  45. It was pointed out that there are many other women’s restrooms to go to but this person just wanted to complain. If the number of restrooms is insufficient maybe more can be installed but she did have options!!! Some feminist’s even want to force men to be vegetarian’s and force vasectomy on them. The list goes on and on…

  46. And these poor excuses of women gives the true woman a bad rep too! These are the ones that are crying about equal pay. If they want equal pay, then let them do the same work as a man and see how long these wimps last! They’re also the ones that cry and gripe about crap like this and then holler rape or sexual harassment if some guy starts getting too close for comfort to them. Thank God theses stupid people don’t speak for me!!

  47. Then you would have the police on you for sexual harassment from these idiots! If I ever saw you moon somebody (which I doubt I ever will), I surely would have to bust a gut laughing about it. LOL

  48. I’m not a feminist, but I am a 72-year-old woman who has experienced years of waiting in line. The only way a man could be held responsible is that the architects of the building were not thinking in practical ways. Women’s restrooms will always have lines because of physical differences, please note liberals there are physical differences. We all need to sit down, we need to share it with children’s small bladders, and there is more than just unzipping a fly to enable us to take less time. I enjoy being a woman, but sometimes indoor plumbing can be taxing. I think more women who have spent years in line should consider architecture as a profession or suggest it to our daughters…I actually tried that, perhaps someone else will be more successful with their children. Bottom line is women need more stalls…men can use urinals, zip up and leave.

  49. My wife does not take any longer to use the toilet than I. However, other grooming habits and maintenance seem to require more time. I really never understood why lines seem to form out side of women’s facilities more often than men. I always assumed it was because of chat time. I noticed more verbalization coming from woman’s facilities than men. Perhaps it is the lack of consideration for the next person as they check their makeup, put on lip gloss or just don’t unlock the door till these are all finished. Men merely have to unzip in most cases and which may take a bit less time. Rather than merely complain, I suggest you study what creates the problem and then submit a solution. It is a reasonable complaint, but being a man I can hardly be responsible or trouble shoot the situation. I remember when woman complained about it being men that were creating sanitary applications and other garment solutions stating they don’t understand a woman’s needs. 10 woman’s restrooms for every 1 male hardly seems reasonable either. Maybe supply a separate area for grooming. I noticed men do not spend as much time in front of a mirror. In a small night club I used to visit men would let the woman go ahead of them alternately because they knew this was a problem. There was a lock on the door. Another club I go too woman will ask men check if empty and then too watch the restroom door as their facility was busy. I haven’t heard any male yet decline.

  50. These mentally ill radical fems are angry with their own state of existance. The only cure is inside of them, not a bunch of ridiculous new laws.

  51. in this NEW DAY of equality( brought on by democrooks, and lgbt) she has the right to use the mens bathroom. she can just back up to the urinal, and let loose like we do.


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