A federal court just forced this Christian professor to do something truly terrifying


Religious liberty is under assault like never seen before.

Traditional religious beliefs are being demonized by militant activists on the Left.

And a federal court just forced this Christian professor to do something truly terrifying.

Dr. Nicholas Meriwether, a philosophy professor at Shawnee State University in Ohio, lost a lawsuit that could have chilling ramifications.

Meriwether is a devout Christian who believes that using transgender pronouns violates his faith.

A few years back, Meriwether referred to a biological male – who wanted to be seen as a female – as “sir.”

The student confronted Meriwether about being “misgendered” and asked to be called by female pronouns, but Meriwether said he would not.

He offered a compromise and said that he would use the student’s first name.

That’s when the student allegedly said, “Then I guess this means I can call you a c**t.”

Shawnee State said Meriwether must use students’ preferred pronouns despite his religious conviction.

Meriwether fought back by filing a lawsuit, but a U.S. District Court judge just ruled against him.

This is tantamount to compelled speech, which should send a chill down everyone’s spine.

So-called “hate speech” laws are bad enough, but compelled speech is far worse.

Forcing people to say things they don’t believe is a hallmark of authoritarian regimes.

Meriwether’s loss is a harrowing blow for the First Amendment, and could set a dangerous precedent.

If people can be forced to affirm a fringe ideology like transgenderism, then there’s no telling what else those in power might jam down the population’s throat.

Europe already has nightmarish hate speech laws where people can literally get arrested for “hateful” social media posts.

That hasn’t yet happened in America, but people can get put in digital jail for speaking against the radical orthodoxy.

Radical feminist Meghan Murphy was kicked off Twitter for posting “Men aren’t women, tho.”

It’s quite scary how a simple statement of fact like that has become ban-worthy.

The worst part about it is the American people didn’t decide it.

No one was asked, and no one voted.

People just woke up one morning a small handful of influential activists decided to impose these beliefs on everyone else.

Canadian professor and psychologist Dr. Jordan Peterson rose to worldwide prominence for pushing back against the notion of compelled speech.

Left-wing critics said he was crazy and conspiratorial-minded, yet here we are.

A Christian professor in America could lose his job for not bending the knee to leftist dogma.

Do you think compelled speech controls could start to spread to other areas of life?

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  2. The 1st and 2nd amendments are the bulwark of a free society. Once these are removed this country will be come just another slave nation run by the elites and the citizens will be treated as nothing more that slaves and told how high to jump, when to take a crap, when they can ear, what they eat and how much they can eat, if they will be allowed to have a family or must only contribute their eggs & sperm so the rulers can make genetic people who will be subjects of their whims. Look at Venezuela, North Korea, China, Cuba and all the other countries that DENY the people free speech, owning of guns, etc., remember the NAZIES and their rule of terror when they denied the people these basic rights. There can be laws against slander but not against the telling of the TRUTH.

  3. How truly frightening this country has become because of the very small minority of our population known as the alphabet/transgender people are dictating everything that deals with how we live our lives and throw out Christian morals. And we MUST accept their deviant lifestyle as normal and all be politically correct to appease them! They have totally disregarded the First Amendment, especially in Professor’s Meriwether’s case!! All thanks to the demon party strategically placing people in jobs of power, such as this judge, to enforce their agendas on us. I echo Mr. Mattson’s comment: May GOD forgive and have mercy on America!!!

  4. Wrong–it was designed so NO religion would control the daily lives of the Nation…NOT the complete elimination of religion in our daily lives…get educated..

  5. I think the professor came up with a great compromise. This is an example of this group wanting special treatment. If you are a man you are a man, just because you want to be a girl does not make it true. Wanting people to treat you like a female when you are a male is insane. you have a mental problem, it is as simple as that. You need help.

  6. jack, our founding fathers were Christians who came here to worship God as they chose, not as England said they had to. They disagree with your sick hatred of this country. They left us a country based on their Christian principles, one of which is your freedom. You are freed to LEAVE. Please do

  7. Linda, we do not have to accept their sick perversion and we certainly do not have to appease them. They are deranged. What we must do is pray for them and for our country. It is going to get much worse before it will get better

  8. In now way should someone has known someone as a he be relegated to call him she if that person chose to try and just his sex.

  9. This professor has a SCOTUS case. He’s been demonstrably affected negatively by a forced unConstitutional decision by a lower court.

  10. BJ i agree with you Jack should just leave but I dont think he has the knowledge of how to make it happen. Yes we’re all tired of his spewed poison. If he won’t leave then let’s hope God intervenes lets him die and we can go on an encouraging those who stand for christians and God be glorified.

  11. Let’s see, we can’t take the transgender person to task, so let’s concentrate on judges! I think the professor should sue the judge for violation of his Constitutional rights, but in the meantime, let’s set up some Constitutional guidelines for judges (some of whom seem to need an education on the subject). This judge seems to be sitting on his head, but the swelling won’t hatch into anything socially acceptable. Trust me!

  12. This is just a sampling of how fast the USA is sliding over to worshiping Satan rather than Jesus Christ.
    In these last days, it’s happening at break-neck speed.

  13. It is so sad to hear this. Could the Professor appeal to a higher court? It would seem that the only people allowed freedom is the LGBYPQ (P for pedophile) Community. No freedom for Christians or Republicans it seems.

  14. Who says “we” can’t call a freak a freak. Such court decisions are just one more push to a domestic war. Be prepared. The inmates, regardless of position, cannot be allowed to create or run a national asylum.

  15. Civil war will become reality if they keep legislating from the bench it’s not going to be pretty at all in fact it will very bad for all of us, people will not put up with it they think we’re all dumb and don’t read but it’s untrue

  16. We Americans no longer have any rights religious or otherwise. We have had transgender, LGBT shoved down our throat. Don’t get me wrong, you want to live that life style fine, but don’t be forcing it on us and taking our rights away. A woman’s room is just that a women’s room. No trans or anyone defining themselves as female should not use the women’s room. A separate bathroom such as handicap or family bathroom supplied for these people. Stop forcing this crap on young children as well. What is being allowed is so wrong in the schools and libraries. My child would NOT attend anything to do with teaching transgender, sex acts etc, That is up to a parent to talk to their child not a stranger. This whole thing has gone too far.

  17. Insisting that someone call something what it is not is a violation of out first amendment rights.
    Think of the number of things we could be forced to call other things.
    We would need a list to remind us what to say before we spoke,

  18. Bj; You know of course I was being sarcastic when I made that statement. No, we shouldn’t HAVE to go along with their perversion. Nor should we be MADE to appease them. But because of all the evilness and corruption that has taken hold in this country( thanks to the demon party) it’s getting harder and harder for us to see righteousness being upheld. And them trying to silence us at every turn!
    I have been posting long enough for you to know I am a true Conservative and Christian. So please understand my meaning. It’s hard enough for us to have to deal with haters such a Jack and that HCB person then to start questioning each other’s comments. Thank you.

  19. Jack you are right 2nd Amendment is “freedom of–” S.C.Judge Hugo Black changed one word ” of” to “from” Hope he’s happy in Hell!!

  20. Bible says, “The fool has said, There is no God.” Clearly many have not studied actual humanity and our association with God, call Him a Higher Power or whatever, God is still in control and He said, “God will not be mocked,” so all the fools would do well to be quiet until they are enlightened and able to discern fact from ramblings of some ego driven indoctrinator, AKA professor. And Jack, well Jack is Jack and that ain’t much. He, on a continuing basis, reads from an improvisational script written by someone who has never tried to understand the fact that we are ALL created in the image of God.

  21. The decision needs to be appealed, and the judge turned into the federal judicial ethics commission. ANYONE can write and turn in this judge if you have the case number, the court where it was decided. This type of judge needs to be removed from the bench immediately. The post should have provided the case number, etc. Email Pres. Trump at http://www.whitehouse.gov/contact and write your Congressional representatives, demanding investigation and removal of this judge…

  22. I am not altering my beliefs, lifestyle or language for ANYONE. It is long past the time that “we” take this country back, and if the alphabet’s don’t like it they can leave. If I had school aged children I would pull them out of public and probably private schools and homeschool at this point in order to save their lives from the BS that is forced into their heads. Writing a comment is easy, complaining is easy, fighting is far more difficult and time consuming. If we care enough, and had enough, this is what we must do……non-stop, until this country is back to God’s rule.

  23. Since these people are never going to be the opposite sex, no matter what they “feel”, they do not have the right to force people without a mental problem, to call them anything but what they were born! There are only two sexes, but the idiots with mental deficiencies are the ones that say that you can be anything you want. That is scientifically WRONG. No matter what you do to your body, if you are burned beyond recognition, when they run your DNA, you will be identified as the sex you were born. We need to put a stop to the madness!

  24. No government has the right to tell anyone how he must speak, particularly when his speech is objectively correct. The school should tell the student that he must tolerate being addressed according to his sex, regardless of what he would prefer. To do as he wishes would be a lie, and the school should not expect the professor to lie in his speech. Objective truth should always be a defense of one’s speech.

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  26. If you are not a man. And you are not a woman. Then that makes you an “it”. If you don’t like that then get your ass together. You can not be both at your convenience.

  27. This is a sad situation. As a nurse, I was asked at a time if we would care for a lesbian woman having a baby and her partner was involved too. In a couple other situations, I was blindsided not knowing the sexual ID at the time. I handled each situation diplomatically on a first name basis and this was accepted well. The student took the wrong frame of mind in making a federal case out of this. My thoughts are that I don’t have to agree and socilize with those out of my belief but I will give them my attention if necessary and be civil to them.

  28. From now on in all classes do as the Military does. FIRST MAKE EACH STUDENT ADDRESS HIM AS Dr. or Professor ONLY. No, Sir, and no “hey you”.
    As to addressing the “kids”, USE ONLY their last name without any title. None of them have earned a title at all anyway. So in this case if the student was last name Johnson the professor would use “Johnson”. If two Johnson’s are in the class, “Johnson C” and Johnson K. This will scare the HELL out of the students because this means the professor will KNOW WHO THEY ARE…not just a paper turned in.
    As far as a student calling him that term at all, the professor should have kicked the student from his class permanently.

  29. Jack : Do you believe that freedom OF speech and freedom OF religion have properly brought about COMPELLED speech and freedom FROM religion ? I would differ in these ways : Freedom OF speech is the freedom of one to choose what and when he/she speaks. It is not compelled speech, such as if one were required to call a tomato a “clock”, or to call a man a “woman.” Freedom of religion is the freedom of a person to believe and practice one’s own choice of religion. It is NOT freedom FROM anyone else being allowed to practice that person’s choice of religion. THAT kind of intolerance was one of the primary reasons behind many people immigrating to America from Europe, where kings and dictators imposed non-freedom of religion. Just for comparison, I may have to tolerate someone’s profanity reaching my ears; therefore I feel unjustly abused by their insistence against my audible mention of God, Jehovah, Jesus Christ, and The Holy Spirit !!! I should be allowed to call someone what that person IS. I resent “transgenderism” being “jammed down my throat” by someone who “identifies” by an imagined “gender” ; about like I would resent someone expecting me to drink sulphuric acid while they try to “identify” it as “chocolate milk !”

  30. Those gender benders are free to pretend like, their advocates can close their eyes to the truth and make-believe with them. Instead of perpetuating the delusions they should help for these people with their mental illnesses.
    I however will not engage in this sham with them. I will not allow them to suppress my speech or my rights so they may force me to accept that fraudulence.

  31. The Court has over looked one principal There are two Sex’s Male and Female. We are may choose to be something we aren’t but it is simply a modification.

    They call them QUEER.

  32. The precedent is indeed very scary. He needs to appeal this freedom of speech infringement all the way to the Supreme Court if necessary!
    The first name should match the person’s gender unless he becomes a full legalized female “she” with gender reassignment surgery, he shouldn’t have to just use the gender pronoun the person is asking. A suitable compromise is the student’s formal first name and it should be up to the Professor to either use the formal name or a gender of the student’s legal gender at the time they are their student! This is serious!

  33. This is a Signal that “OHIO” PARENTS and GRAND PARENTS … Need to JOIN THE PTA TODAY! … We need to know WHO? Is teaching OUR CHILDREN! And WHAT? The teacher’s are teaching OUR CHILDREN. … This TEACHER IS CORRECT TO FOLLOW HIS FAITH. … It is OUR JOB as PARENTS and GRAND PARENTS to get in there and fight back against the SCHOOLS and COLLEGES! … By the way? … “WE THE PEOPLE” … Pay ALL of their Salaries and Bills!!! … BY GOD! … WE HAVE THE FINAL SAY IN THIS. … SEXUAL EDUCATION is to happen at HOME. When I was in school if you stood out or distracted from school studies? You were asked to GO HOME! … And the same thing needs to happen here. THIS PRONOUN thing is distracting from school studies! (What you want us all to LIE? Say its a woman? When any idiot can see it’s a man?) WHO ARE YOU KIDDING? THIS IS INSANITY. … NO DISTRACTION FROM STUDIES!…. PERIOD!!!!

  34. It is apparent that the future of our nation and perhaps of the world is DOOMED by the takeover by a generation of left wing immoral lunatics . Go ahead LEFT WINGERS and just keep on doing or buying into this IDIOTOLOGY and see what happens and of course Go ahead and vote for Sanders or other candidates like him and THEN GET A GOOD LOOK AT YOUR ASS BEFORE IT IS GONE

  35. Utter B,S, LWe the people have the power to get these judges to task
    They were put on the bench to enforce the laws, not make them up as they go. These freaks, alphabet idiots are attempting to change the world because they are just that, freaks. If I can find a freak judge and say that I want to be called a dog, then they would make that decision on my part.
    “WE THE PEOPLE” need to hold the judiciary accountable to uphold the constitution as law, not as they see fit to change the law. If they want to change laws, then let them run for office to the legislature and them try to change the written laws, the constitution was written to hold those in power accountable, not to change as they see fit.

  36. You must go with what GOD gives you, you do not have the right or authority to change it. GOD made Adam and Eve of which was one male and one female, not Sweetie and Peete. Only GOD has the right or authority to change what he made, no one else.

  37. Sounds like an appeal is necessary. Freedom OF speech and OF religion (not FROM) are the foundations of our functioning society.
    “Hate speech” needs to be tolerated too, it’s how we arrive at truth. This was debated by our founding fathers. When one mans opinion is in direct conflict with another’s, then discussion should ensue, not court battles!
    I could claim the shutting down of my religious belief is ‘hate’ now what?

  38. Religious affiliation is beside the point. They are trying to compel you to lie. I don’t recall there being anything in the Constitution about the government having the authority to force you to lie. Would you tolerate them forcing you to call an apple an orange? Same thing.

  39. Moral and ethical corruption can be found in most of life’s venues. The justice system, politics, business, entertainment; you name it, wherever leftists reside there you find perversion of societies norms and conventions. These deviants must be confronted, and never feared.

  40. Salt: That’s exactly right. And that’s why it’s so important that Trump get one more term. He’s done wonderful things on the bench, already. But were he to get 4 more years, we’d have a majority that would preserve America relatively intact for another 20 years, if not LONGER.

  41. take it to court and say you will call “it” whatever the scientific results say you are. Science will not lie, nor cater to the disillusioned nor mentally ill.

  42. Simple solution: The professor addresses ALL students by their last name only. No Mr., Mrs. or Miss is to be used at any time. No first names either. This way there’s no way to charge “discrimination” and the professor doesn’t compromise his beliefs. Problem solved without the student being able to claim “victory”, and all the university can do is fume.

  43. Sounds like a SUPREME COURT case should be filed, and the JUDGE needs to be IMPEACHED for VIOLATING 1st amendment (DERELICTION of Duty for NOT upholding the 1st Amendment rights as per the U.S. Constitution, U.S. code). This is VIOLATING the SCIENCE of DNA as well – no matter HOW many hormones an individual is taking. Team Trump and his allies 2020.

  44. Religious liberty is under assault? No. It’s civil rights that’s under assault by right wing religious groups. The court was correct and the professor showed their bigotry by being purposely inconsiderate to the student. The professor can do what they want outside of school, but at work you observe the rule of law. That’s an essential part of the First Amendment.

  45. Question for the people who are having a problem with the court ruling; If a male is named Sue on his birth certificate, would you call him Sue or would your religion not allow that? Think about it.

  46. Transgenders are mentally ill. Most commit suicide. Why would we be listening to the inmates running the institution?

  47. The judges are forgetting that they rule decisions by being constitutional not their own preference. Perhaps it’s honor the judge, is going through the same problem in it’s life. Lord have mercy on us.

  48. He should appeal this decision obviously judge is biased liberal or else just not converse at all with the student. Totally ignore him.

  49. The objective here is to Re-define “words/terms” in our Constitution and our English language to Disavow long-understood interpretations, to create further chaos via new/insane cultural divisions, leading to a lawless society.

    The Court is most vulnerable and comes nearest to illegitimacy when it deals with judge-made constitutional law having little or no cognizable roots in the language or design of the Constitution. ~ Byron White

  50. God created two genders, male and female. You are what you are born as. DNA does not change. You can call yourself anything you want, but you CANNOT CHANGE the fact that you are a male or a female no matter what you do or think

  51. This type of Idiocy is why a Democrat should NEVER be allowed to be in office again!
    100% of this foolishness and anti-American stealing of freedoms comes from the Dem party and their band of crazies. If they get the Presidency – any of them- we might as well accept that it is offically “1984”!!!

  52. PERVERSION, when will the enabling end and when will the judiciary stop pandering to the perversion crowd? The judiciary are supposed to be neutral?

  53. kaci, I meant not in the sense that you used it. It makes no difference what someone’s name is. It is a parent’s choice to name their child what they want. I used to work with a guy named Muhamad. So what? It’s his name and what I called him. It has nothing to do with my religion.

  54. The Democrats in the House of Representatives are hell bent on an impeachment rampage and I believe this would be an impeachment case they could win. File impeachment charges against that judge who has to be ignorant of the Constitution and shows a noticeable lack of common sense.

  55. UNBELIEVABLE that a court that is supposed to see that rights are protected would rule that YOU MUST SAY SOMETHING??? THIS IS AN ABSOLUTELY ASSINE JUDGE

  56. @Michael Wrong! The first amendment was created to protect religious beliefs, regardless of the topic. Which means that telling a Christian that he/she has to abide by a judges ruling and call a person whatever gender they FEEL LIKE they are at that moment. Regardless of your ignorant views, this is (in fact) an attack on Christians! It’s all a part of religious persecution.

  57. Where are the Prof’s rights??????????????? Seems many of these people go out of their way to create a new “class”…. I guess it is going to get down to when you go into a class room or office… you pick up a sheet with a #… and are that # in that class.

  58. “LAST NAME” … Address All Students by their “LAST NAMES”. … This is done is SPORTS all the time. … We will have “ZERO” NEED FOR “PRONOUNS.” …. APPEAL THIS DECISION IMMEDIATELY! … BECAUSE IT IS WRONG ON EVERY LEVEL. Just call everyone by their LAST NAME.

  59. If the person can not identify with the gender they were born as and are having treatments to change their gender, don’t they then become considered a ” It ” rather than a male or female?

  60. So, Professors, Doctors and Teachers have to reinforce another person’s mental illness by Law?! It is a mental disorder and when did we as a society stop treating persons with a mental illness as just that, someone with a mental disorder who believes something that simply is not true just because they believe it?! This Professor should file another lawsuit, arguing that it would be wrong for him or anyone to support another person’s delusional mental illness as it only hurts that person who is ill. We need the SCOTUS to settle this once and for all… Is the made up term Transgendered a real, disabilitating mental disorder that should be treated as such OR is this garbage going to be forced down everyone’s throat despite being a clear and blatant falsehood?! Are we feeding into persons’ delusional state and reinforce it by law or do we go back to using common sense?! As hated as Hitler and Mussolini were, at least they did not put up with this LGBTQP bull$#!^. We feed mental illness when these persons NEED serious help.

  61. bj, but how would you know the difference? How would you know if their parents named them or they changed their name?

  62. Izib, considering all the crazy names parents are calling their children these days, (Apple, North, etc) why do you believe that the question I asked was stupid? Think about it.

  63. The science, in spite of what a few self-proclaimed experts claim, is absolutely clear that there are only two genders, male and female, and that neither can become the other. Most gender-confused children grow out of their desire to become the opposite sex. With a little commonsense parenting or intelligent counseling all of them could escape that mindset.

  64. We are in the end times and God let us know these things and more were going to come about…people being lovers of themselves, etc. But, their time is too coming and if they don’t repent, they are going to see and experience some things that they will not be able to escape from.

  65. Said court is forcing it’s personal opinions instead of the laws and constitution and needs to be gone.

  66. Kacy Stahl…..Izib is correct….one stupid question. Changing names because your head is screwed up is not the same as using a name on a birth certificate.

  67. Don, but my question is how would you know the difference? How would you know if the parents named them or did they change their names themselves?

  68. kaci, WHO CARES???? Everyone is born with a first and last name. It is that name that you will stand before Jesus and be judged with. Not what they want to be called. Jesus knows all of us by name and we will either join Him or be sent to join satan.

  69. Grumpy vet…You are correct. But dems and atheists have no concept of the truth and couldn’t care less about facts. They have no morals

  70. bj, what about the parents who change the names of their adopted children? What name do you use?

  71. bj, this article brought it up. And you responded to it way before I make a comment. So obviously you do care.


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