A father lost his bid to save his son from this radical procedure


Radical Leftists are escalating their indoctrination of America’s young boys and girls.

The Left used to be content with feeding children propaganda through media, but that’s no longer enough for them.

And one father just lost his bid to save his son from this radical procedure.

After a harrowing court decision, one father must go along with his ex-wife’s plan to transition their seven-year-old son into a girl.

To the Leftists who said “slippery slope” arguments about transgender bathrooms and other test cases were fallacies, this case proves their extreme agenda was always going to expand in frightening ways.

LifeSiteNews reports:

A jury in Dallas, Texas has ruled against Jeffrey Younger, the father who is trying to protect his seven-year-old son, James, from chemical castration via a gender “transition.” This means James’ mother, Dr. Anne Georgulas, will be able to continue “transitioning” him into “Luna,” and now has full authority to start him on puberty blockers and eventually cross-sex hormones.

The jury’s decision likely means that Mr. Younger will be required to “affirm” James as a girl, despite his religious and moral objections, and will also be forced to take a class on transgenderism.

Not only will Jeffrey Younger be forced to subject his son to child abuse, he will have to take classes that tell him his views are retrograde and wrong.

This might be the clearest example of the Left’s descent into utter madness.

There is no consensus on the transgender issue.

Nobody got a vote.

But suddenly this is the law of the land.

This is how our freedoms slip away from underneath us, while we are not paying attention.

According to the Mayo Clinic, some of the side effects of feminizing cross-sex hormone therapy are blood clots, infertility, weight gain, type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, and other ailments.

During a podcast interview, Younger detailed the psychological horror he’s been through as he’s been forced to watch his son go through this.

Younger said, “I believe this is not just emotional abuse but is the very, most fundamental form of sexual abuse, tampering with the sexual identity of a vulnerable boy.”

Indeed, it is, and it’s despicable.

Do you think Younger should get full custody of his son?

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  2. This story is not only heartbreaking but confusing as well. How did the mother arrive at this harrowing decision that her seven old son wanted to be a girl? No child that young has the mental reasoning themselves to make such a life altering decision. And for her being a doctor herself wasn’t she aware of ALL the complications( physically and mentally) associated with having this kind of surgery? Of course this judge was quite wrong giving the mother go ahead to proceed. He should have ordered her to wait until the child was in his late teens ,at least, to even consider this.
    Yes I believe Mr. Younger should get custody of his son.

  3. You’re a little late with this news. Although the jury affirmed the mother’s right to have her son castrated, the judge showed some common sense and told the jury to stick their decision where the sun don’t shine.

  4. James V.:
    A) That’s not what the site on which I read this horror story said about the judge.
    B) A judge can vacate a jury’s decision. Why then didn’t this judge? The other site
    said the jury’s vote stands and custody of both boys were awarded by the jury to the awful mother.
    I hope someone in Texas starts a legal fund for the husband to defend his son. I heard that
    is what is happening.
    It would seem that this horrible mother so wanted a girl that she is trying to force this procedure
    on one of the two boys. The defense offered very convincing evidence and reasons to defeat this
    delusional woman’s wish, but the idiotic jury apparently didn’t care.

  5. Robert Armistead: I just thanked James V. for his good news. Now I’m reading your comment. I should have waited before jumping the gun .You are always well informed.
    Well, let’s hope the father appeals this horrid decision and he wins!! This whole world has really gone crazy. I think this mother should be evaluated for her mental stability, before any judge or jury awards her the boys or allow her to make this horrid decision. If she wanted a girl so badly, didn’t she hear of adoption?

  6. So when this child reaches maturity and sees the life the mother has decided for him/her/she/he/it, who will be held responsible?

  7. This Mother is a Doctor? What kind of idiot quack Doctor is She? A mentally disturbed idiot? How can She do this to a 7 year old Boy? He’s too young to know what He wants. One of my twin Grandsons loved girly things, but he grew out of it. She’d better think twice about transitioning this Kid. I feel horrible for the Kid and the Father. The Jury panel are nuts too..

  8. No matter whose decision it is/was, it was the wrong one. I say leave the kid alone and once he has completed high school, let HIM decide if he wants to be a boy or girl. As a transitioned-into-female, he/she will not be able to become a parent unless he survives his male childhood and decides THEN to transition, to have sperm saved for future children.

  9. I agree whole heartly with you…..maybe this mother wanted a girl and so she is subjecting her child into this horrendous act. At 7 years old what does this child understand about gender change……I also think that this judge is an ahole. More and more I don’t understand what is happening in this world. this is so so sad.

  10. UPDATE the judge has given the father a “Gag Order” so he can’t talk about it anymore. Thea are going to have joint custody so everything is on hold now

  11. This mother is a lost soul, that hold no regard for the word of God….her formal education has puffed her up, she thinks she is God, and has become mental ill……..as so many other have from their own neglect of development of their soul. A human has a makeup of Body-Mind-Soul that must be developed.
    Anyway, this woman, who delivered a baby into this world, and if she goes forward with these actions, is a child monster that should be charged. As well, let’s not forget our legal system, which has forgotten God. All we can do is pray and follow God’s word, which direct us to follow man’s law UNTIL it goes against his WORD.

  12. ……..meanwhile America sits back and accepts her worst enemy as a legit part of government. Wake up from your slumber America and do something before it’s too late.

  13. This is what we get when you vote for the progressive left. It’s the majority when it comes to the election of the president , as they cry about the Trump election, but the majority never counts when it goes against their hate America policies. They destroyed the nuclear family unit, destroyed Christian religion, destroyed morals, destroyed Western culture and now out to destroy the rest of America which is their ultimate goal. Oh, your Second Amendment will not be around much longer either. While classless morons like king James runaround bowing to China so he gets his millions and screw people fighting for their freedoms the dopes will still run after him like he’s a hero. A sad site to see America fall in my lifetime. The only ray of hope, besides Israel, in this world and its light is dying. So sad yet the people are to stupid to see.

  14. No one is talking about the fact that it’s the DEMOCRATS that are the ones that are Bat Sh__ Crazy. It’s not only transgender but Third Trimester Abortion where the woman can have an abortion all the way up until the moment of conception. It’s talk about Reparation 200 years after and 50 years of Affirmative Action. It’s talk of impeachment from day one without giving him a chance after the will of the people have spoken. It’s talk of changing our Capitalistic form of government that made us not perfect but only the greatest country on the planet earth. If your looking for Utopia your not going to find it DemoRats. They bash our great country yet many able bodied working age don’t work.

  15. The poor 7 year old boy didn’t not get a choice. If he wanted to be a boy as he was born then obviously he should live with his father and become a healthy person with his emotions intact and his life to be at his best. But under the influence of his mother, she wants to emasculate him and cause him to be confused and suicidal not to live out his life past his early 20’s. Often leftists in our society have secret plans to short and destroy people’s live because of their wicked pervert selfishness.

  16. You are right Fran, as most all others on this site. Hopefully the father will sue them into non existence.

  17. How in the heck can a 7 year old boy even KNOW his sexual preference? what’s wrong with this woman? and what the hell is wrong with the court that allowed this abomination to go on? The poor kid isn’t even old enough to KNOW his sexual preference! He’s going to go through a short confused life probably taking suicide as a way out___early on! Hope she goes to hell and the judge who ruled she could do this accompany her.

  18. My heart goes out to this man who lost an important court battle, and I hope it manages to get a “stay” while he appeals the lower courts decision.
    This travesty can be traced back to many poor decisions by our courts; which are proving prophecy correct when we were warned that in the “latter days’ evil would be called good, and good evil.
    Another circuit leading up to this is the feminine movement. Our nation was established on the Scriptural concept of “patriarchy:” Throughout “The Word” we see the importance of men being over women up to including the vows they made. No longer; now women have been allowed to pervert that perfect system and this ruling by a Texas court proves the wickedness of it all.
    The only hope now is for the quick return of our Savior and King, Who will rule with a “rod of iron” and will put these evil women back in their place, even if it means beating them down! OH! And evil men will suffer just the same!

  19. I pity all who stand before Christ Jesus at the great white throne judgement they will burn in Lake of ???? forever

  20. Lets not forget she is not biologically connected.She had to use someone else’s eggs.Im guessing she’s spiritually unhappy.May god have mercy on this family.And May the mother find Jesus.

  21. Please, Lord, come quickly! Yes, I’m thinking she wanted a girl, so was looking for any “sign” to see when she can start this process. And because she is a “progressive”, we’re supposed to be in awe of her leadership and keep our mouths shut.

    Genetic Manipulation, The Proprietary Commoditization of Gene “LINES”

  23. I am 84 years old and my mother had me circumcised as an infant. I never forgave hers for this heinous mutilation without my permission. I had often wished she were alive again so that I could personally administer to her the infamous Chinese “slow death.” My mutilation over which I had and have so much anger is nothing compared to this insane woman’s desire to totally mutilate her son. If he survives and realizes what his mother did to him, she better run to some other planet to save herself.

  24. When the American People will let the Dem’s destory a sitting America President in a court with no jury ,no judge or attorney present that is just wrong and now we have a judge saying it is alright to transform this young boys life to a girl? What has happened to the left side of this Country? What the left is doing is a disgrace to America and the people who don’t believe what the left is doing is all wrong. voted for some of these people and now it is time to think how we can fix this mess. When are we going to get some balls and do something about this charade? We can either let them impeach a President who has done nothing to be impeached over other than he won the election. Or we can go to the polls and make sure he stays in office along with people who want to work for the people instead of nothing but impeachment. Whether they be descent Dem’s or Rep’s we need some one who will work for what is right. Me I am not willing to give up a good job that I didn’t have for over eight years and a descent pay check for some one who thinks it is wrong to make a descent living for my family. Tax cut and all have been great and we would not off had them with Hillary because she would have raised them. That is what the Dem’s are all about tax tax tax.

  25. I used to think Texas was the last bastion of sanity. Now, I have changed my mind. Last but not least, the Judge knew this was a bad decision, so why didn’t he over rule such a crazy jury.

  26. The mother should be admitted to a mental hospital and the father should be give the son! She is one sick woman! The courts should stop this now!!! This little 7 yr old is not capable of making an adult decision!! It is his body not that dam mothers!! How sick this is!!

  27. Theodore Pong: OMG !! You wish your mother was alive again so you could personally administer a slow death on her, because she had you circumcised? Are you for real?? That procedure was preformed on most male babies back then. So unless you could not preform in ANY matter, that is not mutilation. And if you are 84 years old and you are still angry about it, I’d advise you to seek some religious and mental help.. What this sicko mother wants to do to her young son, because she wants a girl, IS mutilation and abomination!!!

  28. This is nothing more than ^^^^^ PURE CHILD ABUSE — PERIOD !!!! F U COURTS/ELECTED for allowing this HEINOUS ACTS OF TREASON on this Young ***** M A N ***** PERIOD!!! P/S, My business will not DEAL WITH THESE PEEOPLE PERIOD!!! My Defense: ^^^ How the HELL can you TRUST a person WHO CAN NOT TRUST HIS/HERS ***GOD GIVEN GENDER*** PERIOD !!! Hey homos’ lv atty’s as AL BUNDY would say**** LETS ROCK **** PERIOD!!!

  29. This decision, whether judicial or by jury, is totalitarianism at its most heinous—-not only must the father accept this debauchery, but he must attend a brainwashing class and pretend to like it or keep his mouth shut? One thinks the father MUST appeal this garbage decision……it’s the tyranny of which revolutions are made.

  30. I’ve smelled a rat regarding the “mother” ever since it was reported that the mother is not the child’s and his twin brother’s biological parent. The father is their biological parent. The boys were conceived in-vitro.

    The judge is a woman – throughout the trial she sided with the “mother” and the “mother’s “transsexual experts” but amended her ruling when TX Gov. Abbott and TX attorney general opened an investigation.

    Remember, feminist and LGBTQ….. are tied at the hip to advance the transformation of America from our Judeo History and Christian majority into “Let It All Hang Out!” hedonism. These groups are not insane; they are evil. Their evil is spreading!

  31. Donna, no one is able to change their gender. You’re believing a lie if you think so. Bruce Jenner, for example, is a male who’s spent and will continue to spend countless thousands of dollars to rearrange his deck chairs but he’s still a male. I once felt sorry for him – no longer. He and the guy he lives with who also thinks he’s a woman recently announced they want to bring a baby into their home! Evil!

  32. I’m furious. This should be fast tracked to the supreme court and the father should have full custody. That child has no clue what going on but med shoved down his throat and more than likely shots up the wazoo. There should be no gender changes until they are eighteen. If you are not mature enough to have consensual sex until you are 18. You are not mature enough to go through a gender change. No change in gender should be allow period until the kid can legally make the decision him or her self like everything else.

  33. The dad should get custody of his son, and the mother in jail for child abuse. The judge should also be charged with sexual abuse!!

  34. Based on comment seen earlier, it appeared that the trial judge had set aside the jury’s verdict, or at least put the proceedings in hold.

  35. This is outrageous and shows how far left this country has become, with its evil lawmakers, many of its judges and the ungodly Congress we have in place. We are not free in the U.S.A. Most people are just blind or ignorant to what is unfolding before them.
    This dad should appeal this all the way to the Supreme Court.
    May Abba Father have mercy on us and may we be called to repentance of our sins that allow all kinds of evil to befall us.

  36. I agree with james V. I too read a article stating the judge overruled the decision. Also said there was a gag order put on the father He had to pull his website

  37. God bless this father and make him stand strong. If this were me, I would have already murdered my ex over this. He’s stronger than I am. Thank god.

  38. What happened to my body, my choice? Does it only apply to crazy-late-term-abortion-loving maniac Demonrats? What the hell happened to Texas?

  39. It’s an abomination ! This child is most likely going to have a Wretched life . When you choose to reproduce you take what you get ! What extraordinary cruelty to impose on a helpless child !

  40. Luckily, the judge in this case has reversed the jury decision and given the father the right to stop this insane procedure. The mother is clearly insane and should not have any rights to the child after this awful case came to court. This is a clear case of severe child abuse and the mother should be charged and sent to prison for it just like all other child abusers.

  41. In updates on the case, it is stated that a judge has decided that both parents will retain joint custody over medical decisions. Though not ideal, it does at least leave the father with a say in the decision.

  42. From what I’ve heard locally, she has been telling him he is actually a girl, and dressing him like one, since he was 3, based only on the idea that he favored a happy meal toy meant for girls.
    And now, trying to please both parents, he claims to be a girl when with his mother, and a boy when with his father.
    Poor kid is going to be very confused, and likely go through years of therapy, just so his selfish mother can try for her 15 minutes.

  43. Wake up America. Changing a child’s gender, killing babies at birth, all out war on our president, give everyone everything for free, open our borders so any one can come in, have two sets of standards and laws, one for Democrats and another for everyone else, free medical care, keep funding planned parenthood so they can sell body parts from children they abort, pass anew Green Deal so our country will be bankrupt and the list goes on; if you vote democrat for any democrat, you are voting for all of this nonsense and are part of this country’s problems, and you want to divide and destroy this country. For the rest of Americans that love our country, get ready. The communist/Democrats are coming to destroy your lives, tax you to death and claim they can run your life better than you can. They want a war? Give it to them at the ballot box. If that doesn’t work, give it to them in something they will understand. God Bless America. God Bless the father who tried to save his son, and damn the mother, who wants to change a 7 year old’s gender to suit her sick idea of life.

  44. If that were my son this would be happening over my dead body. For a father to abide by this court’s ruling is unbelievable. This father has no balls. I would take my son away and when they come to arrest me I would resist to my last breath. It’s time to not abide by these liberal courts. It’s time for a 1775 revolution.

  45. There is no doubt she wanted a girl and is going to get one no matter what. Can you imagine a young child going through that and the whole neighborhood and schoolmates knowing about it. WOW, what fun they will have teasing him and requiring “a look” at anything that happens to his body. I suggest she get her p…y, t.ts, and as….e all get transformed, slowly and painfully. There is no excuse for her to be living.

  46. Oh my God. That child should not be subjected to that. How can a six year old know what they truly want. Most games they play are pretend. It is about what the mother wants and eventually karma will come to her.
    How did we all allow things to go so far? If we aren’t guilty by commission then we are guilty by omission. We should have spoken up when it all began. But we are all so worried about others thinking we’re homophobic or some other vile name. I don’t but most do. The left name calls to shut a person up and it works and look what is happening because of our silence.
    If we speak truth then name calling should roll off of us like water on a ducks back. There are so many wonderful people who aren’t being heard because they stay silent to avoid confrontation. Time to stop talking and writing about our concerns and it’s time to DO something about it all. One day when I stand before Father God and Jesus I don’t want them to be disappointed in me due to my inaction.
    I’m hoping those who are displeased will meet at the polls and help to get rid of those who are against our basic values.

  47. That child should not be subjected to that. How can a six year old know what they truly want. Most games they play are pretend. It is about what the mother wants and eventually karma will come to her.
    How did we all allow things to go so far? If we aren’t guilty by commission then we are guilty by omission. We should have spoken up when it all began. But we are all so worried about others thinking we’re homophobic or some other vile name. I don’t but most do. The left name calls to shut a person up and it works and look what is happening because of our silence.
    If we speak truth then name calling should roll off of us like water on a ducks back. There are so many wonderful people who aren’t being heard because they stay silent to avoid confrontation. Time to stop talking and writing about our concerns and it’s time to DO something about it all. One day when I stand before Father God and Jesus I don’t want them to be disappointed in me due to my inaction.
    I’m hoping those who are displeased will meet at the polls and help to get rid of those who are against our basic values.

  48. Most AA don’t care about reparations. As James Brown once opined, just open the door they’ll get it themselves, even though the Japanese were compensated many years after their internment after pearl harbor and the native Americans are being compensated to this day by the gov. and ex slaves never were. But the Republican Party did start the Freedmans Bureau after the civil war to build schools for freed slaves and to help them buy land and vote but the prejudice Dems chased them back up north.
    That reparations nonsense is a ploy by the left to invoke declension.
    Also, Affirmative Action was originally brought to fruition to balance an unbalanced playing field where sometimes unqualified whites were hired over qualified minority’s. It was taken over by the left who used it to hire a few under qualified minority’s making it appear that the only way minority’s could get into good schools or acquire good jobs was by way of the affirmative action initiative.
    W E B Dubois was the first AA to graduate Harvard, Long before Affirmative Action, among other minority’s who have graduated from fine institutions, not due to affirmative action. But you seldom hear about them because the left, who pretends to care, I believe, deliberately omits those truths to keep us all separate, angry, and at each other’s throats so that we won’t pay attention to their real agenda. To rule over everything and everyone with their One World Government. Not one group of people built this great nation. Everyone of all nationalities and cultures, did.
    Let’s concentrate on each other’s positive contributions and not believe all the sensational falsehoods put forth in the fake news.

  49. This shows a glaring inconsistency from leftist extremists! They feel Conversion Therapy should be banned for anyone under 18 (though they’d like to ban it altogether) but feel it’s OK to change a minor’s gender! These scumbags can’t have it both ways! It should be illegal for Minors to change genders!

  50. It is not only madness, but it is barbaric!
    This poor little boy, ruined by his own mother. The left is bent on destroying our children one way or another.
    If they can’t pull their limbs off, or suck their brains out in the womb; they brainwash their minds into thinking they are someone they are not.

  51. Sister Linda M. I wholeheartedly agree with you. As for the mother, if I were a betting man I would bet she’s not an MD or DO but a Phd, which means she spent a lot of time around the academic elites, or in other words the party of infanticide and the alphabet people. Thus her warped mind and Godless character.

  52. Jim Tierney: JIM!! I haven’t seen you post in quite awhile. I thought something happening! Glad you’re back!!
    There are so many twists and turns to this story, I’m not quite sure what is going on! You can read some of the other posts to see what I’m talking about. But regardless, I’m so upset for this little guy. And I stand by my comment to another gentleman that this “mother” needs serious mental help immediately. And she shouldn’t have any right to make any decisions concerning her son. I’m so surprise this jury came to their ridiculious decision ! Especially in Texas!
    Just pray for the father that his TWO boys will be spared from this woman and he does get full custody…
    Hang in there with me my Brother. I missed your logic, decency and love for GOD …

  53. Not what I read earlier. She retains custody but the judge ruled she must allow him, the child, to decide naturally.

  54. This all started when we allowed the courts to say we were discriminating against queers when we said marriage was between one man and one women . . We need to change our legal system . We gave the queers 1 inch now they have taken more than a mile . Our legal system has acquired more and more power and requiring more and more education . Which our educations system is only to happy to sell them . So we need to change our education system in order to change our legal system . Our legal profession has gone way out of bounds changing the definition of simple words and than adding words that the common man knows nothing about . How can our government help us rule our selves when1/2 of the government doesn’t even know the difference between boys and girls . It has become very evident education is not the answer for truth or knowledge .

  55. Perhaps not allowing sex change operation of any kind on people under the legal drinking age of 21 . And than not allow anyone else to pay for the treatment . They should only be allowed to change their sex using their own money . This would mean they have to work and save up enough money to pay for their own treatment .

  56. I mean no insurance money no inheritance money just money they earned themselves like Bruce Jenner . This would guarantee they had a little time to think about what they are doing

  57. This is very sick stuff, and YES, the father should get full custody of his son and the mother should not be allowed anywhere near him.

  58. How long before they start removing babies from parents and put them in
    year long schools until they’re 18? If liberals get in the White House again,
    it’s a very real possibility. They’ll indoctrinated and do unwanted surgeries
    to any child they feel needs an alteration. Maybe, even as a punishment
    for not obeying their orders. They’re a very very sick bunch of sub-humans
    who want to have total control over the world (“THE ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT.”)
    May God have mercy on America. Pray for His soon coming and take his
    church out of here. “Pray that you will be worthy to escape these things that
    are coming”.

  59. While not severe, circumcision is indeed mutilation. The fact that it is done to most baby boys in certain parts of the world, including the United States, or that it can be loosely justified does not change the fact that it is mutilation. The procedure is akin to removing the ear lobes. The unscientific among advocates often disingenuously compare it to trimming fingernails. They are so full of crap.

  60. Legendary Statesman: This is not the forum for this discussion. But Linda M. was making the point that what was a normal procedure preformed on male babies, for sanitary reasons( so the parents were told) can not be compared to what this woman wants to do to her son, that’s all. Plus this man still ranting about it for 84 years is ridiculious ! Not to mention he’s wishing his mother was still alive to torture her because he was circumcised is sick!!! Come on now….

  61. Praying God’s Will be done in this ‘child abuse’ case; and that the judge and jury will ‘see’ the case as such.

  62. And apparently that is allowed in most States, as minors are second class citizens by definition.

  63. What this is, is giving a child over to the fires of bael of which there are serious consequences for. Judgement still happens today to such as her doing this evil.

  64. The judge that sat through this abomination should have to have the same thing happen to him or her. All those bone heads that want to change everyone into no gender recognition are God haters, America haters and Man haters. May God have the same mercy for them as the are doing unto others. America was founded on Bible principals and not man’s principals. Read what many of the founding fathers had to say about leaving God out of this country’s laws and actions. Those whom say America was not founded on Biblical principals are lying and fooling no one. God Bless Americans and America until Christ returns………..Harvard College. Reverent John Harvard etc.

  65. This article is a bit out of date. It was over turned and the kid us with his dad and he chose to go to school as a boy. Dad let him choose for himself and the kid said I’m a boy.

  66. She’s being investigated for abuse, and they found she overstepped the court order besides her x was ordered no more on line remarks or contact with news. But he had won 50% custody and has his on school days where he now goes as a little boy at his choice.

  67. You sick twisted biatches and basturds. Play with your own genitalia?
    This should be a personal decision, not yours. It should a part of the age proscess someone of the age of 21 could make that personal decision not you.

  68. What should disturb everybody is that the father had no rights to stop his weird wife from destroying their underage child who isn’t old enough to vote but can be forced to change his sexual gender? Wow! What kind of jurors do they have in DFW, TX? I live in TX! It makes me definitely not to want to live in Dallas city limits!

  69. My God is an abstract God. When a human being perishes, it crosses into another dimension and that is when the soul has to face his creator for all the wrongs that human being has done.
    What we receive from God, it’s a gift from God (Our Creator) by rejecting that gift, we in turn are insulting our God. We are not God, we must accept God’s gift. For a moment think if you received a gift from you parents and you weren’t happy with it and you decided to get rid of it. Later your parents found out about it, think just much that would hurt them. Anyway you look it, it’s wrong, by the same token you are hurting you God.

    I wouldn’t want to be in your shoes when you have to face your Creator God.


    Please come to your senses.

  70. This is disgusting this poor kid doesn’t even get a choice it’s his body his mom wants a girl well she should adopt none then most of these people and young adults that do this never had a therapist or counceler to talk to them to make sure this is what they really want and once they go through with it it ends up not being what they wanted or expected and they end up killing themselves this must be stopping it’s horrific and this skids mom is not right in the head ..this kid dad needs to take it to a different court this is the worst child abuse in the world and not it legal hell no we need to fight this and vote these losers out of our courts and government

  71. James Younger has the XY sex-selective chromosome pairing. He is biologically male. Anne Georgulas, the woman who has legal guardianship of him and who gave birth to him but who is not his genetic mother, wants him to undergo hormone replacement therapy and adopt the given name of “Luna”. Presumably she sincerely believes this child to be transgender, but we cannot know for sure. She may simply want a “daughter” and is willing to sacrifice one of her existing wards to achieve it. Jeffrey Younger, the biological father of the child, disputes the position put forth not only by Anne Georgulas but also the psychologists and fellow physicians she has testifying in her favor.


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