A famous celebrity chef unloads on California’s Governor over lockdowns and Leftists are freaking out


Americans have never seen government lockdowns like we are seeing now.

And countless small businesses are permanently closing because of it.

Now one famous celebrity chef unloaded on California’s Governor over lockdowns and Leftists are freaking out.

Many Americans could never have imagined living in a world where the government would force the vast majority of the economy to shutter.

But no matter what we imagined, that dreadful world is reality. 

State and local governments around the nation are closing mom and pop shops down to the public while keeping places like Walmart open.

As a result, according to Yelp, over 800 small businesses are permanently closing each and every day.

That’s at least 800 families a day that are now fearful, wondering how they will pay the bills.

And of all the states, California has the strictest lockdowns on small businesses. 

As of Saturday night, all bars, restaurants, barbers, and gyms must be closed for both indoor and outdoor use in California.

But one celebrity chef went off on Governor Newsom for his tyrannical lockdowns.

Celebrity Chef Andrew Gruel’s now famous Tweets went viral when he went on social media to call Newsom an “a**hole” for the new lockdown.

First Chef Gruel tweeted, “Newsome bans outdoor dining for the entire state of California. What did I say yesterday? I will not comply.”

Gruel continued in a separate Tweet, “Just spent thousands on these outdoor heat lamps. Will be dropping these off at my local gov office for a full refund plus 10% interest.”

Finally, after being attacked by the Leftists for taking a stand, Chef Gruel tweeted out this video:

Doubtless many Americans would agree with him.