A Democrat Governor just made this challenge to Trump’s border wall at his swearing in ceremony


Without borders, America is not a country.

There are multinational terror organizations and dangerous criminals who can easily hop across the southern border and infiltrate our country.

But all of this will be peanuts compared to what’s in store if the Democrats pass this one frightening policy.

Newly-elected California Governor Gavin Newsom just proposed giving illegal immigrants in California “free” health care.

He wants California taxpayers to foot the medical bills for illegal immigrants.

And he also doubled down on California’s “Sanctuary State” status, a direct attack of President Trump’s border security policies.

This outrageous step would mean illegals would face zero repercussions for breaking U.S. law and live in California safe and sound.

The Washington Times reports:

Newly sworn-in California Gov. Gavin Newsom, vowing to provide “sanctuary to all who seek it,” has proposed extending state health care coverage to more illegal immigrants living within the Golden State’s borders.

Hours after assuming office, Mr. Newsom released sweeping health care proposals to raise the age limit for illegal aliens covered by Medi-Cal from 19 to 26, which would make California “the first state in the nation to cover young undocumented adults through a state Medicaid program,” according to a Monday release from the governor’s office.

Mr. Newsom, who ran on a universal health care platform, also proposed expanding Obamacare subsidies to middle-class earners and reinstating the Obamacare individual mandate at the state level.

“No state has more at stake on the issue of health care. California must lead,” said Mr. Newsom in a statement. “We will use our market power and our moral power to demand fairer prices for prescription drugs. And we will continue to move closer to ensuring health care for every Californian.”

Bernie Sanders introduced a socialist, single-payer healthcare bill in 2017 that would cover all illegal immigrants.

And a laundry list of Democrats from Senators Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) and Kirsten Gillibrand (D-NY) to Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY14) have called for abolishing I.C.E.

Additionally, Representative Ilhan Omar (D-MN5) wants to “fight back against the criminalization of immigration and crossing the border.”

In a rush to resist President Trump at all costs, the Democrats have made open borders and lawlessness the central tenet of their party platform.

They’d rather turn the entire nation into one giant “Sanctuary State” than keep Americans safe.

Do you think the entire U.S. should follow California’s lead by becoming one giant “Sanctuary State?”

Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.


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  2. Now I am absolutely sure of the insanity of the DemocRAT party. Just how does this commie plan to pay for this health care for illegals? There are so many Americans who cannot afford health care, and this idiot thinks illegals should have health care. Absolutely INSANE. I sure hope American taxpayers are not contributing to this insanity.

  3. California needs to leave the United States and become it own country with no aid from the real United States of America since it refuses to follow the laws of the United States of America!

  4. The Senate and President control international borders, this is granted to them in the Constitution. If the President declares a national emergency the wall will go up regardless of he gives them free health care. I don’t live there nor will I move there. If the idiotic voters allow this then they deserve the crime and cost that go with it.

  5. California has become a Sess Pool..of Snow Flakes ,and Illegals.I have lived all my life in this Country..I am Eighty Years old,payed Taxes for Forty Six years..I have not recieved a raise in my Social Security Check in the last Eleven Years..I am allowed to ONE TIME EACH election…Illegals living in California can vote as many times as they want to…There has to be something wrong with that…California did away with Polling Places,they put BOXES on Street Corners Filling Stations,and Gro. Stores.these people drive up open their trunk ,and fill the boxes …

  6. If I commit a federal crime, the FBI will be on me faster than a fly on a pile of dung, I will be arrested, tried and thrown in jail. Why is it any different when a politician openly and flagrantly defies a Federal Law and announces he will break it before he even does it. Should they not be treated the same, is there no equal protection or prosecution under the Law? Pretty simple, anyone violates federal laws gets arrested and tried in a federal court.

  7. I think the wall that needs to be built is an electric wall between the United States and California. We need to wall off California and let them be the Country of California and require passports to cross the border into the US, California has become so off-kilter that they no longer resemble an American state at all.

  8. Newsom should whip out his checkbook and write a blank check for all his Dingbat free programs for illegals and open up his residence so they can partake of his own largesse! Such a compassionate guy!

  9. We knew who it was before we opened the article. There are no crazier morons than the Democrat governors of California! Reviewing the findings that registered voters in Los Angeles County outnumber the citizens of America in total we can safely deduct that the Democrats are all corrupt, total frauds, and should be exiled to Central America so they can enjoy the way of life they propose for Californians. BTW, the popular vote for Hillary was fake. They were manufactured and the witch still lost!

  10. California will end up bankrupt and will expect financial aid from the Federal government. It can be hoped that the bankruptcy occurs soon, to serve as an example of failed policies.

  11. This is pure evil insanity!!!!! I wonder if this governor lives ina gated property??? Or travel with armed “protesters.” It is also insane that his man ever got elected. Are Californians living in their own dreamland? There are no words for these types of actions. Not our President, but this Governor needs to be impeached, and quickly!!!!

  12. This idiot must be related to Pelosi. If he pays the health care for illegals Let him do it with California money. I hope Pelosi does not give money from the national treasury . California wanted to be on there own so now is the time to let them go and break away from the rest of our country.

  13. Democrats think it is unAmerican to deny free stuff to illegal immigrants. They intend to destroy the America they despise.

  14. Perhaps it is time to have a national funeral on the national mall….for the United States of America. We are no longer a country when ELECTED officials ignore the rule of law and other ELECTED officials and law enforcement officers do nothing to remove these lawbreakers from office.

    It is not humane to provide sanctuary to lawbreaking border jumpers (whether they come from Central America over our southern border, fly in from other countries or arrive on a boat) when the expense of that policy is borne by hardworking LEGAL immigrants, citizen taxpayers, the insurance buying public and (most tragically) by “Angel families” who are permanently separated from their family member who was killed by ILLEGAL INVADERS.

  15. I agree that California should become a country since it has already disobeyed federal laws. If it does become a country, then a wall should be built around all of California, not just at the southern border.

  16. I have felt that this country is close to having another bloody revolution and it could be very soon. If we keep getting people like newsom elected into the governments of this country, then that will just make it that much sooner! God bless us and may we find the way!

  17. Evidently he is tooo stupid to stop and THINK about the fact that his wife, kids, parents, relatives, friends and he himself is going to have to live their whole life in the state that these unruly, diseased, male rapers, uneducated, drug taker, lazy people and their offspring down the road. A handful have good intentions but they need to come in legally. Once here they will not go away This horrible situation will only get worse. They will bankrupt the state – no hope of our government to support you, They intend to take over the state and he is too ignorant, egotistic and eager to get his name out there to see or care. It’s all about him and his reputation. They elected a moron for governor and now the people will pay. It’s so sad for us who have family and friends living there. The state will be destroyed.

  18. Traitor against the American people. Get the hell out of this great country. Try helping people in this country before you offer our services to the ILLEGALS. They don’t live here, they never worked here so why should the people of this country who are already struggling foot the bill for these ILLEGALS? Some probably can’t afford insurance for their own families. They don’t have and aren’t entitled to any of our rights. Mr Newsom, you support them out of your wallet. Don’t abuse your power, use it to help the people of California. Becoming a sanctuary state is a direct blow to the safety of every American. You know what, forfeit your protection when you’re out in public at our expense. You should be ashamed of yourself. You don’t care about the people who voted for you, traitor. We should be able to have the same protection as all of you. Pretty soon the people of this country are going to say enough is enough and then all hell will break loose. You should be impeached for the way of your thinking. You don’t care about these people. You’re only desire is to appease these ILLEGALS for personal gain. Why don’t you get the hell out of this GREAT country: TRAITOR. GOD, Help us all.

  19. That is why our forefathers created the Electoral College so that idiotic states like California and New York Could not with their large populations determine an election. They were so much smarter than we are today.

  20. This guy is a fool! California is already in financial trouble, and he want to give their resources away to criminals who are trespassing on US soil. This makes no sense.

  21. They still won’t admit the truth. This is all about demoncrat votes and california’s desire for a cheap labor force. Just how long will it take the illegal immigrants to realize they will make more living off the government than they can make working. The stupidity of CA politicians knows no bounds.

  22. That new fool needs to be impeached now,he’s nuts.. Another dumbocrate idea..Their motto is tax tax tax and tax some more then give it all away to illeagles WHY???

  23. Newsom has always been a moron. Why do you think San Francisco has become a sewer, Newsom started it when he was their mayor, and the idiot voters keep voting these idiots in. I live in Cali and can’t wait to get out. Just waiting for spouse to retire (a couple of months to go). A wall should be built around the west coast to keep the libs and illegals from infecting the rest of the country. They’re already doing it, but to keep the rest of them from being able to move out of Washington, California, Oregon. Arizona is becoming infected with this cancerous disease called liberalism.

  24. I think taxes should be paid out from the voter registration. If you’re registered as a democrat, you should have to pay more taxes to fund all their social programs they vote for. Why do the politicians consider Social Security as a entitlement? They are the ones that decided to give our hard earned money, that we had no choice to “contribute” as a worker, to some illegals, and to refugees. For these ppl who didn’t pay a dime into Social Security it is an entitlement, but NOT FOR US WHO PAID INTO THE GOVERNMENT RUN PROGRAM.

  25. Hey all hard working people from California- you better get another job to pay for these illegal aliens because paying for illegals is much more important than maybe a vacation for you or sending your kids to college. Especially sending your kids to college because Im sure that what comes next is sending these illegals to college.

  26. This guy is so dumb he thinks Californians should cover all Mexicans. He just forgot the border ends at Tijuana. I think Mexico should make him their President. Welcome to Gay Pride Mexico.

  27. His name is Gavin Newsom. It should be Gavin Nuisance. Giving illegals free health care is like a magnet for them to flood to California on the Taxpayers dime. How stupid of him? Our leadership in California is suspect?

  28. If Democrats want to ruin California to a greater extent than they already have, that’s on them, so long as no taxpayers outside of California contribute a dime to such policies.

  29. Does California have any sane people in goverment who are true Americans or are all owned by Soros and other rascals against us. What kind of sane thoghtful citizen would vote for this idiot. DiNiro needs to tell him what to do. No That’s stupid talking to stupid. That’s how these geniuses come up with movies I.E. Dumb and Dumber

  30. What we need to do is Separate the state of California from the US and let them drift out into the Pacific Ocean…

  31. Another narcissist governor for California who seeks to override federal laws. When will the people there stop electing these idiots???

  32. This man is just another mouthpiece for Jerry Brown aka moon beam. His failed terms in office has destroyed California and now Newsom,the Brown clone,I see nothing has changed.
    California is worst state to live in with Brown now it’s going to get worse Newsom
    His proposed policies already spell dome for the TAXPAYER leave while you still can .

  33. This man is just another mouthpiece for Jerry Brown aka moon beam. His failed terms in office has destroyed California and now Newsom,the Brown clone,I see nothing has changed.
    California is worst state to live in with Brown now it’s going to get worse Newsom
    His proposed policies already spell dome for the TAXPAYER leave while you still can .

  34. He now has lots of his own moneys so let him start paying to them as he is stating we should let him be the 1’st just start with say 100 do the trail run keep them at his place feed them pay all the meds they want ( Drugs ) show us that live in CA how it will work

  35. Not long ago Cali had the 5th biggest economy and now they have the 7th worst in the World, that’s what happens when you let the demoncraps run your State into the ground and newsom thinks letting in more illegals to jump on cali’s gravy train is going to be better for the economy of cali. someone needs to kick that SOB in the head.

  36. Tell Governor Newsom If He wants then He should pay.There is Nothing Free in this Country.Those who receive anything for free have already been Stripped of most of their Value.So rather than Help these individuals the Gov’t has designed by Printing unfathomable amounts of our current currency to keep these people from earning their own way.Dems have been using this extreme money to make programs in which an individual just can’t get out from under.Its done this way to keep the Majority at bay.

  37. Am also assured of the insanity of the “land of fruits and nuts” (i.e. California). Better than than where I live – but will fight any party that wants to extend this garbage…

  38. Of course we are, where do you think these IDIOTS will get the money from. They don’t want a wall, they don’t want laws just let them in and we THE TAXPAYERS will support them financially. Does anyone wonder what is wrong here? I know only the conservatives who use their brain and common sense. GOD HELP US PLEASE. I Know you sent us Trump but he needs help dealing with these liberal, mindless IDIOTS….

  39. If these idiots had to live on this border maybe they would change their tune. In all my years of living close to this border did I need to keeo my guns loaded. I live approximately 150 miles from Del Rio and we have illegals crossing our property. It is posted and they have recieved a couple of 2020s over their heads and went the other way. If the was to come close to the house the shots could come a whole lot closer.

  40. While we are at building the wall on our southern border, we need to build one on the California border. And while we are at it, cut off every dime the Federal government sends to California. It is obvious that California is no longer part of the United Sate. Anyone caught coming across the US-California border will be sent back.

  41. Borders are essential to a country. Trying to provide healthcare for all illegals who wish to come will mean healthcare for no one. We do not have the resources for such a project. To degrade the system for the citizens who have paid for it and rely on it in an attempt to care for the world is unfair.

  42. Yes he’s damn sure insane, but not near as insane as the stupid, brain dead, unAmerican traitor hypocrites who voted for him. I want BAD to seal off that piece of garbage worthless state and let that jerk destroy mexifornia like he wants to then californians would look just like illegals trying to climb that fence to get away from the God forsaken rotten slums. Back to OUR fabulous country that they now want nothing but to destroy. Then we can sit on our side and laugh out azzes off at them saying- you wanted it you got it! FOR GOOD!!!!

  43. California is a joke. Newsome is a nuisance. He is drinking some pretty potent koolaid. Wish we could cut California off and set it afloat. My daughter is currently waiting tables and cant afford even Obamacare. She has a degree in criminal justice and cant get a job down here on the tx border because she doesnt speak spanish. She was denied medicaid because she is single and was told to get it “go get a kid” to qualify. Yet free healthcare will be given to illegals…unreal

  44. Read the Bible, like the Days of Noah, that is where we are very soon.
    This type of people want to milk the cow ???? and when the milk is gone, then you eat the cow, then? They will plunder and kill for to get your food.

  45. I propose every Patriot in every state form a Civilian Militia to protect our country an to rid it of Communist Democrats and any non-citizen under the Mccarron Walter Act of 1952. Every Muslim refugee and Illegal who has entered the US is a potential enemy.

  46. A component of toxic waste elected by toxic waste much of the latter being illegal aliens, dead people, and family pets.

  47. Wrong, anyone who is a muslim is a component of a terminal viral pandemic plague and needs to be eradicated anyone who sympathizes with it needs to be exterminated as well, anyone suspected of being a muslim needs to be injected with Truth serum and hypnotic drugs, hypnotized and connected up to a Polygraph for interrogation, if discovered they are practicing the most islamic sacred act of taqiyya as efficiently as they possibly could then execute them also.

  48. The sleazy Spanish speaking scum better be prepared for the ultimate jihad deaths in the billions and those that remain enslaved embracing islam ideology and sharia law speaking only Arabic.

    How pathetically sad that you have to be fluent in Spanish to get a job in law enforcement in TX, I have a nephew who just retired from the Army as a Ranger currently attending college for Criminology and Criminal science I believe once he gets his degree he intends to try to get in with the United States Marshals service.

  49. I mean who wants to sign up with the FBI anymore they are so corrupt and their top administration so crooked you could screw them into a piece of wood.

  50. This is BULLSH** im so sick of this, WE ARE THE TRUE AMERICANS NOT THE ILLEGALS!!!!! What is wrong with you IDIOTIC DEMONRATS. Wake up people we dont get free medical or free anything but your Governor will make you pay for them when you cant afford it and the rest of us cant afford to pay for ourselves. California you voted for this IDIOT and all he did was LIE to you and now he will destroy your state.

  51. I had no idea about the boxes on the street corners for voters…I don’t know what happened to Cal., Mich.,etc. I’m 82 in Texas…I have recd increases to my SS albeit not much. My suggestion is….vote for the government, from top to bottom to pay SS taxes and stop their salaries when they retire same as all on SS. Have any salary increase to be voted by the American citizens. We get older and we can’t work even though we would like to so we live on meager SS income. Right on sister

  52. There is one thing you cannot deny, and that is democrats, whatever their ideological persuasion, cannot be trusted to govern according to limited government standards, and the traditional values this nation was founded on. Abortion, same sex marriage, and cradle to grave government largess. And now even for non-citizens. It is a morally corrupt party.

  53. ‘Stupid is as Stupid does’, great saying; explains a lot of California thinking: Where did this ‘New assh073’ come crawling out of; must be the only job he’s qualified for, couldn’t make it flipping burgers, or washing cars!

  54. Well it all starts with the state government if they want to give illegals free benefits go ahead and do that BUT YOU CAN NOT ASK LAW ABIDING citizens who pay taxes to help pay for them, when they come here they need to find a job within 2-3 months, if they do not find work then they need to go back where they came from. Our taxes should not be used to support them because we have so many homeless people out there and we also have to take care of our vets our service men and women who fought for our wonderful country, as for his guy Galvin Newson he sounds like a real jerk.

  55. I think the new governor should be arrested for misappropriation of public funds. Using public funds to provide health care for criminals that enter the country illegally is a federal crime. Many veterans do not have health care but he clearly doesn’t care about American s.

  56. gavin–you stupid piece of excrement! you hsve ruined my state! you think you don’t stink? we can smell you all the way down here in san diego. you hsver no brains, no plan, and you are nothing nut a smug cimmie idiot. your rich parents really did a number on you. you won’ be around long because of your idiocy. your 15 minutes arelready up dimbo.

  57. i am sorry about the spelling errors, etc as i have a broken rigth shoulder anf arm and have to type w/my left hand—but you can get the message, i’m sure. even w/my disability i make more points abd sense then stooopid gavin.

  58. Democrat leaders are fools. Don’t they realize they are damaging their chances of winning in 2020? These miscreants voted for a wall many times in the past. It’s time they agreed to fund the wall now.


  59. I believe these morons who appeal to morons can, with the help of their media friends, convince people to stick their heads into a woodchipper to get rid of their headaches, still and will take them seriously. What’s California going to look like in a couple years when the election for president comes will be more terrifying to those still there. California has now become the definition of insanity.

  60. The libtard Newsom wants what ever tax payers are left in California to foot the bill for all the parasitic illegal aliens he can bring into what was at one time one of the more fun states in the country. Now that Newsom is gov. urination and other defecation is not limited to Frisco, it is open for the entire state. Of course law enforcement in San Diego and south to the border are commending having a wall. The wall has proven necessary and according to a local radio station it works even though CNN refused to believe the study they sponsored.

  61. As long as California has their new voting laws you will never see a Republican run that state….They allow someone you have never seen, a complete stranger, come to your door and they are allowed to take your voting ticket down to the voting area and cast your vote…..what’s wrong with this? I’ll tell you what’s wrong with that, these people will change your vote and think nothing of it, remember they are democrats and they will do anything to stay in power….

  62. Newsom, Pelosi, schumer, Maxine Waters & Brad Sherman should be brought up on charges of treason against the American people.

    1.) They are all putting the safety of the legal American citizen families in danger, by demanding open boarders.

    2.)They are all trying 2 destroy America as we know it. Calling America, the New America without the constitution protection American Citizens but protecting the illegal alians.
    We really need 2 find a way 2 recall them or maybe they will be among those who will b indited.

  63. The California insane asylum is on the march and the the new Governor of California Gavin Newsom is out in front waving his baton on the march to California’s total destruction.
    Ha! Ha! It’s going to be a picnic for President Trunk to take California when election rolls around.

  64. Whatever the Democrats have in store for the US is Mothing compared to what’s in store for America in the very near future if mr. White House WORTHLESS WORM, is allowed his Sick Minded & Delusion Way. How long will the American people keep Suffering because of that Oval Office Insane Idiot, that Republican Retard, That Lying Lunatic?

  65. A Padded Cell in the nearest Maxium Security Asylum for the Crinimmaly Insane is just where CRAZY donald & DUMB trump should be marched off to, wearing the latest fashion in Straight Jackets!

  66. $lut boy will bankrupt crapafornia and then petition the $luts in the democrapo pervert parasite party in DC to steal more taxpayer funds to bail out the sewage disposal plant that the state of crapafornia has become..

  67. You are right on…the DC elite sees the American people as idiots..and you know they may be right because the GOP had the house and senate and they squabbled about Inane things. Plus the RINOs. The GOP is so proud of their sense and conservative behaviors that Putrid Nancy and swamprat Shumer are able to get away with sedition.

  68. Newsome is a moron….agree …..he destroyed San Fransisco as its mayor….now rest of state will follow….good riddance.

  69. We will arrive at where Noah was before the flood. “God saw that the wickedness of man was great on the earth, and that every imagination of the thoughts of his heart was only EVIL CONTINUALLY, ” in Genesis 6:5.

  70. Newsom is a globalist tool with his handlers’ hands so far up his ass his tongue looks like fingers.

  71. it’s not a problem for them, as long a other people have jobs they will steal the money buy raising taxes and creating new taxes. that has been the democ=rat way for many years now.

  72. The ONLY thing that California is “leading” the USA in, currently, is the AMOUNT of FECES on the streets!

  73. Did the people of the voting State of California make any change in the Governorship from Brown to Neousom, taxpayers and buissnesses complain, why contribute to this?

  74. I live in Ca. My question is: who are the ones stupid enough to continue to elect these Democrat clowns? All they know is tax and spend. This one wants to “give” free healthcare to illegal aliens. He has nothing to give. Who will pay for this bone headed plan? You, the tax payers including all of you who voted to elect him. Where is your head? It is not attached to your body because it is apparent you aren’t using it.

  75. Fred K.To Bennie McDowell. Yes we should vote these idiots out of office., but the American voter is the most ignorant, stupid, and uninformed on earth. And that is the reason they will not be voted out.(BTW, I would like to raise the name IDIOT to FIDIOT) A Fidiot is some one too stupid to be just an Idiot.

  76. Fred K ….To Betty You can’t be serious. jodging from your post, you are a total Idiot. Oh, no, I am going to raise it to the next level, which is Fidiot. A Fidiot is some one too stupid to be just an Idiot and you fit into that category.

  77. Totally agree with you William. They have wanted to be on their own for years , have continuously let illegals in and give them anything and everything. Separate them from the rest of us, no funding no help from the rest of the country. Let them have this and they MUST keep their illegals their not let them come to the rest of the country. Pelosi will have to build her “immoral” fence higher to keep them out. Or send them to San Quinton to farm their crappy diseased lifes. President Trump please stop funding California let them find their own way.

  78. I said Newsom was worse than Jerry Brown. Newsom is going to destroy what is left of CA and he is a Illegal immigrant lover and a hater of citizen taxpayers. He only wants the citizens for their money

  79. I say RECALL Newsom. Brown and all of his corrupt cabinet rigged CA elections. It is impossible to find a HONEST DEMOCRAT in CA.

  80. They already are on welfare (free health care), which includes food stamps & housing . How much “freer” can you get ?

  81. Maybe California will have an earthquake and the state will float into the Pacific Ocean…… Oh Well!!! that wouldn’t solve the problem because the dumb Dems would be in Washington.

  82. Sorry but the Constitution gives the President and Senate control over all international borders! You can challenge yourself to death but will lose a Supreme court ruling.

  83. He’s insane. He’s not thinking properly. He just wants to spite Pres. Trump anyway he can. Unfortunately that’s coming at a price to you and me and everybody in California. If he thinks those born here, who have to pay for their health ins, are going to applaud this idea, he is out of his damn mind.

  84. I think that all of the illegals should camp out on Nancy Pelosi’s lawn, and leave it like they did in Mexico. She should have porto johns for them, and maybe a small but intimate BBQ she could stock up on taco mix, frejoles , re fried beans, and a few cervasies for the kids over 12, and for every body else, sandwiches of goat


  85. An Hispanic reporter took several illegal immigrants to Nancy pelosi’ home. Of course she lives in a walled off home. The illegal immigrants climbed the wall that surrounded pelosi’ home. She called the police on them and had them deported. Hypocrite!!!! Americans don’t need protection but she does!!!!
    Law makers are making laws for us but they make themselves exempt. We should start a petition on line for ALL to sign stating that law makers cannot exempt themselves from the laws they write for those constituents. Dems want a government health care system for all of us while they can keep their private health care. Not fair!!!!!

  86. Soros paid billions for their loyalty. He owns CNN. Trump has stopped Soros and the Dems One World Government and Soros is mad about that. Dems only want open borders for the votes to gain and kept power and make laws that take away our rights. That’s why the Dems don’t want voter ID. Illegals won’t be able to vote for them.

  87. Aw get off your rocking horse. Donald Trump isn’t the subject here, you jerk! He’s trying to get the wall built but it’s people like you that jam the works.

  88. What we need to do is move them back to a territory, assign a governor with military support and clean up the state from top to bottom…then reconsider their status.

  89. I wish folks would stop believing the lies CNN continues to pound into the minds of the gullible. Please do your research. I had no idea the Trimp was so clean. The Dems can’t find anything to impeach him on so they harass his friends and associates. Cohen is a con.
    Dems have all kinds of crooks but they aren’t going after them and they put our country in danger. Ex: uranium one with Clinton, Clinton pardoned a convicted pediphile who he used to take trips with on his private plane to his private island, they also gave away our military secrets to China, fake fisa warrant, FBI corruption, just to name a few. CNN is owned by Soros who pays off the democrats to do his bidding to destroy America so that he may get his international Government otherwise known as a One World Government.

  90. Walls are great at protecting a country. Decent folks wont mind to come in the right way. Maybe set up a visa program so that workers may come in for seasonal work and have protection from places who work them as slaves with no rights and health care. Then the wall will help to slow or stop drug and sex traffickers. The wall is important.

  91. Lawmakers exempted them selves from laws they make for us. Ex: Obamacare which the Dems touted as great yet they exempted themselves from the law. We should start a petition for all to sign stating that lawmakers cannot make laws for us and not include themselves. Isn’t it bad enough that we allow them to give themselves raises.

  92. I am all for their free stuff and santuary for the illegals as long as POTUS cancels any federal funding that helps them. Also. a border fence between CA and the rest of us would be appreciated.



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