A Democrat Congresswoman just one-upped Barack Obama with this display on Capitol Hill


Barack Obama lit up the White House in the rainbow flag after the Supreme Court’s ruling on homosexual marriage in 2015.

Many Americans were outraged that Obama used the image of the White House to push pro-LGBT propaganda.

But now one Democrat just outdid Obama with this move.

Jennifer Wexton defeated Republican incumbent Barbara Comstock in Virginia’s 10th district just outside of Washington, D.C.

As one of her first moves in office, she decided to hoist a transgender flag outside of her Congressional office on Capitol Hill.

Wexton said she’s displaying the flag because she has family and friends who are transgender.

But the truth is she’s just pandering to the Left’s obsession with identity politics.

Time Magazine reports:

Newly-elected Virginia congresswoman Jennifer Wexton is showing solidarity with the LGBTQ community by hanging a transgender pride flag alongside the official Virginia flag outside her D.C. office.

Narissa Rahaman, a regional field organizer for the Human Rights Campaign, shared an image of the flag on Twitter Thursday, which she said is the only office on the Hill with one. Rahaman also said Wexton told her the flag is there because of the community’s support.

The congresswoman, who is also an aunt to a transgender child, told the Washingtonian that she raised the flag in front of her office as a show of support for the transgender community.

Danica Roem, the first openly transgender woman to be elected to the Virginia state legislature, thanked Wexton for the supportive gesture on Twitter.

Since Obama’s election the Democrats have ramped up their identity politics nonsense.

They think they can win enough votes to keep them in office by putting everyone in a box and fooling Americans into believing they are victims.

This is flat out wrong.

Do you think Democrats’ identity politics strategy will come back to bite them?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments section.


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  2. The only people our government representatives need to pander to are working and retired Americans! Especially our military veterans! The ones are fight and have volunteered to defend our constitution the little thing that our founders wrote to give us all our freedoms!

  3. More PROOF that these people are POS. There are only two(2) GENDERS(sexes), MALE & FEMALE. THERE IS NOTHING THAT IS TRANSGENDER. When you commit stupidity and change from male to female or from female to male you only change the sex. There is no such thing as gender X, and anyone who identified as “X” should be sent to an institution for the mentally unstable. And those who change sex SHOULD NOT BE ALLOWED TO COMPETE IN ANY COMPETITIONS THAT ARE CLASSIFIED BY SEX DUE TO THE UNFAIR ADVANTAGE THAT OCCUR BECAUSE OF STRENGTH AND STAMINA. By the way, sex change people are useless to the human race as neither can pro-create!

  4. This is a sad day in the history of the United States of America the only flag that should be displayed is the American Flag and the State Flag for which the person represents. Are they representing the citizens of the State or a select few??

  5. EVERY SINGLE SPECIES ON EARTH , chromosomes & common sense proves therea re only 2 genders. GOD DOESN’T MAKE MISTAKES, people do especially liberal people, LOL

  6. When these people say their community supports these policies, they don’t just represent the community- they are the community.
    A community of one! Is she transsexual? Can’t be, because she would be bragging about it.

  7. The LGBTQ community is trying to shove their life style down America’s throats. They have gone after your children while school districts condone this sick behavior. They have become a sickness just as liberalism has become. Since they have their own flag I would regard them as a organization who’s agenda is to promote and possibly recruit for their sick lifestyle.

  8. Correct. BTW. I certainly hope the democrats’ identity politics does come back to haunt them…it is nasty, devisive and wrong-headed.

  9. Wexton you had best remember whose house this is that you are in. We the People don’t want your filth hanging on our walls this is our house not yours you are only a guest until you’re kicked out of office.

  10. But the Confederate flag can’t fly where people want to fly it that have family members that died fighting for the south.

  11. Cutting and snipping and adding does not make a man into a woman or a woman into a man. We now have to pretend its ok to placate a minority of people that have some major mental issues. Wherever you go…there you are. This does not fix a broken phsyque- these people need some serious counseling not placation.

  12. The Bible says GOD MADE THEM MALE AND FEMALE. I am sure that it is extremely difficult for people who don’t know or accept who they are. They need to be helped, not hated.

  13. Just sick what the left is getting away with. That flag should be burned not flying in our capital. How stupid these people are. Obama caused so much misery and is still getting away with it. What happened to our country? President Trump is trying so hard to get it back to it’s glory and someone pulls this crap. I just can’t believe the Muslim that was sworn in on the Quram (spelled however) That should never have happened, this is our America not the Muslims way of life -she doesn’t belong in Washington, she is not serving our country and beliefs.

  14. Eleanor Dombroski You can count the people who support the effeminate just as guilty as the victoms of this demonic behavior,they should be lumped together with homosexuals,their greatest problem is not just mental,but is demonic at the core,we are seeing many people who have and are being turned over to their on ungodly lust and a reprobate mind,and it shows in our political and religious leadership like never before,and it is likely to get worse before it gets better.

  15. No! I believe we the Republicans are going to be haunted by them fore ever. What more can you say about atheist. People who vote for them must be dead or very sick. Just to think we have people in our congress who are unhappy with their body and want the rest of us to feel sorry for them and put them in office to change our way of life and not serve our God who made us just because they don’t like our freedom and they want to rule over us. How can people be so stupid !!!!!

  16. It started out with gay pride, which gave way to LGB, and that has given way to trans-gender, and what’s next you ask, Well pedophilia of course.

  17. Jim, I agree with what you are trying to say, however you would be taken more seriously if you, along with soooo many others that post their opinions would just take a moment to proof read their posts before posting, and try at least, to show some understanding of grammar. Case in point, you consistently left out a space after each comma. Also, when you use the word God use it with a capital G as in UN-Godly. Please don’t be offended, I’m not trying to hurt your feeeeelings, but I’m actually trying to help you to come off as an intelligent person that has an opinion worth consideration the next time you wish to chime in on a topic in the future. This advice goes out to everyone else too.

  18. Pro-create… seriously? As in professional creator? I think you meant procreate, as in reproduce.
    Identifying gender as “X” could be interpreted as female, as they only have x chromosomes for gender assignment. That is why it is the male that determines the sex of the offspring, since it is the male that has both an “x” and a “y” chromosome. And yes, I agree with what you are trying to say.

  19. Obama should have one of these flags outside of his house this way he can display it proudly. since he is responsible or promoted it for the Gay movement while he was in office. We can sure thank him for this, !!!NOT!!!!! On the subject of transgender God created Adam and Eve (two genders man and women) there is no such thing as transgender because God never created such a stupid thing. If you want to be gay (for men) and lesbian (for women) This is a subject for (atheist those that lack a belief in God) a subject I know nothing about and I am not going to pretend that I do because I was raised Catholic and I only know God and Jesus,


  21. Homosexuality and Transgender behavior is a choice not genetic there is no Eleven Year old boy our girl who is a Homosexual and if they are identifying as Transgender it is because of Parental Mental Abuse a form of Child abuse.

  22. Evidently these reprobates have forgotten about Sodom and Gamorah. It is also stated it is an abomination for man to lay with man or women with women. Many don’t believe there is a hell but when they stand before their maker it will be to late to repent. He stated it isn’t our place to punish as vengeance belongs to The Lord.

  23. Remember what The Lord said – He/She who is without sin can cast the first stone. None of us are sinless – we will all be held accountable for our retoric.

  24. How can any straight American propagate these reprobates with their vote. Every single one of you that elected the Senator from Michigan or the non informed moron from New York should be sick to your stomach as you have denigrated your forefathers that fought against these sick issues. I’m sure they are turning over in their graves for the disrespect everyone of you displayed by giving these poor excuses of humanity your vote. You should be very proud of yourselves as giving them your vote condones their actions.

  25. I really don’t care what sexual preferrence a person is. However, I don’t feel someone needs to prance around town wearing his/her sexual orientation in public. As long as they are caring, respectful, law abiding people that is what matters.

  26. EXACTLY!!!! And I’m sick to death of them being catered to NONSTOP. It’s absolutely nauseating, the pictures and stuff of some of them literally makes me want to throw up. And now they’re doing this to children, almost forcing them to “not” have just a normal life? ENOUGH!! Get off of it, yes they exist but we don’t have to accept constantly forced down our throats! They’re not special, they’re not celebrated- geez just let us go on with our lives without always having to hear about them. Show normal people’s lives, life goes on!


  28. God loves all people. Babies are born with deformities every day. Missing arms or legs etc. Some babies are born with both sex genital. You are right. God doesn’t make mistakes. God loves everyone. You should do the same. Let go of your fear and find love.

  29. Please find love in your heart. God loves everyone. Let go to your fear and find love. Let people be who they are. They cannot hurt you. Find God love and let go of the fear. This is what Jesus would do. We have hunger and homelessness people that need help. Please let this go and find peace

  30. Ron, ungodly is spelled with a small “g” and is one unhyphenated word.
    About the RAINBOW flag; it offends me. Isn’t that the excuse the left uses to get rid of good, conservative things? No flag but the US or state flags should be exhibited. That is a very disgraceful thing to do. I, for one, demand that it be removed. Otherwise, I would like to fly the NAZI flag. Also, I would like the flag of my ancestors to be placed outside her door. That’s GERMAN, POLISH, SWEDISH, and IRISH. I mean, fair is fair. Right? I’m sure there are many other people that would like their flags right next to mine. Wow! That hallway will be stuffed. If you don’t want that, lady, then remove that one offending flag!

  31. another dem lib who is trying to disrupt the country there is only one flag for our country and i do not see any stars and stripes on the flag she put up, she ought to put it up in front of her house, she is probably not only a dem lib but a Lesl. Go Trump 2020

  32. another dem lib who is trying to disrupt the country there is only one flag for our country and i do not see any stars and stripes on the flag she put up, she ought to put it up in front of her house, she is probably not only a dem lib but a Lesl. Go Trump 2020

  33. Ron, you have to be careful. Groups on the left are pushing that correcting someones’ grammer is now a racist act. We would not wish to offend the idiots.

  34. Jennifer is just another creepy pervert…but worst, why are there people that want creepy perverts to represent them…is it because they think it will make there perversions right…??? No creeps are creeps period!

  35. Angela: what did you just write? Babies with the genitalia of both sexes? And just what are you suggesting that be done with these babies?? You just wrote that god doesn’t make mistakes. So what do you make of babies with the genitalia of both sexes??? I am interested in your response.

  36. Pat: You may know (or not) that the christian flag is often displayed next to the American flag. So what do you think about that? Are you suggesting that ANY flag displayed next to the American flag be burned?? Or are you going to say, “Oh that’s not what I meant”?

  37. jimbosidecar: Why don’t you understand that it is not gay people having babies?? It is straight people that have the babies. Straight people have gay babies – simple as that. And there is nothing wrong with that either. Homosexuality is NOT a choice – get over it. IF it is a choice, then you must have also chosen to be straight. Oh but you say, “I was born straight”. I really don’t understand all you folks. You all are so judgemental of others who are different from you. What a world you must live in, in your minds!! So sad.

  38. I am sick over all “reprobates” that voted for tRumpy!! Our forefathers must be turning over in their graves over this poor excuse for a president!!

  39. Putting this flag is flat out wrong. Transgenders are either a men or woman who want to be the other sex due to mental illness….. Plain and simple!!!!

  40. Yes, God loves everyone, but He forbids sin. Sin is NOT allowed in Heaven. It MUST be forgiven by Jesus. He is very clear that there are TWO genders…He created a male and a female. PERIOD.

  41. Nancy…You are WRONG. Homosexuality is a choice. No one is born that way. God created us MALE and FEMALE. There are TWO genders. PERIOD. And He is very clear that homosexuality is a sin. It is also a freak of nature. You can deny God and the truth, but that just makes you a fool.

  42. Nancy…Your hate is very sick. Trump has done nothing wrong. But I’m sure you support Hillary, who has been extremely corrupt for many years.

  43. I agree. Trump is a bigot a sexist and a liar. He is a total embarrassment to our nation and set a bad example for our children. He is a bully. I wish his base will realize that Trump doesn’t care about this country and that all he wants is attention. He is a spoil child and very unpresidential.

  44. Trump is extremely corrupt. He is under investigations for his Russian involvement and his failed Trump University. He is a racist and a sexist. He is a embarrassment to our nation and set a bad example for our children.

  45. Bless your heart. How do you know it a choice? Have you talked with anyone who is guy and had a conversation. You are close minded. Talk and get to know people. We are all God children. Choose love and not fear. Love is God. Fear is the opposite.

  46. It is not a sin to be gay. It is a sin when you hurt your fellow people. Choose love over fear. This will get you to heaven. Fear will take you farther away from God.

  47. There you go again – bringing out your guns. What is the matter with you people who seem to think that the answer to anything you don’t like is to kill someone. You are following tRumpy’s message to the letter.

  48. Being gay/lesbian is definitely not a choice. People are born gay. My college roommate is a lesbian. It is something she was born with – she did not choose. I have had many long talks with her and how she came to know that her attraction to other women was something she could not control. She had always tried to find and love a man. She was married once and they adopted 2 children, but it didn’t last. So now she has accepted that she is gay and is much happier with her life. And thanks Angela, for standing with me on this subject.

  49. Wow Angela. I can’t believe there is someone else on here who has a thinking mind. I agree with your assessment of tRumpy!!

  50. I have seen much worse. At least I was able to follow his thoughts on the subj. I guess we get in our rush with our hectic pace and think others will know what we are trying to say. I have often just had to stop reading a comment as I became lost in what they were saying half way thru their message.

  51. This is wrong headed of her. I too have some some who identify as gay or trans in my family, but it is so unnecessary to have a special flag like this and it is wrong. When you are elected, you are elected to be for ALL AMERICAN CITIZENS.


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