A College Professor just declared outright war on white people in this speech


University campuses have become a cesspool for far-left propaganda.

Since the election of President Trump, it has reached a dangerous fever pitch.

And a College Professor just took things to a new level, declaring all-out war on white people.

While President Trump is working to bring people together, the Left is working to divide America as much as possible.

There is no better example of this than a lecture at Boston University by left-wing professor Robin DiAngelo.

DiAngelo is a Washington Professor specializing in so-called “whiteness studies.”

She has written a book titled, “White Fragility: Why It’s So Hard for White People to Talk About Racism.”

In her speech, she attacks white people who claim to treat everyone the same, despite their race, calling those people “dangerous.”

“And I need to give a heads up to the white people in the room,” DiAngelo said. “When people of color hear us say this, they’re generally not thinking, ‘Alright, I’m talking to a woke white person right now.’ Usually some version of eye-rolling is going on, and a wall is going up.”

“My friend Erin Trent Johnson … she says, ‘When I hear a white person say this, what I am thinking is: ‘This is a dangerous white person. This is a white person who is going to need to deny my reality.’”

This isn’t the first case of anti-white racism on college campuses, and not even the most violent.

As we reported, a teacher assistant in Georgia went so far as to seemingly advocate for killing white people.

Teacher assistant Osei-Frimpong went all out, saying “some white people may have to die for black communities to be made whole,” and “blacks kill blacks because they have never been trained to kill whites.”

Instead of being punished, his teachers union came out to defend him, blasting the media for exposing his comments in the first place.

These attacks on white people are meant to divide America more than anything.

Left-wing radicals want Americans to believe we are on the brink of a race war in order to radicalize people on racial lines.

This is the opposite of what Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. preached.

But while this is happening, Republicans are working to bring people together.

Do you think that college academia is anti-white?

Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.


  1. Had a Sociology class many years ago (Minorities). Question on test ‘Name three ways Blacks are different from other minorities.” I listed three. Got paper back with big X next to question and notation in margin “Not my answers”. She wanted regurgitation not thought.

  2. American “higher” education is in trouble! our children are being taught from pre-K through college to almost hate “white” Americans! I’m ashamed to say that! I was taught we are all the same – red, yellow, black & white! we are to treat each other with love & respect. treat others as you want them to treat you!
    in so many classes if you don’t agree with teacher’s answer then you answered incorrectly! what happened to teaching children how to read, write, arithmetic, music, art. many American children aren’t being taught to write in cursive! how in the world are they suppose to survive if all this technology stuff shuts down? I’ve been teaching my grandson how to write in cursive & do math problems on paper instead of on calculator & teaching him how to SPELL words with out help of computer!
    Lord help us JESUS! no wonder America is falling behind the world in educating our children!

    • not white women, only against white men, have you seen tv lately, numerous black award programs and when they are matched with whites and lose, the old BS Line of racism is used. Now also look at the new advertisements, with 12 percent of the population black, the avertisement show blacks in over 50 percent, and the only white men are men who are working in stupid jobs and the white women are all married to black men. Yes dr. king that is what you did by brining jackson and the other race batter Sharpton fool to lead and run the black world.

    • I am NOT ashamed to be white nor should ANY American be ashamed of what they are. Black white brown yellow. We are who we are ,we didn’t decide it was not in our power to pick a color. The fact is THIS racism against white isa not different from racism against any other group. It is wrong, hateful and disgusting. I don’t know of oNE white person who has been racist period.

      • I agree with @Deborah that we should all accept and work with whatever God made us to be. It is the politics of the Left to divide by identity politics. If they didn’t have “victim classes” they’d have nobody to ‘hero’ to. Teacher assistant Osei-Frimpong should be arrested for inciting murder of anyone. This woman teacher also should be teaching about uniting the human race, not dividing it up with hatred. College and university professors have gone far over the edge of radicalism since the 1960s and need to simply be fired and set free to go work at McDonald’s because they will never change their vile doctrines. We need to get colleges back to the pre-1960 days when true freedom of thought was taught and good moral values were imparted too.

    • Wake up. These slime bags are endoctrinating our young people, not educating them. They want our children to remain ignorant and believe thier propaganda so they can easily be controlled. One world government; read about it in the Bible.

      • We are awake! BUT, what can we do about it? I treat everyone the same already. Is it because blacks want special treatment? Is that really it? Blacks have the same opportunities in this country as anyone else… it all boils down to what will they do with those opportunities? Some have done really great things, but most of them wallow in the slime of protracted ‘victimhood’. This idea has been spoonfed to them by the likes of Jesse Jackson and his ilk. I’ll be so glad when Jesus returns and we don’t have to put up with this stuff anymore. —

    • ,,,and now they want kids to attend Pre-kindergarten. Where will it stop? The day after the baby is born? This is ridiculous.

    • You are 100% correct. I say the same ting these kids are being indoctrinated from kindergarten up by the time they get to college it is easy just to continue down the left. road. We still have Prayer. God bless America & God bless President Trump.

  3. This professor is a complete idoit!!This is the kind of crap they are teaching our kids,who believe what they are teaching,because they don’t know any thing else..PARENTS TALK TO YOUR KIDS AND LET THEM KNOW THESE PROFFERS ARE SO FAR LEFT THEY WILL NEVER BE ABLE TO TURN BACK TO THE RIGHT..A BUNCH OF COMMIES IN THEIR TEACHINGS.THEY NEED TO BE FIRED!

  4. This professor is a complete idoit!!This is the kind of crap they are teaching our kids,who believe what they are teaching,because they don’t know any thing else..PARENTS TALK TO YOUR KIDS AND LET THEM KNOW THESE PROFFERS ARE SO FAR LEFT THEY WILL NEVER BE ABLE TO TURN BACK TO THE RIGHT..

  5. Treason is a badge of honor for the Godless NAZI Commie liberal Racist Demoncrat Party and RINOs! The party of hate, hypocrisy, lies, deception, Fake News (Russian Collusion and Jussie M hoax) the list is endless! And the clueless minions that follow them!


  7. Say Ms. or Mrs. Robin DiAngelo, you better watch out too, because about 10 years ago, there was a white female in California/Mexifornia, who tried coloring her skin to the shade of brown and trying to act like she was a African-American, and about 4 or 5 years later, she came out, saying she was truly white, then she received a boat load of truly bad and degrading e-mails, letters, and was ridiculed through the newspaper opinion sections, besides you do look like you continuously go to a suntan establishment, and it takes a boat load of money too! I hope that you are not doing what any of these US Congressmen did during their youth!?!

  8. Specializing in “whiteness studies” — what do you study after you figure out –yep– they’re white. I love these sh**birds who run around claiming — whites are going to have to die so the blacks can become whole or dipsh**s like this pitiful osei-primpong(dosen’t sound like a black person to me) talking BS like a fkning idiot. If there were actually white people in the audience with this POS talking — they certainly need help. Boston Univ. should be ashamed for promoting a scumbag like this and division of the races. These scum try and lay blame on our President when it is them that are promoting division.

  9. Teacher assistant Osei-Frimpong went all out, saying “some white people may have to die for black communities to be made whole,” and “blacks kill blacks because they have never been trained to kill whites.”

    This is the mind set being taught in our schools and colleges. If this is not hate speech I do not know what is. These professors and teachers have to be weeded out and allowed to wither and die in their own hatred.

    Blacks kill blacks because they are easy targets. No other reason.

    • If blacks received proper parenting they would not be killing anybody!!! It is totally uncivilized to be forever ‘killing’.

  10. “More Cowbell’. Give this women a bigger megaphone. Maybe Chicken Noodle Network or MSLSDNBC? You know what happens to cockroaches when they get illuminated. Fret not, like a bowl of bad chili con carne, this too shall pass.

  11. This POS and other Liptard Democraps are tearing this great nation apart and leading us to a civil war.
    Send her to my reservation. I’ll help her see the light.

  12. I am so damned sick of hearing that whites are racist! There IS racism! It is alive and well in the hearts of those who are TAUGHT racism! It is “living large” in racists of ALL COLORS! To say that the racism comes from only whites is nothing more than damned stupid ignorance and blind stupidity and let me tell you that stupidity is running rampant in this day and age! This alleged “college professor” needs to wake up and smell what she is shoveling and so does every individual she is shoveling it to! Racial divide is a huge problem in this country. Of that I have no doubt. It is people like this alleged “professor” that keeps stirring the “sh** pot all over our nation to anyone who will listen to her and the others who spew this racial poison! This nation’s population is doomed to repeat the same mistakes over and over again until we ALL wake up and smell the BS these radicals are shoveling. I have no hatred in my heart for anyone. Hatred is an evil that will consume anyone who harbors it! Yes, people DO treat people badly and, in this day and age, more people DO treat people the way we want to be treated. That’s a fact and it depends on your upbringing. I was taught to treat people the way I want to be treated. If it’s reciprocated is another story. I don’t see color, I see and human being who has feelings and wants and needs just like I do. Only a racist will keep stirring the proverbial “sh** pot” and this “professor” is absolutely a racist. Unfortunately, this kind of “professor”, who is supposed to be TEACHING our children, is using this time to poison to poison our children’s mind and instilling hatred in their hearts. May God give these children the common sense to choose right from wrong, once again.

      • Sometimes one is forced into being a racist, because of Affirmative Action ….. I had a good job I loved…..they has to hire a black because there wasn’t any working in the other offices, that hurt me so bad ,I was had to give up another job to a black, I had gone to college, taken all the tests that I was required to for this position and, again, they had to hire a black, even though I was one of the first hired with my high
        scores……….There are good people in every race, and there are bad ones in every race…..you act like a stupid nut being racist to someone,,, that is when one could become racist against you………… JUST love your neighbor and NEVER trust a Democrat!! Pray for our country…

  13. We need to love our enemies and pray for those that spitefully use us.
    This lady needs a lot of praying for . She seems to be full of very bad intentions and negative thinking.

    In case no one has noticed we are all on the same planet, and a far as I can tell
    we aren’t going any where. Just think what we can accomplish if we all work together to better society,
    instead of sitting around thinking up negative things to say about others.

    • Cheryl you are SO RIGHT ! The really big question is: HOW DO WE GET RID OF OF THE BAD ACTORS ? Perhaps we have to look to the next generation: parents, teach your children to ‘do unto others as you want them to do unto you’….. it really is that simple. The big problem right now is that we have a couple of generations who were not taught such things, some of them are in Congress, and most of them are in our universities. So sad…. so very sad. Perhaps God is ‘winnowing’ before His return? —

  14. So we have a Congress who put forth and voted a resolution for bias against every race except white Americans.Then this cute little article appears to stir up the white people.I think their agenda is to start a race war.Their evil is evident and see through.They stink and are of no good to anyone but themselves.Hopefully all will realize they are not worth payment for services or re-election.
    This should wake up the majority of WHITE People in America to VOTE these useless people out and get those who are in University Systems fired for racist reasons which goes both ways.What She is doing is fomenting a race war.Stiring up the hatred against one race from other races.It is racism no matter what race it is.
    God says we are to honor our Heritage.
    So Black,Red,Brown,Yellow,White should be all proud of our Heritage!

  15. Americans need to ALL STAND UP AND STOP ANYONE WHO IS TEACHING OUR CHILDREN WRONG!!!! If parents cannot tell that their child is being teached to hate, then there is something wrong with the parents! Wake up and pay attention to what is going on in Our Country!!! OMAR needs to be fired for her speech and actions. A.O.C. needs to be fired too. Any College Professor or teacher that is suppose to be teaching our children right from wrong and love instead of hate needs to also be fired. I don’t care what color they are. If they are Americans then they will not want to bring Americans down and if they do then they need to be gotten out of our Country for the safety of Americans. We as Americans are letting this happen. Each and every person needs to stand up against wrong doing!!! WAKE UP AMERICANS!!!!!

  16. I find it HILARIOUS, each time that the media covers only one side of the racism issue.

    While white people are, openly, condemned, fined, even JAILED, for “offending” Negroes,

    NOTHING is, ever done, when the situation is reversed.

    As a white person, I have been racially insulted, by negroes, more time than I can remember, yet were the negroes ever prosecuted?

    No! NO!! NO!!! Racism is alive and well, thanks both to the Ku Klux Klan, NAACP, Black Lives Matter, and other, equally racist groups.

    Until we understand that we are ALL HUMAN BEINGS, nothing will change.

  17. Several of these responses point out that this professor is an idiot.

    However, she also has the podium that she uses to spew her racist hatred.

    Someone needs to remove her pulpit so that she can no longer poison young people.

  18. They want equality? They want to put the WHITE PEOPLE down. Lets stand up to the BET channels, the OWN, the Miss Black America, the Black Universities, etc. What’s going to happen when we the “WHITE” people start our own Miss White America, our ALL WHITE UNIVERSITIES, our ALL WHITE Magazines, etc. The first ones to complain are our people of COLOR. Get over themselves. This America needs to take back our dignity and our respect and stop cowing down to these ignorant idiots!

  19. careful what you wish for, a race war would be hard on black s as they mostly live in enclaves together and could easily be wiped out by enraged whites returning to racial animosity and the realization that the only safe black is a dead black
    blacks are 13% of population whites are 52% and 40% of those are heavily armed

  20. Billions of tax payer $ s wasted on Socom courses that r unusable in the real world. All Alumni & govt. contributions should b eliminated 4 these courses. If some1 wants these courses let sore’s & his fellow dregs pay 4 the courses/so-called teachers & scavenger administrators.

  21. Wow!, typical Communist mentality only concerned about racism as long as it is not against people whose skin is of a darker tint, only concerned about 1st Amendment rights as long as it is in their favor and does not defend the rights of true patriots.

  22. This is the educated right wing teachers that are influencing the younger generation and that’s why the colleges are so left wing and so angry with anybody that’s conservative. The colleges that let this happen need to loose their government funding. and any other grants for the school.

  23. There is nothing like promoting classes in violence and hatred based upon racial bias and misconceptions. Professor DiAngelo, it may interest you to know that not everyone shares your uniform compartementalization of prejudicial values. Allow me to give to you 2 examples to your fallacious arguments. One is my Great Great Uncle who lies buried a few miles South of where I live in a cemetary that was not far from the farm he grew up on. He died at the age of 21 in 1863 standing up for our nation, and the rights of others. Others that were not of his race, but who had been pressed into an evil and immoral institution that needed to be put to an end. His brother my Great Great Grandfather lies buried not far from him. He likewise fought to preserve the Union, and was captured and sent to Libby Prison in Richmond. He survived that ordeal to return home, but
    never truly recovered from his treatment while there. He died in 1876 at the age of 34. Both these men are relatives of mine and both gave their lives so that our Country could be preserved, and so that those that were in bondage could be free.
    Because not everyone who is White is evil, just as not everyone who is Black is righteous. People are who they are.
    A person’s actions denotes who they are.
    It is your character that determines that, not the color of your skin. To lump any race into one category or another is fundamentally flawed. There are good and bad Whites, Blacks, Asians, Indians etc.
    It all depends ultimately on the person you yourself are.

  24. This Poor Woman is Soooo Confused? It is Laughable! Look Lady we are NO LONGER in a White vs. Black Conflict. That ship sailed many years ago with the bloodshed of many White/Black Civil War ‘ when the Slaves were freed! Today the WAR is between (AMERICAN) Vs (ANTI-AMERICAN.) GUESS WHAT? AMERICAN’S COME IN EVERY COLOR AND EVERY RACE! … Let’s get to it Shall We? We are in the oldest WAR on the Planet folks. It is a Religious WAR. That’s Correct. (AMERICAN’S on the RIGHT….Every Race, Nationality and Political Choice.) V’S …. (ANTI-AMERICAN’S on the LEFT.) It is very easy to see the divide. LET ME TELL YOU SOMETHING. WHITE AND BLACK ARM-IN-ARM. “UNITED WE STAND.” … That is why the LEFT has to make up Race Stories. Because We Love Each Other. None of us are doing this kind of crap! KEEP YOU EYES OPEN FOLKS!

  25. The professor (Robin DiAngelo)
    I’m sure she meant to say that the
    left is falling off the cliff of shame.
    years from now the reality will set in and the people will see the truth.
    Is Robin DiAngelo a radical?- yes, and scared of falling off that cliff….

  26. Or taxpayer money that is going to these universities that are allowing advocating this type of platform/statements, Racism, discrimination against white people, etc needs to stop immediately. This professor needs to be fired immediately. Obviously this professor is encouraging and segregation. Maybe we have reached a point in this country that’s what it’s come to. Certainly what’s happening today isn’t working the country is more divided than ever and the politicians are encouraging that that way they don’t have to be answerable to the people because they’re doing absolutely nothing for all the money that they are paid by the American taxpayers.

  27. As a part-time college instructor for many, many years, who worked in the real world all my life, I can tell you that parents need to step up and make their voices heard. Whether or not the students are considered adults or not, if you’re paying the tuition, make yourself heard or let your kids pay their own tuition. Colleges and universities are now businesses, they always were, but now even more so. They will cow tow to the needs of the parents and students if parents make themselves clear about what is acceptable and what is not. They also hate bad publicity. They support this disgusting behavior because they can. Nobody says anything. Nobody sues except the leftists of course. Complain about these professors, these people have lost touch with reality – they don’t live in reality. Many of these professors seem to be hateful people as well, indoctrinating your young people with their same sanctimonious, egomaniacal, hateful beliefs. These people are dividers not uniters. This woman is promoting her book and she has an agenda. They all do. Write editorials complaining, write or email the college presidents, your legislators and anyone else who will listen. When a college allows a fruitcake like this woman in the classroom to influence young Americans, they have lost their dignity, their common sense, and their ability to provide a good, solid, education for your children most of whom will be working in the real world, not the protected world of academia.

    The only way for you to force them to give your children an ethical, moral education is to get them where it hurts – their pocketbook and their reputation. Believe me, they’ll respond – fast. It’s all about money.

  28. ‪Expose, Boycott, Sue, prosecute and bring to justice all these deep state treasonous NAZI commie liberal demoncrats post-haste,Patriots! Drain the rat infested swamp President Trump!‬

  29. The situation is simple

    WHITE people are WRONG-always.
    Save your breath and do not engage minorities-it is hopeless

  30. Universal claims about any group are wrong.Anyone making such a broad brush statement has their
    sanity made suspect. What about mixed race people?

  31. The first problem with her whole argument is that it is people like her who stifle discussion and debate. White people aren’t afraid to talk about race and race relations but we no longer have the words. Any thing that is critical of other races or groups other than white men is considered hate speech. The second problem is that these liberals have such a false idea of who black people are and what they do. Most liberals seem to see black people as their “little brown brother” who is incapable of acting in an adult manner. Berkeley students don’t believe black people have the intelligence or ability to get an ID because they don’t believe that black people know the basics like where the local DMV is or how to use the internet. What century are these people living in?



  33. The class she teaches says it ll! “whiteness studies.”, Oh i need a job my major was a major in whiteness sudies and my minor was how to have an abortion and servive! That is a “pun” my point being one takes out a loan for $70K or more to get an education while a professor is making 90K teaching this garbage. I am far from being a racist, sexist, or a white surpremess, but one can only thank god we had White slave owners that had some brains if that is what one wants to here? One only has to look at our history as well as other countries to see the difference! We in this country have a tendency to forget where we came from to this point in our history to see the real “changes” that we have made. The best part about it was we were 90+% Christians with moral ideas by the most part. One only has to look at the Bill of Rights, the Constitution, and the loyalty to people, god and counyty to see the difference. What is missing in our Education System today is discipline, history and the three “R”.

  34. This so called person, a College Professor, needs to have her Degree Revoked and Terminated from her Job forever. She is obviously demented and if she is lucky, she will be institutionalized.

  35. You can call or write Boston University at:


    1 Silber Way
    Boston, Ma 02215

    Website: bu.edu

    FYI- gender neutral toilets

  36. I am a minority and when I’ve come into contact with blacks, I’ve been mugged, drugged, and been given rude looks…..
    Blacks DON’T LIKE ASIANS and neither do Hispanics.

    In San Francisco the Asians are constantly mugged by blacks. It’s such a problem that there have been articles about it.


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