A church just erected a “nativity” scene with an absurd anti-Trump message


Liberal “Christians” are often more dedicated to their political beliefs than to Christ Jesus.

They will even twist the Scriptures to support their politics.

And this church just attacked the birth of Jesus with this crazy nativity scene.

In Massachusetts, a church has decided to put a twist on the nativity scene.

They depict Jesus inside a cage under a sign that reads “Peace on Earth?”

And there’s a sign pointing to the wise men who are beyond a fence that says “deportation.”

The church says the move is to start a “conversation” about immigration.

But the reality is they’re just using Jesus’ birth to attack President Trump and make a twisted political statement in support of open borders.

The Daily Wire writes:

A church in Massachusetts has set up a nativity scene in which the baby Jesus is inside a small steel cage, under a banner that reads “Peace on Earth?”
The nativity scene at St. Susanna Parish in Dedham also has the three wise men barricaded from Mary and Joseph by a fence-like structure.

The church says it is hoping to spark a conversation about how immigrants are being treated at the U.S.-Mexico border, the Boston Globe reports.

“We thought we would kind of put a mirror image of what it would look like if this happened 2,000 years ago,” Father Stephen Josoma told the Globe. “It’s kind of a mirror image of where we are at today.”

The church says they want to promote “peace and justice” in their community, but the move is overtly mocking the birth of Christ Jesus.

This is yet another example of how so-called “progressive” Christians would rather be loyal to their politics than to Jesus.

It shows what they truly value the most.

They value making a political point more than accurately sharing the Gospel.

This is nothing new for Social Justice Warrior Christians, however.

As we recently reported, Hillsong church is planning a live show where they depict the three wise men greeting Jesus at an inn where there is a lot of drinking and dancing.

If these Christians won’t take Jesus’ birth seriously, they ought to take His words from Matthew 7.

“Not everyone who says to me, ‘Lord, Lord,’ will enter the kingdom of heaven, but the one who does the will of my Father who is in Heaven”

What do you think about the nativity scene? Let us know in the comments below.


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  2. Liberalism is a mental disorder and Pelosi,Behar,Hillary, Carrey, Waters, She-pard Ocasio-Cotex are just some of the poster girls in the godless deranged NAZI Commie Demoncrat party!!! Here is just another Liberal LGBT useful idiot on display!

  3. Are the people who attend this “Church” going to pay for the welfare, Food Stamps, free this and free that or are they going to stick the rest of us for the bill?

  4. If I was a member of this church I would let Father Stephen know I was not happy with his nativity scene and ask him to change it.

  5. We have plenty of so called Republicans that are more on the left then the right, this is just another example of it!!! Tugging at the heart strings of the religious to allow illegals into the country to bring America into eventual third world status only makes it easier for the NWO to bring our country down!!!

  6. Pull their tax exemption since they are not a church any longer, but a democrat sponsor and a political organization.

  7. The Church is misinformed. Christians can still believe in immigration and the wall and it doesn’t mean they aren’t good Christians.

  8. Very wrong. I’m 100% Romam Catholic and what if I put Priest in my natavity display and put cages around the Priest and it said shame on the pedopile Priest?

  9. Did that same Church ever put cages around baby Jesus when Obama was President and post a sign, no more abortion it’s murder?

  10. Well, at least it does prove that some Liberals go to church. Now whether they are believers or not is another story.

  11. So much for the Catholic church. No wonder they are losing their congregations. People who go to church, go for God–NOT the pastors political rants. Take away their tax status until they act like a church and NOT a political organization. I believe in God and I believe in LEGAL immigration and entry into this country. Does the church lock its doors at night? WHY? To keep people out who shouldn’t be there.

  12. Exactly. IF the people (all of them) in this church feel so strongly-why don’t they gather resources, money, clothing, housing, etc. and SPONSOR a family that wants to immigrate?? There were indeed some churches that did so for the Vietnamese immigrants who definitely were facing death and imprisonment if they had stayed in their country Vietnam, after the war. Many of these risked death by escaping in rickety boats, spending time in refugee camps, etc. That was a real problem. This is a made-up one, exacerbated by bleeding hearts who have no intention of helping, only griping. Get a grip.

  13. I can’t call them Christians as they are more concerned about illegals than they are about the safety of their own countrymen. If they are so interested in protecting illegals how about they take a couple of families in,feed and cloth them and make sure they are nice and comfy.

  14. P.S. While they’re at it – they could provide JOBS and EDUCATION for these very same people who seem to think themselves so entitled they can jump ahead of others who have waited, are still waiting to be citizens..only fair.

  15. Wonder what the Poope has to say about this.
    It’s interesting to note that in their opinion this is what the birth of Jesus would look like today, they failed to include several priests exposing their JUNK to the baby Jesus. Since that would surely be acceptable.
    Sorry to say.

  16. Although the mission of the Catholic Church is to help the poor and downtrodden, there was and still is a liberal strain that apparently the pastor of this particular church is part of, but also most of the faithful disagrees with.

  17. True Christians don’t act this way or do things like this! They need to go to the alter and ask forgiveness for their ecil ways. Hopefully they at least have a conscience if not true Christianity and will take the cages off the nativy scene! I’m sure God is ashamed of their actions. The Nativity scene is holy and should not be made a mockery of as they have done!

  18. I suggest that this kind, giving church start soliciting all of the illegal aliens to come live in their town, share their homes, and go to their church. Regardless of whether they’re MS-13 or some type of hard criminal, they feel they need to bring them in. So by all means, let them bring them directly to their Massachusetts town to live in total harmony with them forever. Sheesh.

    I was talking to a young man from El Salvador. He and his family came here legally. He does NOT want these people to be allowed in illegally. He said that he feels very unsafe when he visits his grandmother as there is so much crime and gang activity. Legal immigrants feel strongly about this as they don’t want our country to become as bad as what they left. Only the stupid liberals want this. But I’ll bet they don’t want them in their town.

  19. What if St. Susanna, the church that did that, would send a fleet of buses down there, pick up a caravan or two, put them in Holiday Inns on the way to Massachusetts, feed them well enroute … Once in Mass. the pastor and the parishioners could take them in, feed them, get warm clothes, shoes and boots for them and then try to find jobs for them …. Tom Newcomb

  20. Why doesn’t this priest become a missionary to these illegals and escort them back to their own countries? He could live with them, eat with them, play with them and maybe he would stay with them forever!

  21. Hey Emil, Just wondering how many of these Christians are going to take these wonderful illegals into their homes, feed them, give them health care, educate them and pay their legal fee for incading our Country. Should be mandatory for everyone of these misguided people.

  22. Did these people know Pres Obama and Hillary both called for shutting down the border and not letting in illegals? Also, the pictures taken of children in cages were taken during the Obama years. Pres Obama used tear gas on illegals 47 times during his terms.

  23. The Catholics church can abuse young boys and girls sexually and protect criminals and gangs from foreign countries to invade our soverign borders just come to their church and let them feed you and get you well from all the diseases. Just “come on in our country and rape and pillage like their church does. You guys are sick sick and u need to go to their country and fix it!!val

  24. Well its true I didn’t think it possible but stupid and bad taste is also found in the Catholic church along with molesting children the left has done its job well

  25. Jim: Excellent idea. And these folks need to commit to footing every single cost of these illegals. And no tax right-offs.

  26. Drew, I spent 9 years in Catholic school and was always taught; Hatred stirs up conflict, but love covers over all wrongs. Proverbs 10:12 12. I guess I was taught out of a different Bible then this Father???

  27. Larry yares: And these people have the nerve to call themselves Christians! Disgraceful behavior! If any church thought any level of government was intentionally or accidentally demeaning the church or their religion, they’d scream bloody murder. Dedham MA is one of many towns who made a big fuss about Town Hall putting up Christmas decorations on Town property claiming separation of church and state violations. Hypocrites all. I’d be embarrassed if that was my church. It would be just rewards if a lightening bolt mysteriously hit their display. God doesn’t like ugly.

  28. Sharon M.: Legit jobs not those under-the-table no-taxes taken out of paycheck jobs. Of course one problem with getting a “real” job is one needs a Social Security number…..

  29. AmericaWakeUpNo: This church is in blue, blue liberal Massachusetts and Dedham is a notoriously DemoRAT town.

  30. While Jesus instructs you, in the gospel by Matthew, to turn the other cheek I do not find anywhere that it says accept the blow.

  31. That is exactly right! They should lose their tax exempt status because they have become a political action committee! These people will not rest until hundreds of millions come into this Country and become dependent on the Government. We are already losing our Country to the invaders. It is very painful for this immigrant in 1966 to see how our Freedoms are disappearing little by little since I came to this Country. I’m not against immigration but I want it to be legally!

  32. I remember well when the Christ was imprisoned for being kept in a cage. His parents were following Roman law and then he was born.

  33. Satan is going to have to put on extra shifts to deal with all the evangelicals who misguidedly think they are going to Heaven

  34. This church is no better than the immigrants who use a baby as a pawn to secure their rights in this country. Mary and Joseph went through conflict, running, hiding because of their ethnicity, they however didn’t demand they be treated different. They didn’t kill or treat people badly, they were honored to be chosen to be Jesus’s earthly parents. I have a problem with what this church did using the Christ child as a pawn just as I have a problem with immigrants using children as a pawn to gain rights, is it a child made from love or is it a meal ticket????The 14th amendment says they are born a citizen BUT because this child cannot be held accountable or judgement of the understanding of the laws his parents are, so if they are illegal than so is the child. He still has a dual citizenship but his parents need to follow the law, they are the ones that are held accountable. Ex: a child of 4 finds an insecure gun and accidentally shoots and injures or God forbid kills a sibling, he even tho he is a citizen by birth is not accountable for his actions- his parents however are starting with child endangerment, child neglect , improper storage of a weapon and so much more, why because the citizen child cannot comprehend the law but he is still a citizen. Mary and Joseph traveled to Bethlehem for the census as they were following the law. The wise men were stopped many times and asked what their business was and they said they were following the writings that foretold of a Great event, they as Redpected wise men were allowed passage to continue their journey. Come to the US but do it respectfully and correctly, follow the law , if the tables were turned would you not expect me to be respectful of your country and the law!! Leave your horrid interpretation of peace on earth in the trash! Follow Gods word , respect the Christ child and what he means to the World. Not what you think he should mean or represent, nice lesson for the kids , if you don’t like something just change it so it makes you happy. You didn’t show them Christianity, you showed them it’s okay to be disrespectful not only to your country but to God!

  35. I think it is awful that a Church would use a very holy time of year and the son of God in this way. There is separation of church and state and this certainly does not demonstrate this. Christians have been under attack for several years now and this plays into those liberals that are so against our religion. Disgraceful!!!

  36. Helga and Retired Marine, I think that is a great idea and it should be done. No more separation of church and state for them…

  37. The leftist liberals is totally twisted. What a twisted web democrats weave when they practice to deceive. They can’t help it. They lost all sanity when they started taking control of US gov. people who voted these quacks in should be embarrassed and straighten out the problems that was left on the “Greatest President’s” shoulders,
    American voters has put in office.

  38. How shameful an offensive to use The Holy Living God to make their own opinion seem more right. Jesus The WORD in the flesh is just , lawful and righteous…He is the our Peace with God, it is not up to human interpretations, He is Holy. How selfish and proud are those who “use” Him. Not good at all, how foolish.

  39. The people in this congregation are dumb F**ks! Why, I ask, didn’t they do this during the odumass administration? Stupid, stupid, ignorant pastor whatever he “claims” to be; but definitely not a role model for his parishioners. Not even an accurate depiction of what is going on at the border. Stephen Josoma, IMO, you have much to learn and I am so glad that I am not a member of your congregation because what YOU are doing is ridiculing the birth of Jesus. Your collar must be too tight because it’s obvious there is no oxygen getting to your brain and you appear to be braindead! Shame, shame on you for politicizing this most loved Holy Day and the circumstances of how it began.

  40. As Ronald Reagan said, ‘Did you ever notice how all those people for abortion have already been born?’ These plush-bottom liberals think they’re immune from the dangers of open borders and can pat themselves on the back by erecting naively platitudinous symbols of sainctimosity. Wait ‘til some MS-13 gang member who sneaks in under the porous Mexican border slits a few of the congregation’s throats.

  41. it’s sacrilegious. that’s why we have a separation of church and state. preaching politics from the pulpit is just wrong . . even if you are rev Jackson or ref Sharpton

  42. We have all come to realize that we can no longer coexist with the liberal dem bloodsucking parasitical ersatz life forms.
    There i sonly one answer to dealing with them. talk isn’t it.

  43. The wetbacks have a ready source of SS numbers – STOLEN from real citizens! (Check where Obummer got his – some lady that was passed away before he was elected! … Or the OTHER ones he has used!) This is one form of identity theft.

  44. This church and the so called Father Stephen should be ashamed and if I were a member of this so called church I would change my membership. GOD is watching.

  45. The leaders of this church will have to deal with God in the end, unless they go where they really should go:

    TO HELL!

  46. There you go with BS Left crap Gramm, Satan is a major politician among the Republicans. That piss poor excuse of a president that his behavior reflects all those that voted for him. Yet many so called GOP Christian bigots support his obnoxious behavior. Most citizens do not require that politicians be a Christian.

  47. Leon, if you live your life filled with hate that means you don’t have room in your heart for love of anything or anyone so, this priest’s elevator will be going down not up…

  48. I just wish the media would report the news accurately. When the president is talking about immigration, he always, and I mean always, uses the term “illegal immigration”. Why do the opinionists who broadcast the, so called news, always leave that word “illegal” out? No one is against immigration. It’s ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION that we are against. Get it straight.

  49. Thank You for standing up and admitting to the world that you are just another liberal idiot. I apologize for the redundancy. BUILD THE WALL, DEPORT THEM ALL, MAGA, OR ELSE!!!

  50. A Christian does not have to announce the fact that they are a Christian, their reverence to Jesus Christ show they are a Christian. This Church with their liberal opinions and views on political junk has lowered their expectations of the Lord, and they have forgotten the teaching from the Bible. They have proved the term of separation of church and state, is truly in the gap between their ears, I hope the Pastor / Priest does not support this!!

  51. In a statement to ‘The Globe’ Father Stephen Josoma of the St. Susanna Parish in Dedham, MA said “We thought we would kind of put a mirror image of what it would look if this happened 2000 years ago. It’s kind of a mirror image of where we are at today”. The Church says they want to promote “peace and justice” in their community. The author correctly writes that this scene ‘overtly mocks the Birth of Christ Jesus’ and that it is ‘yet another example of how so-called “progressive” Christians would rather be Loyal to their politics than to Jesus’. What I see is a “despicable and blasphemous display that shows an enormous disrespect for the Birth of Jesus”. If I remember correctly Blaspheme and Desecration are two of the ‘Great Sins’ that God may not be Forgiving of. I certainly would not think that taking the chance of missing Heaven just so I could a member of the “politically correct crowd’ would be worth taking that risk.

  52. Sue, thanks for sharing this and I agree with the author of the article 1 gazillion %. It is despicable and blaspheme and the priest, bishop, arch-bishop etc. should be reprimanded in some way, shape or form…

  53. Christianity is the second Judaism from Abraham to Jesus. Because President Trump is a Christian patriot and jews in the married family.

  54. Remember the old saying that you can lead a horse to water but you cannot make him drink?
    This is where the world is at, receiving the Word and ignoring it even knowing that the Devil is encouraging them.
    BUT, maybe instead of pushing the Word after presenting it several times is futile.
    So, remembeingr the lost soul will burn for eternity, and perhaps eternity is the Sun, and we need that Sun….

  55. You mean the President who has completely changed this country for the better in less than 3 years, when Obummer said it couldn’t be done and didn’t even try? I don’t see how ANY Christian can be a DemonRat anyway! EVERYTHING they believe in is CONTRARY to God’s will and laws!

  56. As it is in most cases of this type, when you drill down a little below the surface you find that this is a false comparison. Mary and Joseph were not illegal aliens or breaking any laws via immigrating to Bethlehem from their home town in the north of the same country. In fact, as the Romans controlled all of the region, the inhabitants were free to travel anywhere within Roman jurisdiction, and that included Egypt where they ultimately did flee to. They did tis to avoid Herod’s decree that infant males as old as 2 or 3 years be put to death, this is referred to as the “slaughter of the innocents”. Herod did this to kill the foretold King of the Jews. The often told traditional Nativity story uses time compression. The visit from the Wise Men actually did not happen until some time after the birth. We know this from a comparison of the accounts in the scriptures. The Christ child was born in a manger. When the Wise Men arrive, the Christ child is not called a baby or babe or infant but a young child, the Wise men found him in a house and not a manger. So, I repeat that the comparison is faulty at best, historically and Biblically wrong. This is nothing more than a liberal political statement, the premise of which is as usual false.

  57. The church is clearly carnal with poor knowledge of what the season is about. These are the false teachings and prophets or preachers of this time the Bible warns of. Jezebel is taking control of many people’s minds through Satan’s control of the air (airwaves). Research what the message is and whether it is man’s carnality speaking or something in line with scripture .

  58. I wonder if these people in this “church” know the Scripture that says, “A family or a nation divided against itself will fall”? ( Matthew 12:25). Over the past several decades, this nation has slowly turned away from God, thanks to the atheists in the ACLU, People for the American Way, Citizens for the Separation of Church and State and other liberal groups. America is in the midst of perhaps the greatest crisis in its history! Instead of working together for the good of the people, it is becoming more divided that ever. Few if any of the people who are causing the problems in this nation today know God and “they are going their own way and doing that which is right in their own eyes.” (Judges 21:25). When the nation collapses, and it will, they will blame Trump. But it is they who have caused this once great nation to fall! The majority are Democrats, Progressives, all of whom are Liberals! But they will never assume any of the blame!

  59. Spencer, that’s because, we haven’t had a strong President in decades (post-Reagan) that stood up to those who want God out of our country. President Donald J. Trump is standing up for Christians and the America that was founded on the belief of God and Country…

  60. If I was a member of this church, I would demand that this “priest” be removed from the Clergy asap. His display is a total disgrace and could very easily be considered on the edge of Blasphemy.

  61. I agree the priest should be removed and it’s not on the edge, Dorothy, it is Blasphemy or Sacrilegious or both…

  62. Jon! Do you know where your ancestors hailed from?? Unless you are an ancestor of one of the American Indians who greeted the Mayflower and opened their lands to you when you arrived looking for a new, free and better life, shut up and be glad you are free to be who you are, where you live, and you have food in your mouth and a roof over your head!! If you don’t like it yor’re free to leave at any time!!!


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