A Christian singer was pulled from Dick Clark’s New Year’s Eve Special for this alarming reason


After the national media declared Joe Biden the winner of the presidential election, the Left immediately called for conservatives to “unify” …or else.

They only want to “coexist” if your views and morals align precisely with theirs.

In their most recent act of “unity,” the left has pulled a Christian singer from a New Year’s Eve special for this alarming reason.

It is being reported that popular Christian singer Lauren Daigle has been removed from the lineup for the annual “Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve” broadcast.

It appears that New Orleans Democrat Mayor, LaToya Cantrell, sent a letter to Dick Clark Productions expressing her “urgent concerns” about Daigle’s appearance at the New Year’s Eve celebration, scheduled to be broadcast live from New Orleans.

According to a New Orleans NBC affiliate, Daigle, a Louisiana native, was pulled from the show as a result of the letter and was the only act pulled from the show.

Cantrell’s reasoning behind the letter is that she could not, “in good conscience support the involvement of singer Lauren Daigle, who just last month participated in an unpermitted live performance which placed my residents in danger and threatened the tremendous progress New Orleans has made in combating the COVID-19 pandemic.”

The “unpermitted live performance” Cantrell refers to was the “Let Us Worship” rally held in the French Quarter.

The rally was one of many around the country that aimed to bring awareness to the government overreach in closing down churches and, in turn, stopping Christians from gathering to worship.

Cantrell’s letter went on to say, “Ms. Daigle cannot and should not be rewarded with national media and a public spotlight. She harmed our people, she risked the lives of our residents, and she strained our first responders in a way that is unconscionable — in the midst of a public health crisis. That is not who we are, and she cannot be allowed to represent New Orleans or the people she willfully endangered.”

Earlier this year, Mayor Cantrell praised Black Lives Matter “mostly peaceful protesters” claiming, “Racism is a public health emergency.”

In response to Cantrell’s letter, Louisiana’s Republican Attorney General rushed to Daigle’s defense, stating that Cantrell “appears to be targeting you because of your faith.”

Landry went on to inform Daigle of her legal rights to participate in the “Let Us Worship” rally and even offered the singer his “assistance to work with more hospitable regions in the state, like your home parish of Lafayette.”

As usual, the left only sees things their way, and a popular Christian artist who sings a few songs is far more dangerous to them than any left-wing extremist group that is vandalizing property and attacking innocent bystanders.

The left continues to try and control the American people’s minds, and, unfortunately, COVID has given them an even bigger stage to do so.

Politicians such as LaToya Cantrell in New Orleans would have you believe that a group of Christians gathered during a supposed “pandemic” is far more deadly than the violent riots we see popping up all over the country when the left doesn’t get their way.