A central West Wing figure showed there was more to add to the “woke” meltdown over Virginia’s election


Democrats continue to break from reality.

The result is more frequent over-the-top rhetoric that’s poisoning the national discourse.

A central West Wing figure showed there was more to add to the “woke” meltdown over Virginia’s election.

The Democrats suffered a humiliating defeat in Virginia.

Former governor and DNC chair Terry McAuliffe just lost his gubernatorial bid to Republican newcomer Glenn Youngkin.

The Democrats, of course, go insane whenever they lose an election, but Hollywood leftists were particularly unhinged this time.

Their furor is particularly overheated considering Youngkin is not a political firebrand.

He’s a mild-mannered businessman who ran a solid campaign.

But celebrities—perhaps taking cues from the talking heads in the corporate press—are attempting to paint Youngkin as a far-right fascist.

Bradley Whitford from The West Wing and Get Out tweeted:

Whitford is regurgitating the Democrat talking point that the neo-Marxist philosophy of Critical Race Theory is not being taught in Virginia schools.

But the problem for the Democrats is that CRT is being taught.

The college-level academic theory is not being taught, but the principles are being implemented, and the educators and administrators are clearly using CRT as a framework.

In fact, explicit CRT texts are posted on the Virginia Department of Education website as required reading.

Wendell Pierce from The Wire and Jack Ryan tweeted:

Pierce must’ve missed the eleventh hour stunt orchestrated by state Democrats to smear Youngkin supporters as white supremacists in an ill-conceived political stunt.

Ethan Embry from Can’t Hardly Wait tweeted:

However, Youngkin didn’t even run on “denying election results.”

He and other Democrats live in a demented echo chamber.

If they ever ventured outside their left-wing cocoon, they would realize that Virginia parents were sick of COVID restrictions and radical curricula.

But Democrats believe they can only lose when something nefarious is afoot.

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