A Catholic school administrator used three words to describe the cross of Jesus that will infuriate you


Leftist so-called “progressives” are taking over college campuses all over America.

Now, Catholic schools are no longer immune to their takeover.

And what this one Catholic school administrator said about the cross of Jesus is truly despicable.

Students for Life of America, a leading campus-oriented pro-life organization, is currently on a #PlannedParenthoodTruth Tour to expose the truth about Planned Parenthood’s bloody business.

As a part of that tour, Students for Life is bringing their 911 pink cross display to each campus.

Each pink cross represents the the life of one little boy or girl who loses their life at the hands of Planned Parenthood abortionists every day.

The Students for Life group at Dominican University, a Catholic school, got approval to set up the pink cross display on campus grounds.

But as soon as the Students for Life group was done setting up the display, a school administrator ordered them to take it down, saying it “creates unnecessary harm.”

Even worse, in conversation with the Students for Life group, a school staffer flat-out defended abortion saying it is better that babies be aborted than grow up in an abusive environment.

Students for Life reports:

In the meeting, in a conversation captured with audio, Price tells Minnich,

“I think the crosses are a message, that could be more, would evoke more of an emotional cross, than is what we are looking for. I am all about folks sharing different perspectives, I believe in what you’re doing….where we start to do other catchy things, to really characterize the message that we’re selling, if that creates unnecessary harm…that’s where I start to get worried.”

He also tells Sarah that the crosses could “create harm.”

Outside at the display, another person, believed to be a staffer or administrator, said she is ‘pro-life’ but she is also pro-choice, which includes ending a human life. Following this, there is a back and forth where a pro-choice staffer/administrator says that it is better that babies be aborted than growing up in an abusive environment or in an area where there is gang crime [Dominican University is roughly 15 miles from the South Side of Chicago].

The idea that the cross of Jesus could “create unnecessary harm” – especially at a Catholic school – is simply ridiculous.

It’s a symbol of the sacrifice of Christ, and any true Catholic wouldn’t be ashamed to use it to defend the lives of innocent little boys and girls.

The school administrator is only saying that because some young leftist snowflake feminist will get “triggered” by the moving display of 911 crosses.

And he doesn’t want to come under fire from the progressive Left.

But pro-life students all over the country experience this censorship of their beliefs on a regular basis.

And this type of behavior has happened to Students for Life like clockwork.

As you can see from this video they posted on their Facebook page, pro-abortion radicals often resort to violence to try to intimidate pro-life students into shutting up.

The fact is, pro-abortion viewpoints aren’t consistent with Catholicism or Christianity as a whole.

Anyone like the Dominican University staffer who defends abortion simply gives Christianity and Jesus Christ a bad rap.

And as Jesus Christ said himself “but whoever denies me before men, I also will deny before my Father who is in heaven.” (Matthew 10:34b)

Do you agree with the Catholic school administrator that banned this pro-life display of crosses?


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  2. So it doesn’t create harm to a baby when it is murdered by an abortionist??? These people are truly despicable.

  3. This is the deep problem that took roots, many roots, in catholic education not only in colleges,
    but in grade and high schools – in 1960’s. Religious classes that taught that
    “you choose the lesser of the evils presented to you.”

  4. This is one big problem with the CHURCH today
    The truth is always better then placating the folks who play with the truth to satisfy positions so they will not have to defend their beliefs Shop around for conscience
    This administrator needs a replacement so he can not corrupt any more of the school family with his passification-which will never solve anything
    Pat Damore

  5. I have no words for these despicable people. All that comes to mind is the fruit of the feminist movement that has destroyed the lives of more men, women, boys and girls than any ism in memory.

    Academia’s gift to the destruction of society.

  6. the pink crosses “could cause unnecessary harm” seriously-give me a break!! this is about the murder of innocent babies-period.

  7. I’m so glad I WALKED AWAY from Catholicism. I am a Christian now. Those that believe in Jesus, believe in His love for the children. Those that condemn children in the womb, condemn Jesus, and the Father. Suppose Mary had an abortion. What then? All of mankind would spend eternity in HELL!!! For those of you that don’t believe in hell, it is spoken of far more often than heaven, in the word of God, the bible. This man, that puts some hurt feelings above the lives of 3,000 murdered babies, that die every day, is the SON OF SATAN. You’re either CHILDREN OF GOD or CHILDREN OF SATAN. He made his choice. We all make that choice. But he is teaching others his sick views, therefore, sending more children of God to Satan. He needs to be fired, and never allowed to be seen or heard by any young person. Banish him!!!

  8. At the end of the article, we are asked if we agree with the administrator.

    I agree that the administrator should be fired.

  9. I don’t agree with the administrator! Political correctness has nothing to do with Catholicism!

  10. When the catholic schools w ere actually being run by the Dominicans or other religious orders; this would not have happened.

  11. I find it interesting that the 2 sides of this issue are “Pro-Life” and “Pro-Choice”. The stark truth is that what you really have are “Pro-Life” and “Pro-Death” sides of this issue. There is no ground in between. The child is either alive or it is dead. There are no cryogenic in between states. You never hear “Pro-Death” throngs in this country as it relates to children who have yet taken their first breath. Still, these unborn children have a heartbeat and are fully formed. If they were not, then Planned Parenthood could not sell their organs for profit, which they do. Every child should have an opportunity to experience the life that each has the potential to live. I’ll never understand how people can take the life of a child as callously as “Pro-choicers” do.

  12. No wonder Catholics have made so many bad choices: choose the lesser of the evils presented to you? How about the only real choice: choose Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior or choose Satan. That is your choice. Defenseless babies or children don’t have a choice even though they are created in the image of God; God’s children. Adults whether Catholics or other Christians get to make that choice. A lesser evil is a human who chooses to kill unborn or born children. I choose Jesus Christ and the life He gave me to live. I choose life for the unborn and especially the born. You who choose to be pro-choice don’t respect the lives of others. You are only concerned with your self-centered, prideful lives.

  13. These people are truly evil and will receive their just rewards. A catholic education used to mean that you received a strong foundation in your faith. Today, it seems that the church has be infiltrated with non-believers and they are undermining the faith of the younger generations. God will judge them


  15. The Marxists 140 years ago planned this out, They infiltrated not only the political parties but also institutions of education, think tanks, seminaries, church governing bodies, unions, and organizations of every stripe.
    The political left will do anything and everything to finish off people being in charge of their own destiny. They want complete and utter control of everyone.

  16. Yes, there is that original sin and garden of Eden creationism nonsense thrown in there again, Christ did not sacrifice squat was it time t ou start the downfall of the Roman empire yes, but that started with the Punic wars and also included the empire spreading their troops too thinly, the eventual incursions of the Visogoths and Ostrogoths which besides the alleged vision Constantine I had may have contributed to his semi-conversion the empire needed more troops unfortunately then came more attacks by the barbarians and the most uncivilized and wicked people of all those who adhere to and embrace the islam ideology.

    Stick to the fact, abortion has become big profit for HMOs and Abortion doctors which is as despicable an act as you can imagine, when I here of Abortion doctors being exterminated I experience no sympathy for them in the least they are wicked plain and simply put.

  17. A dead fish begins to smell from the top! The Catholic Church is dying – and it started at the TOP. Pope Francis is the most damaging leader in the history of the Church. What a tragedy!

  18. This administrator has no business in that position at a Catholic School, if they are afraid of the far left.

  19. Amen, the administrator should be fired. I’m just surprised we aren’t seeing hospital and doctor’s ads come to our hospital or office for prenatal care, wellness care and get your vaccinations today. Look at the money these businesses are losing.

  20. To deny Jesus Christ and what the cross stands for is blasphemy!! Even the Bible says so. And there is no forgiveness for blasphemy.

  21. Sarah’s response should have been to ask how the crosses would create harm when they are not capable to do so. The people who don’t like what they see and do harm can’t blame the crosses for their own behavior.

  22. The godless and morally corrupt cultural left have no conception of what is good and decent. To most of these reprobates, the cross and Jesus Christ are symbols of Western Civilization and the Judeo-Christian ethic, which the abhor.

  23. How about the people who identify as Catholics and vote and support those candidates whom they know are pro-abortion supporters.
    Many are the Shepherds of the Church and won’t say a word about those candidates or anything from the pulpit, especially before an National Election for President because they are a Democrats ( or Republican) since birth.
    Times are truly changing, never to late to speak out for what is right, truthful and good for the soul and this country.

  24. I graduated from both a Catholic Grammar school and Catholic High School. I have never heard the quote, “you choose the lesser of the evils presented to you.” Mind stating where this “Catholic School is located?”

    I attended Saint Mary’s of Loretto Catholic School 1st thru 8th grade and Montgomery Catholic High School 9th thru 12th grade! Oh, I graduated in 1966.

  25. Did anyone confront this administrator to specify the harm and after receiving the answer, or maybe not, proceed from there? In argument, move from vague to specific.


  27. I would like to know how people who believe murdering children is alright are in any position in any Christian school. Gods wrath will fall on them and the church if they keep their positions. I would not want to try an explain that stance to God when I meet him.

  28. Satan has placed many people in the Catholic church as priests and nuns. Many Catholic priests have expanded their sinful sexual escapade into many other areas.

  29. Patdamore: I wonder is their not a Catholic Church located in the same city of this catholic school? IF so,
    why aren’t the Priest & parishioners doing something about this ”administrator””? I’d think they’d have jerked this female or male administrator out the same day they insisted the crosses be taken down!!! Goes to show
    ya, just kinda like the Christians did back in 1960-1963, when madlyn murray-ohair got the Bible taken out
    of schools. It’s time Christians, Jews, & Catholics get some back bone & speak out! That’s what the liberals do!

  30. To DonRS:

    The Catholic Church may be stricken but she will NEVER die.
    The Lord Said: “Thou Art Peter and Upon this Rock I will build my church and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it”.
    God has his own timetable and retribution is coming soon.

  31. Catholics are Christians, as they believe that Jesus is the Son of God. That is what a Christian is…someone who follows Jesus and His teachings. But the Catholic Church has been infiltrated by satan, who will take over whatever he can before the end. He will rule for a period of time and it is all falling into place.

  32. Why not bring in all religions? I prefer that non be brought in. Leave church teachings at the church where it belongs. This is a secular country and I want it to continue it that way as the founding fathers wanted. They knew the problems that could arise if separation is not the law of the land, i.e. congress shall pass no law establishing a religion or the free exercise there of.

  33. Anyone who calls himself a Catholic, particularly one who follows St. Dominic of whom the Blessed Mother gave the Rosary, is not worthy of being called Catholic if they take such a prochoice stance. I would not like to be standing before God on Judgment Day and have to defend that position.

  34. There’s nothing “Christian” about the Catholic Church. Never has been- never will be.
    The Catholic Church is as bad as Islam. The Catholic Church has always been in cahoots with evil.

  35. “….. upon this rock I will build my church……”
    Jesus was referring to the confession (“That thou art the Christ) OF Peter. Not Peter himself.

  36. They can put whatever religious title they want to with their name but if they deny Christ, they are really serving the evil one and when they meet Christ he will deny them.

  37. Craig: Islam came 300 years after Christ even though Islam claims it is the first and oldest religion Mohammad was not even a teenager when he got to Jerusalem well after Christ. Constantine again came after Christ and settled the God, Jesus and Holy Spirit as one as well as other questions of the Church not Christ. When Christ died the Roman Empire was still in control and the downfall of Rome and the rise of Christianity was in the future. The way Christ died on the cross, naked and suffering horribly was the Roman way of execution for bad guys not the death or punishment way of the Jews. The Jews liked stoning and at the time of Roman Empire control over the Jews had reached the point where serious crimes were out of the hands of the Jews because the Roman law was the law. Christ died on the cross to save the sins of man and for no other reason. He said he did not come as a conqueror of Rome as the Jews wanted and Rome’s demise came after the Church had been around for a while although meeting in houses and not churches. Jesus Christ never, ever said it was okay to kill children, he even told his followers to not deny the children to him and for those who did deny the children to his teachings would not gain entrance to Jesus’ Father’s home. Adults were to come to Jesus and God with the innocence of children. I think those in this church need to be investigated as to their true beliefs and be made sure they are not teaching that abortion is okay that is the feminist me too movement crap not the crap of Jesus Christ who loved all people and did not wish for anyone to die through chemical burning or having their limbs torn off, or having their brains sucked out while being born which is at the point of infanticide. Jesus did die on the Cross and that is what these crosses are about the 65 million innocent never convicted of a crime amounting to the death sentence by a jury of their piers and pink is appropriate and add blue in there too although it is girls and black babies being killed more than boy babies. The Catholic Church was my hope for always being against abortion the murder of babies but it seems as if abortionists have infiltrated the Church just like the damn homosexuals infiltrated the Church. What is it with adults who want kids for sex and think murdering a baby who can’t defend him or herself is okay.

  38. Dominican University is obviously being run by anti-Catholic bigots. You cannot be Catholic and pro-abortion at the same time. I suspect that the woman who told them to remove the crosses will rot in HELL!

  39. Jesus warned that in the last days there would be false teachers and false preachers. I don’t pretend to know when Jesus will return. Only a fool would forecast what God/Jesus will do when. but there were some hints given, and they seem to me to be happening now.

  40. so pro life to them only means that they have the say in who lives and who dies, what about the baby? The baby’s heart starts to beat at around 5 weeks. Which means the baby is alive, a living organism, An individual form of life, a body made up of organs, organelles, or other parts that work together to carry on the various processes of life. Do they realize when an abortion is performed the doctor literally pulls the fetus from the womb PIECE BY PIECE and an inventory of all the pieces must be kept, there must be 2 arms, 2 legs, a spine, a head, a brain, a torso, it all must be accounted for and it all has to be inventoried and checked to make sure nothing has been left inside, doctors can not say with 100% accuracy that a fetus can not feel pain, because a fetus may develop faster or slower, there fore while they can suggest they cannot say with all surety the fetus can not feel pain. I wonder could they live with that fact that the fetus can feel itself being torn apart…

  41. and so the real answer is in, AND this is it; the crucifiction of Jesus Christ is just as alive in the so called churches of the day and age was carried out by Saviors own people of that day. If you are surprised by that truth you do not know the truth of the Bible. that is that GOD will and hAS SENT hIS SON INTO THE WORLD AS THE SAVIOR OF ALL OF MANKIND THE CRUCIFIXION OF JESUS BECAUSE OF GOD’S GREAt love for you is what makes the Bible the absolute life giving promise that God gave to Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden

  42. Treason is a badge of honor for the Godless NAZI Commie liberal Racist Muslim Demoncrat Party & RINOs! The party of hate, hypocrisy, lies, deception,Fake News(Russian Collusion & Jussie M hoax)the list is endless!And the clueless minions that follow them!


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