A case could be heading to the Supreme Court that could doom transgender bathrooms


LGBT activists flipped their lid when states enacted bathroom bills saying people can only use bathrooms corresponding with their biological sex.

So they went to the courts to impose their will.

But that is about to backfire on them in a big way.

Students in Boyertown, Pennsylvania are suing the school district for allowing so-called “transgender” students to use whatever bathroom they choose.

The students say kowtowing to anyone who claims to be the opposite sex could become very dangerous.

Now the case could be heading to the U.S. Supreme Court.

The Daily Beast reports:

The lawsuit, filed on behalf of cisgender students at Boyertown Area High School who oppose the school’s trans-inclusive policy, has already failed before the Third Circuit Court of Appeals, which ruled in favor of the school district this June.

But as The Morning Call reported Tuesday, conservative legal group Alliance Defending Freedom filed a petition this week asking the Supreme Court to review the Third Circuit ruling, arguing that the case would be “an ideal vehicle for this Court to address whether school locker room and restroom policies like Boyertown’s are constitutional.”

Simply put, they want the Supreme Court to weigh in on bathrooms, once and for all.

If the Supreme Court grants the review, hears the case, and issues a ruling, it would mark the first time that the judicial body has touched on transgender rights.

LGBT activists want people to use whichever bathroom they “feel” like on any given day.

They believe in an infinite amount of genders that have no basis in biology, anatomy or physiology.

And they’re targeting children with their despicable views.

Plus their bathroom policy is dangerous.

As we reported, a five year old girl was sexually assaulted by a male classmate in the girls’ bathroom at a school that allowed students to choose which bathroom they wanted to use.

Do you think so-called “transgender” people should only use the bathroom of their biological sex?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments.


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  2. They are crooks diviant perverts seducing spirits in 1 John 1 seducing spirits harm children beware in the last days seducing spirits will roam around beware little children it says beware of them! Seducing trannie spirits that want to get in your pants sicko pervs. There is no nice way you can say it siko perverts sinful evil reprobates! These are not nice people sorry uncle Bob they do horrible things and want to get their greedy hands on our kids. Sad but true change all the laws to condone this abhorrent lifestyle attack God fearing mothers and fathers and people across the land. They belong in insane assylums strapped down they are demonic spirits deserving of the most severe consequences!

  3. Where in hell did this transgender thing start? There are only 2 genders, male and female, period! Matthew Atwater, you are right on, these people are perverts. Transgender bathrooms only invite these perverts more. There’s no such thing as “transgender”, one is either male or female.

  4. Inch leads to a mile, this must be stopped dead in its’ tracks, or the sky will became the limit. Banned homosexual activities in all respects making it a criminal behavior as it should have always been and, always be !

  5. Yes, if you have a male reproductive system the room you enter should read boy’s or men’s and the same should apply to those born with a female reproductive system and that is dictated by nature alone human psyches can be scrambled and your thinking needs to be fixed but in regards to gender you are the sex you are physically born as.

  6. It began in the pit of hell. Remember, God only created males and females. It was the spiritually lost sexual deviants who “created” the LGBT sexes.

  7. Queers were Against the Law for 200 year get it back and leave it we all know it I Wrong and this other disgusting garbage needs stopped Immediately this was only done because of freaking men and women just like adultery only so they can done wrong that was against the law as well you really had to have a good reason for a divorce but now just want out this perverted garbage is destroy this country and the children

  8. Started with Obama and the accent on supposed rights of minorities. (He figured he could pick up a few votes and……..voila.)

  9. Lets have:
    Women Only
    Men Only

    I’m a female in California. I am tired of seeing pee on the floor in front of the toilet. Its a pain to make sure my pant legs and skirt bottoms don’t get wet from urine. So, I’ve decided to waste toilet seat covers (6-8 at a time) to cover the area. Do you hear that, Lawmakers? Yes, you law makers that decided to ban plastic straws.

  10. Spent 20+ yrs teaching N the public high school arena – this type of behavior is a mental illness – when are parents ever going to understand their children R screaming for boundaries, discipline, & structure – there can be no Liberty without laws – would have a very difficult time watching a boy go into the girls RR with my female students N there – much less if our granddaughters where N a public RR

    Murf Appling
    Germantown, TN

  11. I say there are only two sexes make and female.Transgender people should use the bathroom of their biological sex.There will be problems especially for children if this isn’t followed.

  12. there are only TWO genders – MALE and FEMALE! there is no in between! it’s one or the other can’t be either or another! this is DEVIL’s work & he’s doing pretty good job of confusing people! we have to stop this craziness! it’s getting totally out of hand!

  13. Aside from the fact that there are noted medical professionals in the field of psychiatry that have proclaimed that transgenderism is a mental aberration in need therapy, there have been numerous cases of male deviants using female restrooms for perverted purposes.

  14. Do we need to abolish ALL multi-stall restrooms…and only have “single serve” rooms. Not sure how to change lockers….every student with their own shower and locker room? Ah well so many schools are getting rid of programs to save money…just abolish all aports programs…spend the money saved( no uniforms, stadiums, etc) on libraries…and vocational training!!

  15. This is just what the pedifiles have been wishing for, it use to be if you went in the wrong sex bathroom, someone would call the police and, you would be charged with CSC and taken to jail. Now it is to be legal, their setting people up to be sexualy assulted which means we have satinest in high offices to get all this foul s–t passed!

  16. It’s interesting that LGBT is the one meaning a bunch of homosexuals pushing this transgender crap
    and since they don’t like women and men can’t get pregnant from rape they could care less if it is dangerous to women or if women want to have their own bathroom especially when they have their period. LGBT wants no genders as the rule so it won’t make a difference when two men get together because gender doesn’t matter. So they are pushing to have all kinds of sexual crap accepted so people will accept homosexuality as not bad because transgenderism and other forms of non normal sex are worst and homosexuality doesn’t look so bad after all. And if it hurts women and little girls the hell with them as long as homosexuals get what they want, any man or boy they go after because no one will stop them.

  17. I believe this is giant classic case of the tail wagging the dog. I am not unsympathetic to a very, very small group of people who are transgender. However, as a straight woman, a senior, I am afraid that the “law of unintended consequences” is at play here.

    As a woman, I am not in favor of sharing a public restroom, locker room or store dressing room with a male. In many stores restrooms in particular are many times located in out-of-the way locations. If a male was to attempt an assault, I fear no one would hear me if I screamed for help. I am equally uncomfortable with males in locker rooms or dressing room as some of these men, who are “feeling like a woman” on a particular day could well be sexual deviants, predators and/or voyeurs. Just the thought of the possibilities is frightening.

    When in a mall, large store, movie theater, etc I am scared for young girls. If a father is out with his young daughter it’s not unusual to see the father waiting patiently outside the ladies room door. The father would have zero clue if a man was already in the restroom and this male could attempt to molest or expose himself on purpose to a young child. We cannot allow children to be needlessly be put in harm’s way just to satisfy a tiny portion of the population’s “needs”. If it comes down to child safety vs adult “preference” I’ll vote every day for the child and twice on Sunday.

    The potential for abuse of these “multi-sex” restrooms, locker rooms, dressing rooms is great. I am not willing to have any woman, teen girl or young female child become a crime victim just to satisfy a few. The “cost” is not worth the risk.

    Let’s not forget there are unattended rest rooms all over the place: parks, lakes/ponds for swimming, turnpike rest stops, highway tourist visitor centers, tennis courts, sports playgrounds, truck stops, etc. If you’ve ever been on a long-distance driving trip then you are familiar with “facilities” out in no-man’s land. These public places already have problems with sexual perverts and assorted sexual predators. There is no need to bring this type situation into our schools, malls, stores, etc.

    I have gone on long distance auto trips by myself. I was shocked at what went on at truck stops and turnpike rest areas. Hookers, drug dealers/drug users, lots of questionable looking characters just hanging around all over the place. These places are dangerous enough in the daylight, never mind after dark. We do not need to give sexual predators a free license to enter women’s restrooms. If one was to be assaulted you just know it could end up in one big, painful he said/she said legal matter, assuming the assailant was actually caught. Why on earth would we facilitate the ease with which sexual criminals could do their harm?

    This whole subject should not be emotional, it should be about pure common sense and safety for the majority of citizens, the common good, not the teeny tiny minority. I’m sorry if I seem harsh or unfeeling but, for me, personal safety is at the top of my list of priorities.

  18. Darn! Someone with “Uncommon Sense”! Female, gives birth, Male, donates his sperm into female. Any “Farmboy” understands this. Shame the “Ignorance” the liberals are teaching. Michael was born a male, period. Surgery can’t make him able to give birth. Therefore his is NOT a female! Next left and right will be reversed? Let’s go back to “Logic”, not theory. When there are college students that can’t do basic addition, yet they call themselves “Intelligent”? NUTS!

  19. History lesson: Friends 14 year old daughter came home crying, dress torn and muddy. Told us who raped her and where. She had stayed after class to talk to the teacher, and missed her bus. It was raining, and a guy promised to give her a ride home. The guy was captured by the girls friends, and returned to the scene of the rape, a graveyard. He was “Pantsed”, and held down spread eagle. Farm boy took his sharp knife and castrated him. He was warned to go far away. Most logical punishment I’ve ever heard of. In Spain the man is usually caught and killed by the girls family, which is too severe, but then that’s Spain. End result, the rapist will never have children, or rape another woman, and possibly get her pregnant. Now it this doesn’t set the LGBT crowds “Hair on Fire”, what will?

  20. Until they are complete post op they should not be able to Identify as transgendered, I would be of the opinion that if their DNA doesn’t support what sex they are or what to become then they should should have to go through thorough psychological evaluation. Bottom line if not fully post op they are just gay and need to use the facilities for what they were born with.

  21. I have rarely witnessed such an insult to the English language, I wonder if English is even y ok or primary language, more likely Chinese or Indian.

  22. This entire agenda is typical Communist……destroy men and emasculate them…and make women hate men and turn them into feminists who do not want to reproduce and raise the next generation…..have the government be your mommy and daddy…..

    This gender confusing crap is just another way to divide and conquer the Christian family and destroy it. The Communists murdered millions of Russian Christians when they came to power in 1918….they have been at it for decades now and are inching closer and closer to their ultimate goal…..DESTROY AMERICA and DESTROY the family and DESTROY CHRISTIANITY. The other world countries who pander to these deviants are teetering on the brink of Full Communism. We need to STOP this now while we still can. I hope the SC uses their collective normal reasoning and stops this abomination from continuing. This is a lifestyle that is very very destructive and we should not pander to it. They need to conform….we don’t need to pander to them…

  23. UNISEX BATHROOM’S. Enough of this let’s cause a spending spree to put a third bathroom in very government and public building. Enough just make them UNISEX! One person goes in at a time. With a lock on the inside. Video on the outside of the bathroom’s to insure on one gets abused. Problem solved.

  24. The whole “premise” of transgender is liberal garbage and needs shutdown permanently. It’s a genetic defect that DOES NOT change reality.

  25. Isaiah 5:20
    “Woe to those who call evil good and good evil, who put darkness for light and light for darkness, who put bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter.”
    God speaks specifically about this in the Bible, as He does EVERY subject under Heaven. If we need an answer for ANYTHING, it is in God’s Word.

  26. Many right- on comments ! I am with Jerry 100% and his daughters should be safe ! D. Milton Schale

  27. As long as they cater to the gender disorders/confusion, they will continue endangering the majority of the population. You can’t change biology, there are 2 sexes, male and female. What needs to happen is providing an extended and well funded mental health institution to deal with all the gender confused folks and get this out of our school system, let kids be kids and quit instigating issues where there are none.

  28. I believe we have many homosexual / child predators, working in are system. Screen them out destroy them in the work world so they can’t survive, cause no more harm. At least force them back into the closet….

  29. Put signs on women bathroom doors, no Johnson/family jewel aloud violator will be castrated on sight !

  30. Everything was created as male and female in order to procreate the world in either fish, reptile, mammal, amphibian, plant and in any and all other forms that need to reproduce. Only in the human form does one believe in same sex lifestyle. There have been transgenders using the bathrooms of their choice for years without the common people even being aware of it. The only reason there is such a to-do over it today is because the agenda of the LGBT is to make everyone accept them as they are, even if it means turning your children into a genderless mess of a human being. For years they cried, it wasn’t their fault because they were “born” that way. Now their cry is, we’re going to “make” your children that way. We’re going to rub it in your face that YOU HAVE to accept us in your bathrooms, rather YOU like it or not. Doesn’t matter that they’ve been doing it for years. What matters now is that you can’t say NO.

  31. Bathrooms, schools, church, parades, these freaks are begging for a war. A total house cleaning, not just lgbtq and pedifiles but, dems to. Now they’re going to be spending all are tax paying dollars and their time, going after are PRESIDENT and, stopping all progress for are country that they don’t give a damn about. We are to be their money to support their power and destruction games. TRUMP warned are country this would be, but they have got away with ballet fraud even when it’s quite clear. Brenda Snipes with her past history ( Should not have been anywheres nere ) pulls the same s–t again untouched, this is why they continue to do these things even obvious, because they know they’ll go unpunished and, get what they won’t WHY, WHO IN THE HELL IS MAKING THIS HAPPEN ?????????

  32. Maybe it is time WE have a big parades, march on all capitals in protest for all these wrongful acts being committed in are county, make it loud /clear, DEMAND for all this corruption to stop and, for legal actions be taken against the LGBTQ, CLINTONS, DEMOCRATS, FBI and, OBAMA. Stop it all take are country back !

  33. One thing FOR SURE. Females of ALL ages and circumstances anywhere are in FAR MORE DANGER from straight males they know, and who are citizens BTW, than they from any LGBQT person. So if you are worried about your five year old daughter being assaulted, worry about the men in her life. She is more in danger from them than she is from anyone else.

  34. The sex one is biologically born with is male or female. Trying to surgically reverse one’ biological sex is biblically Against God’s laws. A male will never be able to become a mother and nurture, carry, birth an infant.
    Bathrooms should Never be made transgender. If public schools insist on
    this perversion then a transgender separate stall should be built. Who pays for this? The Americans through Taxes.

  35. No, No, No … How you easily solve this problem. Is NOT TO BUILD A THIRD BATHROOM. LOL ….The answer is simple. Make the restroom’s UNISEX! Make both restrooms UNISEX. End of story.

  36. Hopefully the SCOTUS will do the right thing and put an end to these psychologically unstable freaks confused about their gender using whatever restroom or shower room of the six they identify with rather than that of their biological gender.

  37. Hey idiot sexual deviants will pretend to identify with the opposite sex to gain access to little girls there have already been reported cases of such heinous acts.

  38. you need help! I only have a grandson but women can molest young boys same as men molest girls! businesses will have to go back to one restroom only with a KEY! that’s gonna be lots of trouble! my grandson is 13 & I still don’t like for him to go into a public restroom without my husband or one of my sons going with him! a rapist is a rapist doesn’t matter if they’re male or female!

  39. UNISEX RESTROOMS. One person at a time. OR just leave it the way it is. OUR GOVERNMENT Cannot Afford to install a third restroom in every Government and School Building in America.?

  40. These Transgender Bathrooms are stupid and invite crimes to be committed. A person is either a Male or Female.

  41. Of course people should use the bathroom of their biological sex. This madness must stop. The inmates are in charge of the asylum. The entire bunch of bananas touting this “infinite gender” rubbish should be committed to a mental health institution immediately

  42. Matt A , Thankyou..!! Well said.!! . obozo was & is STILL STANDING FOR THE MENTALLY PERVERSED SEXUAL PREDITORS.!! .. AND Fake News is STILL PUSHING IT..!!!.. WE HAVE ‘2 GENDERS.’ .!! .. GOD BLESS AMERICA .!!

  43. That city didn’t exist in the first place. It was just another “story” mentioned in the bible, (new testament), to teach and instruct others.

  44. Urine on the floor does not only come from men using your toilet. There are just some very sloppy women who insist on “squatting” over the toilet and then leaving the floor and the toilet seat covered with their urine!! I’ve seen it and it is disgusting. So try that out!!

  45. No it was done to spend more money. The point was to deplete the military and spend as much money or give away as much cash as humanly possible to bankrupt America. Obama never gave to cents worth of care about feelings? LOL Imagine how much it would cost to install a third bathroom into every school, college and Government Building. Now, do you see the motive.

  46. You are exactly right. God did not make a mistake, Whatever sex that was determined at birth is what they are whether they like it or not. Don’t put children at risk because of these immoral perverts.

  47. God created them male and female. Period. Anyone who thinks they are otherwise is mentally ill. A friend had 2 children 8 months apart (one was adopted) and she thought she would raise them non-sexist. Guess what, the girl gravitated toward the dolls, etc., and the boy went for trucks and balls. Imagine that! We cannot let the inmates run the asylum . How many little girls must be molested before we stop this insanity?

  48. You must just read what you want too think is the truth Archaeologist have now found what they think is Sodom and its sister city. they now think it was destroyed by a large meteorite Whick if you believe the Bible could have been sent by God

  49. Just stop the stupid war over bathrooms Just make one bathroom with a lock and let one person at a time go in.

  50. I wonder how old this person is? Children today can not spell read or write . there is no time to teach this, because they have to teach stupid things like gender changes


  52. Right on Eleanor. You said it for me. When both female and male restrooms are always available, why would someone want to use the other, except for perversion. Shame on Barack Obama for starting this in the first place.

  53. To hell with ALL lbgtqwtfhuh? militants. Do what you want in your closets, just GO BACK IN. Keep your crap to yourselves. Literally and figuratively.

  54. Ffkbama did it to his pisslamic muslem hatred for women. He did marry a man pretending to be a woman. They either adopted the kids or bought them on the black market. He is mostly arab so i wonder how his isis terrorists feel about him being gay. I hope they throw him off a building soon.

  55. Absolutely not. Anyone using the others restroom or shower or locker room should be up for arrest with a minimum of three months in jail, and doubled anytime after that. I do not want a social country here in the United States


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