A bombshell report just busted Planned Parenthood’s “women’s health” propaganda


Planned Parenthood tries to disguise itself as a “pro-women” organization.

They say they are all about “empowering” all women.

But this report about Planned Parenthood just ripped that to shreds.

The New York Times released a report on the way Planned Parenthood, as well as other popular “feminist” organizations, are mistreating pregnant employees.

Some of the pregnant mothers are reporting that Planned Parenthood wouldn’t let them take enough breaks.

There are even allegations that pregnant employees were disregarded as candidates for promotions.

The New York Times writes:

In interviews and legal documents, women at Planned Parenthood and other organizations with a feminist bent described discrimination that violated federal or state laws — managers considering pregnancy in hiring decisions, for example, or denying rest breaks recommended by a doctor.

In other cases, the bias was more subtle. Many women said they were afraid to announce a pregnancy at work, sensing they would be seen as abandoning their colleagues.

Some of those employers saw accommodating expecting mothers as expensive and inconvenient. Others were unsympathetic to workers seeking special treatment…

And at Planned Parenthood, the country’s leading provider of reproductive services, managers in some locations declined to hire pregnant job candidates, refused requests by expecting mothers to take breaks and in some cases pushed them out of their jobs after they gave birth, according to current and former employees in California, Texas, North Carolina and New York.

In Miami, one current and two former employees said that women at a Planned Parenthood office were scared to tell managers they were pregnant. One of them said that, in conversations with supervisors, colleagues would often volunteer that they were not planning on having children or were gay or single.

“It was looked down upon for you to get pregnant,” said Carolina Delgado, who worked in the Miami office until 2012. “I don’t think that any supervisor had to literally say it for us to feel it.”

Sadly, this should come as no surprise.

After all, this is an organization that committed 321,384 abortions last year according to their own annual report.

No doubt many of these innocent babies were female.

A Planned Parenthood employee was caught red-handed on video counseling a couple on a sex-selection abortion.

And Planned Parenthood opposed an Indiana law that would’ve banned sex-selection abortions.

The abortionists don’t actually care about women.

They want to encourage sexual promiscuity and abortion so that they can have an endless pipeline of customers to line the pockets of the abortionists.

This is why millions of Americans are calling for the defunding of Planned Parenthood and other abortion facilities.

Do you think Planned Parenthood should be defunded? Let us know in the comments.


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  2. Absolutely our taxpayer dollars should never be used to fund Planned Parenthood. How these murderous doctors sleep at night is beyond me, after spending their days ripping out God’s miracle creations out of the wombs of women, dismembering their body parts, selling body parts and severing their spinal cords. These murderers need to be imprisoned.

  3. Yes! Defund these murderers! The stories in this article exposes thier distain for human life and the immoral greed they cherish to get rich by being hired assassins. Defund? No, prosecute!

  4. What do expect from an organization whose product is a service, one that terminates innocent babies in a mothers womb, and then sells the fetal remains. I believe Planned Parenthood is in league with the devil.

  5. Don’t know what imbecile in Congress first put funding for PP in the budget in the first place. And why just PP, why not women’s clinics everywhere? And we know the answer to that. The money provided by Tax-Paying Americans to PP is funneled right back to the DNC. Imagine that.

  6. Absolutely defund this organization–it is a farce!! Nothing good about it–it encourages unwanted pregnancies because they know abortions will be paid for–No killing of babies – Don’t know what has happened to women of today– they are all politically inspired – NO planned parenthood!!!

  7. They absolutely need to be defunded. If they have enough funds to give to candidates who will defend their murderous cause, then they do not need my money, taken from me at the point of a gun. I do not support PP, nor do I approve of my money being spent on them. Defund them, and prosecute them as the murderers that they are.

  8. Funding this butcher shop called planned parenthood as part of the “Farm Bill” was it’s major soft spot and a reason to vote against it. PP is a major fraud and this report apparently discloses that. Of course, democrats are bloodthirsty pro-abortionists so they don’t care. I don’t like my tax dollars paying for such a possibly illegal hypocritic organization.

  9. Yes. they should never be allowed to stay in their “business”. They should
    all be prosecuted and put in prison.

  10. Here’s the other side of the coin on the abortion debate. You’re against abortion and planned Parenthood. I get that. However, how come I never see you providing funding to pay for the prenatal care for these women to term? How come I don’t see you providing funding to feed, clothe, house, educate, provide babysitting while mom goes to work, provide medical care for these babies that you don’t want aborted? That’s a side of the debate I don’t see you covering. You don’t want the baby aborted, but once it’s born; you don’t seem to care at all, about it. Why is that?

  11. How is killing innocent babies called “reproductive services” ? This is the lefts hijacking of the English language to obfuscate the real reason of their existence to destroy life and women’s “reproductive health.”

  12. There are non profit services that do provide help to mothers who choose life. Not in all areas, but they are trying. Do some research and consider making a donation to them.
    I agree though, if taxpayers are going to fund any services it should be this. But imagine the boondoggle. Look what became of welfare.

  13. Defund them NOW………….they are all Murderers, plain and simple…… and making murderers of the mothers who let them kill their precious babies. This is so sick, and This is NOT American Values.
    The Left is trying to get rid of the Black Americans by abortion…..the poor black women with no husband to support their child, and so abortion……….Obama did this…..! Wake up America.

  14. I also don’t think, I as a taxpayer, should have to pay for any abortion. If they want an abortion, then let them pay for it themselves. I also don’t agree with how far along you can be to get an abortion. As soon as you get a heart beat, then it is a baby. How did we ever think this was normal, killing a child. I remember hearing about back alley abortions when I was very young and I agreed somewhat with them as during the depression, many could not afford babies as they were in dire straits themselves, but now with this day and age of so many ways to keep from getting yourself pregnant, I don’t believe in it.

  15. Mike…That is NOT true. We care about ALL babies, in and out of the womb. Abortion is the MURDER of the most helpless, innocent human beings. Life begins at conception. There are several services that provide help for those who need it.

  16. Abortion should be banned no matter what the reason. Abortions is murder and murder is illegal. If you don’t want a baby keep your pants up. There is NO excuse for unwanted pregnancies.

  17. God said that anyone causing a woman to lose her unborn child is guilty of murder. A child is living and breathing from the time of conception or it would never grow.

  18. Mike, Many states will pay for the babysitter while the mother works. Also, in many states, the pregnancy is taken care of by the state and both mother and child are cared for for a period of time after that, usually at least two months. And if there is something wrong with the baby, welfare might be required for an extended period of time. I have no problems with a mother sitting home and taking care of her disabled or handicapped child. But planned parenthood is a population control program. I’ve heard of women changing their minds and have had abortions forced upon them. These place need to be closed for the safety of the women. There are ulternatives.

  19. You are not looking!!! There are numerous recourses to assist women who choose to keep their babies or to have the baby adopted. In the case of adoption there are shortages of babies here in America and I know of parents who had to go outside of this country to adopt a child. In terms of continuing education, employment, etc…. there are government resources for pregnant women and laws which protect the pregnant woman. Planned Parenthood has not abided by these laws. Hmmm.

  20. Let Soros’ “Open Borders Foundation” increase it’s contribution to 100%! Since they now fund it partially. Soros personally gave them $1.5 million just to fight back against the damaging videos that were released.
    Soros bought the “European Union” through what was the “Open Borders Foundation”. He has so many similar organizations that I keep finding, after all the OBF funds over 2,300 liberal groups. So I can’t possibly list all of them! He has given the OBF almost $40 BILLION since he founded it back in 1985!

  21. With all the birth control available today, I don’t think there is any excuse. If the girl is raped, she should have the guy charged. Otherwise, it was consensual. I’ve seen too many mothers that just didn’t want to turn the guy in, and wanted the baby! NUTS! No spine? Then you have the baby and raise it yourself. But don’t expect me to pay taxes to support it! You don’t pay to support my children. So why should I pay for yours?

  22. So, if abortions are legal. Adoption of foreign babies should be outlawed. Also, if my tax dollars are being spent on this inhumane crap, do I not get to vote on this?

    Needed abortions defined as follows. Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, Obama (Both wife and ex-president), Clinton’s including that abomination called a daughter, etc. Looks like the snowflakes could keep their wish for abortions, but I vote that all the democrats get aborted.

  23. Because you are under educated and , frankly ,obtuse. The “CHURCH” was “FORCED” out of providing many charitable means of helping , however , it is /was the satanist left wing atheists cited a bogus , “Separation of Church and State”. THERE IS NO ” Separation of Church and State” on the books. This line was STOLEN from a private correspondence between Thomas Jefferson and a friend of his. Thomas Jefferson wrote “W e need to have a “Separation of Church and State” , in that the United States should not recognize an “Official Religion” , such as one finds in England and Spain. Therefore[he goes on] , the United States Government recognizes the country to have an amendment “protecting” the RIGHT to have a choice of religion. This is not verbatim, but is close enough. Also , there are numerous private groups to help women through a crises when one spouse wants an abortion. They provide baby food, diapers , clothes , and other help for these women , at no TAX PAYER COST.

  24. Their funding should be cut. Plus, the PP defenders who say abortion is only one part of PP are the equivalent of insane Nazi concentration camp defenders who say gas chambers were only one part of the camps.

  25. There are loads of funding programs for single mothers: pre-schools, food programs, tax relief as well as aide for food and housing, etc. This is well-publicized I am shocked you don’t know it. AND birth control is covered by govt insurances! That is where these women should start. PP is nothing more than a money-making, money-taking organization. Check out the salaries of its leaders! PP is never about healthcare or women’s health; just check the records of services they provide other than abortions! Few to almost none….

  26. fairly simple, take the funding that the Murder Inc scum at planned parenthood are getting now and direct it to actual clinics that are certified “women’s natal care facilities” not the fake crap that has been published about the aholes in pp by the aholes at cnn ..

  27. Rebecca it is a “definition” that fits the game plan of the democrapo clowns to further the effort to establish the USA as the next world cesspool. ..

  28. Eleanor: NO… The murdering Drs shouldn’t be imprisoned!!!! They should be put be4 a ‘firing squad’ w/approximately 10 men shooting the Drs. That way they will die slowly. Not hitting the vulnerable parts until the 8th thru the 10th shoot the main parts of the body, finishing them off! Then, their bodies should be cut up & thrown in a trash pile to be burned!!!!!!

  29. Obama-nation is correct. Laura Fluk was Obama’s spokes person claiming we the people needed to pay for her contraception because she could not afford them. Yet, she was a college student. Talk about double standards. Laura, if your out there, drop college and enjoy getting knocked up. You would be able to afford the abortions then!

  30. Mike” Why on earth would you say that to the person who posted the comment?? How do you know that the person who posted the comment isn’t giving a monthly donation for women who have just delivered a baby, &
    needs help for such as u mentioned? ie; food, child care, diapers, clothing, etc, health insurance!
    Since you have no idea who on this comment section gives money to organizations that provide for people who are in these predictments! But, to help solve the problem my suggestion is: Teach in schools as well as @ home that children (including boys/girls) should wait until they get married to have sex! If a young girl comes from a Christian family, then she needs to be taught that she shouldn’t marry a guy that is ‘an unbeliever’. (that means he hasn’t accepted Jesus as his LORD & SAVIOUR! The Bible plainly speaks that a person should not be ”unequally yoked to an unbeliever! ex: If you are a born-again-Christian, you certainly shouldn’t be marrying a muslim, a shihk ( oops spelling) or a Catholic! otherwise these will get a Christian off track from their beliefs!

  31. New idea. If I have to pay for abortions… How about the ovaries and testicles that caused the pregnancy get tied off at our tax expense? In time would be less taxes and less abortions! Castrations and nutering sounds like Planned Parenthood to me!


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