A blockbuster Hollywood director is in hot water after what he said about white people


Hollywood is a cesspool of leftist celebrities who are out of touch with the vast majority of Americans.

But this one Hollywood director really stepped in it this time.

And what he said about white people is making millions of Americans angry to no end.

Jordan Peele, a director famous for his comedy work on Key & Peele and his two films “Get Out” and his latest horror film “Us,” is notorious for constantly playing the race card.

Peele even made it a point to make “all the white people evil,” according to himself, in his freshman film “Get Out.”

And now, in response to a question in an interview, Peele said he couldn’t “see himself casting a white dude” as the lead in his films.

He reasoned that he wouldn’t cast a white lead in his films because he’s “already seen that movie,” implying all white lead films today are the same.

The Daily Wire reports:

According to The Hollywood Reporter, fresh off the box-office success of the horror movie “Us,” director Jordan Peele said he does not see himself casting a “white dude” as the lead in one of his future films.

“I don’t see myself casting a white dude as the lead in my movie,” Peele said during an appearance at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre in Hollywood. “Not that I don’t like white dudes. But I’ve seen that movie.”

THR reports that Peele’s comments “drew loud applause and shouts of agreement.”

The “Get Out” director characterized his stance as a sort of renaissance for representation in Hollywood.

“It really is one of the best greatest pieces of this story is feeling like we are in this time — a renaissance has happened and proven the myths about representation in the industry are false,” he said.

Jordan Peele’s comments demonstrate a real double standard in pop culture today.

If a white director said the same thing about not wanting to cast a black lead because “it’s already been done,” he or she would be blasted all over the liberal media.

Their career would be over in an instant.

But instead, Peele is praised as “progressive.”

The reality is that Peele’s prejudice against white people simply because they are white is just as bad as prejudice against black people just because they are black.

And for Peele to openly admit that he made “Get Out” with the purpose of making “all the white people evil” is simply egregious and disgusting.

But unfortunately, Hollywood runs rampant with this behavior.

In the newest Star Wars trilogy, all the antagonists are straight white males while all the protagonists are “minorities.”

The Left claims they want diversity in culture.

But their idea of “diversity” is just demonizing white people simply because they are white, and making all conservatives out to be second rate citizens.

Do you think Hollywood is too far Left? Let us know what you think in the comments below.


    • Am I bothered and disturbed by this racists attitude? yes but what bothers me most is how free and open he is about speaking openly about being a racist. I was disturbed when Hollywood shunned black actors in leading roles I felt is was racist and just within the last year I have seen darker blacks cast in roles such as the daytime soaps and regular weekly programs. I say the is a good thing and should be appaulded. I have heard the argument that some directors won’t cast an actor if they are “too black” they should be boycotted out of business but on the same note so should a director who refuses to cast you because you a white. Racism is wrong. No matter who it is against. Your “color” should not define who you ate or are not.. Ethnically we are all different but physically, emotionally we are all the same. I have been persecuted as far back as the 70’s because when asked on form to pick a “race” and they give you black white Asian etc. I always check other and write human. It made people mad and my kids schools would demand I pick one of the categories I always told them to pick for me because I my opinion we are ALL OF THE SAME RACE. It needs to stop. Jesus was not a white man and he was not for a very good reason. He was a DARK skinned Jew. When white people (not all) can accept that maybe things like racism can really start to heal. Sign my name. A VERY WHITE WOMAN.

      I know procedure was just a d e

      withinust within

      • It just shows how weak white people in Hollywood is. They will let people like this be their demise. I say good cause I don’t watch much Hollywood white or black. It does serve white actors like cage, Hell I can’t even think of most of their names but yeah any white person male or female should be kicked out if Hollywood then none of them would make any more money. I have a feeling that if it was only blacks in Hollywood they would get a real feel for how lived they really are lmbo.

    • i will never see a movie of his again,why are people like that.it’s just a hate thing, he hates white people for what but we are racist.

      • Perhaps we should care. These “people of color” don’t want brotherhood,or the outstretched arm of ‘equality’, that they have been offered, they want vengeance. That is equality to them.

    • Agreed, never heard of him nor any of his videos. As far as I am concerned I do not care whether he is raciest or not, don’t give a damn if ge is black, brown, white, red or pink with blue polkadots! His words condemn him as a libturd moron fool, not his skin color!! Cut any person on this planet and we ALL BLEED RED!! Nothing else matters except his/her character, and the color of their soul!! As for his videos(?) ever heard of them!

  1. Obviously, this idiot is just another Blatant Black Racist!
    This is a shame as what Martin Luther wanted, his own
    black race is destroying-Period!

    • I refuse to use the words Black Person or African-American for this RACIST POS *****r. When is America going to wake-up ban discrimination, hatred, etc. by anyone or any group regardless of race, gender, religion, etc.. Sure, plenty of people regardless of color (all races) have done heinous things to people of their on race, but it’s only the white man held accountable (for example …. check out Chicago-Blacks killing Blacks in unprecedented numbers not to mention what is going on to Africia). I am a PROUD White Man and I make no apologies for being white …. PERIOD! I am tired of these wimpy white sissy-men afraid of their on shadows trying to tell me how I should feel or act. I’m tired of all these black racist looking for reasons or trying to be VICTIMS. It’s time to quit using the race card (regardless of ethnic background) and time for ALL AMERICANS …..that’s correct, ALL AMERICANS regardless of ETHNIC BACKGROUND get over the past and live in the present).

      • The Democrats Absolutely Refuse To Except Reality And Thrives On Fantasies The More Ludicrous The More Attracted They Are To Them. It Appears What We Have With The Left Is Mass Retardation At It’s Peak And Hopelessly Irreversible. That Is One Of The Most Propelling Reasons The Democrats Should Not Be Entrusted With Political Power And Permanently Barred From Holding Any Public Office. How Many More Times Will We Give Them To Succeed At What Their Ultimate Goal Is Which Is To Completely Destroy This Country and Imprison It’s Citizens In Their Own Country. The Democratic Party Has Provided Ample Amounts Of Facts To Backup That The Democrats Represent An Clear Threat To The United States And To The American People. They should Be Stopped At All Costs For The Preservation Of Our Liberties As Well As Our Sovereignty.

      • William, Unfortunately what you seek is a perfect world. Far too many blacks, trained by the likes of Jesse Jackson, Sharpton and the other political race hustlers, have been taught to play the race card as an excuse for their failures. Why be held accountable for your own screw ups when it’s so much easier to blame whitey and what he and their own colored folks from Africa did to their own brothers 200+ years ago… selling them into slavery.

      • To true, we are all the same under the flesh, the people who should get more respect are the native Americans who had their land taken from them and not the ones whose own race sold them out to slavery aka blacks

        • Kaci, I’m sure that you call out Blacks that call White people words like: “Cracka”, “Cracker”, “Honkey”, etc., Right??????? SMH

      • well, do you not know that they are entitled to their racist leanings due to the fact that we white people enslaved them and still do today, in their line of thinking. They conveniently push aside the fact that it was africans that put them into slavery for profit, and that slavery is still going on in africa today. And they ignore the fact that most of the crime on black people is done by blacks.

      • We don’t have to worry about blacks because they kill each other and abort their kids in great enough numbers we never have to worry about them being over 13% of the population. All because of them. We could not with the greatest of efforts be an enemy of theirs like they are to theirselves.

      • I am proud to be white. I have come to rge conclusion that they are wannabe whites an jealous. They are ashamed of being black, otherwise they would quit yelling racism all the time. Again, proud of my white race.

    • Who killed Martin Luther King Jr.? Was James Earl Ray framed? – The …
      Mar 30, 2018 – His family believes James Earl Ray was framed. … In the five decades since Martin Luther King Jr. was shot dead by an assassin at age 39, his children have … “It pains my heart,” said Bernice King, 55, the youngest of Martin Luther King’s four children and ….. “I don’t believe James Earl Ray killed my father.

  2. I heard the border between the continental US and California is longer than the one separating us from Mexico. To paraphrase Captain Brody “We’re going to need a bigger wall!”

  3. This is ridiculous. You have one JV director who says he doesn’t think he’d cast a white guy in a leading role in his movies, and you act like the World just ended. Plus, the guy openly admits that he likes whites, so, unlike you white supremacists, it’s not a matter of hatred.

    You guys literally have nothing to bring to the table for reasonable discussion.

    • Eric…. So you think that Peele and yourself bring something to the table, other than racism? Obviously, you and Peele are both ass clowns.

    • How about the casting call for the Broadway show “Hamilton” which literally posted “White Males Need Not Apply”? It may not be a matter of hatred but it sure shows a definite bias which is not acceptable by many other groups. Can you say “double standards”.

    • Point is that he doesn’t need to make the comment! It surely goes much deeper than that! He’s really a unimportant figure but, he does tend to stir the pot unnecessarily!

    • So Eric…only SOME RACISM is okay for SOME PEOPLE in SOME AREAS…as long as we “LIKE” some of them? Wow…you do not have a clue.

      BTW…before you call me Caucasian etc. I’ll let you know ahead of time that I’m not. My ancestors were here in America LONG before most others ever got off of a boat.

    • Eric why are you always on these conservative sights just to spew your assine Democratic views go hang out Nancy and Chuck and AOC who just cost New York a lot of money by getting rid of Amazon.

  4. You are right on he money about Martin Luther King. There is no black leader today that can some close to the leadership of this man. Had he not been murdered, the country would be in a much different and better state.

  5. This clown must be some director. I’ve never heard of his so-called films let alone seen them. I’m guessing by stupid racist comments he is looking for at least a little recognition.

    • I quit supporting hollywood, the cable news propaganda machine AND cable TV all together right after President Trump was elected.

    • Never heard of this POS either nor his films. He needs white people to see his movies to make any money. Whites need to boycott this POS who claims to be a human being. It is time Caucasians stand up for themselves this day and age.

  6. Just what would you like all the “whities” to do to make you racists happy? I’ve never heard a suggestion from your kind! Do you expect us to all leave the planet? What is the best case scenario for you? You completely take over the world and the entire world population becomes black only? How advanced would your world be? Would it look like nirvana or would it be entirely gang infected and slum like? Where would all your hate and extremism get you? So far in whities world you are a wealthy man. Not just you but millions of other blacks who were ABLE to rise up to the top. Not through force but through hard work and skill! That’s how the system works and complaining about another race only shows your ignorance. The way I see it the opportunity for all has always existed and no one should be handed anything on a silver platter! Children think that way. Not mature adults!

    • Blacks doesn’t have to worry about taking over the world. Middle Easterns are beating all of us by having more children.

  7. “blockbuster hollywood director” — I never heard of the racist A-hole. Besides that — I couldn’t care less who stars in his movies — I wouldn’t watch one — period. Take your racism,your movies and your black stars and stick them where your brain is apparently residing — up your a** !!!!!!!

  8. Remember the old movies, They were Black and White, and everyone got along fine, What the hell is with this unknown. LOL

    Stock up on your Ammo

  9. So…why would anyone that is TRULY against racism/sexism etc EVER spend even $1.00 in a movie theatre or go to Hollyweird or California as a tourist?

    Seems to me that white folk aren’t welcome there.

  10. To be a victim (which is the mantra he is wearing), you need villain. To be a dragon-slayer, you need a dragon. That’s what this is about, false victim-hood and blaming the safest “villain” in the country. Note that those who really would cut his head off and hang it from a bridge are NEVER accused.

  11. Has any sensible person ever heard of this no-talent fool? Who is Jordan Peele but another leftist jackass? Cesspool is the correct description for Hollywood.

  12. Just another mouth from the dregs of Hollyweird with a microphone. It gets really tiring and annoying that the majority of our entertainment media are so mentally incapacitated that moving so far left of insanity is seen as acceptable to the social fabric of our country. It is becoming mass insanity and there aren’t enough white coats and mental facilities to handle this epidemic breakdown. Lord help us…..

  13. Mosques and movies are the same to me. You’d never catch me in or at either one in a billion years. As far as this peepeele douche is concerned no conversation is needed. He’s a loser!

  14. lets see now we have the democracts,now movie stars an producers want to be racist well then i will not watch any of their movies plus you dont want a race war cause god will strike you down for tring to destroy the united states of america.You people our so stupid gods comming after the people that are tring to hurt his people.When that time comes its going to be fun to watch to get rid of all you wanna be americans out of our country.The people in hollywood you suck go away we dont need to hear your voice.Against the president and now you clap at people disgracing and being prejudice good job idiots.the people in hollywood should pay attention to james wood the only actor thats standing up against these bunch of liberal far left jerks .True american movie stars where you at or our you just a bunch of wimps that dont know how to say enough is enough stop bashing on the american people .Trump will win in 2020 to shut you people up

  15. Nothing to get upset about. If Mr. Peele wants to bring back those all Black “Race Movies” of the thirties and forties, that’s his choice.

  16. I would guess that with your black privilege you can flaunt your virulent racist attitude and beliefs and be instantly forgiven. Well, not by me. Your movies as well as your comments will be ignored and put in the dustbin, next to other intolerant jerk’s blatherings. You will be shunned, not for prejudice but for the fact that you are a mean-spirited, ungrateful, prejudice-filled, nasty human being.

    You and those like you that would have this nation divided along racial lines make it all too easy for people to hate and scorn you.

    How is it that blacks, in general, are so incredibly prejudiced, themselves? Very candidly, I feel it is due to profound jealousy, envy, and confusion regarding the difference in intelligence between the races (totally not PC to say so, but there it is). With an average IQ of 85 in America and 72 across Africa, blacks are one to two standard deviations below the average white. To put that in perspective, more than 85% of whites are more intelligent than the average black; that is a considerable difference. This is a NATURAL difference that makes all the difference, in general, between blacks and whites.

    The armed forces, by experience and careful studies spanning 100 years, have determined that those with IQ’s below 83 are unfit for service; they just plain can’t learn the duties and operations sufficient to make a contribution. In standard psychological terms, that IQ level is approaching border-line mental defective.

    Why is it that no one in government or education can speak of this. This difference is exactly what fuels division between us. With wildly disparate educational and occupational needs which go entirely ignored the fabric of society is stretched and brittle. These matters need to be honestly addressed.

  17. I had never heard that jerk’s before in my life until I saw this, and I could care less if I ever hear it again. I would be happy though if I saw that he lost money on his movies BECAUSE NOT A SINGLE WHITE PERSON WENT TO SEE THEM. That would be justified- and hilarious that the dumbass did it to himself lol.

  18. I am not surprised by this nor bothered by this mess. If I were to be bothered by this mess, I would have more problems than this guy! lol It amazes me that blacks are screaming prejudice but they are more likely to be prejudice than many whites.

  19. Hey everybody….want to let you know that this site will post your comments as is, don’t post your comments, or they edit what you wrote like they just did me.

  20. Caucasian Americans never- ever challenge black racism. Why, you ask. It is called, “WHITE FRIGHT”. Remember, ALL racism is bad!

  21. A White person Cant even Compliment a black without thier words being Twisted into being Racist(Hes very Articulate)ect.. Yet don lemon(head) of cnn can say,White men are the biggest Danger to this country(haha Wanna look at CRIME stats Fool??)(Or be White an take a stroll through the ghetto??) To people on the left,The Only thing white are responsible for is Slavery and oppression,What REAL percentage of whites ancestors had ANYTHING to do with slavery in the SOUTH,Most wernt even here yet!Then Most lived in the North,And even in the South most were dirt Poor and hard working.The percentage is next to Zero.Our ancestors came here with Nothing from Europe and Worked Like slaves and didnt make much more.Lived in squalor and each generation worked their way upwards(White priv.My a..) Stop walking around with your heads hung low,If it wasnt for whites,we wouldnt be On here right now,It Wouldnt EXIST! Our children are the Only ones taught to Hate themselves,While Everyone else is encouraged to be Proud of their heritage,Never has a”group” done SO Much,And got credit for So Little(Only oppression) Wanna see a Total Collapse of EVERYTHING??,All white people go on strike for a week,we*d be Begged to come Back! 🙂 Wish the cops would do that,And the Same would happen,Dont know what you got till its gone! 😉 Now,me Being white and NOT being Disgusted by that,And Not being Ashamed by my ancestors(Who broke their backs to improve their lives)im prob. looked at as a Nazi ;D,If i was a Minority,Saying the Same thing,Id get an Award 😉 Semper Fi

    • Helluva good rant Art Crosby, so true! Thing is, a lotta these “white people” nowadays have turned so far left(democrats, college professors) it’s pitiful!

  22. When dealing with corrupt and morally bankrupt Hollywood, keep in mind that the best way to make your feelings known is just don t patronize their movies. When they realize their big mouths are hurting them in the pocketbook, they ll think twice.

  23. I use to like this guy, just goes to show how far left these progressive radical, feel sorry for themselves liars are! They seem all in and cozy when they are making money off the white people as they are rising to the top and most likely come from a privilege live style to begin with, but get some recognition and all of a sudden whites are the enemy, pitiful! But at least we all know where his head is and by the way these shows he is so famous for making are creep shows that I wouldn’t see if you paid me and again just shows how demented this guy is. Hollyweirds are really pathetic these days, they use to entertain, now they’re just plain privledged pukes, thanks to the white people.

    • Im watching a “doc”Of the pacific war,Im a fan of Japanese culture,And a collector of Samurai swords.All those “evil”White men that made the Ultimate sacrifice are rolling over in their graves right now,(Well they SHOULD!!) Man,What they went through!!If it Wasnt for THEM,All you snowflakes would be in a Japanese or German Consentration camp right now!!

  24. Looks like he wants to bring back SEGREGATION ??????? How STUPID can he get ????? People like him only give credence to the “BELL CURVE” studies !!!!!

  25. I’m a black female and black people are the most racist group of people ever. They refuse to let go of the past and look for racism in everything white based. I saw the movie US and it was the worst ever. I’ll never go to another of his movies and walked out in the middle of that one.l have a white daughter in law and 5 mixed grandchildren, so he just offended thousands of blacks with “white” blood. He is ignorant and amoral like most of hollywoid. Nothing said or done by people in Hollywood surprises me. So, I hope he will reap the words he spoke by people boycotting anymore of his future movies.

  26. People of Caucasian heritage need to start paying attention. Didn’t watch “US” last night at a theater and am glad I didn’t! I encourage the Dim-ocRATS to embrace Peel’s philosophy & get on former San Antonio, TX Mayor Julian Castro’s bandwagon of financial “REPATRIATION’ for their black peeps & have Director, Peel out there, front & center, leading their REPATRIATION campaign in 2020! We Caucasian men have a problem in national elections with under 60% of Caucasian women voting with us & I believe that Director Peel could help change that along with Castro!
    Let’s get it on & watch Dims with their REPATRIATION campaign create change that the Dim-ocRATS can really believe in when they see just how far pandering to anti-Caucasian sentiment gets them in 2020! Pres Donald Trump’s chances for re-election get better by the day! Also, fellow Caucasians when you go to the movie theaters and buy, rent movies THINK ABOUT WHAT PEEL REALLY THINKS ABOUT YOU & LET HIM JUST HAVE HIS KIND OF PEEPS WATCHING HIS MOVIES SO THE RATINGS TAKE CARE OF PEEL WHO CAN THEN COMMENT ON WHY THEY ARE SO LOW!

    • I accidentally “PEELED” the “E” off Director Jordan Peele’s last name here & definitely don’t want to be accused of not giving him credit where credit is rightfully due! So folks, just add an “E” to the last name of Peel in my commentary, ok? While I don’t believe Peele should get affirmative action treatment like his last President, Barack Hussein Obama did, I definitely want him to get credit where it is due and Caucasian folks, if you don’t get the drift, what Peele is saying is that he really doesn’t like you so I believe we should return the favor in our movie entertainment choices!

  27. I agree with him. Fire every single white actor or actress from all movies, TV, even daily thought and only use black actors and actresses. The white actors and actresses will smile if they read this while thinking to themselves ‘How silly. This director would never want that.’ These ‘white folk’ have no idea how absolutely true the director’s thoughts are.

  28. It’s people like this that do Rev. King a grave injustice. He called for unity not separation; so when you get the blind leading the blind. All people end-up lost. I will commit to pray for this blind lost man.

  29. Well, at least I know exactly where he stands, so I will NEVER watch Any of this Racist’s Movies!!! He sounds just like ‘Ole Don Lemon(Head) on CNN, when he literally stated that WHITE Men are the Biggest Threat to America Today!!! WOW!!! The biggest thing I don’t understand is WHY do Any White Men continue to stay in the Liberal Democratic Party, after blatant Racist comments by Black Liberals, AGAINST White Men!!!???? Smh The last time I checked, it’s still OK to be freaking WHITE in 2019!!!

  30. The cesspool will not stop stinking until people vote with their feet and their $$ and stay home. Unfortunately, too many of us simply refuse to wait for the disc or the download.

  31. I loved Rod Serling’s “Twilight Zone”, and now I see this Jordan Peele will be hosting a new TZ series, well, I hope no one watches it.

  32. Talk about racism! Well, this guys a jigaboo so what can one expect? And me, I detest animals like Peele, white or black, and I’ll call a spade a spade any day of the week. I should say that it’s animals like him that bring out the worst of me.

  33. WELL, WELL, can you say racist?? Well that is what this JP IS………………A REAL RACIST. BOYCOTT his movies and anything else he is involved in …………….

  34. If i could invent a pill that would turn a Negro into a white person , there wouldn’t be a.handful of Black Darkies left in this country, which would be heavenly.
    They are violent and racist because they aren’t White. 🖕🖕

  35. I see the division in our country getting more coverage than the issues of escalating crime, higher fuel prices & the obvious lies & story twisting.
    We no longer have reporters, everyone is an editor with an attitude.
    This person is a racist the same as a KKK sympathizers.

  36. Never heard of him as a director much less the movies….. Can’t be or could be as bad as another blk director. Which was rated “D”…Spike Lee all that was heard from the young kids
    Was MF this MF that slip it to the Bitch while she heat…
    Nice story line… SUCKED

  37. Black people hate white people, that is a fact. Oprah said kill them all meaning all white people. Who made her great, white people!!!!!!!!!!!!! Who saved black people during the civil war, white people by way of the underground railroad. In the north all black people were free and had jobs and lived life as they saw fit. Black people have distroyed our country with their hate talk and divisivness. When are we going to wake up and learn that they need to have a designated state just for black people like Georgia and Louisianna and leave white people to their own culture!

  38. It’s OK Because I don’t go to your movies fool Neither do most of the people I know …

    In addition, your movies are NOT allowed to be on any Military Base, Post, Fort or SeaPort including not just the movie theaters but too for sale at the BX, PX, & Commissary …

  39. racism goes both ways. If a white were to call a black “N—” and Asian , ” oriental” or Hispanic as “beaner” we are derogatory in our cultural acceptance but any of those nationalities can say whatever about a white person and it is “okay” NOT in my understanding. Jesus said ” love your neighbors as yourself” that doesn’t mean love them if you want or you love only some parts of them or does it say that we are culturally insensitive ( as I was told by a facility R/T my use of the term oriental and not Asian-American). I grew up in the midwest and have found that depending on where you are at in our nation depends on how people relate to other people and sometimes it is confusing, so how was his comment to be taken, is it all blown out of context?

  40. I am a white woman that has lived in many countries around the world. I have never had any difficulties getting along with any decent, kind person regardless of race. I am tired of “all whites” being made to be villians and not being able to “fight back”. At various times in my life, I have been treated badly by whites, black and Hispanics for no reason other than the color of my skin. I still feel the U.S. is the greatest country in the world. I just wonder who is trying to destroy the fabric of this country. The sad thing is that Jordan Peele is helping them in their endeavor. How can he say “I don’t see myself casting a white dude as the lead in my movie; I’ve seen that movie”? The simple fact that he says “Not that I don’t like white dudes”, lets you know that deep down he doesn’t like them. I just hope “White America” takes note and sees him for who he truly is (just another black man that hates whites)! When will Hollywood stop their liberal agenda…they are destroying this country. All the countries that hate the US are smiling that our country is so divided.


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