A black Trump supporter was banned from this college for one absurd reason


Leftists are censoring Christian conservatives on college campuses all across America.

They’re trying to create leftist indoctrination camps by violently protesting conservatives and even outright banning them.

And what they did to this black Pro-Life Trump supporter will make your stomach churn.

At the University of Northwestern in St. Paul, Minnesota, Pro-Life speaker and Christian conservative Star Parker has been blocked from speaking on campus.

The university’s Young Americans for Freedom group worked for months to get Star Parker on campus, but the administration shut them down.

The university explained that they aren’t interested in bringing speakers on campus who “radically hold beliefs that UNW as a whole would not agree with.”

Translation: Only speakers who hold views sanctioned by left-wing academics are welcome.

The kicker of this news story is that UNW touts itself as an “evangelical Christian” university.

CBN News reports:

The University of Northwestern at St. Paul – a noted Christian University – has barred pro-life speaker and Christian activist Star Parker from lecturing on its campus.

Students at the university’s Young Americans for Freedom chapter (UNW YAF) had been working for months to host a prominent conservative to address their peers, only to have their own administration strike down their plans, the chapter said in a press release.

In an email to the chapter, a university administrator told the group their “main concern is that it is an open event.” Apparently “it would be different if you were having a speaker just come speak to your club. Speakers open to all UNW students would have more strictness.”

The administrator also claimed Parker holds radical views that the campus community would not agree with.

“Our staff has been very adamant about bringing speakers to campus who educate and expand worldviews, but we really don’t bring speakers who radically hold beliefs that UNW as a whole would not agree with,” the administrator wrote. “In the past UNW has stayed away from sensationalized speakers. I foresee us continuing to do this. After reviewing some of Star’s material online we didn’t feel she was a good fit for our community.”

The main issue that Star Parker speaks about on college campuses is abortion.

And the reality is that abortion is ending the life of a human being – something no Christian should be willing to accept.

But UNW failing to stand up for basic human rights in this way is disheartening for Christians all across America.

UNW showed that they care more about their reputation among Social Justice Warriors than letting the truth be told.

Because all it takes is but one pink-haired liberal feminist to claim they’ll be “triggered” by a Trump supporter coming on campus to get them banned.

And the administration will bend to their demands so they don’t lose favor with young people, and possibly lose out on tuition or federal funds.

Do you think Christians are being treated unfairly on college campuses? Let us know what you think in the comments below.


  1. If this university receives public funds, those funds should be eliminated post haste. They don’t deserve a dime of taxpayers money while violating the 1A.

        • In the time this was posted, Pres. Trump signed an Executive Order banning schools, colleges and universities that get grant/research money from the federal government to block free speech on campus. This is why this order was necessary and why it was signed. What happened to having a free exchange of ideas? What happened to calmly discussing differences? Oh right, these children attending college etc. are unable to handle differing opinions. They can’t debate, they can’t express themselves and they are ignorant of real life. They act like the infants they are and the schools support them.

    • I concur and if it is a christain funded school then maybe they should step in. America has better wake up before these Marxists take over.

    • I believe President Trump is about to sign legislation that will remove federal funding from any college or university that does NOT allow free speech to all students and adults on their campuses. He announced this at CPAC after he invited a young man onstage who had been punched in the face at UC Berkeley by a leftist kid who wasn’t even a student there for recruiting about a conservative organization. President Trump let the young man talk to the audience and afterwards told him to sue the kid who punched him, sue the university, sue the state. So hopefully there will be legislation preventing this restriction of free speech soon, at least if these colleges want to retain their federal funding.

    • Exactly! This “University “ as I use the term loosely is another embarrassment to Christians Faith all over the world. What happen to
      Free Speech? Is that something that is on inclusive to the left?
      They’ll have to answer to God for their decision too!

    • I also concur – Liberals are taking over the Campuses – Christians are being treated unfairly on college campuses – Campuses FUNDED by Christian Funding – Take away their Funds… See how they like that… What happened to FREE SPEECH????

      • Lew, the 1A and 2A do not exist in the minds of the demonrats. They try and block judicial appointments because the judges happen to be religious Christians but not muslims. All we need to do is look at what they did to Justice Kavanaugh.

      • Totally agree. They should be just like Hillsdale. Totally self funded without a dime of government with a big plus they are very conservative.

    • To speakers who come to the Universities and get routed out, just do the easy simple thing, go to find a friendly environment to speak and get noticed for what you believe in. Just shutoff the money and do not go there anymore, find people who will listen and learn.

    • My question also. If they get a dimes worth of federal funding we should be protesting any way we can to stop it. Suing, emailing our Congressmen and women, state representatives, what ever and who ever might help take the funding away. That goes for all universities and colleges and any institution that violates free speech.

      • Notalib, unfortunately when the RINO;s had control of both houses, they did nothing. Now, with the demon rats in control of the House, not a chance. Hell, now they want to give 16 year old high school students the right to vote! I wonder why?

    • YES all government money should be pulled NOW and they should be NO government money for 5 years even after they change there ways !!!!!!

  2. Who in their right mind would want to be represented by someone who would rather murder babies rather than use birth control or KEEP THEIR SLIMY THIGHS CLOSED!!

    • It doesn’t matter what their reason is they are violating the first amendment. Collages are suppose to be bastions of free speech. The premise is that students are exposed to new ideas and concepts. Evidently those ideas and concepts are only welcome if they are from the writings of Hitler or Stalin.

  3. Soooo this ‘Christian’ school is not only bigoted against a pro-life conservative woman but is racist against a black pro-life conservative!!!! Absolutely disgraceful and disgusting

    • Absolutely. So, this is supposed to be a ‘Christian’ school? Exodus 20:13: “Thou shalt not kill.” Exodus 20:14: “Thou shalt not commit adultery.” (King James version). Please tell me just what there is about those two verses that is not understandable, especially by a Christian school? Huh? Why, oh why, are so many willing to bow to the devil? This state of affairs seems to be the result of the ‘feminist movement.’ Well, I am a woman, but please, people, let us get back to some semblance of sanity. Evidently the ‘feminists’ want the whole world to join them in sinful behavior. No thanks. I MUCH prefer the ‘old-fashioned’ standards of decency, laced with common sense. —

  4. This is beyond belief, I can’t believe people have gotten so hardened and just plain stupid. This school, and I use the term loosely, should be shut down. How can it even be called a Christian school? God help us if this is what
    are you people are being taught.

  5. It is time to bring (legally),the board of trustees and college president
    to explain this policy and behavior to the United States public.

    Seems to me that a major “house cleaning” is necessary or
    shut the doors on this “demonrat” infested institution.

  6. I believe all taxpayer money should be withdrawn from every college who allows one side of politics to the disallowing of the other side. Take their money away until they prove they are not siding with the left or the right. all Americans have freedom of speech.

    • Thank you, Charles Carter! If you won’t allow FREE SPEECH and comments on BOTH liberal and conservative ideas, YOU ARE NOT A UNIVERSITY, let alone a CHRISTIAN UNIVERSITY, PERIOD!!!

  7. I guess they should hook up with the Hollywood elitists who pay for college exams! This college should be marked off Christian families lists.

  8. Where are our Republicans…conservatives or not? They never speak out…never get on TV screaming like the liberal Dems! I’m tired if this deliberate avoidance of their responsibility. Speak out, Folks.

    • HEAR, HEAR ! I have been wondering that same thing for more than two years, now. WHY ARE OUR REPUBLICAN ‘LEADERS’ NOT LEADING ????? HAVE THEY (nearly all) BEEN STRUCK DUMB ????? Except for our President and a very small handful of others, they appear to be as timid as titmice. If they don’t start doing what they were elected to do (leading), we are all lost. TREY GOWDY, get back in there! This country needs people like you in Congress. —

  9. All these anti-Americans are doing just what Abraham Lincoln predicted.
    “America will never be destroyed from the outside. If we falter and lose our freedoms, it will be because we destroyed ourselves.”

    ― Abraham Lincoln

  10. That college is Christian in name only. A real Christian campus would not treat people that way. It is a liberal college. ALL their funding should be withdrawn. No scholarships, no grants, no student loans. They are breaking one of the ten commandments on purpose–THOU SHALT NOT LIE.

  11. ALL their funding should be withdrawn, all Americans have freedom of speech.
    every where in our beautiful country the Liberal bigotry is trying to have us like those terrible
    countries like Iran Siria Venezuela and the Democrats dont see that? those tree Tlaib, Omar and Ocasio Cortes,
    totally communists! and pro Isis ( all those are our enemies)

  12. Maria, please check your spelling before hitting “send”. I ‘get’ the drift of your post, but it would mean a lot more if it were more coherent.

  13. Hey Midgie, lighten up on your thoughts. The message was there for the revolutionists when this country was founded and many had no education, but they all agreed about one thing…Freedom from King George. So get off your proverbial high horse. Plus my granddaughter was told she doesn’t have to spell anymore because we all have spell check on our phones. Really, is this where our country has gone. Defund stupidity in the government and in education and then again…Liberals are only concerned about their agenda…mindless drones who march to the beat of their drums.

  14. Liberalism was once considered the companion of liberty, but liberalism has been hijacked and turned into the enemy of liberty. Liberalism can no longer be described by that label. Whatever you call it, it has become the cult of the perverse and the mindless extremists. Some say it is a mental illness. Certainly, seeing it in operation is sickening.

  15. As a highly educated, experienced, retired
    university administrator/professor, I am
    appalled than the administration of any
    university would offer such political drivel
    as a reason to deny Star Parker from there
    campus. The complete lack of rational
    analysis in their statement causes me to
    question the integrity of this institution.
    My suggestion to this mentally deficient
    administration; when you stick your foot
    in your mouth up to the knee joint, pain
    follows concurrently, therefore take a deep
    breath, stop talking and remove your foot.
    After removing the foot simply say, “We
    made a TERRIBLE mistake and acted in an infantile manner, we apologize and promise to behave like responsible,
    thinking adults in the future.” The pain
    will immediately begin to subside.

  16. Christians are being treated unfairly everywhere Thank you the devil’s child pelosi and her followers You have to be a Jew hating Israel hater against Christians to be in the devils den with pelosi

  17. I went to the university’s website, and, sure enough, it advertises (lies about) itself as “Christ-centered.” The only way I can see what looks like playing favoritism with the anti-conservatism position is that “Christ-centered” must mean what it did a little over 2000 years ago: Christ was the center of the trial of lies by false witnesses, the center of the attention of false religious leaders who wanted to see Him killed, the center of a walk to His own execution administered by a foreign government to appease His own people, etc.

    Now THAT would make the university honest rather than two-faced with double standards!

  18. The progressive movement claims to support freedom of speech that is guaranteed in the First Amendment to the Constitution. The problem is that they only support free speech that agrees with their agenda. In other words, they do not support free speech. This alleged university is no longer a seat of learning, but has become an indoctrination center for totalitarian bovine excrement.

  19. If you are a member of a Christian Missionary Alliance denomination which supports this so-called “Christian” university you should pull of your local church and demand that your pastor immediately resign for supporting such anti-God activity. The Bible talks about the last days before Jesus returns and your denomination which now openly ordains gay and/or lesbian pastors and allows gays to teach at their universities. Refund your so-called missions program as it is filled with anti-God Satanic “missionaries.” You have pastors who are nothing but sexual predators upon men and women. Revival must begin at your denomination OR get out while the getting is good!!!!

  20. The only people killing babies are deranged white men who are killing their wives and kids in record rates. Look it up!
    So called christians whine and complain about everything they cannot control. Why don’t you control the men who are wrecking havoc worldwide?
    Lastly, science is a wonderful thing because I’m 100% sure that without it, most of us would not even be here for this ridiculous argument. (SCREEN SHOT)

  21. Not only should this “College” forfeit all federal funding, they should be excluded from any grant monies, and their students should be excluded from getting student loans to attend this INDOCTRINATION CENTER!!!!

    • Ah but this is the same thing that is happening with charter schools that are run by church groups. These are also “indoctrination camps”. And with the “voucher program” run by Betsy DeVos, you will have more of these “indoctrination centers”. They will be run by churches also who will teach young minds about god and christ, those fictional figures of yore. It’s the same thing, with a different group in charge. Funny how the shoe fits!!


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