A 2020 Democrat candidate went on national TV and ended his career in one fell swoop


Elizabeth Warren has been outdone.

Everyone thought her claim of being an Indian would be the most embarrassing of the 2020 Democrat primary.

But this candidate went on-stage and said one story that killed his hopes and dreams.

John Hickenlooper is the former governor of Colorado and one of the many Democrats running for president.

CNN hosted a town hall-style event with him this week.

But he left jaws on the ground when he opened up about watching an X-Rated movie with his mother.

Hickenlooper revealed he went to an X-Rated movie theater to watch “Deep Throat” with his mom when he was 18 years old.

He even wrote about it in his book.

Hickenlooper is not the only candidate to reveal embarrassing stories ahead of the 2020 campaign.

Elizabeth Warren decided to release her DNA test and was forced to admit that she was not a Native American.

Choosing to release those DNA results blew up in her face and now she can’t escape the story.

However, Hickenlooper’s story is especially embarrassing.

It’s unfathomable why he decided to include this story in his memoir.

It appears to be an attempt to demonstrate his close relationship with his mother or relate with voters.

If that was the reason for including the story, it’s unlikely that many Americans will relate to watching a pornographic movie with their mother.

To make things worse, if Hickenlooper somehow managed to win the Democratic nomination, Donald Trump would relentlessly attack him for this story.

What do you think about this story? Is Hickenlooper’s campaign over?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments.


  1. Just when ya thought they hit the bottom, the Dumbs find another whacko who brings them deeper!


    PS: Maybe, just maybe, if it was with his father, it would be a tad different? Maybe?

  2. Another worthless, deviant Democrat. Unfortunately, this, like so many other Leftist flaws will be glossed over by the media. The double standard continues to be in place.

  3. never in my have so many strange people come 0ut of the wood work to run for president for the Dems.there
    has never been a democrat that was ever been accused of being smart.
    republicans could a dog an that dog would beat any thing the democrats could come up with.

  4. dumb-a-rats=as_holes by choice you could look the world over and never find a bigger as_hole than any dumb-a-rats are.

  5. Unbelievable what kind of mother was she and it makes you wonder what other things are hidden in their closets. Are all these Demonrats in office a bunch of SICKO’S. It sounds more and more like it. SMH!!!!!!!

  6. Hmmm, THIS confirms what I’ve suspected all along – STUPIDITY IS A REQUIREMENT to be a Democrat Politician…..Can we PLEASE start I.Q. testing these IDIOTS now ? And don’t forget to I.Q. test the MINDLESS drones that continue to Vote for them simply because they have a (D) behind their name & are STUPID ENOUGH to swallow the line about being “FOR THE PEOPLE”………….

  7. Unfortunately , while you see it in greater volumne of stupid exhibited in the Democrats, our nation is apparently getting dumber, less moral, more demanding for everything , with out the cumbersone effort called WORK than ever before. You have to shake your head and ask where in the name of hades did we go wrong? Our founders put forth a brilliant plan within the Constitution and Bill of Rights. They did NOT mention color,or ethnicity within it. But overtime WE HAVE . They also saw this coming in the future and gave us a way to rein in wayward politicians it is Article 5 of that great document. NOW more than ever before should WE THE PEOPLE exercise that article and take control of our Congress! We need to take back control of our government or lose ALL our FREEDOMS! Get on the Convention of States Bandwagon contact your state legislaturers and demand the ratify a Convention it only requires 34 states demending one before Congress is FORCED to pay attention and actually hear the masses!

  8. Went to see “Deep Throat” with his mother? You’ve got to be kidding us? Talk about an unhealthy relationship. What did they talk about? How Linda Lovelace could handle four member’s junk all at the same time. Or was I thinking of “Behind the Green Door” with Marilyn Chambers? Oh well….

    NOPE, Hickenblooper is not the one who will be our president because he apparently has emotional problems !!!

  9. The left is so screwed up I’m not even sure this would bother them. Just when you think something is so bad concerning a Dem that there is no way even the libs would vote for that person. Then surprise, not only do they not see it as bad, they seem to embrace it.

  10. He fits right in with the rest of the bubbleheads running for president on the Democratic ticket! Whoever the Dems pick it will look like Dumb and Dummer on the ticket!

  11. When Satan controls the heart, he controls the mind and then our actions and words. Scripture says that what comes out of the mouth comes from what is in the heart. So pay attention when people talk. The words will telll you who rules in their hearts.

  12. I sure hope this story ends his presidential aspirations! We’ve had way more than enough of his BS in Colorado!

  13. This is just another example of how twisted the thinking is of Democrats where he somehow believed that this would help him connect with the American people, seriously?

  14. Isn’t there any Democrats who were elected that fulfills their obligation to resolve important issues like immigration reform, job creation, deficit reduction, healthcare reform, etc? Constituents are not being represented nor do these Democrats listen… they only want to destroy America. My question to Democrats is: Why do you wish to destroy America… the only country that has given you freedom… freedom from the blood of the lost soldiers which cry out to America to stay FREE…..


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