32 Christian student groups were banned at this University for the most absurd reason


Liberals will stop at nothing to ensure everyone gets in line with their totalitarian social justice agenda or they’ll make an example of them.

Nowhere is this move more prevalent than American college campuses.

And what these campus tyrants just did to 32 Christian groups is downright maddening.

The University of Iowa just put 32 religious groups on probation for being Christian.

This means the groups are not entitled to campus funding for events and also are not showcased as an organization that new students can connect with during orientation.

Ironically, the no-holds-barred ban happened because the university claims the groups violate the school’s “anti-discrimination policy.”

The university claims it’s “discriminatory” to exclude people from a club, even though multiple clubs and interest groups at the school have been doing exactly that for years to the hearty approval of university administrators.

The Washington Free Beacon reports:

In November 2017, the university revoked BLinC’s campus registration, claiming the requirement that group leaders sign a statement of faith affirming the group’s religious beliefs violates the school’s antidiscrimination policy.

The Becket Fund for Religious Liberty, which is acting as counsel for the student group, notes that the university “supports the rights of other groups to select leaders who share and live by their mission.” Fraternities are permitted to admit only men, the Feminist Union can require members to agree “on issues of contraception and abortion,” and Students for Life mandates that members are pro-life.

In January 2018, a federal court reinstated BLinC on campus and gave the university 90 days to either allow all groups to select leaders affirming their mission or prevent all groups from restricting leadership. BLinC’s reinstatement was extended to last throughout the course of the case after the university failed to apply its policy consistently.

In December, the Justice Department filed a Statement of Interest supporting BLinC with the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Iowa. According to the Statement of Interest, the university violated the Constitution in three ways…

One would expect such virulent, anti-Christian activism and bigotry to present itself in liberal bastions such as New York and California.

But this happened in Middle America, in Iowa.

If nothing is done, then what happened at the University of Iowa will only be the beginning.

Leftists in Universities will use it as a blueprint to evict Christianity from their campuses.

They view Christianity as a cancerous mole on their secular-humanist breeding ground.

And until every budding young man and woman turns into another of their secular-humanist drones, they will stop at nothing to push their poisonous and oppressive ideology.

Do you think colleges should ban Christianity?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.


  1. Absolutely not…they are needed there! We do still have freedom of speech in this country and the right to assemble together as a Christian group.

    • I totally agree Peggy!!! Its getting sickening how biased and Liberal every school in the country is!Not just colleges but education at every level!!! They start brainwashing our kids out of the gate! Why do you think they invented D.Y.F.U.S. division of youth and family services……sounds like a Government group that is there to help and yet its not!Its got our kids telling there parents off while they scream at them if u hit me ill call the cops……!!!? Like a parent is not allowed to spank there kids?If it wasnt for the leather belt i was beat with as a teen and i beat my kids with that same belt we all wouldnt have feared and there for respected our parents!This is why people today dont respect the cops or authority of any kind!90% of “ALL” teachers should be in prison for what they have done to our society!!!

      • ???? The first amendment gives us the RIGHT to worship God when and where we want. I know libs hate our Constitution, but they have no right to ignore it as they are doing. They are very dangerous to our freedom

    • This just getting completely out of hand….. Question????? Is there a Muslim club or organization on that Campus that allows only Muslims???


    • Steve, I’m haunted by the statement of Nikita Khrushchev, “We will take America without firing a shot. We do not have to invade the US. We will destroy you from within.” (11/18/1956)

      • Glenn…Mexico also said they will take back what was theirs without firing a shot. They are doing just that and we are stupid enough to let them do it

  3. So far, least, that has NOT been the case at the secular, public institution at which I work and have off and on been a student. If it were to ever be the case, I would, even at possible cost of job and therefore livelihood, protest vigorously! That every other type of student organization should be accepted EXCEPT Christian ones is de facto discrimination and should not be allowed, period.

  4. I was going to leave a comment,but then I realized that the liberal professors are not smart enough to understand my comment anyway.

  5. Throughout History whom has banned Christianity….only EVIL .?Guess they will refund any Christian monies used to make the college what it is now ?

  6. Why are they so afraid of Christians?
    If they don’t believe in Christ as they say why be afraid ? Why try to silence them? Why are they scared?

  7. Psalm 11:1-7
    In the Lord I take refuge;
    How can you say to my soul, “ flee as a bird to your mountain;
    For, behold, the wicked bend the bow,
    They make ready their arrow upon the string, to shoot in darkness at the upright in heart.
    If the FOUNDATIONS ARE DESTROYED, what can the righteous do?

    You can read the rest, it is eye opening….
    The wickedness abounds but will at God’s appointed time, be destroyed.

    I would not support any educational institution that would violate the freedom we have in our constitution. Our fight is worth the persecution.

  8. University Of Iowa are so dumb, stupid, mean, ugly, rude, cruel and hateful to banned 32 Religious Group

    just for being Christian. University Of Iowa are so dumb, stupid, ugly, rude, cruel and hateful to put 32

    religious group on probation just for being Christian. University Of Iowa is so foolish.

  9. Time is getting close! For God to intercede in these liberal, hateful, God-less college administrators. Be careful, you people! “I’d rather believe in a loving God all my life, and to die and find out there is no God, than to live God-less and then to die and find out there IS A GOD!”

  10. LAW SUITS SHOULD BE FILED NOW! This is real discrimination and I would encourage every former graduate to never again donate to these colleges…these schools depend of donations to exists…when they run out of money to pay these liberal Asshole professors then the administration might come back to reality instead of allowing the idiots to run the asylum…what I am waiting to see is these leftists attacks on the Islamic faith with the same level of contempt…that might be fun to watch!

  11. God Is All Powerful! He is a just God! But we need not push him to angry! The Day is coming for all these people that Keep our Children from worshiping our heavenly father, who gave his only Son that we may be saved! We don’t know the minute, hour, or day but he is going to return and all these evil people will get there just reward. I pray America does not let this go to far!

  12. Christ belongs on campus. Plus, instead of “secular-humanist breeding ground,” it should say “atheist breeding ground.” Secularism is a code word for atheism.

  13. seems to me if they can ban Christian organizations on campus than no organizations should be allowed on campus! I’d sue University, University President, University Board members, every person who’s supporting this decision! DONORS STOP THE DONATIONS! this is DISCRIMINATION & should be STOPPED IMMEDIATELY – TODAY! seems to me if each organization sued University they just might have to close the doors! that’s only thing that seems to mean anything to these people! Lord help us JESUS!

  14. Time to contact the ADF Alliance Defending Freedom, a legal organization with a multi-million budget, several regional offices, and more than three dozen staff attorneys—has specialized in taking on these types of cases.

  15. Won’t these people be surprised when they stand in judgment and are condemned for their anti-God, mean-spirited, hate-filled attitudes! In effect, they deny Jesus before men, and He will deny them before His Father in Heaven. It probably won’t happen in any human court here, since this attitude has become pervasive in this dying culture, and courts themselves tend to be more atheistic. Christianity has been judged to be “evil”! Another fulfillment of prophecy where men call good “evil” and evil “good”! In spite of any legal action against the schools, their foolishness will continue! To stop funding the school might get their attention; however, it will not be enough to stop their attacks on Christians. It is one more sign that we are in the end times!

  16. If the school receives any amount of federal or state funding they are in violation of the constitution, and that funding should be revoked. Do they have fraternities and sororities they are the most discriminating groups on any campus.

  17. It’s a shame that our countries university have gone this far left. But no matter how bad they get; we as Christian have too remember that our GOD has the final word. They can not change that.

  18. These things happen when we are a captive audience and can not pull our taxes from the collages or any other schools to show our outrage over what they do. This even after the students paid their tuition. This is even the Bible Belt.

  19. Wake up and see what’s happening in this world Jesus said there would be changes in the weather, breakdown of the family, falling away from the church, children turning against their parents, famines, earthquakes And lawlessness! These are all happening in the world today especially in the USA! We are living in the last days that the Bible talks about in Revelation read it for yourself! Maranatha…come Lord Jesus!

  20. Our founding fathers gave us the right to worship God when and where we want. But libs hate God and our founding fathers. They are very dangerous to our freedom.

  21. DEMOCRAT = TRAITOR These schools are full of democrats running things. It’s no wonder this is happening since democrats hate freedom, Christianity, the US Constitution, etc.

  22. Christianity is considered by most historians, as the foundation of Western Civilization. The progressive left has an agenda, and the main impetus is to denigrate and deny history, the Caucasian race, and the descendants of the West, even in the face of the great contributions of Western Civilization.

  23. I don’t “trash” Christians! *I’m* the one extending an olive branch to them, trying to make friends with them, saying our religions have a lot in common, and quoting *Christian* scholars and theologians far more knowledgeable than I in this regard: Dr. Harvey Cox, Dr. A.L. Basham, Dr. Larry Shinn, Dr. Klaus Klostermaier, among others. I’m not doing anything more threatening than George Harrison in this regard.

    The Christians are demonizing *us*! They’re approaching us for a position on abortion, and when we patiently explain to them that abortion and war are the karma for killing animals (God’s punishment, if you will, for killing God’s animals), we can’t end abortion till we first shut down the slaughterhouses, they don’t have to “convert” to our religion, they can become Christian vegans, etc…

    …they become angry!

    They don’t seem to appreciate the numerous theological similarities between our faiths, either. The Christians are NOT saying:

    “We know. Dr. Diana Eck, professor of Hinduism points out that the bhakti tradition of devotion to a personal God within Hinduism, goes back to at least the 2nd century BC., and is older than Christianity.”

    “We know. Dr. Thomas J. Hopkins, author of the 1971 book, The Hindu Religious Tradition, points out that one of the earliest archaeological evidences for the worship of Krishna is a column erected in India by Heliodorus, a Greek ambassador, 2,200 years ago. There were Westerners being converted to the worship of Krishna before Christianity even existed.”

    “We know. In his 1983 essay, ‘A Jewish Encounter with the Bhagavad-gita,’ Harold Kasimow points out that Krishna is an incarnation of God and that the doctrine of the incarnation of God is as central to the Gita as it is to Christianity and that neither Jews nor Muslims have been able to reconcile it with their own understanding of God.”

    “We know. At a Jewish-Vaishnava interfaith conference in 1986, none of the rabbis would take prasadam because it was food offered to idols. Catholic clergy, on the other hand, have defended Krishna devotees from charges of ‘idolatry’ from Christian fundamentalists and have favorably compared prasadam with the Eucharist.”

    “We know. John Plott has done elaborate studies comparing Vaishnavaism (the worship of Lord Vishnu) and Christianity, particularly the theology of Ramanuja (11th century) with that of St. Bonaventura (13th century).”

    “We know. Geoffrey Parrinder wrote “The Significance of the Bhagavad-gita for Christian Theology.”

    “We know. William Blanchard entitled his PhD dissertation, “An Examination of the Relation of the New Testament to the Bhagavad-gita.”

    “We know. Theologian Rudolf Otto (1869 – 1937) wrote an entire book about what he called, ‘India’s religion of grace.'”

    “We know. Dr. Harvey Cox compares Krishna Consciousness with Catholic monasticism and Appalachian folk religion.”

    “We know. Dr. A.L. Basham compares Krishna Consciousness to the Christian monastic orders.”

    “We know. During the Robin George case, one of the appellate justices in San Diego compared Krishna Consciousness to the Little Sisters of the Poor (a Catholic religious order).”

    “We know. During the Robin George case, the National Association of Evangelicals and other Christian organizations sided with ISKCON (the International Society for Krishna Consciousness).”

    “We know. Dr. Duane Gish, a UC Berkeley professor and anti-evolutionist appreciated it when the Bhaktivedanta Institute sent him a copy of Origins magazine.”

    “We know. Dr. Klaus Klostermaier points out that the Trinitarian conception is the closes parallel to the worship of God in plural form as Radha and Krishna.”

    “We know. Jews and Muslims don’t worship images. Jews and Muslims don’t believe in the incarnations of God. Jews and Muslims don’t worship a plural Godhead, like that of Trinitarian Christianity. Jews and Muslims don’t worship other human beings, saints and spiritual masters in disciplic succession.”

    “We know. Father Bede Griffiths says of Bhagavad-gita, ‘For a Christian, this is a wonderful confirmation of God’s love as contained in the Gospel.'”

    “We know. Christian theologian Keith Yandell loves Vaishnava theology.” (He wouldn’t say that if he were mistaking it for “moonies”!)

    “We know. The ethics of the Buddha are similar to those of Jesus of the Sermon on the Mount. No one accuses the Buddhists of being ‘moonies’ because that would be stupid. Buddhism, like Pythagoreanism, is older than Christianity. Instead, they conclude the opposite: centuries before Jesus, an earlier teacher lived the Christ life.”

    “We know. In the 1980s, a female New Age Christian teacher studied Hinduism, saw theological parallels, and concluded that Lord Vishnu is ‘the Christ light.'”

    “We know. In his book, The Living God: Basal Forms of Personal Religion, Nathan Soderblom similarly observed: ‘Warren Hastings was right in writing that of all known religions this comes nearest to Christianity.'”

    There ARE Christian vegetarians and Christian vegans of whom I have the deepest respect. Srila Prabhupada taught us to oppose animal-killing, oppose meat-eating, not Christians.

    There was a Jewish woman who studied Christianity at length and was surprised by the similarities Christianity shares with its parent faith, Judaism. She wrote an entire book on the subject entitled, Christianity… Is Jewish.

    That’s my experience, as one who is not a follower of any of the Abrahamic faiths. I’m pleasantly surprised by the numerous theological parallels and similarities between Christianity and Vaishnavaism.


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